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Hello Twilight fans and Fan ficition lovers!!!  This is once again and hopefully the last time I'm going to move my story The Full Moon series. I would like to thank ModeratorGenn for helping me, and the talented girls who made me this banners. Here it is my story. Please comment I like  to know if my readres really like the story to know if I should change it. Thanks so much and now...Enjoy the story!!!! WITH LOTS OF LOVE, LPT

Sofia Michelle Clearwater

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This is something I didn't know that could happen, something I never thought I had to decide. And worst of all,I had to decide for my true love.

Chapter 1

The Dream

It was an ordinary night I was running patrol with Jacob tonight. It's good to see him, it's been so long since he imprinted on Nessie we didn't see each other or hang out that much.

“Sorry man, it’s that Nessie grows so Fast and I don’t want to miss anything” Jacob thought.

“It’s ok man, I understand” I thought back. It was time to switch shifts so I shifted back hoping that Jake will do the same; I had a question to ask and I didn’t want the pack to know. When Jacob saw Embry and Quil he shifted back to his human form and started to walk with me, he I had something to talk about.

“Seth was wrong? Are you ok?” Jacob asked me

“Nothing it’s … that … I wanted to ask you about Nessie”

“Ok” He stared at me confused.

“I just want want to know how does it feel? I mean to… imprint.”

“Oh, dude you don’t have to worry about that, when the right girl come-‘

“Yeah, yeah, yeah I know” I interrupted

“Look kid, the right girl is out there and you will find her eventually.”

“Yeah thanks” I said sarcastically

“Well kid, you got to go home before Sue kill’s ’ya. He laughed.

“Thanks Jake, for every thing and say hi to the Cullen’s and Nessie for me. I yelled.

“Ok, bye” Jake said walking to the forest.

When I got home mom already made dinner an left me a note
- Dinner is on the microwave, go to bed you have school tomorrow –

Oh, great, school, hopefully I won’t fail school. I wonder if Edward Cullen will tutor, he’s pretty smart, well I will ask him tomorrow, if I can. I went to bed; I stared at the sealing for a few minutes and then I crashed asleep.

I wasn’t sure but I think I was dreaming I was in a meadow and out of nowhere a girl comes of the trees. She was beautiful, she was no vampire but she was beautiful. Her eyes were dark brown, her hair was long and silky black, her smile was breath taking and suddenly I felt a … need … yes, a need to be with her but somehow I knew that she wasn’t real, that I was feeling the way, my brothers ‘the ones who had imprinted’ felt when they where with their soul mate. She was walking toward me with a shy smile. When she reached me, she offers her hand, has she wanted me to follow her. I took her had and she smile confidently she started to walk to the forest but when we reached the trees she stop, no she froze. Then I saw what I think she she saw, the pack looking at us all of them in wolf-form, they looked angry. I tried to understand why they where acting like this, then they started growling and snarling. I looked into the girls eyes she was frighten and I knew if I shifted she will be more scared so I told her
“Cover your eyes and don’t look”. She obey then I shifted, I was so mad because I didn’t understand why they were doing this; because I finally imprinted, sort of, and they looked at her like she was going to hurt some body or attack, like she was dangerous.

“What is going on?” I asked them but nobody answer they just kept growling. Then I heard a voice and it wasn’t the girl because it was a familiar voice.
“Seth, Seth, Seth!!!! Wake up!!!!”

My eyes flew open into the same room that I came last night and saw my mother with my books and clothes.

“Seth get ready its 7:00am your going to be late” sue said

“Ok, mom be ready in a ‘sec” I mumble.

Sue left my clothes and school stuff in my bed. I got up and got ready, I went down stairs to get some breakfast. My mom told me while I was eating my toast and eggs that my cousin was coming for a visit with a friend. Great, know I have to hide the secret in my own home.

I got to school as usual, it wasn’t that hard but I had to remember myself to go an visit Edward to ask him to tutor me. After school I when’t to La Push to see if Jake was there. I went to his home and found Billy.

“Hey Seth, how are you? Billy asked

“Fine” I said but it didn’t convince him

“Got something on your mind” Billy asked me with a worried look.

“Well, no nothing “I said

“Seth, I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me”

“Is just that everyone as imprinted except me, even Leah imprinted a few moths ago. It’s nothing I don’t care now if I imprint or not is just that I feel left out.”

“Oh, I think I understand’

“Really” I said

“Seth, you don’t have to imprint to fall in love, you can find a girl and fall in love and when the girl that you are going to imprint comes you’ll know it” he smile.

“Thanks Billy” I said

“Ok see’ya later” he said

“Ok, bye”

I thought about what Billy said and I think he’s right. I shifted; I thought going to the Cullen’s house will be a little easier in four legs.

Running was fun I felt free but when I got to the house there was a meadow or it was supposed to be a yard and it made me remember… Her face, her eyes, her hair, her lips, her smile and it made me remember when she was scared because of my brothers but now I didn’t think about that, know all I could remember was… her.

Chapter 2

The vision

I saw Edward open the door, so I shifted back.

"Hey Seth, long time I haven't seen you , how are you? He gritted me

" Good, good, how's Bella ? I said.

" Great but i want to talk to you"

"About what?"

' Your dream girl' he laughed but was seriuos


We walked into the forest then he asked

' Who is she?'

'I don't know I just had a dream about her, well I been thinking about imprinting a lot of this days. Before I really didn't care about that because I never thought of it but know everyone in the pack except me has imprinted and I just feel... left out"

" Seth, imprinting is a powerful thing I have seen it in Jacob's mind and I think if you are feeling this way I think that your soulmate or you might imprint soon. So don't woory" he smiled

Great, know everyone feels sorry for me; well I can't blame them, they are just trying to help. O h , that reminded me.

" Edward can you tutor me, school's gettin ruff and I don't want to disappoint my mom"

'Sure come when you need help, I'm happy to help you"

" Thanks and do you mind not mention this to Jacob I already talked to him and he said to not worry, so I don't want him gettin paranoid or worried about me"

"Ok Seth don't worry I won't tell anymore"

We went to the house and hang out with the family. Everybody was happy to see me even Nessie. Then I said goodnight and Jacob too, he took me home in one of the Cullen's cars that they offer us so we didn't need to phase. I got home and went strait to the kitchen I was starving , I ate some spagetti mom left me. I went upstairs and crashed on my bed. and that same night I had the same dream about ... the girl.

Today was Saturday, today my mom was going to bring my cousin and a friend of her's to live here for a while. That was going to be a little weird, keeping the secret in my own home but it was worth it. I missed my cousin it's been years since I seen her. I woke up about 11:30 in the morning;mom left me a note saying she'll be back about 5:30 pm with my cousin. I went in to the kitchen to eat some lunch. I ate some spagetti left-over. And went to go see TV for a while but didn't cath my attention so I went to the First Beach in La Push to relax a little. I saw the waves, the sun, the forest, the tourist it felt a little relaxing but I felt a strange feling lkike I was anxious , So I decide to go run a little in the forest; I liked the feeling of running just to run. I felt free, but alone in some way. then I heard Jake...

"Hey dude,come over the Cullen's so we can hang out"

" Ok, On my way"

I shifted back when I got to the big white house.Carlisle was the one to greet me.

" Hello Seth, nice to se you again, how are you and your mother and sister?" Hi. I'm good and mom and Leah are great"

I went into the the house and hang out with Jacob, Nessie and Alice. It was fun seeing Alice and Edwardplat board game because of the mind reading gift and seeing into the future it was really fun. We were watching a baseball game when we heard a low gasp we all turned around see Alice frozen in the stairs. Jasper was helping Alice into the the sofa.

" Alice what do you see?"

" I see a girl, I think it's the same one... She trailed off but continued
"She's indian like but she's not from Forks or La Push and she's pretty too".

" What else?" Jasper asked her

" I can't se much because of Jake and Seth. I ned to go to concentrate. Edward please come with me, I think you can help me. You too Bella"

Edward,Bella,Jasper and Alice went of running. WE all stood there like we were in shock. We didn't now what to think. Why a girl is in Alice's vision's? Will she become one of them ? one of us? Or even a danger to us?
It's been like 3 years or 5 since all the trouble with the Volturi and know out of nowhere was a new treat or was it?

We all calmed down a little, we ratrted to wath the game again, but I started to fel anxious again and and alone even when I was with my fiends.
I didn't know what was happening but I decided to go home because I knew mom will come home with my cousin and her friend. I said goodbye to everyone except to the four vampires that were gone like about 3 hours ago and hadn't come back with information about the girl in the vision. I shifted back in to my wolf- form and ran home.

Chapter 3


I got home and I notice that mom hasn't come home yet. I was a little relived, I could relax and prepare a story for my cousin. I sat on the couch and turned the TV on but I didn't pay attention. I was thinking if Alice saw my dream girl, is she real? Well she couldn't be real. The only time I have seen her face was in a dream. Then I heard my mom's car and the doors slaming and I decide to go to my room. I heard my mom calling me, so I went downstairs.

" Seth!" my cousin shouted

"Hey Sara" I said

She ran to me and hugged me. I hugged her back I missed my cousin.

" Wow Seth your HUGE. Have you been working out?"


" Well, I want you to meet my friend Sofia"

In that moment I thought I was dreaming, she was exactly like my dream girl but now she was in front of me. I felt like I imprinted but... it wasn't..complete. I didn't know what had happen. I knew I had imprinted i this moment because I knew I needed her and she was the one who was tying me to the Earth like a millions strings or one that was her, but it didn't feel complete. It didn't feel like a glowing, like Jake told me. It felt like a new heat I didn't know, like an Alphas's command but this was stronger.

"Hi" she told me

"Hey, I'm Seth"

She looked at me like she has seen me from another place. I already knew her from my dreams.

" So Seth, how have you been?" Sara asked me

" Good,good. Hey can you excuse me for a moment"

I neede to talk to the pack because I knew this wasn't normal imprinting. I told my mom that I needed to go talk with Jacob I knew she knew something was wrong and she let me go. I shifted again and went to the Cullen's house because I knew Jacob will be there and second I didn't know were else to go. When I saw the house I shifted back to y human form and started running again. The door was open so I nterd the house. They were all there all waiting for me and I didn't understand; did they they new or were has confused has I was. Edward stepped toward me and offer me to sit down in the sofa. All of them looked confused. Edward stared at me and then said to me.

" Seth, before I talked to you a few days ago Alice had a vision about a girl. We didn't know what it meens so we didn't got worried. But when you came and thought about her I thought toy knew her ,but when you said it was a dream it got me worried because we didn't know what was happening. And now that she is real and you HALF imprinted on her we don't know what to do."

I looked at him in shock. They already saw her coming.

"She is my cousin Sara's friend ,her name is Sofia".

"Wow dude, you what!
Half imprint ,what's that supposed to mean" Jacob said.

"I don't know what happen I felt I need to be with her but it wasn't as strong you or everybody has shown me but it felt a little like imprinting... is like she is not... complete?".

Everybody started to think and then Alice said

"I can see her maybe she'll be half vampire someday".

"But how can you see her if you can't see Nessie ". Jacob asked

"Maybe she'll be more vampire than human."

"But how can we create a human into an half vampire?" Carlisle asked

"Well, we can test Nessie's blood and make test" Edward said

Then they started to talk about test , blood and science stuff and all I could understand was the and's ,if's and my name.

"Seth , why don't you go home and try to relax and rest a little" Bella said to me.

"Okay, but can you guys can give me a ride I'm still in shock and I"'m bushed,if I shifted now I will crash in wolf form."

"Okay don't worry. Go to the garage I'll meet you there."

"Okay, thanks Bella"

I went to the garage and Jacob n\and Nessie followed. When we got there Bella was already starting the engine. We got inside the car and Bella drove to my house when we got there Edward was already there. What was he doing here? I didn't understand anything that was happening today.

"Where going to explain ,what's happening to Sue" Edward said.

"Okay, but are Sofia and Sara asleep".

"Yes, they fell asleep one hour ago".

"Okay ,let's go".

Mom opened the door with a worried look.

"Nothing wrong mom don't worry" I said

We need to talk to you, we think Seth half imprinted on Sofia , but Alice sees that she will become a half vampire and we need to know why and if there's consequences or a reason."

"Seth half imprinted ,how can that be?. Well come inside to talk."

Chapter 4

The Beach

We came inside my house and Edward and Bella talked with my mom while Jacob saw Nessie sleep. I just stood there; I was still shock that I HALF imprinted. Why HALF!?!? What was wrong with me?

“Nothing wrong with you Seth, we live in a … well we are that makes this world crazy” Edward said

“I know, is that why is this happening wrong, I shouldn’t imprint half way!” I said. Then we heard a door open. We all looked at Edward.

“Is Sofia, she heard a noise and wants to know what’s happening” Edward responded our silent questions. We all acted has normal has possible and waited for her…

“Oh, sorry I just heard a noise and didn’t know what was it and got worried’ she said a little embarrass.

Wow, she had the most beautiful voice. I could feel my heart racing just by seeing her; now that I heard her it was like I might loose my heart… Edward looked at me and I knew he didn’t enjoy my thoughts.

“Sorry” I thought apologizing

“Well… goodnight everyone” Sofia said.

She walked back upstairs and when we heard the door shut we looked at Edward.

“She was stun by are beauty or perfection like any other human, but she has like a crush on Seth, it’s the same feeling Nessie has for Jacob but weaker. That may be because Seth’s imprinting isn’t complete.”

Wow, she liked me. And a lot if Edward’s theory is right. “Yes she likes you a lot and I think she knows you from some were. Have you met before you were a shape-shifter? He asked me increduosly and worried.

“ No… this was the first time I have seen her in front of me… in reality” I said confused

“ what do you mean in front of you… in reality?” Jacob asked

“ Well I had a dream that I had imprinted but not completely and I saw… her” I said schoked by my own words

“ Whoa, that’s weird and so strange “ Jacob said

“ Thanks you for lisening Sue I hope we can understand this soon “ Edward said to my mom

“ No thank you, I I hope so too” mom said back

It was 1:30 in the morning when Edward, Bella and Jacob left. Nessie fell asleep and Jacob carried her to the car. W hen they left I went to my room to think; when I sat in my bed looking out the window I saw the moon. It wasn’t a Full Moon it was a half moon like I just felt. I felt incomplete ‘in half’, like I was with my imprinting, I’m human and wolf; half and half, my life was a half moon. I thought imprinting was supposed to complete me but it did the complete opposite. I closed my eyes and crashed on my bed and thought of her, Sofia. She was a little different in my dream but it was her.

A little sunshine from my window woke me up. I stretched and got dress, today was Sunday, tomorrow was going back to school, great. I went downstairs to get breakfast and saw the girls eating, mom gave me my breakfast and I went to eat it. When we were down mom had to go to do some groceries and the girls asked me if I wanted to go to the beach with them.

“ Please Seth, come with us and beside we don’t know the way, we could lost.” Sara said

I said yes because she was right and I couldn’t be with out Sofia it hurt to be away from her. I guess the imprinting was weak but I still had imprinted on her, just not completely.

We all talked on the way to the beach. It was a nice day rare for Forks. It was weird because I got to know better Sofia and now I knew I felt more attach to her and I couldn’t be away from her.

We got to the First beach and saw Quil with Claire, Jacob and Nessie. Claire was now 7 years old. They were all under the trees, I guees for Nessie; even if she wasn’t a full vampire her skin had a glow in her skin when she was in the sun. Sara, Sofia and I went to go with them.

“ Hey guys, what’s up?” I said

“Na’ chilling” Quil said

“ Hey Seth, how are you?” Nessie asked me with a look and I knew what she ment.

“Good, good, actually better.” I said smiling

I think that made Nessie happy. Everybody started to know each other. Nessie touched my face so she could show me what was she thinking, it was her gift. She show me Sofia and thought that she was pretty, and thought she was cool smart and perfect for me… I had to laughed at that; she smacked my head cause my laugh distracted her and touched my face again she show me that she was happy I imprinted on someone she liked.

“ Nessie I haven’t done that completely “ I whisper at her

“I know but some day it should be completed” she said confidently

I couldn’t answer and Nessie decide to talk to Jacob. At the end Sofia and I started to walk on the beach. We started talking about ourselves.

“ So, how did you meet Sara” I asked her

“We meet in a school from Puerto Rico, there is where I lived” she told me with a sad look.
I didn’t wan’t her to be sad so I asked more questions to distract her and because I wanted to know more about her. We stopped walking and sat down in a tree that was facing the ocean but if you looked back you saw the forest. We sat in silence and so I picked up a rock and trew it to the ocean.

“ Wow, your realy strog. That rock might be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean by know” She laughed. I smiled, I love watching her be happy.

“ so you said your from Puerto Rico- I Stopped knowing she was a Little homesick and the question might upset her. But I decide to continue.- How different is there from here?” I asked

“ Really different. And sunny all the time, but I already said goodbye to the sun, I already knew it will be raining all day long but turned out a nice day.” She smiled and when she looked at me she blushed.

“ So you don’t like the rain?”

“ No ,no actually I love it but it’s nice to see the sun. But I’m actually a night person; twilight it’s the best time of the day. So I’m actually a freak were I am.” She laughed at herself.

“ Actually I think your… special.” I said

Chapter 5


“Special, yeah right” she said mocking herself.

“Really, you’re unique, pretty, and…” I trailed off

She was blushing, she looked more beautiful, and I couldn’t help to smile. Now everything felt right. She was looking into the sand and then our eyes met and I could feel my heart racing and I could hear hers. When she looked at me she smiled like she couldn’t help it. We froze completely in that way, I think she was unwilling of moving have I was. I thought we were sitting like this for hours or days, but I didn’t care I could be like this forever. But then Sara called.

“Hey guys were leaving “she said

It was twilight, I didn’t notice the time past by. Today was the best day and I think I was crushing on Sofia. I think I’m started to like Sofia not for the half imprinting but for her. I wanted to know her better, to be with her.

“Ok-k-k, where c- coming “Sofia said blushing

We stood up and started walking back to the car I saw Jacob and Nessie saying goodbye and starting to walk into the forest. Quil and Claire were going to catch a rid with us. Sara and Quil were trying to put Claire to sleep but she was actually playing with them. Sofia was looking out the window.

“What are you thinking?” I asked her

“I was thinking about how beautiful this place is. It’s so… magical in someway it’s like threes a mystery in the forest”. She said smiling

“You have no idea of how magical and mysterious the forest is.” Quil laughed

“I was just saying is that there’s something-“

“Sofia! Stop doing that! Every time you talk like that weird things happen and make yours theory’s right” Sara interrupted her.

“Sorry Sara, you know I can’t help it.”

“I know, well Seth, when you want to get to Quil’s, place is your car.” Sara said sarcastically.

We dropped of Quil and Claire to Emily’s house. Then we went home.

“Hey kids how was the beach?’ mom said

“Great but freezing, how can you guys survive?” Sara said

“You’ll get use to it honey. Now get upstairs and get ready dinner will be ready soon”

In that same moment we all heard a wolf call Sue and I knew it was for me, but Sara was freaking out.

“Sofia I told you stop talking about mystery, magic and the forest. Now there’s a wolf out there.” Sara said

“Don’t worry Sara” Sofia tried to calm her down.

“It’s just a wolf calling for his pack, it’s so obvious. A forest this big must have wolves and they traveled in packs.” She said to Sara. I looked at my mom and said.

“I’m going to my room and finish some… homework” I finish lamely

I got to my room and went throw my window and ran to the forest. When I knew nobody could see me I shifted. I was in four legs now and running.

“Hey Seth, good new; your sis back.” Jacob thought

“Great! so where’s the meeting”

“With the Cullen’s. Alice had a vision.”

“Ok be there in 2 minutes” I thought very serious. I got to the Cullen’s and phase back into my human- form.

“Hey little brother, how are you?” Leash said to me.

I ran and hugged her it’s been month’s since I’ve seen my sister. I knew how much I’ve missed her until she was gone. The last time I saw her she was going to college and saw Josh the guy she imprinted on. He was so cool and didn’t freak out when Leah told him everything.

“So how are mom and Sara? I heard her here.”

“Mom is great and I think happier when she sees you and Sara hasn’t change; she’s the same Drama Queen, out doorsy, crazy cousin that we love. So how is Josh?”

“Good back in college, he really wanted to come back but I wanted to come alone even if it hurt.”

“Why did you want to come alone?” I asked her

“Because of your half imprinting” Sam said

“Please everybody come inside for the meting.” He said

We all sat down on the sofa and chairs that were in the living room. I saw everyone’s faces; they were worried, scared and curious of what was going to happen.

“Ok let’s begging, Alice if you will.” Sam said

Alice danced into the middle of the living room. The Cullen’s were frozen and knew what was happening. Alice cleared her voice and said.

“Today in the afternoon I had a vision about Sofia, and, I actually don’t understanding. I asked you all to be here to help us understand what I saw in my vision.”

Now everyone was listening to Alice to now what was happening.

Chapter 6

The meeting

“What do you see Alice?’ I asked her

“I saw Sofia walking in the forest, the next thing I see was her bleading on the ground. The she disappears.” Alice explains

“What do you mean disappear?” Leah asked

“ I mean that I can’t see her like when Bella was with Jacob when she was human. Everytime she spent time with you guys her future disappears or I can’t see it. Well.. I think they are stills some decisions that are made and I can’t see. When they or he or she makes the desicion I will tell everyone has soon as I can. Everyone started to talk, but me. I was frozen in shock, anger, and worry. I just heard that my half imprinting was going to get hurt. How could I let that happen? If I’m the one to blame and I knew it would be my fault if someone hurts her. I couldn’t let that happen , I had to protect her.

“ Seth calm down” Leah told me.I think I was shaking, because Leah, Jasper and Jacob were trying to calm me down and everyone even the Cullen’s were staring at me.

“I’m going outside” I said

I walked into the forest without waiting for somebody to stop me or talk to me. Even if they tried I wouldn’t listen; I just wanted to be alone. Alone, I ,thought to myself. Did I really wanted to be like that forever. I still didn’t understand my Half Imprint. Why?. Is the only questions that everyone wanted to know. Why I couldn’t imprint completely. I phase back into my wolf-form and started running . I knew where I was going but I didn’t know if I should shift back or stay wolf-form. I got to my house and decided to fill in my mom. So I phased back to explain everything to Sue.

“Mom?” I said

“Yes, Seth. What wrong?” she sounded worried.

“Mom, where are the girls?” I asked I couldn’t hear them.

“There outside, I think in the forest”

“What?!” I screamed

“Seth! What going on?” she urged. She knew something was wrong because I never screamed at my mother that way but I couldn’t help it.

“Mom someone is going to attack Sofia and Sara to if there together”

She fronze, but I was runnig at my inhuman speed in human-form into the forest. I looked for them everywhere. I was very anxious, worried and angry but finally I found them. They were eating some snacks under a tre; so I shouted.

“ Sara! Sofia!” I shouted

“Hey Seth” they said at the same time

“Girls, what are you doing out here?” I asked anxious

“Relax Seth, we were curious about the forest and went hiking. It’ so beautiful here” Sofia said smiling

“Well guys I don’t want to be pushy or anything but it’s dangerous out here is of your going to the forest tell me or Sue.”

“Why?” Sara said

“Look I’ll explain everything later so come on. Let’s go.”

“Ok, ok Seth. C’mon Sara I want to go and eat something.”

“Ok… Well Seth good thing you’re here because we don’t know the way back.” Sara said

“Good thing I wanted to come looking for you girls.” I said to them

“Yeah, yeah … well let’s go.” Sara said

I lead them back to the house. When we got in I made Sue know that they were ok. They went strait upstairs to freshen up; I stayed downstairs talking to Sue.

“Seth, you’ve got to tell me was going on.” she said to me very worried.

“Ok mom, calm down. Alice saw a vision about Sofia that she was walking in the forest, then Sofia on the ground bleading.”I said very angry

“What those that mean?” mom asked

“That someone wants to hurt Sofia but doesn’t know it yet or how to.”

“So we have to wait and see who doesn’t like Sofia?”

“Exactly” I said worried I didn’t like what was happening.

“It could be anyone. Someone she hasn’t even met” mom said

“Ujm” it was the only thing that I could say. We heard a door open so the conversation was over.

“Wow, something smells nice” Sara said

“It’s smells like arroz con pollo from home” Sofia said

“Yes rice with chicken” Sara responded. I think so we could understand. We ate in silence enjoying the food. Sofia and Sara were happy and very thankful.

“Thank you Sue, it was delicious in reminded me of home.” Sofia said

“Your welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it” mom responded

After dinner I washed dishes and Sofia helped me. Sue was very tired that’s why a volunteered and Sofia wanted to help too. Sara was preparing everything for tomorrow; tomorrow was going to be there first and I was going to see if someone was going to hate Sofia and I was going to watch out for her and my cousin.

“So, you nervous about tomorrow” I asked her

“A little bit.” She said

“Don’t worry, you know if you need you just ask me or tell me.”

“I know Seth, I know I can always count on you help Me.” she said blushing

We finish and got upstairs to rest. That night I had the same dream but something was different. I knew the girl better and I knew what was going to happen but when I asked the pack what was going on, the alarm clock woke me up. I got dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Sofia was the only one in the breakfast table.

“Good morning” she welcome me with a smile but very shy.

“Good morning. Where are Sue and Sara?” I asked her

“Sue left early and Sara went with her. She wanted to be super early and I decided
To wait for you. I hope it’s not a problem.”

“No, no it’s ok.”I smiled

“Good… well you eat some breakfast, while I prepare for school” she laughed

“Ok” I smiled at her

I was so happy and I knew that I liked Sofia even more and it wasn’t about the half imprinting I had for her. I was falling in love with Sofia.

Chapter 7


After I ate my breakfast, I drove to school in my new car that Edward and Bella gave to me in my 17th birthday. It was a black mustang, I loved it. While I drove to school Sofia was looking out the window into the forest.

“Beautiful isn’t it” she said suddenly

“What?” I asked, there was nothing has beautiful has she was.

“The forest” she laughed

“Yeah it’s… magical in some way. Trust me. And so full of…. history.”

“Really?” she said excited and continued.

“Can you tell them to me?” she smiled at the idea.

And I smiled I couldn’t help it her happiness was my happiness. And I was very lucky; tonight there’s was a bonfire. She was my half imprint and I could take her and not tell her it’s all true, just story’s. I smile and said…

“Well, actually in La Push we have a tradition to get together and tell ancient stories and then we eat. We called it a bonfire. It’s tonight and you and Sara can come if you like.”

“That will be awesome. I can’t wait to tell Sara” she said excited

I liked tit when she was happy it made me happy too. We talked and got to know her better. We got a lot in common and a lot in different. But we laughed at our differences. We arrived at school we were still early; I parked the car and got out. Sofia was waiting for me in the back of the car. Sara was walking toward us and we decide to wait for her.

“Guys I got our schedules, we got only 2 classes together. Biology and Spanish.” Sara said to Sofia
“Hey Seth I got all classes with you except advanced math” Sofia said to me

“Wow, that’s cool… well we better get to class.” I said to them

I spent all day with Sofia. Sara sat with us at lunch. I walked her to her math class and smiled at her.

“Hey, don’t worry after this class we can relax.” I said. She smiled and walked to her class. I hurried to my class so I didn’t get busted. All that hour I was anxious, I didn’t know if she was ok. I wondered who will be the one who would try to harm her because I will never let her get hurt. I don’t care what I had to do I will protect her. Finally the bell rang and I walked to Sofia’s locker and saw Sara.

“Hey where’s Sofia?” I asked her

“I think she’s still in class” she said suspicious.

“So…. How was your first day?” I asked her so she didn’t know I loved her best friend.

“Good, great, better than I expected.” She said

“Well… that’s good, great, better” I said mocking her using her own words. We stared laughing; this was the reason Sara was my favorite cousin. She laughed at everything and always try’s to have fun and do the right thing.

‘Hey I heard Leah’s coming I can’t wait to see her”

“Yeah she’s got a boyfriend now; he’s really cool his name is Josh.”

“Awesome can’t wait to meet him- hey I think that’s Sofia.” I looked where Sara was pointing and saw Sofia.

“Hey guys, can you help me. These books are heavy.” Of course I helped her and she blushed. I smiled she looked beautiful when she blushed.

“So, how was your day?” I asked her even if I spent all day with her.

“Great” she said blushing and laughing

We all walked into the parking lot and when we passed a group of guys started whistling Sara and Sofia.

“That uncomfortable” Sofia said

“Disgusting” Sara agreed

I couldn’t speak I was furious but I had to control myself I couldn’t phase right now. We got to the car and got off school property. When we got home we helped each other in homework. We were done and Sue got back.

“Hey kids, how was school?” she asked us

“Great” we said at the same time.

“Hey kids do you mind been alone for a while I got to buy some ingredients for dinner”

“I don’t mind” I said

“Me either” Sofia said

“Well Aunt Sue do you mind if I go with you? I want to see more Forks and learn where the places are.” Sara said

“No I don’t mind. You can come if you like.” Sue said

“Thanks” Sara said

Sue and Sara went to the groceries store to get ingredient for dinner in the bonfire tonight. Sofia and I were alone in the house. Totally alone. We decided to watch to watch some TV and when there was a cat commercial she asked.

“So tonight is bonfire?”

“Yeah, why?” I asked

“Nothing is that I had never been in a bonfire before” she said

“Are you nervous?” I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable

“A little” she confessed

“Hey don’t worry, it’s goanna be great.” I said trying to make her feel good

“Thanks for inviting me, by the way.”

“You welcome”

Then our eyes met again like in the beach. We smiled at each other; I could feel my heart racing and could hear her’s. I knew we were unwilling to move, we could stay like this forever. But then we heard the phone ring. I answered, it was Jacob. Honestly I was mad because it was a perfect moment and he interrupted. He must have a good excuse.

“Hello” I said

“Hey Seth, are you coming to the bonfire” he asked

“Yes, man I’m coming to the bonfire” I said pissed off. Sofia giggled.

“Oh sorry, I interrupted something, did I?” Jacob said

“Kinda” I laughed

Chapter 8

The Bonfire

When I finish talking in the phone with Jacob, I turned around and she was watching TV so I joined her.

“What time is the bonfire?” she asked

“In two hours or so” I said

“ Ok” she said while getting up

“ Where are you going?” I asked her

“Upstairs to freshen up” She smiled

“Oh” I said embarrass and I think I blushed

She laughed and went upstairs and I decided to watch more TV. I was watching some cartoons I didn’t even like it but it passed the time. Then I heard her walking downstairs.

“Well, what do you think?” she said

“Whoa” I said. She looked beautiful has always. She was wearing some dark blue jeans with a brown tank top with matching convers. Her hair was down and she made it look wavy.

“Thanks” she blushed and sat down with me.

“So” she said

“So” I said smiling and she laughed
“What do you do when your out of things to do? She asked

“Well… I… hang out at the beach with my friends and I hang out with the Cullen’s, and go for a walk in the forest. Actually I shouldn’t do that last one.” I laughed

“Who are the Cullen’s?” she asked

“The Cullen’s are a family very close to us. Dr. Carlisle is a great surgeon doctor and very young too.” I laughed a little because I knew Carlisle real age and he is very old. She looked at me like I was a little crazy but she laughed to.

“Oh, will they be in the bonfire?”

“I don’t know, I think they’ll be there or some of them.”

“How many members are in the Cullen family?”

“Well, there’s Carlisle and he’s wife Esme, Edward and he’s wife Bella and Alice,
Jasper, Rosalie, Emmet and Nessie or Reneesme.”

“Wow- that’s a big family”

“And getting bigger” I laughed

“What do you mean?” she asked curious

“Oh , you know Jacob and Nessie. They’re kind of serious.” Nessie looked know like a 15
or 16 year old.

“Oh. she blushed like she missed something obvious; then she continued

“So, what are we going to do in the bonfire?”

“Your very curious aren’t you?” I laughed

“Sorry is that I’m curious I have never been in a bonfire and I’m a little nervous” she said

“Oh, well we hear some stories or legends from the tribe and them eat dinner”

At that moment we heard Sue’s car. I opened the door and helped with the groceries.

“Wow Sue, that’s a lot of food” Sofia said

“Yeah it’s for the bonfire” Sara , Sofia and I helped Sue make dinner for the bonfire; when we were finish Sara and Sue got ready for the bonfire. Sue drove us to La Push. We were early and it was chilly for Sara and Sofia. It was a good thing they brought jackets. Sara wanted to be with Sue and help her. So I asked Sofia if she wanted to walk on the beach; she said yes. We walked until we reached the same tree we sat down and looked into each other’s eye the other day.

“So, are you still nervous about the bonfire” I asked her

“Just a little bit, well more excited” she answers smiling. Every time she smiles I can’t help to smile too.
“So what are the stories about?” she asked

“About our ancestors and their adventures”

“Are they real?”

“ What do you if their real?” I asked

“If the stories are true; I mean if it really happen?” she said curious

“Well… many of us believe the stories are true… but the Elder’s… want it to be… private… about what we believe” I said trying to make sense.

“Oh” she said shyly and I think a little embarrass. I wanted to know what she was thinking. That reminded me of how Edward felt and feels when he can’t her Bella’s thoughts.

“What are you thinking” I asked

“Nothing” she said blushing

“You can tell me you know”

“ I know I can trust you Seth…it’s just that I was a little embarrass about what the elders thing, and you have to keep it a secret or private. And I was asking you so…”

“Hey, you don’t have to worry. It’s cool, the only thing you have to worry about is not getting scared of the stories… or fall asleep” I laughed. Sofia laughed too. Then Sara called us. We walked together to the bonfire; everybody was there even the Cullen’s.

“Who are they?” Sofia said shocked

“They are… the Cullen’s” I laughed. I knew she was shocked by there perfection and beauty. I was already used to it and now the most beautiful girl in my world was Sofia. So I said

“Do you want to meet them?”

“Ok..yeah, sure” she said nervous. We walked to the Cullen’s and I notice that Sofia backing away and walking at the same time.

“Hey Edward.” I said hugging him. I remember the first time we acted as a team trying to protect Bella by Victoria and her little assistant. Edward laughed at me memory.

“Hey Seth, how are you?”

“Good, good. I want you to meet Sofia ;she’s my cousin’s best friend.”

“Hi” she waved him very shyly

“Hello Sofia, I’m Edward Cullen and this is my wife Bella. I think you’ve already know our daughter Reneesme.”

“Nice to meet you Bella.” Sofia said but she seems confused.

“Oh my apologize, I forgot Jacob’s nickname for her. I think you know her by Nessie.” Edward said to Sofia with a crocked smile. Sofia smiled more confidently and more relaxed.

Chapter 9

The Cullen’s

“Oh, yes, thanks. I was a little confused; so... you are Nessie’s adoptive parents.” Sofia asked them

“Yes” Bella said with laughter; but trying to control it. Everybody knew the real story about the Cullen’s, except Sara and Sofia. Edward looked to Alice and nodded. She danced her way to Sofia with a big smile; and she introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Alice. I’m Edward’s sister and this is Jasper” She said with excitement.

“Hi I’m Sofia.” Sofia smiled at her and Jasper. Alice introduced Sofia to everyone; they talked and got to know each other. I wonder if she had a vision that they were going to become friends like she did with Bella. Then Billy started telling the story of how we became wolves and why. But this time he added our story about our alliance with the cold ones. Then we ate dinner. The Cullen’s excused them selves and said their goodbyes and goodnights and left.

“Why are they living?” Sara and Sofia asked me

“They... already ate… they don’t want to disturb” I said

“Yeah, they like their food to go” Embry laughed. Nessie and Jacob gave him a bad look, but they started laughing too. After dinner we helped to clean up; the I saw Sofia yawn.

“Tired Sofy?” I asked her concern

“A little bit” she said blushing

“What?” I asked

“Oh nothing, it’s that “Sofy” is my old nickname”

“You don’t like it?”

“Yeah but I want something new” she said shyly

“Hmm… well, you can tell me your full name and I can think of a new nick name” I smile

“My name is Sofia Michelle” she said. I thought of it, with her second name.

“What about… Mitchy” I suggested

“I like that” she smiled

When we finished cleaning up we got in the car. Sara called dibs in the front seat so I was in the Back with Sofia, or now for me MITCHY.
Mitchy fell asleep in the car and Sara was at the point to crash into uncoinesnes. Sara walked up stairs and crashed on the bed asleep. I carried Mitchy to her room, I but her n her bed and took off her shoes. When she was in her bed I kissed her .And when I was almost at the door leaving I heard Mitchy say in her sleep.

“Seth” she said and then sighed and then rolled to her sleeps saying my name again. I was happy, more than happy. She was dreaming of me. I went to my room and crashed on my bed and closed my eyes.

I was 95% sure I was dreaming, it was the same dream I had before I meet her in real life but something was different, something had change. After I asked them what was wrong, someone responded. I couldn’t understand the voice; I didn’t know who it was or what she or he was saying. I only understood one word. Betrayal.

My eyes flew open, I looked at my clock, it was 2:30 am. I went downstairs because I couldn’t sleep after that. When I was walking down he stars I saw Mitchy in the sofa watching the forest out the window.

“Hey Mitchy” I said sleepy

“Oh, hi Seth. What are you doing here” she asked me confused

“I couldn’t sleep so I decided to come down stairs. But what about you, what are you doing here?” I asked concern

“I had a nightmare and I couldn’t sleep again” she said while moving and making space for me in the sofa. She was holding her legs to her chest. I sat next to her and tried to make her feel better.

“Well, if you talk about it maybe it will be better.”

“No, no. It’s a little…. Personal.” She said blushing

“Oh” was the only thing I said and it seemed inappropriate.

“It’s ok, I know you’re trying to help me and you mean well” she smiled. And I smiled back. She was beautiful, lovely, shy, special and I’m just beginning to know her. She got up and smiled at me.

“So …well goodnight”

“Goodnight… Mitchy”. She chuckled and said
“I really like that nickname you know”

“Well… now everyone can call you Mitchy” I smiled

“Actually, I just want you to call me that.”

“Why?” I said amused and smiling

“It’s seems… right” she blushed and continued

“Well goodnight or good morning”

“Goodnight and good morning” I chuckled. She went upstairs blushing and smiling. I already knew she was dreaming of me; because she said my name in her sleep. But what about, what she was dreaming, I knew about who?, but I didn’t know what?

I stayed in the living room, thinking. I didn’t know who and why they want to hurt my Mitchy. Who will be such a mad person to hurt her . It was 6:15 am now, I went to my room and prepare myself for another day of school. I went downstairs to eat breakfast, the girls were still asleep. My mom or sue was preparing breakfast, pancakes.

“Morning Seth” she greeted me

“Hi mom”

“Want pancakes?”

“Sure, thanks”

“Oh, good morning Sofia, want some breakfast” Mom said to Sofia that was walking down the stairs.

“Yes, please” She said

‘”Morning Seth “ she smiled and blushed.

“Good morning” I smiled at her

“Hello, Sara , do you want breakfast”Sue asked

“Sure, I’m starving” Sara said.

Chapter 10


We all ate breakfast, Sue left with a wave goodbye. I think she was in a hurry, thought.

“Girls are you ready?” I asked them

“Sure “Mitchy said

“Wait, let me get me stuff” Sara said running to he room. Mitchy (Sofia) rolled her eyes and smiled at me. I smiled back and said

“Let’s go” I whispered. She giggled and came with me to wait for Sara in the car. While we waited for her I asked her the first question that came to my mind.

“So, how are you?” I asked her, remembering about last night.

“Er… good.” She said blushing, remembering too.

“Ok, let’s go!” Sara shouted

I started the car when she was running from the house to the car. Sara got in the back with Mitchy and started to talk about prom. What dresses they will buy, and stuff and only one person came to my mind, Alice.

“Hey, I know a friend that loves dresses and designed them for you guys, if you like.” I said.

“Really?! That would be great.” Sara said

“Ok, I’ll call her after school. “I promised

We got to school, and I walked with Mitchy everywhere. In lunch we sat with Sara. After lunch I walked Mitchy to her advanced math class.

“See ‘yaw later” she smiled at me but a little sad.

“Ok” I said smiling and walked away unwilling. I spent all that hour just thinking about her. I asked myself if I should tell her I’m a shape-shifter. that I half imprinted on her?. That one day she’ll might be a half vampire. I had so many decision, so many choices, so cruel. I didn’t want her to suffer, I want her to be happy, but I want her with me. No, I didn’t want her…I needed her. It was all complicated; why? Finally the bell rang and to my surprise Sara was waiting for me.

“Seth” she said angry

“What Sara? What wrong? I asked her

“Seth” she said calmly


“I know how you look at her. You see her like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time”

“So?” I asked embarrass. I didn’t want my cousin involve; she already think she is a match maker. Even if we were soul mates, I didn’t like were this was going.

“Well, ask her to prom, that a good idea”

“Well” I said I didn’t know what to do. Oh great I have Sara on my tail.

“Well what? Ask her now” she said angry but excited now, pointing to Mitchy’s locker. I rolled my eyes.

“Wow, you are still the pushy, drama queen, cousin, that I love.” I smiled and went to Mitchy’s locker. I saw her in her locker with a guy. I stopped and tried to hear from were I was. Sometimes being a werewolf/ shape-shifter comes in handy.

“So, are you going to prom?” he asked her

“I think so” she said

“Well if you don’t have a date, why don’t you come with me to prom” he said touching her face with the back of his hand. That made me see red all over him. Why is he touching her! She … is… MINE!!! Or suppose to. Then she moved her head I knew she was uncomfortable. That calmed me a little but I still saw red.

“Richard, I don’t know…” she trailed

“Come on Sofia, why won’t you go to the prom with me?”
Richard asked her leaning closer to her like he was going to kiss her.

“Because…” she started to says trying to find an excuse.

“Because she’s going with me” I said
“Yeah, right, I’m going with Seth” She smiled

“Oh” Richard said angry and jealous. I had to smile at that, I put my arm around Mitchy to top it off. She smiled and blushed. Richard left without another word.

“Thanks Mitchy said

“Sure, no problem” I said

“So are you really going to the prom with me?” she asked shyly and blushing

“Well, if you want to” I smiled

“Yeah, sure” she said trying to hide a smile. We walked to the car and Sara was very anxious.

“Well?” Sara asked me

“Yes” I smiled. Mitchy and Sara talked about prom all the way home. We did our homework, while I watched TV the girls talked about the dresses and the Sara asked me…

“Hey Seth, have you called the girl of the dresses.”

“Oh, yeah, I’ll call Alice now”

I got the phone and called Alice. She was excited and said she was on her way. The girls were excited too. I heard Alice car a mole a way and I already knew she was driving her favorite car, her yellow Porsche

“Hello Seth, Sara, Sofia” Alice greeted us entering the room more like dancing but she was Alice.

“Hey Alice, how are things”I asked

“Great and thanks for the work. Bella and Nessie are alike and won’t let me have some fun.” she said sarcastiscly.

“Well, you have…work to do” I smiled . The girls spent all the time measuring and talking color… The Alice strated to measure me.

“C’mon Alice” I groaned

“Hols still Seth, you’ve got to look great for prom” she smiled

“Well at leats your enjoying this” I mocked her

“Fabulous” she giggled. When she finally finish she said

“Well guys I’ll give you you everything as soon as I can”

“ Thanks so much Alice” Mitchy said to her

“ No thank you, this has been so much fun” Alice responded her with a huge smile on her face

“Well Alice, see you in a few hours with the dresses” I said to her as serious as I couls but I couldn’t help to smile. Sarta and Sofia laughed but Alice pouted her lips and made a face but finaly gave in and laughed with us.

Chapter 11


It’s been like a week or two senses I asked Sofia (Mitchy, my nickname for her) to prom. We never brought it up until she asked me when we waited for Sara.

“Ah… Seth?” she asked embarrass

“Yeah Mitchy” I said smiling, she blushed and that made me smiled more.
“Well… are we still going to prom…together?” She blushed deeper red even noticeable in her russet skin was noticeable.

“Well, if you want to”

“Yes, yeah, absolutely” she smiled. Sara got to the car and shouted
“C’mon Seth, tonight’s prom and I want to get rid off the school day!”

“What?” I asked I didn’t understand her

“She means she wants to hurry up so school starts and gets over; like accelerate time, so she can get ready on Alice’s cute dress.”

“Thanks “I smiled

“Well, c’mon, hurry “Sara yelled excited. We spent all day listening Sara go on and on and on about how excited she was about prom. She didn’t have a date; she turned down all the guys, she said to then to ask her to dance but she didn’t want a date because then she’ll get bored just with one guy. I rolled my eyes when she explained, well… she was Sara-I told myself- my crazy, crazy, drama queen cousin. At least Mitchy looked if she disagrees. After school when Mitchy and I were walking to my car, as usual, Alice called me to remind me she will help the girls prepare them self. Sara and she made plans.

“Ok Alice, I’m on my way” I said

“Fabulous, remember, be at my house” she said

“Ok, ok, fine” I said and hit he end button

“What’s wrong?” Mitchy said, we were getting in the car.

“Nothing, were just going to go to my house and then to the Cullen’s so we can get ready for prom” I explained

“We are going to…the Cullen’s house?” she asked nervous

“Yeah… why-? - I started to ask but Sara interrupted.

“Did Alice called you?” she said to me

“…Yeah… she called” I said slowly looking at Mitchy who was looking at Sara

“Sara why didn’t you tell me, I could have been prepared” Mitchy asked her disbelieved

“Surprise! Sofy I just wanted you to be relaxed” Sara said while Mitchy rolled her eyes

We got home and dropped off our school stuff. Sara and Mitchy got their personal stuff and got in the car again. I drove up to the Cullen’s house and I knew the girls were speechless.

“Wow” Sofia said

“Whoa” Sara
“Yeah, I know” I laughed. We got off the car and went threw the open front door, Alice was waiting in the stairs.

“C’mon girls you don’t have all day” Alice said. They went upstairs but I noticed my Mitchy a little nervous while she looked around the house. I almost went with them but I remember that Alice was with them and Edward appeared next to me.

“You know after she’s half done with them, it’s your turn.” He smiled

“Yeah, I laughed “so anything new” I asked serious.
“No but keep an eye, Alice says it’s soon” he warned me. Alice came down and worked on me. At least I was her fun for 5 minutes and then she went upstairs to work on the girls again. Edward loan me his Volvo.

“Are you sure?” I asked him

“Yes, Seth but please don’t destroy it” he laughed but I knew he meant it. Edward gave me the keys. Alice came down the stairs and prepared us.

“Come down girls.” Alice said with a huge smile on her face. Sara was first to come down she looked beautiful.

“Wow Sara, you look beautiful” I complemented her

“Thanks “she blushed. Then Sofia walked down the stairs. She looked more beautiful then ever. She was wearing a strapless baby blue dress. Wow, I never knew how much about colors, well, that’s what happens when you spend the most of the time with your sister. Edward laughed at my thought and Mitchy smiled at me and I had to smile back at her.”

“Wow Sofia, you look… wow” I said, she blushed and walked next to Sara. I thanked Edward while the girls thanked Alice. We got in the Volvo and I drove to the school. I bought our tickets and we went into the gym because in Forks there wasn’t a place big enough to host a party. I danced with Sofia and Sara, but mostly with Sofia. I had to thank Esme for teaching me how to dance. Now we were sitting talking with each other, she looked beautiful, Alice certainly had lots of fun but she is always beautiful. Then there was a slow dance.

“Will you like to dance?” I asked Sofia taking her hand

“Yes… I would love to” she blushed. We started to dance, she was smiling. We looked into each others eye; I felt the same way I did when we went to the beach. I decided to go to the forest, so I danced our way out threw the door. I stopped there looking if someone was looking.

“Seth, what are you doing?” Mitchy laughed

“I want to show you something” I smiled. I took her hand, and she blushed; we walked into the forest. I knew a place very near it was a very small meadow. Now that I think of it, there a lot of meadows in this forest. But only a few one were beautiful. So we walked and I knew we were close so I wanted to be a surprise her. I covered her eyes very gently and whispered in her ear…

“Don’t look is a surprise”

“Ok” she giggled. When we entered it was perfect, it wasn’t a full moon but it was very… bright. It almost looked magical. We walked onto the middle of the meadow and I uncovered her eyes.

“Wow Seth, this is… beautiful and so…” she trailed off. I went to stand behind her and whisper in her ear.

“And so magical”

“Yeas, and now more magical than ever” she blushed. I wasn’t as quite; we could still hear the music.

“May I have this dance?” I said walking in front of her and taking her hand while she smiled.



Chapter 12

First Warning

“I would love to” She said blushing deeper red. We started dancing, while we were spinning I took one of her hands and put it on my chest were my heart is suppose to be. We started to dance at the rhythm of my heart, she was smiling and blushing. I was happy because she was happy.

“This is nice” she said

“Very” I said. We started to slow down our dance, until we were standing together, looking into each others eyes. I was unwilling to move. She was serious but deep in thought. She was looking at me in the eyes like she was searching. I didn’t have to search because when I saw her dark-chocolate brown eyes I could see everything. And without and thinking about it I started to lean to her. When our lips were inches away, a wolf calling was heard. I groaned silently.

“I got to go” I said to her our heads still together.

“Ok” she whispered

“C’mon, I’ll get you to prom”

“No…no, I’ll wait for you here”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, it’s ok, and beside…I don’t want to leave this place, it’s beautiful” she blushed

“I’ll be right back” I sad kissing her head. I went to the forest and walked far enough that she can’t see or hear me. I shifted and started running.

“What’s up?” I asked in thought

“Dude, Sofia is going to be attacked… tonight” Jacob responded

“What?!” I thought stopping and turning around”

“Yes, you must protect her” Jacob and Sam said; reading and seeing what I did before phasing. I started running back, I was furious, mad; I was just with her! I shouldn’t have left her there. I could feel my heart beat, my blood racing through my veins. I went faster, faster than I’ve ever run before. I was closer I could hear her.

“Stop it Richard. Let me go!” Mitchy said anger in her voice

“C’mon Sofia. Your guy is gone. Let’s you and I have some fun” Richard said and I could hear him and see his smile. I was still running; he had his arms around her waist and head; trapping her. She was trying to move, but was too weak. Then when he bent his head to kiss her that made me see red all over him, a snarl went threw my chest and I knew he heard me. He froze and let go off Mitchy; she was frozen on the ground looking at Richard face of fear. I got closer to him and he just ran away. What a coward, but in that moment I forgot I was still in wolf form and Mitchy was behind me. I turned slowly trying not to scare her more than she is. When I saw her face I was confused, it was full of… gratitude and… curiosity? I bent my head so she could use it for support. She stood up and I saw her eyes; bright with gratitude and full of curiosity.

“Thank you” she said to me. I just nodded my head. In that moment a wolf call was heard and I could hear and feel the shock in my head. So I responded.

“Shut up guys I’m taking her back to prom and when she’s back at home, safe, you can scream and yell all you want at me” I thought to everyone. They disappeared and I started walking into the forest but…she… stopped me?

“Wait” she pleaded. I turned around confused and curios. Wasn’t she afraid? She got closer and reaches out her hand. Gently and softly she touched my face. She smiled and started to rub my fur. I had to admit… I liked it, but I knew I had to leave. When I started to move away she said

“Thank you for saving me” she smiled and continued. “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about you. The secret is safe with me” she promised and giggled at the same time. I pushed her out of the meadow with my head pointing her were was prom then I started running and got back and found her before she got to the gym.

“Hey, where were you?” I asked her acting like I was looking for her.

“I got a little worried and started to look for you and got lost” she blushed

“The forest is dangerous, Mitchy. You don’t know who might want to hurt you”

“I don’t think so” she smiled “I think there are protectors, not danger in the forest. Trust me.”

“I do, I know what you mean”

“I don’t think you do” she laughed

“Trust me Mitchy. I know this forest very well. I have seen a lot if things”

“I trust you and your right the forest is full of… magic”

“You have no idea” I laughed. We started looking for Sara until I saw her with Richard. I knew my cousin well and I knew she was uncomfortable and in trouble. Richard started to touch her face and stared to kiss her but before he had the chance I was in the way.

“Sara why don’t you go with Sofia.” I said

“Thank you” Sara said with a weak voice. Richard was afraid of me, he had the same look on his face when I was in wolf form.

“Don’t you ever look, touch or hurt my cousin and Sofia. Do you hear me” I said to him in a whisper but with a hard tone. It reminded my of an Alpha command. He just nodded and walked away, just like the coward he is.

“Are you ok Sara” I asked her

“Yeah, I’m ok. Thank you Seth I owe you forever”

“No problem. Well do you girls want to go home?” They just nodded. When we got home Sara walked strait upstairs. Mitchy crashed in the car so I got to carry her. When I was laying her on the bed she smiled and said my name. She was dreaming of me. That made me happy but tonight was very close. Very close for everything,I almost kissed her, she was almost attacked and I almost exposed us. But I knew this was only the first warning. I knew there was something more and I knew it will happen sooner or later. But this, tonight, was only the first warning of all the danger of the future...


Chapter 12 Sofia (Mitchy) POV (Special Addition)

"I would love to" I said blushing. I have never blushed so many time but him, Seth, he makes me feel... special. I feel like a tiny pull to him put it feel like it need something more, but I think I was falling in love with him not for the strange pull I have for him but for him. We started dancing in the middle of a beautiful meadow he brought me it was just... magical. In that moment i felt like a... princess, even if I don't like to just sit around miserable until prince charming comes to my rescue now I felt like it was the other way around, but it didn't matter now I was alone with Seth in a beautiful meadow and while we were spinning Seth manage to but one of my hand in his chest where is heart his. I could feel his heart beat, steady and strong. Then we started dancing at the rhythm of his heart beat, this made me smile more and blush, I think I was deep red by now.

"This is nice' I said

"Very' he agreed . Then we started to slow down our dance until we were standing together, looking into each others eyes. I just kept looking at him, he was beautiful to my eyes, his features weren't has perfect like the vampire in Volterra but his was just a beautiful angel. I looked into his dark brown eyes...searching. I didn't know what I was looking for but what I found was beautiful, I thought I looked into his soul. He was...pure, good, unselfish,, maybe Aro was right if I was turned into a vampire I must have a gift. But I didn't want to think about the Volturi or my mission here to visualize the Cullen's if they break a law or to go back to Volterra when they were weak enough so Caius can get revenge. I didn't deserve Seth because he was something... because he knew the Cullen's but what? What was he? but now I didn't care if I could I would have never insisted my mother to go on vacation to Italy but I will never regret saving my family.. "Things happen for a reason"... hopefully it will turn out good and the Volturi will be defeated. But I hope Alec will renounce it before it was defeated he was the only one who cared about me besides Aro and Marcus. But all my thoughts were interrupted when Seth started to lean to me, he was going to kiss me, I waited eagerly but when our lips were inches away a wolf calling was heard. I thought I heard Seth growl.

“I got to go” he said to me our heads still together.

“Ok” I whispered

“C’mon, I’ll get you to prom”

“No…no, I’ll wait for you here”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, it’s ok, and beside…I don’t want to leave this place, it’s beautiful” I blushed

“I’ll be right back” he said kissing my head. He went to the forest and walked far enough that I could not see or hear him. I got a little worried Seth always was in the woods what if a vampire was hunting? what if one of the Cullen's were hunting? I tried to convince my self that he would be alright because he knew the Cullen's. But what was he, he was something magical, unreal but don't know what, I remember something that Aro told me when he was "educating me" but I couldn't remember all the times when Jane used her gift on me I always tried to avoid the memory, I think she attacked me for fun that day. But all my thought were once again interrupted, I thought I heard someone walking threw the bushes...

"Seth?" I asked

"No, no baby much better" Richard said coming toward me, with out thinking I stepped back. I was trained and I lived with vampires for months so I know when I was in danger.

"Oh c'mon baby don't be scared, let's just... dance for a while" He said getting closer. I kept steepening back, I knew this wasn't good. Then to fast he got his hands on me, one on my back and another on the back of my head so I wouldn't escape. He just laughed when I tried to move and that made me angrier.

"Stop it Richard, let me go!" I hissed at him

"C'mon Sofia, Your guy is gone. Let’s you and I have some fun” Richard said smiling evil to me but then he leaned closer to kiss me, I tried to move my head, tried to push him away, but he had me pinned me right next to him, I couldn't move. Then out of no where I heard a snarl, we both did, he froze and let me go I fell to the ground and looked at his face. I t was full of fear; then from behind me I could feel someone or something . It moved closer and I could see it. A beautiful sand colored wolf just in front of me, now I remember what Aro told me months ago...


"Come dear one" Aro called for me

"Yes, master" I said to him

"I think is time for you to know more about ...the Cullen's"

"The Cullen's? The ones who defeated you 3 years ago" I asked

"Yes dear one - Aro said delighted that I remember - I think for our plan to succed you need to know more about them and their allies."

"Yes, master. That may be a good thing"

"Tell me young one what do you already know?"

"Well... I know the one called Edward is a mind reader and his mate Bella is a shield, they have a daughter named Renesmee that has a quite unique gift the opposite of her father" I smiled, I would like to meet Renesmee she sounded like a very special person and her parents must love her so much that they were willing to fight the Volturi.
"There is Carlisle and her mate Esme, Emmet that is one of the strongest among them and his mate Rosalie, and there is Alice and her mate Jasper. She can see the future and he can control and feel our emotions. Am i correct,master"

"Yes dear one. I guess our studies have quite been a good thing for your learning" Aro was satisfy

"What more should I know, master"

"You must know that when we went to battle against them the y had assemble a group of our kind to witness the growth of the child. But we didn't count that they had other... allies"

"Other, allies?"

"Yes my dear one, they were giant wolves, or better know for them... shape-shifters. But they could only turn into a wolf..."


I saw Richard back away from the wolf and run away like a coward, but I didn't blame him I would have done the same but I knew this wolves, they were protectors from vampires except the Cullen"s I think they have a treaty or something. i could feel in my face gratitude and lots of curiosity, I wanted to now about these creatures but I knew a person that might help me get that information but then the wolf turned around and saw me, he bent his head so I could stand up, I used is help and stood up and tried to study him.

" Thank you" I whispered to him, he nodded his big head and i fought a smile. in that moment we heard a howl of a wolf. It might be the leader of the pack and the sand- colored wolf responded back. He started walking away but I didn't want him to go.

"Wait" I pleaded, he turned around, i got closer and reached for his face, studying his fur, It was warm, soft and hairy, but then i looked into his eyes. There where intelligent, dark- brown eyes, very familiar to me. I felt the same pull to the wolf that I had with...Seth. He was Seth. I smiled,I knew he would protect me. But to soon he started to move.

"“Thank you for saving me” I smiled and continued. “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about you. The secret is safe with me” I promised and giggled at the same time. Then he pushed me out of the meadow with his head pointing me were was prom. I left and started walking knowing he would be with me in minutes.

"Hey where were you?" He asked I almost believed he didn't knew.

"I got a little worried and started to look around for you and got lost" I said and it was mostly the truth I was worried for him and i went to find him but I knew I wasn't lost.

"The forest is dangerous, Mitchy. You don't know who might want to hurt you." he said. And he was right the forest was dangerous because of all the vampires but helped people... well suppose to. And the Cullen's were good, a threat to the Volturi but still good.

" I don't think so" I said smiling remembering the big sand colored wolf."I think there are protectors, not danger in the forest. Trust me." I concluded to him. And i think that what they called them selves protectors . But they couldn't protect one person, a person who was domed to serve the royalty on the vampire world, the Volturi. They couldn't protect nor

"I do, I know what you mean"

" I don't think you know" I laughed to myself. what was I saying of course he know he was the secret, the wolf who saved me from been violated by Richard. But I had to do anything from keeping him my own secret.

"Trust me Mitchy. I know this forest very well; I have sen a lot of things" he smiled at me. But i have seen worse, I thought to myself, and it's true i almost witness how vampires... eat. Thank goodness Alec took me away...


"Jane stop that!" I screamed at her. She just stood there smiling, I tried to run far away but I couldn't move. I'ts just an illusion, I told myself but I kept feeling that I was being tortured. Thank God Alec was on my side and he made me feel nothing , I just could see and hear.

" Sister please stop enjoy yourself on her" Alec said to his sister. She rolled her eyes and said to him.

"Oh brother, why have you such pity to this mortal. What has she done to you? Just more...thirst." Jane said in an angelic voice. I couldn't help myself but even if they were my personal hell, everything evil; they where physically...perfect. But Aro, Marcus and Caius had a strange skin, papery even.. Then Caius smiled- he's evil smiled- when Aro and Marcus came threw the door, then I noticed that everyone was here. The guards, the wives, everyone; that meant one thing...dinner time. Alec took me in his arm and ran to my room, I always felt airborne when he did that. i was sitting in the bed and he was in front of me. I noticed his eyes, black, full of thirst. -Now I understood Jane, well only what she said.- he looked at me knowing that i understood. His eyes where... indescribable . I just nodded, this was something that he couldn't avoid.

"Go, I understand" I said looking to my hands. I could feel a tear in my eyes. I was feeling sorry for all those people that were entering now the castle. I already knew that they were going to die. But did they? I just hoped now that their deaths were fast and that they didn't need to suffer or feel anything. That was the only thing I could do for them, hope; but for nothing good.

" I'm sorry" He said kissing my head.

" Just don't make it painful for anyone. They didn't deserve this"

"You don't deserve to live here, nor to die this way" Alec said to me, I chuckled

"You now the reason why. I would do it again if I have to. I don't want my family to die this way or be hurt ed."

"I know but is still unfair that you have to put off with my sister'

"Eventually I will get over it or she''ll be. And if not i will be dead" I said sarcastically. He eyed me then looked at the door.

"I'm sorry" he said then left. Just minutes passed and I could hear the screams. All I did was crawl in my bed and cry for the people who's life's ended today.


"I trust you and your right the forest is full of...magic" I searched for the right word.

"You have now idea" he laughed. We walked into the gym, looking for Sara until I saw her with...him.What was he doing! Why was he with Sara and I knew my best friend, she looked,uncomfortable. Luckily, Seth was helping her before I could move and help her myself. I couldn't ear what he said to him or to her but suddenly Sara was walking to me, she hugged me and I hugged her.

"Are you ok?" I whispered

"Yeah" she said. I saw Richard almost ran out the door and Seth came to us.

"Are you okay, Sara" he asked her

"Yeah, I'm okay. Thank you Seth I owe you forever" Sara said to him

“No problem. Well do you girls want to go home?” We just nodded. Seth took my hand and walked to the car that Edward Cullen loaned to him. I sat in the front seat and kept looking outside. While I saw the stars and the beautiful forest I though of my life, the past, of how I got myself in this place...


We walked threw the streets and saw everything; Volterra, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Finally mom decided to give me sweet 16 present and because my grandparents insisted on giving me a car mom promised me the Italy vacation, disgracefully all of my family was here. But I tried to look at the positive side; I was here. While we looked at the map arguing were to go a lady came to us...

"Mom, I learned Italian, french, Portuguese so I know where is the Clock Tower and these is it the Palazzo dei Priori. Just listen to me and just relax" I said to her

"Mi hija, i told you the Clock tower is the other way" mom insisted, I just rolled my eyes.

"Hi can help you" a woman said to us. She was... beautiful. She had amazingly longs legs, darkened with tights, were exposed by the shortest of miniskirts. Her top was long- sleeved and high- necked, but extremely close- fitting, and constructed of red vinyl. Her long mahogany hair was lustrous, and her eyes were the strangest shade of violet. But something said that she wasn't... good.

" My name is Heidi and I know this place for a long time, I'm also a guide tourist put I'm off shift, put i can make an exception. I love my work" she laughed, it sounded like bells. All my family was in shock by7 her beauty I was the only one to react.

" I don't know... I think we can find are way around" I smiled politely at her. All my family shushed me and my mom talked to her.

" That would be wonderful thank you, Heidi" mom smiled

"Would you excuse me Heidi. I want to talk to my mother"

"Of course" she smiled at went to talk to my brothers ans dad.

"Mom, I have a bad feeling with this woman. She doesn't seem real. She is to beautiful and-"

"Sofia Michelle this young woman is trying to help us so please, try to appreciate this and besides this was your idea. You have to stop reading and believing in the super natural. Is not real and besides is making you crazy." mom said to me and went to the lady that was to beautiful to be real.

"Yeah, yeah.Just follow the lady that looks like model and says that she is a guide tourist." I said under my breath and rolled my eyes. Then I thought she looked at me and glowered at me for just a second.

" Well lets go" Heidi said. She took us to a few places but didn't really explain very well,m but kept taking us to this strange place. Then she made us take an elevator; the elevator ride was short, we stepped out into what looked like a posh office reception are. The walls were paneled in wood, the floors carpeted in thick, deep green. There were no windows, but large, brightly lit paintings of the Tuscan countryside hung everywhere as replacements. Pale leather couches were arranged in cozy groupings,and the glossy tables held crystal vase full of vibrantly colored boutiques. The flower's smell reminded me of a funeral home.

In the middle of the room was a high, polished mahogany counter. There was a woman behind it, she was tall with dark skin and green eyes. She was very pretty but next to Heidi she wouldn't have been very noticeable.

"Good afternoon, Heidi" the woman said

"Gianna" Heidi nodded and continued toward a set of double doors in the back of the room and my family followed, I in the other hand kept close but was very cautious. Then I heard a man speak

"Welcome, guest! Welcome to Volterra!" I looked around and saw the man greeting us. They were 15 persons inther room counting Heidi and without counting us. Something was wrong... I could feel it. Then I saw on of the boys crouching and looking

"Stop!" I screamed. Everyone looked at me, suddenly I felt stage fright but I sucked it up and took a deep breath.

"Something is wrong...What are you?" I asked the man who greeted us

"Sofia!" mom hissed at me in a whisper. I didn't look at her I just kept looking at the pale white man with papery skin and black topaz eyes.He...just... chuckled

"Oh dear one, you must be a special, wise one" he said and moved forward to me in less than a second, all y family gasped including me. What was he?. He touched my cheek with his hard, but brittle- shale rather than granite- and very cold hand. I jumped and took a step backward.

"Don't be scared young one, the pain will last just for a while" he smiled at me and moved closer like he was going to kiss me. I stepped back again.

"Pain?" I asked

"You still don't know what we are?" He asked, I though of it... beautiful, pale white skin, and ice cold temperature, black eyes and they looked kind of hungry.... or thirsty. They were...

"Vampires" I whispered

"Yes ... and so will you" he smiled coming closer to me

"And my family?" I asked daring to look at them. They looked confused, scared, horrified.

"Mmm, you will see" He said with and evil smiled on his face.

"I'' do anything" I said quickly

"Like what dear child?" he looked confused now.

"Let my family free and I'll do anything for you. But I must remained... human" I said quietly.The man thought it threw and nodded.

"Your wish can be fulfilled, but your family can't tell a soul, they can't even think of this"

"Thank you" I whispered to him, and I knew i had to say goodbye. What just happen, I just sell my soul to vampires.I'm saving my family, I thought to myself.I went to them and hugged them I knew that they were confused and didn't know what was happening.

"Mom I want you to go as far as you can, I will catch up soon, ok?"

"Sofia what's-" mom started to say but i interrupted her

"Mom just listen to me just once, go and don't come back. I'll be on my way just go. This is dangerous and I'm not paying so please just do what I say." i said with a tear in my eye. I never cried and that made my mom finally believe me. She hugged me tighter and left. I could see Gianna leading the way out.My back was to the tree male wearing black cloths.

"Aro! What have you done Letting mortals leave our presence. that against the law!" The white haired man told Aro. What a strange name but familiar I think I studies someone related when I studied Italy. A celebration here. Saint Marcus day? maybe.

"Come dear child, you have giving me the best idea for our revenge" he smiled delightedly and offered his hand, I looked at it and finally shock it. He just touched it and closed his eyes in concentration.

"Interesting place your Island. To bad i can't experienced to go there myself.

"How did you know...?"

"Oh my apologize young one, I haven' introduce myself. I'm Aro, this is Caous- he extended a hand to the white haired man- and this is Marcus- he pointed at the other man-." He snapped id fingers and in matter of seconds all of the vampires were lined up. He introduced to me everyone.

"This is Sulpicia and Athenodora- he winked at the one called Sulpicia- , Chelsea and her mate Afton, Corin, Demetri, Felix, Heidi, but I guess you know her- he chuckled-, Renata, Santiago, Jane and her brother Alec."

The one called Alec was the most beautiful of all I smiled at him shyly, but then reminded myself that he was a vampire and he was going to kill me, exactly me. I think he realized that and smiled at me.

"Well dear one I must guess that you intent to return to your family. And I am not saying you won't but not for a while. You must leave here and see if you are truly going to...serve us. Your go with your family and collect your thing and explain the rule to them... or, I will send with you one of my guards.Alec?"

"Yes, master"

"You will go with her when it's dusk, help her collect her things and explain the rules to"

"Yes, master"

"Why can't I leave now"I asked shyly" Aro turned to me and smiled

"None of us can't be outside until dark" He said touching my hand again. I had the feeling he could read my mind just be touching my hand.

"Your right dear one. Most of us have gifts like Chelsea, Afton, Corin, Demetri, Heidi, Renata,Jane and Alec." He said still his holding my hand.

"I don't want to know their powers 'till I get used to that I'm going to live with vampires" I thought to him and he chuckled. He took me with Gianna to a beautiful room and he said it was mine when I lived here.

"Thank you, it's beautiful" I said touching the bed. Gianna told me everything and showed me the palce,because there wasn't another name for it.

"Do you think I made the right choice?" I asked her

"What do you mean?" she asked concern

"About my family" I mention

"I think you did, I did the same with mine- she smiled-I loved them to much and besides, this might sound selfish, but I want to be what they are... vampire" she said shyly, embarrass. I was shocked but I understood.

"I understand, is the only way to survive. But I don't think that would be the choice for me" I said to her. After I was in my room for hours Alec appeared in my room.

"Is time to go" he said and I just followed behind him. We went outside and I just kept walking behind him. He never looked back but just kept walking, felt more like running to me. Then he abruptly stopped and turned to face me, he's face was inches from mine. He was more shocked than me and move backward then slowly forward to me.

"The car is a few miles a way, I have to carry you there" he said in a strained voice

"Carry me?"

"Yes, just trust me" He said then I got on his back in a blinding movement. I was scared for a moment but while he ran it was peaceful.
Then I was in a different place, the forest... How did i get here? then I saw a beautiful sand colored giant wolf right in front of me. Seth; I just blinked and then he was human again, wearing the tux that he was wearing in the prom. He picked me up the ground and swung me around in a circle; then I looked into his eyes and
he leaned closer to me and kissed my lips, but I couldn't feel anything. I opened my eyes and then felt cold arms around me I saw Alec I blinked again and felt warm again. To warm. I felt burning lips in my head like someone was kissing me. I knew it was Seth, he was the only one who was very warm. I liked it but I didn't want to wake up, if i was asleep. But if I was awake I never wanted that this moment would go away. I never felt this way toward a person; Alec was beautiful but he didn't had that little pull I had for Seth,and Alec was like a friend to me but Seth...I think I was falling in love with him. This was wrong, but love was never wrong, right? I just reminded myself, things happen for a reason, I'm just hoping that the reason goes to the right thing. And what happen with Richard was like a warning that bad things were going to happen. The first warning. What will be the reason for these, all i could do, was wait and hope...
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