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    From the beginning, Collin was completely against what he was destined to be. He hated the idea of never being in control of his own fate again. He saw no hope in the future after he changed. He would forever be trapped in this 23-year-old body. Some saw this as a blessing, but to him it was a curse. Who would want to never age again? It was barbaric to him. Sure, he thought it was an amazing idea when he was fully human- never aging seemed to be a distant idea that only existed in books. But, when he shifted, it became a reality that he couldn't handle. There were several times he thought of just ending it all- no more pain, no more uncertainty. But there was always something that held him back- something he couldn't quite put his finger on- this distant feeling that something good was to come out of this curse.

    The only thing he never imagined would happen, happened. That promised redemption that he felt was in the form of a petite girl that was not special to the untrained eye, but to him, she was a cool drink of water in the middle of the desert.

    Jacqueline hasn't had a very hard life, but she always thought that something was missing- something that she desperately wanted and could never achieve. She never imagined that what she wanted- what she needed was in the form of an attractive male that burst into a spotted wolf twice the size of a horse. But once she meets this man, he was never off her mind. There was something about him that fascinated her and terrified her at the same time. He seemed to offer something that she wanted but was hesitant to grab- a promised happy future. Something as shaky as the future shouldn't be messed with- much less by something that defied anything natural. I mean- a man that turned wolf in a split second? That was highly unusual and impractical. But, it was the little acts that he did that drew her in- and she couldn't resist that pull. So why try?

    Jacqueline and Collin were much the same but total opposites. Between finding their footing on shaky ground, an elusive vampire that has been stalking any of the younger imprints and a love that seems to not be fading fast enough for Jacqueline made tensions high all over La Push. Who would ever think that the wolves of La Push would depend on the once foes, transformed into adherents to a treaty, morphed into a family they were bound to protect?

"Love is like an accidental tragedy- it starts off with good intentions, but something happens and the world turns to chaos for those involved. But it's worth the risk."

~Jacqueline Hertz

"I will not- I refuse to- fall into the trap that most others have before me. Nothing can change my mind on that."

~Collin Littlesea

This is still a work in progress, so the plot might change slightly, but not a lot. Give me feed back, guys. Both good and bad are accepted! Let me know if I should even bother with completing this...

Also, the idea came to me from a story that my cousin is writing on this site. Here is the link: You should totally go check it out! There is a story that came before this one, and the link to it is on this story.


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So, I won't be able to update for a while, but I figured that I'd give you guys a small taste of what is to come... :) So, please enjoy this small preview and I will update when I can. ;)

There came a knock on her door, making her jump in her spot. Who would be at her door this late? As she started to walk toward the door, a wolf howled outside. She stopped and glanced out the window. For the past several days those wolves have howled a lot, not always at night, either. Someone knocked again, a little more impatient.

She unlocked her door to find a man with black hair and blue eyes, though they seemed off somehow, standing before her. He had this smirk on his face that chilled her bones. He just stood there, smirking at her, not one syllable coming out of his mouth.

She got fed up. “What?” she asked, rather rudely.

“What’s your name, sweet-cheeks?” The smirk never left and his voice was cold.

“You don’t need that information and I do not support door-to-door solicitors.” Much less solicitors as creepy as you.

His smirk grew into a grin and he threw his head back, laughing loudly. “I’m no solicitor.” He looked back at her, the smirk taking its place again. This dude is really creepy.

“Hm.” She grabbed the door again and tried slamming it, turning back around as she heard the microwave beep. However, the door didn’t latch into place. She turned around slowly again. She saw his foot in the way of the door, providing a buffer before it closed. He slowly pushed the door open.

“That’s kind of rude, you know. It’s no wonder no one comes over here if you treat all your guests that way. Well, everyone apart from your neighbors.” He jerked his head to Angie and Seth’s place. 

“Have you been watching me?” She asked, incredulous. A wolf howled right out back of her place. She jumped. She was not in a good place right now. There was a creep blocking her front door and a wolf in her backyard. She. Was. Screwed.

He chuckled. “Yes. And I will continue to as I please. I may stop by time to time or I might not. Who knows?” He chuckled at her face which contorted into a look of disgust.

“I’ll call the police.”

“They won’t do anything to help you. But you already know that, don’t you?”

She knew that, but still, her hand twitched toward the pone. He chuckled again.

“I’ll see you,” he smirked as he left her house calmly.

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