The Twilight Saga

Edward, Jasper, and Emmett are extremely good-looking guys who all live in the same posh apartment. They're all filthy rich and they are best friends. Of course they can afford they're own place but these guys are great friends so they want to live with each other in the big city of New York.

Everything was normal. Their definition of normal. Girls coming in and out of their place, party almost every night, goodness knows what miracles happen in that big, costs-more-than-your-house apartment.

Normal,not until they moved next door.

Bella, Alice and Rosalie. Three strong-willed best friends who came from Forks. They went to New York to fulfill their dreams. Rosalie wants to be a model, Alice wants to be a successful fashion designer, and Bella wants to be an accomplished singer. (All of them are 22)

Everything will change. The boys and the girls are neighbors.


and of course good-old Romance.

Author's Note:

I WILL write it. So, what do you think??. Please comment!

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