The Twilight Saga

Fury and Love (A Vampire Diaries and Twilight crossove like never before)

Fury and Love 


Summary: Isabella Swan and Elena Gilbert are best friends with Bonnie, Angela, Meredith, Jessica, and Caroline! New guys come to town and Isabella finds herself in battle for one with Jessica. Elena is in battle with Caroline! But these guys are not human. They are vampires...

A Vampire Diary and Twilight crossover like never before!!!!!




Chapter 1: Comment Page -3


Chapter 2: Comment Page -5


Chapter 3: Remembering the Past (Part 1): Comment Page -7


Chapter 4: Remembering the Past (Part 2): Comment Page -9


Chapter 5: Remembering the Past (Part 3): Comment Page -10


Chapter 6: Remembering the Past (Part 4): Comment Page -13


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AWESOME chapter!! Can't wait til the next post =)
thank you! :))
your sooo sweet :))
i love it always
thank you Kaylyn :))
I'm a new reader.I love this story! Please keep me updated! Please write more,also! I'm so sorry for Bella's loss.I absolutely LOVE The Vampire Diaries! I can't wait for more! :)
me too i love the Vampire Diaries soo much! :)) i am going to post in about half an hour... okay! :)) i really love writing this story :)) thank you for reading :))

Remembering the Past (Part 1)

Chapter 3

“Mom please!!!” I begged from the passenger seat.

“I said No!” She shouted from the driver’s seat. I never fought with my mom but this was very important. It had to do with my best friend, it was very important to me.

“But Jacob said-”

“Oh Jacob! I see. So what is he now? Your mother?” Her sarcasm was plain even to me. I hated how she always dislikes Jacob.

Jacob was my best friend here in Phoenix. He always thought of me as more than a friend but I had already told him that I didn’t think about him in that way.

He was originally from La Push near Forks, Washington were my father used to live. He had recently gone there for vacation but he never returned. I tried to call but they always told me he wasn’t there. Then he contacted me yesterday. He wanted me to meet him in the park. I know what you’re thinking.

A park in the desert? But the grass was artificial. There was a beautiful fountain that I loved to sit by, so it was the ideal place to meet, except… It was my mom’s divorce hearing. She wanted me to be there even though I specifically told her I wanted nothing to do with it.

But that wasn’t the only thing that was bothering me. Jacob sounded… Not like Jacob… I can’t explain it…but something happened. I could tell.

“FINE!!! I hate you!!!” With that I jumped out of the car. We were parked right outside the courthouse ready to go in for the hearing.

I ran. I have always been a klutz but this time it was different. I had to see Jacob, because… I have been trying to repel the thought that came to me… I have been having a strange feeling. A feeling connected to the dream I had last night.

A large brown wolf charged at me. I wanted to run but I couldn’t control it. It was one of those moments when every thing is in slow motion. The wolf opened its large canines. Then I met its gaze. A gaze I had met before. A gaze to intelligent for an animal… Jacob’s gaze.

I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts. It was silly. I knew Jacob well, and he was no wolf.

My breath came out in gasps as I ran towards the park. I looked around, he wasn’t there. He tricked me. He told me he would be there for me. I guess he decided to give up after all. He gave up on trying to make me love him as much as he loved me.

I quickly started to walk back towards the courthouse. I saw Renee across the street inside her car. I felt her angry eyes as I stepped into the car. I never yelled at her before but I was really upset.

“I don’t want to hear it!” I shouted.

She turned around and headed home. I heard the screeching of the car as I looked up.

A car screeched to stop and I saw the green light on our side. The metal poles from the truck struck the windshield fast. I saw Renee’s head turn towards me as the pole went through her chest.

My scream roared around me as our car flipped. Blood sprayed all over my face from her wound.

I felt an unnatural peace ness fill me. I slowly drifted into a peaceful sleep.


Don’t worry the rest will be up soon
Comment Please :))
simply amazing! loved it! please post more!
thank you Ana :))


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