The Twilight Saga

Rose has had a complicated life for the past 5 years. Her parents are dead
and she is left with her Aunt Karren and cousin Blake. Rose isn't like most 17 year old girls and neither are her family member's but Rose is much more complicated and non-human than most people. Rose meets a boy. A human boy. Christian. Will Rose let her haunting past go and move on to lead a new life? Or will complications get in the way like always?

Hi! ;) This is my first fan fiction. You are welcome to give criticism and ideas. PLEASE READ AND COMMENT!!!!


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Chapter One

Word Splatter

I have an exam today. The most important exam of my life and if I don’t pass this, goodbye college. I am a senior in high school. Yeah me. On my way to the library I thought of what to write my essay about, while my brain racked around for ideas. Though it was hard to think with all the stupid voices in my head blabbering on about what they were going to do later in the day. I wish I had an off/on switch in my brain so I wouldn’t have to hear other people’s decisions in life. You have no idea how many times I've heard the break speech or the “I didn’t cheat on you, I was just drunk” speech replaying in my mind, just with different voices. While thinking of how nice that would be and trying to think about my essay, I was just running up the stairs to the library. My head in its own place now, hopefully somewhere far. I carried my feet up the library stairs along with my heavy big book bag strapped on, around my shoulder with my jacket around it. That’s when IT hit me.... or vice versa.

“I won’t let there be pain anymore sweetheart. You’re going to be fine, just close your eyes and mommy will make you feel better. The pain will stop. Okay? Close you eyes now.”

“Okay mommy.” I closed my eyes wishing the searing aching pain would stop. Then I felt a tingling sensation and I opened my eyes to find a lump with beautiful brown hair on the side of the road, lying next to me while I was breathing properly again and the searing pain had stopped.

And then...

I screamed at the top of my lungs..........

“Hey are you okay? Hello? OUCH! Its okay stop screaming, you’re fine. Ouch! God dammit!”

Something grabbed hold of my wrists and I struggled even more. Not to mention screamed more. Though everything was black and my eyes were closed. So this has to be a dream. I kicked and squirmed at my holder.

“Wake up! Dammit!” This person’s voice sounded male and he was shaking me and trying to hold my wrists at the same time. Probably because I would have slapped him one for.......

What did he do to me again?

“Wake up!” That male voice spoke again but this time he whispered it closer to my ear. His breath brushing against my skin causing tingles. I knew you couldn’t those emotions and feelings in a dream. I flew my eyelids open and stopped squirming and looked around. I was on the ground, well on someone’s lap per say, and I was in front of the library but I had a boy staring at me. A beautiful angel like boy.

My brain just went to a question mark of confusion.

“Umm......” Was all I could say.

“Hi. Are you going to hit me again?” This boy with blue eyes asked me.

“Why would I hit you?” I asked confused. I wiggled my wrists between his grip and he slowly looked at me and then let go.

“I don’t know why you would hit me but you did it twice just two seconds ago.”


“I don’t know. You were also screaming.”

Okay.... I remember that and I remember what for, but why was I hitting him?

“Why am I on the ground exactly?” I asked slowly getting up before feeling dizzy and I looked around to find the library entrance in mid air and sideways. My head weighed a thousand pounds. My back fell backwards.

“Whoa.” The boy caught me before I hit the ground.

“You are on the ground because we just rammed into each other. But the reason you feel on the ground and the reason your head is probably spinning is because you feel backward, tripped on your book bag strap in the process and hit your on the concrete pretty hard.”

I put my index fingers to my temples to try to help the pulsing pain at the back of my head and the voices starting to make its way back in my head. Not even a concussion could keep these voices out. I hate having non-human abilities right now. Story of my life....

“The tripping on my book bag strap sounds like me. Sorry, didn’t catch your name? I’m Rose.” I said and looked up at him. My head was back on his lap on the ground with a slight spinning sensation.

“Names Christian. I don’t usually meet people like this but I like trying new things.”

I laughed. So he’s a sarcastic funny boy? We might just get along in the world.

“Well I think I better get up now.” And I tried again and failed yet again.

Christian caught me again. “I think we should take you to the infirmary.”
“No! I have to study for my art history final.” I knew my concussion wouldn’t do anything to help me study but if I didn’t past this final I will be sitting at my Aunt’s shop selling herbs, spices, and spell ingredients for the rest of my life. I didn’t want to end up like Aunt Karren.

“I don’t think so. You hit your head pretty hard. Let’s go.” And at that I was defeated. Christian slid his arm around my wait and my legs and lifted me up so that I was standing. He grabbed my book bag and handed it to me and then he literally lifted me up and carried me to the infirmary. My cheeks flushed red from the embarrassment of my clumsiness.

“Thanks.” I muttered.

“Don’t mention is jelly legs.” He chuckled.

I looked up at him in astonishment. He just teased me because I was a klutz! When I looked into his blue eyes though they were dancing with laughter and kindness. So I decided to not take my clumsiness so seriously.

“Funny. Ha. Ha. Just walk.” I said. All Christian did was smile and kept walking.


"There are 6 six in the container, so take 2 every 4 hours. You took quite a bang to the head; you’re lucky you don't have a bad concussion. Try to be as careful as possible though, sweetie." said the nurse. She looked sympathetic at my accidental case, but also looked like I was another high school brat who had a hassle to her. Oh well, my head hurt too much to care. I downed 2 pills and laid back on the infirmary bed with the itchy white hospital sheets.

“I guess I better call my aunt. Could you pass me my book bag?” He leaned across the tiny room and passed me the bag. I dug around and finally found my cell. I dialed and nothing. Called for a second time. And... nothing. So I called my cousin Blake and she didn’t pick up either. Super duper, I’m not a trooper. My life is awesome. Not, it sucks ass. I sighed heavily frustrated that my aunt sits at a shop all day and can’t answer the store phone.

“Need a ride?” Christian asked.

“Yeah but I’ll just wait. You still have two more hours of school left.” I sighed even more and took the cold compress and put it on my forehead.

“Psst. I’d rather skip the last hours thanks. Really I don’t mind driving you.”

I contemplated whether I should have him drop me off at my Aunt’s spell store or just tell him no.

“If you don’t mind.” I smiled. Who was I kidding no way did I want to wait here.

“I just said I didn’t.” He smiled back.

“Super. Let’s go.”

When we got to the parking lot I was expecting a shiny expensive car. That’s what all the kids drive here in Newport Beach, some fancy shiny car that they got with their daddy’s money.“Her she is.” Christian presented his car like a chef going viola!

“It’s beautiful. What year?” I asked as I slowly walked over to the passenger door.

“1967.” Christian said.

I sat in the passenger seat on the black leather mesmerized by this car. This was always my dream car and I sitting in it!
“A black 1967 Chevy Impala. I love this car.” I said sinking down into the seat.

“Glad you do. It took me a year to rebuild it.” Christian said while reversing out of the parking stall.


“Seriously. I had to pay for all my parts. My daddy may be rich but I do things on my own. Without his money.”

I think I’m in love. No other kid here would say that or even go a week without their parent’s money.

“Guess we’re just different.” I smiled at him.

“What kind of car you got?” He eyed me at the stop light.

“1964 cherry red mustang. My dad got it for me when I was 13 and rebuilt it. He was the spontaneous type.” I gave
Christian directions where to drive to my not so fancy home.

“Your huh? Does he rebuild anything now?” Christian asked zooming in out and out of lanes, very fast. We weren’t even on the highway yet.

“No. My dad passed away when I was 15.” I didn’t know why I was telling Christian, a boy I just met, all my personal life things. I didn’t even know how I was forming sentences with all the jibber jabber of a million other voices in my head talking at the same time.

“Oh.... I’m sorry.” He said it with such sympathy. Ugh I didn’t need his sympathy. I was doing fine on my own anyway.

“It’s okay really. I live with my aunt and cousin now.” And yet I kept on yammering about my personal life with him. What was wrong with me? I know what. I suffer from supernatural disease; well it runs in the family doesn’t it. Stupid Rolmolsky blood that cursed me for life, even if I didn’t have a choice. My mothers last name didn’t even sound witch like however father’s last name was haunting or eerie. Covington was my father’s last name. Heath Rolmolsky and Gabriel Covington are my parents. Great bunch huh?

“What about your mom?” Christian asked sucking me back to the world.

“She died when I was twelve. Car accident caused it. I lived and well she didn’t.” I said blankly with no emotion.

“Oh. Umm. Wow I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.” He looked embarrassed and I could tell by his voice he felt stupid for asking. I felt stupid for telling him.

“It’s okay. That’s my past, no need to dig up old bones. Turn in here.” I pointed to the right. I was having him drop me off at the shop. Not my best idea but if I worked now I could pull extra cash. Where I live and work is kind of outside the Newport Beach rich scene. More suburban and middle class type, I mean we are not poor just not millionaires. “Stop here.” And he stopped and parked near the curb in front of my Aunts shop. The all black and sinister looking story.

“Looks scary.” Christian smiled.

“It’s harmless. Unless you get the wrong things though, then you could have a scary situation.” I said and grabbed my book bag. “Thanks for the ride.”

“Yeah no problem.” He then switched the car off and took his key out.

“What are you doing?” Please don’t say what I think you are going to say.

“Coming in the store. I want to check out the merchandise.” And he said it. My worst fear is about to happen.

“No.” I blankly said.

“What?” Christian got out of the car and started walking up the pathway.

“No! Wait! You can’t go in the store.” I ran up in front of him and tried to block him, walking backwards.

“Why not?” He stopped.

“Because....” I thought and couldn’t come up with a good excuse so I lied. “Because we are closed right now.”

“The sign says open.” I looked back and it said open. Crap!

“Well it’s an adult shop.” I said. Crimson flooded my cheeks. I can’t believe I just said that! But if it stopped him from getting the store then so be it.

“Ooh. Kinky.” He laughed and continued walking.

“Not funny. Seriously. You can’t. No. Stop. I...” I tried and he just got passed and opened the door and walked in.

“No....” I mumbled to myself.

“What the...” Christian said. My world came falling down.

Stupid human! Every human doesn’t listen because I’m the one listening to them blabber! Whoa wait! I couldn’t hear Christian’s voice. Nothing, nada. Why can’t I hear him?
This is great!
Please post more soon!
And please keep me updated, will you?
sure! and thanks! =)
here is Christian's car:

and Rose's car:

the story or cars? *laughs*
i love the story write more plz and keep me updated
do u have any pros or cons?? i like to hear what people like and dislike about little things so i can improve on it. =)
i'll be posting the second chapter hopefully in the next 2 days. =) my sister is stealing my computer, so i havent had time to write the second chapter.
i like the idea. i was hanging on every word, and id like a story to surmise
thanks! *smiles* and i wrote this chapter at like 3 in the morning because i couldnt sleep, so i feel it wasnt great but i dont want to change it. ill be posting the second chapter soon. hope everyone keeps reading! =)
i know this chapter is long but i hope u enjoy it! =)

Chapter 2


Putting my can’t-hear-Christian-in-my-head worries aside I stumbled after Christian. He was like a child in a toy store. He went up to things with his eyes only inches apart from it, he touched things and examined them; he did everything a little kid would do. I stumbled yet again over my two feet to reach him.

“I didn’t want you to see this.” I breathed and clutched the cashier counter. “I didn’t anyone to see this.”

“Why? It’s so cool.” Christian said walking around even more and touching things more excitingly.

“W-What? Oh! Don’t touch that!” I said and grabbed a spell book from him, before he could read the cover. Spells of the Old was the books name and I wasn’t about to let Christian open up the book and start reciting the words within.

Christian spun around and looked at more spell books reading every cover. I guess since I wasn’t an octopus with eight arms I couldn’t pry every book from his fingertips. “This is like a witch shop isn’t it?”

“Yes.” I felt defeated and sick. I didn’t anyone from my school life to know what my personal life was like. How my mother’s side is a long line of witches and how I am included in that line. I didn’t know it at first but then events happened that lead me to what I am today. All my secrets where hidden in this very store because I hate to say it, but this store is my life. My mom ran this store while my dad had the normal job, and I grew up here. I would run around and pretend to be a cashier when people bought stuff, I would sit on the stairs leading to my mother’s office and just read a book and feel right at home, even if it wasn’t my house. This store held so much history being passed down to every woman from generation to generation. My mother once told me this very store has been here since the ending of the 1800s.

From right when you walk in you have bright golden yellow and red lanterns dangling all around and candles lit in every corner. You can see the spiral staircase leading up to the office and the pathway that parts in two directions. The store looked small from the entrance but I have gotten lost twice before. It is small in the beginning and then goes wide and maze like right after you pass the cashier counter. The maze like effect is only created by a lot of lonely shelves in the room. You get see all the evidence in jars, in glass bowls, etc. We have a bunch of spices and herbs like: rosemary, sage, lavender, rose, and much more. Then the smudge sticks, lavender petals, rose petals, talismans, candles, incense, and spell books. You name it. We got it.

“This is your family’s shop I’m guessing?” Christian asked playing with a ruby red talisman that helps with dreams.

I grabbed it from him and placed it back on the jewelry tree. “Yes.”

“Cool family.” Christian muttered this to himself but the store is always quiet so you could hear a water droplet fall on the floor. Though nowhere except my dreams is anywhere quiet. I have a frequency set 24/7 to people’s future. I am not a psychic or a mind reader. Just about the opposite of those two, it’s more a mix of the together. I can hear what people are going to say later on in the future. So instead of seeing the future I’m hearing it in my head like mind reading. Over the years I’ve learned to ignore to the point where it is a distant voice in my head, like background music. I just wish I could find a way to full shut it off and turn back on when I want. Not being able to read Christian’s mind bugged to no end and I had to figure out why, but not here in the store.

“You should leave.” I said awkwardly. Telling people to leave or bug off wasn’t one of my specialties. For example someone it talking and says, “Rose and running? Psst, I think not”, same with my situation going on here.

“And why would I?” Christian asked facing me with confusion written on his face.

“Because I said so and because this is my life. I don’t want someone form school I just met today knowing everything about me, especially this.” I gestured around me. “People already classify me as weird.”

“I don’t care what people say. I don’t care if you are weird. You’re sure a breeze than most kids around here. Can you show me some witchy stuff?” Witchy stuff was he kidding himself?

I breathed slowly. “That information is being withheld at the moment.”

“Why? Just say yes or no.”

For a totally cute guy he could get on my nerves. “Fine, yes. Happy?”

“You say yes a lot. Ever noticed?” He turned away and walked to the right side of the store. I could have lunged at him and pinned him to the floor right then.

“Ye- yeah. Thanks for the update. Now I’ll be back. Don’t break anything. Kay?” I started walking away and all I heard was a, “Mmm-hmm” from Christian. I went to go find my aunt, heading to the back of the store. The final direction leads to the back or aka the storage room. Now that was a big room. It had at least four tall, wide mahogany library shelves. You know like if you go to an old library and they have the big dark library shelves that hold thousands of books on just one shelf? That’s exactly it. My cousin Blake and I even set up a little lounge back there to hang out in when we had to work at the store. We bought a big black velvet rug and three bright orange bean bag chairs and a little coffee table that resides against the wall. I saved up enough work money to buy a 19” inch flat screen TV for us and a DVD player. We usually spent most of our time hiding back there than actually in the store. I bought the equipment while Blake bought the DVD’s and the entertainment. And she had great taste in movies or at least the same I did, which in my defense is the best.

I pushed the door open and looked around. “Hello?” I asked. Where is Aunt Karren?

“Welcome to Rolmolsky Unity and Co.! Ho-” Aunt Karren was babbling away until she saw me.

“Oh. Why are you here so early sweetheart? You have half an hour of school left.” She looked at me curiously with her dark brown eyes just like my mothers. Just like mine.

I really didn’t want to share details so I just said something really quickly. “Long story short I am a klutz and I hit my head. I got a rid home so need to worry that I walked 20 miles.”

“Are you okay?” She asked and came straight to my side as if I just had my heart broken.

“Ye-yeah.” Now every time I want to say yes I think of Christian saying, “You say yes a lot. Ever noticed?”and I change my answer. I looked into Aunt Karren’s eyes and I still say a hint of worry. “I’m fine, really. I took some Tylenol.” Oops wasn’t supposed to say that. She hates it when I take medication or just even store drugs because she thinks I can just use some relaxing herbs and some quiet time to let my problems and headaches slip away. I think hell with that. If my head hurts and it won’t go away I’m taking Tylenol not trying to meditate long enough until the aching of my head goes by.

All she did was frown. “You know I don’t like you taking those kinds of things. You can just go and take some ros-” I cut her off with my puppy eyes. I hated having to use my puppy eyes because I always felt like a child not getting her way. Like I couldn’t use my words so instead I used puppy eyes to accomplish things. It was defeating to your confidence.

“One time thing. Promise.” I said still giving her the puppy eyes.

“Oh. Alright. Stop with the face.” She said. Aunt Karren was the only one who could see right through my puppy eyes though. However they still worked like a charm. She gave me a hug and I embraced her and let my troubles go away. Every time I hugged her I always felt my emotions or annoyance or anything that might feel wrong slip away from my body and mind. They would just deplete and I felt like I could breathe again and the head voices would turn down a low volume. Aunt Karren always felt like a like a second mother to me, only replacing the ache in my heart of missing my mother so very often.

I pulled away and looked back into her deep brown eyes.

“Getting back on topic, who gave you a ride here?” Her eyes danced with inquisitiveness but also excitement, like she knew a boy dropped me off.

“He’s out front.” I muttered almost forgetting that Christian was actually still here.

“It’s a he? Does this he have a name?” Her eyes now bubbled with exhilaration. She would have been practically jumping up and down if she knew I hated it when people did that. She wanted details like any other mother would. But I wasn’t giving them to her. At least not that easily…

“Yeah it’s a he. Why are you acting so weird? I know boys. Big deal.” I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned against the wall.

“I’m not acting weird. And yes I know you know boys. No big fiasco here, just curiosity. Now come on sweetheart tell me who your little friend is.” She grinned at me.

I sighed. “Christian.”

If she didn’t stop grinning like that her face might break. “And…. is he human?”

I didn’t want to have the conversation I know was coming. The one where it was too dangerous for a human to be around me now. I was the one who knew that rule the most. My heart ached from the memory of pain that I had caused. How I lost it for a millisecond and then someone close to me was hurt so badly. I didn’t want that to happen again, to happen ever. I exhaled and shook my head to confirm her suspicion.

“Rose you know-” I cut her off again. I was doing that to people lately, like I didn’t to hear what they had to say. Maybe it was because I already knew what they were going to say.

“I know. I know. The rules and precautions of being around a human. I got it.”

Aunt Karren’s face looked weary and then just went back to normal. “Why don’t you introduce me to your little friend?”


And we walked out of the storage room to find Christian sitting behind the cashier counter looking at, Rolmolsky Family Photos. I lunged toward him and snatched the album away. I glared at him and put the album back under the cashier counter.

“Sorry. I just found it while I was waiting and…” Christian said not knowing what to say at my outburst.

“It’s fine. Just stop touching stuff. Okay?” But it wasn’t a question to more of an order.

He just nodded catching my tone of command.

“Hi, I’m Rose’s aunt.” Aunt Karren came walking behind and came up to Christian.

“Christian. Pleased to meet you Ms. Rolmolsky.” Christian said smiling.

“Call me Karren.” She smiled back.

I was going to gag if this powwow didn’t stop.

“Anyway thanks for the ride Christian. You can uh… um… leave now.” I hated doing these get out bits.

“No problem. I’ll see around school. Maybe I’ll come by sometime, this is a really cool shop. Nice meeting you Ms—Karren.” Christian waved goodbye and I led him out.

“See you around.” I said as we were inches from the door.

“See you tomorrow.” He said.

“W-What?” I asked but Christian was already gone.

I couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing and turning. All I could dream about was being by the beach but when I hiked up to the road where my car was, my car was smashed and looked like it had been in an accident and there was blood on the cement with glass everywhere. I looked up into those deep brown eyes and I woke up screaming in my pillow. This happened twice. I know his deep brown eyes those were, who blood was on the cement, and why the car had been smashed. My memories of the day my mothered died kept creeping its way back into my head. I tried everything to block that day.

I was only twelve and we were driving home from the mall. We were talking about this new movie we both wanted to go see when wham! a car sideswiped us. My mom’s head whiplashed and she tried to steer without crashing but she ended up hitting a light pole. The impact from how fast my mother was driving, to the guy hitting us, to my mother crashing into a pole built up and my mother’s head smacked into the steering wheel, leading her head to start bleeding. She tried as hard as she could to not fall unconscious from the blow to the head, she was trying so hard to help me. The airbag deployed on me when the man that sideswiped us, hit the car. I was already having trouble breathing and my arm was limp and I couldn’t move it. My mother unbuckled me and got out of the car walking slowly over to my door pulling me out through the window. The side door was smashed in so much that I was lucky that the door wasn’t the thing to kill me. She laid me on the ground near the road and knelt beside me. I could feel my ribs crushed and everything hear all over. I knew I was going to die, my mother knew I was going to die. I was on my last breathe and I could see my old dog Tiberius who had died when I was 10. I ran to Tiberius and he led me to a bridge over a beautiful stream of water. I could hear my mother’s voice but it was faint.

“I won’t let there be pain anymore sweetheart. You’re going to be fine, just close your eyes and mommy will make you feel better. The pain will stop. Okay? Close you eyes now.”

“Okay mommy.” I closed my eyes wishing the searing aching pain would stop. As my eyes were closed and my breath getting weaker I dreamt I was playing with Tiberius again and we where half way across the bridge when I felt a tingling sensation and Tiberius was fading. I opened my eyes to find a lump with beautiful brown hair on the side of the road, lying next to me while I was breathing properly again and the searing pain had stopped. I stared into those lifeless deep brown eyes.

And then...

I screamed at the top of my lungs..........

I woke up with the back of my shirt sticking to me and my hair wet and sticking to my face. I was drenched in sweat. I got up and walked to my private bathroom. As soon as I flicked the light on I went straight to the mirror. My eyes were the same deep brown except there were circles and black starting to surround them with lost of sleep. I stripped my clothes off and took a hot shower. I got out and wrapped a towel around myself to only go and look back in the mirror. I knew I was abnormal, not fully human. Far from it. Though I wish some days I was human and that I wasn’t a half witch, half ghost girl. You can’t get everything you want in life though. So I just took what I got. After getting dressed laid back down on my bed and let my eyes close. My mind drifted off to daydream mode. I dreamt of Christian. I dreamt of Christian with his perfect warm smile, his short messy black hair, his crystal blue eyes, and his pink kissable lips. I was beginning to like this dream only for it to be ruined by a remembrance. The voice in my head this time was my own and it said sarcastically, don’t forget that you can’t hear a word from his pretty little mind. Ugh now I was awake and racking my brain for explanations.
thanks! *grins* ill keep u updated


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