The Twilight Saga

What if Carlisle had a daughter biologically, Bella Cullen, as we know her.

Carlisle was turned to a vampire, so he left his wife and daughter because he was afraid
that he will be tempted by their blood.
When he comes back after a few years, the news had made his heart break..
His wife had remarried and died and his daughter was missing and possibly, has
also died….But all of that is about to change….

Bella Swan did not die. Someone really close to their family changed her.

She’s a vampire like her father, alone and in misery for many years until something happens.

She meets 5 students in Forks, and they all share one thing:

The name Cullen.

ALL CHARACTERS belong to the amazing Stephenie Meyer, with the exception of Marie(Bella's mom) & Peter(stepfather).

I've made this story when i was 11. Now I'm 13. I've already posted and
finished this,  but this version is the better one,
because everything is edited and polished up.. if you still want to read
the old version (i recommend it although you'll know the twists) here's
the link:
Also inside this link are all 4 pages of the chapters, and the link to the original version with all the comments and 177 pages.

Please Comment

But say it nicely if it’s criticism.

Chapter 1~page 1

Chapter 2~page 3

Chapter 3~page 5

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It was already dismissal.I could feel the smile burning on my face. School words reminds me of my bossy teachers. If only they know I'm older than them, older than their grandparents in fact!

I started walking to my car, wishing I can use my "normal" or seriously, abnormal way of running.

I sighed, thinking over in my head why I decided to enroll in this hellhole. Clearly, this..atmosphere has the potential to drive a creature like me insane.

You are acting normal..even if you're not, I focused on that thought, humming it in my head over and over again.

Finally, I reached my car. Many students still gawked every now and then, because most of the cars were second-hand or hand-me-downs. So seeing an Audi good as new can cause quite a stir. I understand anyway.

I hated riding a slow carriage when I was still human,but now when I think of it I feel amazed for surviving through carriages like that. My speedometer proved my point. I love fast driving now specially that I'm now a... a...

Vampire.... And not even an ordinary vampire, Yes, the golden-eyed one. The only golden eyed one .

You see, the happy world where humans dance around is nothing but a fantasy. There are creatures out there, out to hunt down humans, out to be the best. Creatures that are cursed. Creatures like me.

You think living life is hard? Try living it over and over again.

I wasn't exactly born like this. I had a life too, a life that was cruelly snatched from my grasp.

I had a family when I was a child, a family that vanished one by one.

My father, Carlisle Cullen is a clergyman. One day my grandfather died and he took over. I was scared for my father, you see his work when my grandfather died was about protecting people from the cursed ones. Witches, vampires, Werewolves..all hat supernatural voodoo.

Being a child, I was scared for him, but I also felt confident that he'll always be there to protect me, my mother named Marie and the whole of the town.

One night, I remembered that my father went out to hunt the supposed "coven", a group of vampires.

Mother and I kissed him both goodbye, and then he went out. He waved, and my heart tugged when I saw the twinkle yet quiet confidence in his green eyes.

That night also, as I lay in bed, the framed photograph of our family fell from my table and broke.

My father never came back after that.

The mayor told my family that some "bad person" just stole his prized gun and expensive metal objects, and of course ransacked his money. He added that the suspect was likely to have killed him and probably hid his body.

That was when things got...messy.

Mother broke down, cried every day, until I reached the darling age of 12. 6 years, a half of my life passed that I haven’t seen the twinkle in both my parent’s eyes.

Every sunset, I’ll look through our mansion’s window, wishing my father’s blond hair was coming in.

Eventually my mother ignored all things in her life. The maids cooked for me, the maids tucked me in bed, but never my mother. Every night, I hear her soft cries with my ears pressed tight on our thin walls, wishing I can wrap my arms around her. One night I did it, but the answer that I got was “leave the room”

But I still love her. I knew how painful it was for her to lose her husband, and I developed a hate for my father for leaving us. Why now? Why us?

Deep inside I wished it was all just a dream, but no, it was a nightmare and we were all living it.

One day my grandparents, from my mother’s side visited us and knew how badly of a state we were in.

So, they arranged my mother to meet with a man named Peter, a scholar.

He wasn’t very rich, but he was kind. And he had a wife that died and 3 children who were soon to be my siblings.

He brought me toys, candies, food. At least when he was still courting my mother.

I can’t remember if mother really loved him, but all I knew was that at least mother will have someone with her, apart from me.

Months after the wedding, there was an influenza. Both my grandparents caught it, and my mother, despite Peter’s “no” went to see them. Then she caught it too.

Days after, they died, and I remembered the black little dress I wore and the flower I offered in both their graves, hugging my knees tight, alone because my mother couldn’t come, and Peter said he had “something to take care of”.

After I was done crying, Mr. Adams, our coach chose a way where, accidentally we passed the bar on the way home.

I can’t tell you how shocked I was when I saw Peter kissing another woman.

It wasn’t an ordinary one either, she was a beauty, her clothes were cheap, her hair was blonde, not the brunette I inherited from mother, her figure was splendid, her clothes hugged her tight exposing curves, and everything about her screamed “prostitute”

She was beautiful yes, but my mother was prettier, back in the days… except now that she’s got the sickness. Now she looks like she might die any second, and every second, except now, I was on her bed, reading to her, telling her stories about school, knowing every second counts.

I told Mr. Adams to hurry, because I knew he saw it too. I made him swear never to tell anyone, because I was sure it would ruin not only Peter’s good image but also my mother’s.

Peter and I wasn’t really close, hut after what I saw I never talk to him. I wasn’t sure of what to do-tell my mother, but she’ll be sadder than ever, or tell no one, which would be hiding a secret, something I wasn’t comfortable in doing.

I made the worst decision, I told no one. Then mother died, with me hugging her.

“The letters...under my bed.” She said with pain, and tears leaked out of my eyes. For one last time, she kissed my forehead, my lips, my cheeks, and I realized that the days of her sickness reformed our bond and made us stronger than ever. In that moment, I couldn’t help but think of how I will live life without her. Then she said another thing.

“Forgive me” I nodded weakly and I muttered “I love you”

“The same” she whispered. She smiled one last time, and I was reminded of the days we were a complete, happy family.

Then she closed her eyes, and just like that…she’s gone.

We buried her, and that’s when my memories fade.

I can’t remember anything else, except that Peter treated me as an outcast, my siblings laughed at me but never with me, my possessions and riches were transferred to Peter, and then he spent it all, leaving our family, if you can call it that, bankrupt. He drank, he toyed with women, he gambled..and we lost everything.

Next thing I knew I was 16, and he was making me marry someone I didn’t know, so that I can “go to hell” and stop being “another mouth to feed”

That’s when I put my foot down.

I ran away, far far away to my grandparent’s from father’s.

The house was deserted, but it was livable.

I closed my eyes when I saw the memory of the sunset I watched, and the woman that knocked on my door and cursed me forever.

At present, reality hit me hard, I don’t know how, but then I was on my home at the forest, with me peering out at the windows, watching the sky turn dark, like how many times I did before.

As always, I was alone.

Like I will be forever.

Better get used to it, I mumbled to myself.

..................................................~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~......................................................................I'll post chapter 2 if I get 5 or more replies :D please?

This is so good. I love it :)
i thought it was better with the extra background
thanks :)
Amazing as always, Rexanne,
I love it, plz keep me updated
i love it, just like the original which i am going to read again lmao haha
i like it
thank u


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