The Twilight Saga

What if Carlisle had a daughter biologically, Bella Cullen, as we know her.

Carlisle was turned to a vampire, so he left his wife and daughter because he was afraid
that he will be tempted by their blood.
When he comes back after a few years, the news had made his heart break..
His wife had remarried and died and his daughter was missing and possibly, has
also died….But all of that is about to change….

Bella Swan did not die. Someone really close to their family changed her.

She’s a vampire like her father, alone and in misery for many years until something happens.

She meets 5 students in Forks, and they all share one thing:

The name Cullen.

ALL CHARACTERS belong to the amazing Stephenie Meyer, with the exception of Marie(Bella's mom) & Peter(stepfather).

I've made this story when i was 11. Now I'm 13. I've already posted and
finished this,  but this version is the better one,
because everything is edited and polished up.. if you still want to read
the old version (i recommend it although you'll know the twists) here's
the link:
Also inside this link are all 4 pages of the chapters, and the link to the original version with all the comments and 177 pages.

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Chapter 1~page 1

Chapter 2~page 3

Chapter 3~page 5

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OMG Thanks for this. you just mademy day. Now im editing chapter 3, and its gonna be LONG:D

sorry for the delay, but its because Im preparing for a journalism contest tom...
more more more more more please update me
more please
Hi guys. Thanks for sticking with me :) Here's the next chapter, and it's the usual thing i do with my writing..dramatic. So, read and i hope you enjoy:)

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Chapter 3

I strolled around at the hospital, in my not actually first day as a doctor here.
Forks didn’t change much, it’s still its usual raining self it’s still green-just like when I, Esme, Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett visited it nearly 90 years ago.

Before my job here was a healer, the local doctor who used herbs and such just to cure illness. But now that technology made it's way to human society, being a doctor is more enjoyable than ever.

I can feel all eyes-specially the female ones staring at my back, marveling at me…

I wanted to work alone but seeing it isn’t possible, I just ignored it and pretended it’s nothing.

I passed the head-doctor smiling, remembering the day he accepted me without hesitation.

At last, my work was finished and I walked out the door with no word , leaving all the eyes behind me.

"Her wife does not deserve him" the head nurse whispered, and I cringed a little. They don't even know my love, yet they're judging. if only they do, they'll know how point wrong they are...

These are the consequences of living in a small town.

* * *

I arrived at our home and spotted my son playing the piano, my wife next to him wearing a motherly expression.
When Edward spotted me, he looked up to me and made a welcoming gesture with his hand. Esme followed his eyes and went to my side quickly using our "usual" speed.
Then, she went to give me a short peck on the lips and asked me the usual question.

“How did it go dear?”
My heart swelled with the "dear"

“Well, the usual.” I said as I grinned broadly.

She gave me a lovely smile in return. Lovely, even for a vampire.

I looked at the room and spotted Rosalie. She was scanning some fashion magazines absentmindedly and was surprised when she heard my question.

“When will your first day be Rose?” I was mildly curios as to why she isn't complaining very loudly why they have to go to school again.

“Hmm? Ahm I think next week, for sure. I haven’t been on the school yet, I haven’t accompanied Alice during the registration.” She said with a guilty smile.

“But where are they?” I looked around, expecting to see the tiny pixie smiling at me but she was nowhere of sight.

“She’s hunting, with Em and Jas.” Edward said answering my question, no doubt, answering my mind.

"I'm gonna be in the study" I announced. They all nodded, and Esme announced that she was going to make blueprints.

"I'll go out." Edward told us too, and we all nodded.

Rosalie then made a somewhat angry noise.
"So I'm alone?" she asked.

We all laughed, But Edward shook his head.

"No, Emmett's coming. And he isn't planning to leave you alone." I bit my lip from smiling, catching Esme's eye, knowing full well what my son meant.
Once in my study, I studied a picture of my family.

The couples, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie were linked arm to arm. Edward looked serious, and me and Esme were looking in each other's eyes and holding hands.

How did I deserve her? I have wandered in this world for countless days, alone and ashamed. Until one day I met her.
She was like me, alone and disgusted by herself. She was changed by some vampire whom she cannot remember.At first we formed a comradeship. We acted as brothers and sisters, but everything changed when she went with me to search for my family, after 6 years from when I left them for their sake.

I guess her heart took pity on me. I guess her heart realized that she really loves me. All I know is that when I received the startling news that my wife remarried and died, and that my daughter grew up and went missing without ever knowing I was alive, Esme was there.

She patched me up, told me everything was fine now and that I have her. Then she told me one thing that changed everything. Three words that she admitted, and three words that was the foundation of this family.

I love you.

Heavenly wife, Best children, My life, well existence rather was perfect.But I corrected myself, no not completely perfect.

A missing piece was still missing on the puzzle of my life. My only real daughter, Isabella Marie Cullen. She had the hair of her mother, and she was at the tender age of 6 when I...left for the better.Everyone who saw her said she was the exact version of me and her mother in parts. She had my eyes, but her other features was all her mothers. For the short time I knew her, she was an angel that walked the earth. Well I suppose any goo father will describe that in a daughter. But I am telling you the truth, when most girls her age were outdoors playing, she was asking me to teach her about mythology and such. When most girls complain about learning how to cook, iron, wash and do chores, she happily obliged and wanted her mother to teach her everything, even if we were rich and she hadn't need to. When pretty little girls were cruel to the handicapped and such, she was begging me to give them a dime or food.

Sighing, I opened the drawer of my desk and lifted the framed photograph of her.

The little emerald eyes like mine was, soft shiny brown hair that has tint of red in the sun, little pink lips , heart-shaped pretty face and the angelic smile. This is the best Alice can sketch for me. She drew this with the little excerpts from my memory that I can remember.

Sometimes, I wonder why I didn’t look for this little girl- my only little girl and my wife when I had the chance.




I loved my first family then and still, maybe forever.

Was it because of my cowardice? Why did I left them waiting with broken hearts? What did my little girl become to? How did she looked like? Which suitor did she gave her hand to? Did she create a family , had plenty of children on her own? What had her surname become? Have she forgiven me, her unworthy father? Why? By some fate, do i have grandchildren that survived long wars and innumerable famine?

I placed the picture back to where it belongs, on my desk. I traced it absentmindedly thinking about how shameful I am and about the little girl whom I would never see again.


A few miles away from the broken-hearted father, sat the "little girl" with her head on her hands. She was crying softly with invisible tears, crying for everything she lost.

Love, family, life.
Everything she was deprived of.

Then another figure stepped on the meadow.

"Why are you crying?" he asked.



Cool. I love it :)
oh wow... who steped out in the meadow? I am in love with this story.. I love the concept.. This is a great chapter!
ure gonna find out soon
triple thank u
OME.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need more.!!!! pls update soon.!!!!!!!!


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