The Twilight Saga

Edward, Jasper, and Emmett are extremely good-looking guys who all live in the same posh apartment. They're all filthy rich and they are best friends. Of course they can afford they're own place but these guys are great friends so they want to live with each other in the big city of New York.

Everything was normal. Their definition of normal. Girls coming in and out of their place, party almost every night, goodness knows what miracles happen in that big, costs-more-than-your-house apartment.

Normal,not until they moved next door.

Bella, Alice and Rosalie. Three strong-willed best friends who came from Forks. They went to New York to fulfill their dreams. Rosalie wants to be a model, Alice wants to be a successful fashion designer, and Bella wants to be an accomplished singer. (All of them are 22)

Everything will change. The boys and the girls are neighbors.


and of course good-old Romance.

Author's Note:

I WILL write it. So, what do you think??. Please comment!

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Can't wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!

Keep me updated!!!!
sounds really interesting

plz keep me up dated!
Write it!
Im writing like right now.
Chapter 1 is kinda long...but its gonna be up, maybe later
so add me! so I can update you..
It sounds awesome!
I Love it!
I can't wait for more so please update me!
please write it i wanna read it
u have to write asap plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Oh, I forgot. All of them aren't related at all. The three guys are just bff's and same to the the girls.
Last Names:
Edward Cullen. Emmett McCarthy. Jasper Whitlock. Bella Swan. Rosalie Hale. Alice Brandon.


Edward POV

I woke up, dazed.

I dont remember anything from last night.Maybe there was a party last night. I noticed that I am alone in the bed. Huh. If there was a party then why am I alone in the bed? Usually every time there's a party there is always a girl beside me when I wake up, no idea what was happened last night. Though, its quite obvious...

"Ed!!" Ugh. Emmett.

"What?" I said.

"You remember anything from last night?"

"No. Why??"

"Just asking. FYI, bro. There was a party, no girls. You got all drunk."

I nodded. We went to the dining room to eat breakfast. Our food was being cooked by our own cook. Jasper was there, eating.

"Morning, bros."

"Morning." Emmett and I said.

"So, the receptionist who has a crush on me, told me that our old neighbors left..." Jasper started

"Really?! I hate those...people. always so cranky to me." Emmett, of course, interrupted.

"Will you let me finish??...okay, they already have a replacement. Three girls. I have no idea if they're hot or not. But we better check em' out. What do you think? They're moving in later. 3PM" Jasper said excitedly. He wasn't the only one excited. Emmett and I are practically jumping in our seat. We all have no idea if they're hot but...what do we know right?? Just the word 'girls' or 'chicks' excites us..

"Yeah, I think we should check them out. If they're ugly. We'll back out. If they're hot...well that's good." I said. They all nodded.

Emmett ordered some flowers in a vase as a welcoming gift

"One last thing, act as total gentlemen. Dont show them we're players." We nodded.

"Would you, chill Jasper?? I mean, we aren't even sure if these chicks are hot."

"I just have a feeling..."

Huh. Me too.



This is like dream come true for the the three of us, Me, Alice and Rosalie. We are going to live in New York. Good thing, my mom...found us a place to live. It's kind of expensive, but we managed. We've been saving up for this since once upon a time. The three of us aren't really rich. We are going to New York to fulfill our dreams.

"Bella, are you done packing?" Alice said


"Okay, we have a dress code. We should all wear dresses. Pick your own outfit."

Alice is an aspiring fashion designer. Her love for fashion is intense, I loved it too. (A/N: Yes, Bella loves fashion)


I dressed in a blue dress and brown gladiator sandals. I just let my hair down. I put on a it of make-up and wore some accessories.

Bella's Outfit:

I went out and carried all my luggage. Alice was wearing a plaid dress and white wedges. While Rosalie wore a colorful floral dress that emphasized her long legs. She's an aspiring model.



New York, here we come.


Damn. Its 3pm. When are those chicks going to arrive?

"They're here!!" Jasper said.

"Finally!" I groaned. The three of us went to the hallway.

Our eyes popped out.

Those three girls are hot. One was a long-haired brunette, One was a short-haired pixie, and one was a leggy blonde. They all have creamy white skin.They're all pretty but the blonde caught my eye. She's sexy, leggy and beautiful. Her dress ends in mid-thigh.

"I want the long haired brunette" Edward whispered.

"I'll have blondie" I whispered

"I'll have the pixie" Jasper murmured

"Hi, Im Edward Cullen, this is Emmett McCarty and this is Jasper Whitlock." Edward said to them using his velvet voice.

"Im, Bella Swan, this is Rosalie Hale, and Alice Brandon." We all shook hands but I felt electric shocks when I shook hands with Rosalie. Rosalie. Such a pretty name for a pretty girl...

I gave them the flowers I ordered.

"Consider that a welcoming gift." I said and smiled my dimpled smile which makes girls go bonkers. I was only looking at Rosalie. She was looking at me too and she blushed. She looked even cuter.

"So, do you guys want to help us unpack?" Rosalie said in a hypnotizing, sexy voice.

"I'll help!" I said quickly. Edward and Jazz nodded.

I followed Rosalie, Edward followed Bella, Jasper followed Alice.

"So, Rose where'd you guys come from?"


"Oh. Why'd you go here in New York? You have a job here?"

"Not really. I want to be a model."

"Really? That kind of occupation suits you, considering you're beautiful and all"

"Thanks" She blushed.

I helped her. We laughed and joked. She's funny and pretty. A complete package. I told her about our advertising agency and I told her about my dream of being a baseball star.

"So we both have big dream..." She said


I didn't notice the time. It's already 6pm.

"Guys, we gotta go. There's some business we need to do" Edward said. Business? Oh. We have to break up with our girlfriends. Rosalie is worth losing a model for. Im dating a very sexy model, but Rose is prettier.

"It was nice meeting you guys. Bye Jasper" Alice said.

"Yeah. Feel free to come here anytime. Bye Emmett." Rosalie smiled. I smiled my dimple-smile.

"Bye Edward." Bella said

"Bye Bella." Eddie boy used his velvet voice again

"Bye Rosalie."

"Bye Alice."

Oh. this is working too well. I'm gonna be Rosalie's boyfriend in no time.

They just made the boring filled-with-cranky-old-neighbors neighborhood into a hot, filled with love...and lust neighborhood. I smiled my goofy grin
Next chappie, will be from Ed and Bella's POV.
cause' this fanfic isn't just about Ed and Bel but the other Cullen couples too, that's why I had Chap 1 from Emmett's Pov.
Hope you like it.
please do continue with the updates!!!


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