The Twilight Saga

Rose has had a complicated life for the past 5 years. Her parents are dead
and she is left with her Aunt Karren and cousin Blake. Rose isn't like most 17 year old girls and neither are her family member's but Rose is much more complicated and non-human than most people. Rose meets a boy. A human boy. Christian. Will Rose let her haunting past go and move on to lead a new life? Or will complications get in the way like always?

Hi! ;) This is my first fan fiction. You are welcome to give criticism and ideas. PLEASE READ AND COMMENT!!!!


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Hiya! I'm back in for another round! lol what that means is my stories have been saved and im ready to start writing again! lol, well kinda of. i sent my stories to my email, just as a back up and so that i could write on my phone if i got bored when i was out, but anyway. so my other computer and hardrive crashed so nothing i had got saved. but since i emailed my self the stories, I can start writing again! yay! so since i have to get to get ready and jet over to the airport right now, i can't write or post at the moment. i know, "sucks right?!" because i've kept everyone waiting for soooo long. but im promise as soon as i get home from the airport, i'll start writing and I'll post not one, but two chapters for u guys. Thanks for all the waiting and support!! love u all!

~ Beloved writer, Naomi. ;)
lol well they are not that close, like they hardly know anything about each other. But in this chapter they get closer, yes. hehe. and i am. though im having a hard time with the middle of the chapter where i am writing right now. its a pain.
its AWSOME soo good write more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks!!! =) i will
it's gr8!!
keep updating!!!!!!!
thanks! will do! =)
write more i want to know wat happens next plzzzzzzzz im begging u ....... lol now im acting like a five year old lol :D anyway so please write more soon
wen r u going to update?????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know! im SOOO srry u guys... its not that im not a dedicated writer its just that im a student and life and skool and upcoming finals have been controlling my life... i hope to write soon. ill keep u updated :)

please update soon :)

wow haven't been on here in ages. im getting back into my writing so hopefully i can update :)


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