The Twilight Saga

Hey guys, this is my next fanfiction! This takes place in NYC and Edward and Bella are both human. (yes, there are vamps!) but there are differences obviously.

Isabella Swan has had to deal with her constantly fighting parents ever since she could even remember. She is an averege New Yorker. When her best friend Alice asks her to come to a dinner, she meets Edward Cullen. Bella has sworn never to fall in love or have a boy friend again after being stabbed in the back by her ex but this time she can't help herself by falling in love with the handsome and musically talented Edward.

The first chappy should be out today! :)

Golden hero
By: Kristin Marie


My back pressed against the rigid bark of a tree. The red-eyed fiend looked back at me, a wicked smile smacked across his face and my heart caught in my throat. My beautiful angel wasn’t here to save me now and that only brought tears to my eyes.

He laughed a mad laugh as my pain came dripping down my face. The monster stalked toward me, claws open, ready to rip out my heart. My bloody hand covered my face as I awaited death to come to me.

Then another growl immersed, different from the one who is attacking me.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:

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I love it good start post chapter 1 plzzzzz update me
Very intersting write more.
I think this will be good, shoudl be interesting to see where it goes, keep me updated please
i think its a good start.. post the 1st chappy so i can read it.. lol
i love this story plzz write more and keep me updated!!!
I want the first chapter now!!!!! :P
This Is going Be Very Good.
Please Post chapter 1

Yes Yes Yes I sounds very interesting.When is the first chapter giong to up,Cant wait to read it cuz I like your stories especialy phasing moon please keep me updated thanks
its up now XD
sounds interesting
love the story so far
wow,so interesting!!post more plizzzzzz,lemme know if u done with the next chapter!!


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