The Twilight Saga


Written by Lauren and Ash






Hunter barely noticed the transition from human to wolf, but then, there it was, his teeth and claws slicing through the boy as easily as a knife through butter. The boy fought back, and he noticed his strength, but he was no match for a pissed-off Hunter.


The boy's blood was spilled over the ground now, strangely cold and smelling all-wrong. The not-right smell that Hunter had picked up from a block away was far worse now that it lay before him, staining the grass a shining red.


The boy was dead before Hunter realized it, still shredding the boy to ribbons. He paused, breathing heavily, his paws resting on the torn-up chest of the body. Now that the red haze had cleared from his eyes and he was no longer angry, he could see what had happened.


What he had done.


He had killed this boy, just because he smelled wrong and he was being rough with Adriana.


Hunter cringed, a sort of gasp escaping his throat that sounded very much like a wolf whining. He glanced briefly over his shoulder at her, cowering next to the tree, staring at him with wide, horrified eyes.


And he couldn't take it, anymore than when he had kissed her in the locker room. He looked at the ground and bolted, running off into the park and praying no one would see him.

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post more soon please and keep me updated! thanx
Chp 1 is coming up tomorrow!
love it! Post more soon!

Thanks everyone :)

Lauren will have chapter one up soon! <3

I really like it!!! plz post more! ^_^
Thank you :)


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