The Twilight Saga

Edward, Jasper, and Emmett are extremely good-looking guys who all live in the same posh apartment. They're all filthy rich and they are best friends. Of course they can afford they're own place but these guys are great friends so they want to live with each other in the big city of New York.

Everything was normal. Their definition of normal. Girls coming in and out of their place, party almost every night, goodness knows what miracles happen in that big, costs-more-than-your-house apartment.

Normal,not until they moved next door.

Bella, Alice and Rosalie. Three strong-willed best friends who came from Forks. They went to New York to fulfill their dreams. Rosalie wants to be a model, Alice wants to be a successful fashion designer, and Bella wants to be an accomplished singer. (All of them are 22)

Everything will change. The boys and the girls are neighbors.


and of course good-old Romance.

Author's Note:

I WILL write it. So, what do you think??. Please comment!

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Loved it!!
This is good! (new reader too)
awesome loved it
update soon.....
new reader..........

love sadaf
love it
now give us more
Can you keep me updated?
Can't wait for more!!!
so love it!!
update real soon
Hey! i just started to read this and i love it! u have to write more soon!

Lovin this story!!!!
Plz keep me updated!!!!


"I cant believe you guys are abandoning me like this." I said. I was left all alone in the apartment. Bella was going to the record company to present her demo. Alice left already going to her interview in Vogue.

"It's your choice, Rose. You said you want to rest first before you find a modeling agency."

"I know, Bella. I was just kidding. By the way, You look fab."

"Thanks." Bella was wearing a simple but very stylish clothes today. Very rare. most of the time she just goes with simple clothes and when she is in 'fashion mood' she'd go insanely stylish.

Bella's outfit:

Im wearing simple clothes today. Since, I'm just staying at home.


"Bye Rose. Gotta go."

"Bye, sis. good luck."

Then she was gone. Ugh. How am I supposed to start my modeling career? i thought that when we moved to New York it would be easy...but it's not. Maybe for Alice and Bella its easy but for me its not.

Ok, now Im bored. Where am I gonna go?

Then it hit.


I was watching something on the internet. It's PG-13. hint: It involves a girl in a pole wearing only...Well I guess you know what it is.

Well only me and Jazz are here. Eddie perv is in his parents' house for a visit.

"Ugh. Emmett you're such pervert." Jasper said as he saw what I was watching.

"Well thanks. I take that as a compliment." I said sarcastically. Jasper was watching with me

"Well if I'm such a perv then what ae you doing now? You cant even take your eyes off the screen." I told him

"Shut up, Em." Then he walked away.

The doorbell rang.

I stood up and looked through the peep-hole. It was Rosalie!. Damn.

I quickly went to the computer. Rosalie cant see me watching that . I was about to close it when a better idea hit me. I went to Jazz's room and dragged him to the computer table.

"Here, you watch that and I'll go get the door." He sat on the computer table. And watched.

"Finally!" Jazzie said happily

I opened the door.

"Hey, Rosie." I kissed her on the cheek. She didn't expect that. And she blushed.


"Come in" I smiled my dimpled smile

We went in, since the computer table was in the living room. She saw...

"EW! what are you watching Jasper?!" Rosalie asked loudly.


"Jasper! My poor virgin eyes!" I said

"You ass--" Jasper said furiously

"Door's that way Jasper" I responded calmly. I stifled a laugh. Jasper walked away. Cursing. Slammed the door.
Yes, we're alone. Thank you Lord!

Me and Rose. Alone. We'll see how this goes.

Sorry, its so short and boring. But I just squeezed this in, in my sched.

So I was thinking about a stuck-in-the-elevator scene... So which couple do you think will make it more romantic Jasper and Alice or Emmett and Rosalie? ( Im planning bigger things for Bella and Ed so they're not on the choices) Please tell me what you think... Lotsaluv. Kylie.


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