The Twilight Saga

What if Carlisle had a daughter biologically-Bella. Many years ago, when he turned into a vampire, he left them because he was afraid that he will be tempted by the scent of their blood. When he comes back after a few years, his heart was broken by the news that his wife had died and his daughter was missing and presumed to be dead. Things continue as normal- He forms the Cullen coven when suddenly, everyone's lives is transformed by a new golden-eyed vampire, the missing daughter who loaths her father with a vengeance.

~Golden Eyes~

ALL CHARACTERS belong to the amazing Stephenie Meyer, with the exception of Marie, Peter and the ones I will add. I hope you enjoy, happy reading :) Please 
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I stood there, in a simple yet breathtaking meadow I found when I was out hunting .A strange new scent filled my nose. It was like honey and lilac combined yet not exactly the same. I searched every single direction but I could not find anything or for that matter,  anyone. It was just rain.. tiny droplets of rain. Just like the tears my eyes did not allow me to shed in this state.

I felt the satin-like texture touching my hands. I spun to its direction and truthfully, I saw the most angelic face. His God-like features was not the only reason I was not able to get a grip on myself.  It was not his breathtaking smile, not the golden tone of his eyes but  the love radiating from him to me..

And I stood there, asking myself what I felt in that moment: .. hate or love???

My heart answered back. Both.


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Hey! I gotta warn you guys, the beginning chapters were not edited. I mean, I'm sure it has grammar errors and spellings maybe, but the first chapters are oh-so boring too. But if you trust me, you will continue reading..until you get hooked. Or so they say. Here's the link for the closed discussion. No comments there so leave your comments here, thanks :)

Even if I started this when I was 12 and it ended when i was 13(and now I'm 16, I just visited this site again haha), I promise that I still get a very warm feeling when I read comments here and there. I grew and now I know I had so many mistakes-grammatical,spelling,dealing with haters-This story was part of me and every single reader was once a friend so if you're new, please still comment because I promise you, I will read it and treasure it :)

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Hey people. So I realized what I am going to do. I am going to post Chapter 24 again here, even though I posted chapters 25 to 31 already.. Frankly because this discussion has more comments than the other discussion I made when FanFiction got deleted. So I deleted the “golden eyes chapters” discussion,which is a close discussion that contained all 31 chapters and no comments, and I made the golden eyes you guys commented before the close discussion.Get it?. So I can keep torturing Thank you people again for the 40 comments..and I hope I can exceed your expectations.

Chapter 24~Pain

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I have to tell them.. I can’t explain how I feel these days.. when Alice told me that the new vampire would join us, Well.. I hoped she is what I think she is-Carlisle’s daughter. Marie’s daughter. My bestfriend Marie’s daughter.It's hard enough to lie in my own head for the sake of edward, but when Alice told me she knew, i just had to tell them.Now.

It was a perfect afternoon… but thinking my best friend Marie is ill… I.. well, it is the contradiction of perfect… She has an illness I could not remember well, for my human memories faded a long time ago. But I remember going to her home and being glared to by Peter.. and of course, being hugged and kissed by my grandchild (that’s like, well, niece and nephew thing, but because they are not sisters, it cannot be called like that. But she IS NOT the grandmother of Bella -duh!) and of course, I still remember the pained smile of Marie. Bella was 11 then, (Marie died when Bella was 15) Oh, dear Bella looks so much like my best friend, except for her eyes, It is Carlisle’s eyes. I remembered being angry with Carlisle for leaving his family in such condition.


A week before Marie breathed her last, I visited her again. Oh, Good lord, she looks so, so frail… so, so, vulnerable… I.. I didn’t know what to do, standing there, seeing two pairs of eyes tear-mine and Bella’s. Bella is quite grown, but.. she is a lot more strong than what her age today looks. Marie was asleep. Then, Peter came, none to softly, seeing as how that is how he should have treated a sick person. He talked to Bella, I was only half-listening, but I know I caught the words “marriage” and “responsibility” come from the mouth of that sick Peter. He and Bella left, as Bella kissed me goodbye.
A few minutes later, marie talked, It was low, but I managed to hear, because, I was so close to where she slept. “Pro..Pro..mise me, read.. letters… under..pillow…when..Im.go,,gooo,ggoone..” She said so, so slowly, that if her chest wasn’t moving alright and not troubled, I would take she was breathing her lasts… Then she smiled- the smiled I remember since we were young, the smile I remember the nights she and I giggle about our own blossoming love stories. I smiled back, and a lonely tear fell on to my lips. She wiped those out with her soft, tender, weak hands.” Do, not, cry, Esme…”I wiped the tears off. I wonder.. she was the one dying then, but she doesn’t appear to..

It’s like she already had everything planned out. And she did. She did. She really did.

Marie’s suffering ended at last. She died, peter claims in his arms, But only a fool would believe him. But I was not. then. When I asked him his last words, he can say nothing, and my dear grandchild said only a word. “peacefully”. And she handed me a letter. She has an identical one too. She and me are the only ones who had one. Peter looked at it, as if he was saying “that should be mine” He looked at it as if it makes him angry too. But no, it is mine. Damn him. Damn him to the deepest pit of hell.. Another proof that she never died in his arms, I received a letter. He did not. Damn him again. Damn him.

Bella looked paler than usual, her emerald eyes are red, but she doesn’t cry anymore. But I did. I looked at my best friend for my whole life… She looked so peaceful, with a simple smile that says “goodbye”. I tasted salt on my lips and wiped it off, I didn’t notice I was clutching Marie’s letter tightly, as if hugging it to my chest. I talked peter into letting Bella spend the evening with me, and he agreed. Bella doesn’t talk. She doesn’t even seem to see, She is lifeless, like a broken doll, and not a rag doll, because she looks like a delicate porcelain one. I tucked Bella with me. She didn’t sleep. I could tell. She was crying. And so I am…. But I am hugging her and she never shows a sign of appreciation. Though I know it is acceptable, for she is grieving.. But I do not know what to do, specially after I read marie’s letter.

(A/N: guys, remember they arr are living )in the 19th century! Don’t expect usual letter thingies okay?

To my friend…..

Greetings, dear Esme…

I know you followed my request to never open this until I’m gone…. By now, I hope I am with the lord in paradise…. I am writing today with numbered breaths and I have to make them useful.. I would not waste my strength writing unnecessary things, I know you know in your heart the things I would say to you. First.. I thank you.. Thank you for all the years you stood close to me.. thank you for all the laughs we shared.. For all the days we spent…. I would like to add more gratitude for you but I am running out of strength… Secondly… I would like to ask you a favor.. I know this is unfair of me to ask this to you… but.. can you..will you.. take care of my daughter? Oh Esme dear… I really hope you would….. Take care of her, be her mother now I am gone.. please.. please.. Imagine me pleading now…. Really, even though tears are felling in my eyes now.. I wan you to replace me as her mother from this moment…. Be my model since I cannot comfort her now.. Please Esme, you know we had been through things enough, I cannot bear to think of how she would live now I am gone.. I am her only friend, her only protector… her only love… I was such a fool to think peter would accept a daughter I have with another man. Please Esme… I know you love her and I hope I put my faith in the right place this time….Its not that I don’t trust you, but after Peter,, well he loves me but not enough to love me still after I caught this sickness… I do not give a damn of what the documents and articles say, In my heart you are Bella’s parent from now on…I..I I know it will be hard to get Bella out from peter, he will claim lies and blasphemies… I know, somehow, someway.. you will be Bella’s mother and protector, Bella will never be his daughter, for I will hear of no such thing! I know you would be a good mother to her.. and now, I ask you another favor.. Please, Please, find Carlisle. I know all of you think he is dead, but I know different, I know, deep inside there is a reason for his leaving of us…. I know it may take long, perhaps too long, but I know that he is there, somewhere… and when you do.. oh, never mind what foolish things I think of I know you would never do such thing but I hope you would but no, if it is to happen, It will. And when it does, You are still my ally… Make Bella a family…………….. Make her happy the way I cannot do now… Wipe the tears she will cry, prepare her food I cannot…. Be the mother she could lean on to the way I won’t be… Be her mother for me. I am too tired now, So I hope I had written enough to secure a future for my little child… Make her happy….

Will love you ever after, farewell, dear friend.
Maria Isella.


I do not know what to do. I am now Bella’s mother. Its not that I do not like it, but I know I was surprised. Well, I guess I am more than surprised. I am thrilled and excited.(A/N: sorry, cannot think of words like that in the time of 19th century) I AM NOW A MOTHER, a thing I always wanted to be.

~next day after~

Peter doesn’t agree with Bella being mine. He is fighting. And after the words I remembered (marriage and responsibility) I think I know why. He will be using her. And over my dead body he would succeed. I would die first. Bella doesn’t talk. She s traumatized. And I made a vow, I will get Bella out of the hole she is in. Even if it means I will get into it as well. I would get Bella to smile again. And I went home. My sheets smells like freesia, the way Bella does, for we slept last night together. And someone knocked. When I opened it, It was a man- a beautiful man with red eyes,a smile on his face and with the words “irresistible”. He seemed to be licking his lips and at first I thought he kissed my neck, but then a sharp thing scratched my neck and pain and darkness and misery is overwhelming me now. I am going to die…………

(A/N:James-remember what Laurent said? He never met someone like James in his 300 years? So I guess he is as old as Carlisle? Anyway, just cant think of anyone else and hello, , I do not want to make another character )

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