The Twilight Saga

What if Carlisle had a daughter biologically-Bella. Many years ago, when he turned into a vampire, he left them because he was afraid that he will be tempted by the scent of their blood. When he comes back after a few years, his heart was broken by the news that his wife had died and his daughter was missing and presumed to be dead. Things continue as normal- He forms the Cullen coven when suddenly, everyone's lives is transformed by a new golden-eyed vampire, the missing daughter who loaths her father with a vengeance.

~Golden Eyes~

ALL CHARACTERS belong to the amazing Stephenie Meyer, with the exception of Marie, Peter and the ones I will add. I hope you enjoy, happy reading :) Please 
and please, do not copy without my permission! I will allow you, you know, but if I find someone who copied me w/o telling me, you will be reported.  if I did copy anyone 's plot- which I doubt, since I searched for keywords, sorry, I did not mean to-really but if you would like to do a fic with the same concept as mine, please tell me first and I will be your number one fan :)

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I stood there, in a simple yet breathtaking meadow I found when I was out hunting .A strange new scent filled my nose. It was like honey and lilac combined yet not exactly the same. I searched every single direction but I could not find anything or for that matter,  anyone. It was just rain.. tiny droplets of rain. Just like the tears my eyes did not allow me to shed in this state.

I felt the satin-like texture touching my hands. I spun to its direction and truthfully, I saw the most angelic face. His God-like features was not the only reason I was not able to get a grip on myself.  It was not his breathtaking smile, not the golden tone of his eyes but  the love radiating from him to me..

And I stood there, asking myself what I felt in that moment: .. hate or love???

My heart answered back. Both.


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Hey! I gotta warn you guys, the beginning chapters were not edited. I mean, I'm sure it has grammar errors and spellings maybe, but the first chapters are oh-so boring too. But if you trust me, you will continue reading..until you get hooked. Or so they say. Here's the link for the closed discussion. No comments there so leave your comments here, thanks :)

Even if I started this when I was 12 and it ended when i was 13(and now I'm 16, I just visited this site again haha), I promise that I still get a very warm feeling when I read comments here and there. I grew and now I know I had so many mistakes-grammatical,spelling,dealing with haters-This story was part of me and every single reader was once a friend so if you're new, please still comment because I promise you, I will read it and treasure it :)

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWW sooo cute!!! was that in bella's pov??? are they both vampires???

ily xoxo
Peace XD
thank you.
yes again.

Yay! I love it so far! Who's pov is it in??? Was that Edward who she saw in the meadow??? :)
thank you so much.
yeah ..
aww that was really cute, plz continue!!
Thank you and i think i will.. my notebooks already full of chapters ;) so far theres 14 of them there but i'm still thinking how to improve
awsome please continue
thanks ;) that means a lot
who's POV is it, it is really good!!!!!!!
bella ;)
thats good whos p.o.v.


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