The Twilight Saga

A storm had just rolled through on a hot and sticky night. Edward and I were walking down the road as the leaves crunched under our feet. I didn't really feel like driving and, it was an awesome night so I figured that we would just go for a walk in the woods. Edwards’s eyes glowed like amber stars in a black midnight sky. His hand engulfed mine and instantly a fire that only his touch could cause stirred to life deep within. Every time I look at him I hold my breath because I'm afraid that if I exhale he will suddenly blow away and I'll never see him again. He is my life and my world, if it wasn't for him I don’t think I would get out of bed in the morning. We were about to round the corner to turn back onto the street where I lived when Edward stopped dead. I looked at the fierce tiger like expression and the warm sensation went away, as if someone had poured ice cold water on me, waking me up from what felt like the most perfect dream. I fallowed his gaze and saw Jacob standing on my porch along with Sam, Embry, Paul, and another new pack member that I didn’t recognize. A low rumble immersed from Jacobs throat, and Edward made an evil, heart-stopping hiss. The pack spread out a few feet apart from each other, and I being the klutz I am tripped over air and fell backwards. Edward caught me but I could still feel my face heating up. He never took his eyes off of Jacob who was now a few feet in front of us. The look those eyes was enough to make my blood run cold, looking from Jacob to Edward you would think they were statues except for the tiny movement of breathing. Jacob was the first to speak, his voice was so low it was almost a growl, “Renésme told me I could find you two here.” As if you’d think the look on Edward’s face couldn’t get more menacing, it did. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Embry take a half step back and the wolf I didn’t recognize fallowed him. Quietly I started to back away again, but Edward had a hold on my arm and wasn’t letting go. He said to all of the pack members but continually looked a Jacob, “So it takes five of you to confront one measly vampire? I am ashamed that you feel so…vulnerable…dog.”
“I do not feel vulnerable, they insisted.”
“And I see that the newest pup is…” Edward looked at the new kid, who was looking directly at me. I could only imagine the thoughts Edward was hearing. “Imaginative…Pup I suggest you keep such vile thoughts from you mind, or I will remove them for you.” Edward continued sounding near un-amused.
The boy, well guy, erm werewolf? All hell the kid looked up sharply and started stuttering. “I-I’m T-Trent, I just moved her from..” Edward cut him off, “Michigan, I know”
“How did you?”
“Well, well, well Jacob, seems that you did not teach your friend the skills that the vampires of the world have, better get on that, before he decides to bail on you.”

Jacob looked Trent up and down and explained dryly the different powers the Cullen’s and the other vampires had. The look of fear on Trent’s magnified as he stumbled backwards and muttered an apology. Edward laughed and turned back to Jacob, he took a step forward then he was gone, Jacob blinked as if to clear his vision then he was launched forward straight into the large maple tree outside my house. A loud “CRRACK” thundered and Jacob slid to the ground, with no movement that I could see. Paul who was closest rushed to him but Edward got there first. He picked Jacob up by the back of the neck, a rush of relief and panic went through me as a soft moan came from him. Almost as if Jacob was just a stuffed animal, Edward flung him into the woods where he wasn’t visible any longer. A soft thud and that was it.
My mind flashed to Renésme, my baby girl and Jacobs’s love. Everyone thinks that giving birth to a vampire child is impossible, well it’s really not. Instead of carrying her for nine months I carried her for two, and during delivery she basically tore her way out of me. Wondering why I’m still human? Me too. The answer is simple really; Edward and his damn keep the humanity obsession. He refused to change me, so he forced Carlisle to find another way to help. So here I am still human, fragile, and clumsy as all hell in the middle of a vampire versus werewolf showdown, just peachy.

Edward turned to Sam, who looked as though he was about to sprout claws and get grossly hairy then and there. Edward paused for point five milliseconds to take in the scene, then ran, well more like plowed, his way towards Sam. The wolf seemed to be expecting it and moved out of the way the same grace that I was jealous of, making Edward stumble and hiss. He skidded to a halt just short of Charlie’s cruiser.
Speaking of my father where was he? With all this noise we had to be waking the dead in Kalamazoo. The thought was lost as Sam growled; well at least I thought it was Sam…

*Bpov. *
I looked around trying to figure out where the growling was really coming from, and saw two glowing amber eyes in the woods. The eyes blinked, long and slow, when they opened the figure sprang forward. It passed almost two feet from me; the wind that swirled around me seemed to whisper, telling me to stay where I was. Not to move, and not to worry. For the life of me I could not figure out why the voice sounded so familiar. Then all of the sudden it clicked, Emmet. The voice. The eyes, the big huge…thing. It was all Emmet, he was here. Did Edward know? He had to… he can read minds, and Emmet can’t block it. Searching for Edward…I couldn’t find him anywhere. Is that why Emmet is here? Panic overwhelmed me and my breathing got heavy. Suddenly I felt like I was going to pass out and of course sitting was out of the question. I took a step backwards and, of course, I trip, Out of nowhere Emmet came around and steadied me, then went back to Sam. My mind kept running back and forth from Edward to Jacob. Where In the world did Edward go?

*Epov. *

I ran as fast as I could, I needed to get out of there before I killed one of Bella's dogs. Yes, they were her friends not something that I liked, but I had to deal with it. Jacob and that new wolf really irk me. Why does he have to think such things? Doesn’t he know that I can hear every word, see every image? When I finally stopped running I was in our meadow. The place where I first told her what I was. Where she learned the curse that I had, and she WANTED it. She wants to be a monster. I winced at the thought of my Bella with cold skin and black eyes, but I also the thought of being able to be with her without worry…what was I thinking?! I would not kill her. I couldn’t. I did a lap around the meadow and turned back to Charlie’s. When I got half way there I heard Emmett’s thoughts. Why was he even here? I sped up, searching his thoughts, how could he possibly have known. Then I found the answer…  Alice. She had a vision about Bella and me. When I got there I went to Bella’s side, I had startled her but when she realized it was I she quickly breathed a sigh of relief. She tried to ask me something but I was flying backwards before she even took a breath. I knew who had thrown me backwards; I could smell him on me, it was Jacob…



I didn’t want to touch him, his stench was so strong it made me gag, but he was asking for it. He wouldn’t let me see Renésme; this could have all been avoided if he had just let me see that little girl. Bella would have, but he showed up and took all her reasoning away. Bella knows how I feel and so does Edward, he just won’t accept that I love her, and she cares for me even though she is still so young. I just needed to see her; I just needed her golden brown eyes to calm everything.  Edward noticed my falter and I went down, and I let myself I didn’t fight… I just lied there and let him. Life was pointless if I couldn’t see her. Bella was screaming something and Edward froze, I felt the butterflies and the overwhelming joy instantly… Renésme was here and she just saw Edward pretty much pummel me to the ground… Bella was not happy, at all. Her face was red and her eyes were ablaze, she was still screaming and I could swear she was starting to turn blue. Edward went over to her and simply put his hand over her mouth, yet she was still screaming away. Renésme ran to me and touched me showing me what she just saw and a question mark. Edward started toward her and I when Bella called him back. She understood, she always did but when I wouldn’t tell Renésme why she went to Edward. He looked down at her and had his freaky-deeky telepathic conversation with her and I knew it was over when she hung her head, looked at me, walked over and rested her head on my chest a single tear slid down my cheek as she showed me that she was looking for me and then fallowed Uncle Emmet out of the house.


She just lay there and I let myself breakdown, I let the child that I was supposed to stay strong for comfort me. Edward may not have known what Renésme felt, we knew she was still young, but I could swear that she was pouring all her love for me and her family into the hug she was giving me. When she looked up at me, she showed me how it looked when we fought, she showed me how much she wanted Edward and I to get along, she wanted Bella to be happy and not worried. It went against all my instincts and everyone there was watching but I knew that it would be the only way… I got up and walked to Edward, when I got to him I extended my hand and waited for him to do the same only it never happened. He turned to look at Bella and she gazed at him in a way that said “It’s not going to kill you”, he returned her look with a pleading one but slumped and extended his hand. The icy cold of his hand made me sick to my stomach but I shook it anyway, hoping this was at least a start of acceptance.



Once Edward shook Jacob’s hand I had to give them both hugs, Edward’s hug was comfortable but you could tell that he was still rigid with hatred. Jacob’s hug was warm and comfortable with the added joy of my daughter. Her eyes were beaming and the smile on her face was one that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I turned out of the hug to say something to Edward and he was gone. I could feel the slight disappointment sliding up from the pit of my stomach to my throat where it formed a lump, but I refused to cry, I refused to ruin the mood.  He’d be home; he just needed to cool off and that was all I could keep telling myself. The ride home was joyous yet awkward, Emmet was driving, I was in the passenger seat, and Jacob and Renésme were in the back. Emmet kept looking in the rearview as if Jacob was going to eat her and all I could do was stare out the window hoping that He was home, that he hadn’t left again. The fear continued to swell until it felt like I could breathe, until I felt like I was going to pass out. We went up the massive wooded driveway and reached the clearing that held the enormous glass house, but Edward wasn’t in the window. I got out of the car as fast as I could and ran, well more like tripped to the house. I opened the door and ran face first into Him. Relief and anger flooded through me, I wanted to hit him and scream at him, but at the same time I couldn’t because he stayed with me… even though I’m merely human.



I could feel the relief flow though her, I could feel how badly she wanted to scream and yell, but I knew she wouldn’t. I know Bella hates that she’s human, I know that she wants to be a… a monster. She could have been I should have turned her on that horrible, glorious day. I was supposed to that was the plan… but I couldn’t. I couldn’t destroy her life, and now every time I look at her I see the slight disappointment in her eyes. I have to pull away from everything that I want every time I kiss her because I was too much of a failure, too scared to give her the only thing that she has ever asked for. I needed to go find Carlisle…


Mommy came rushing to the door; she looked upset but happy if that makes sense. Daddy and Aunt Alice show me how Mommy and Daddy were, how happy they were when they were together.  Don’t get me wrong they’re still happy but it just seems like Mommy isn’t completely happy. Daddy says she’s not but Mommy tells me she is because she has me and she couldn’t ask for anything more, but I know she wants to be like the rest of my family. Mommy is still human, I know that, and I also know that Daddy won’t make her like us… But I think daddy might change his mind soon. I don’t like not being able to play with Mommy, because I might hurt her.


My baby girl, my world, my everything , is sitting across the room looking at me like she’s the adult and I’m the seven year old she can see right through.

“Mommy, Why are you so sad?”

“I’m not sweetie, why do you ask?”

“You can’t lie Mommy, and I know you are, we all know you are.”

“Daddy and I just see a thing differently sometimes, that’s all.”

“Aunt Alice told me she saw you changed, she saw you like us, like Daddy.”

“She saw that awhile ago baby girl and I’m still human.”

“She said it was a different one though because I was there, I think Daddy is going to change you” Renésme said with a grin on her face that lit up the night.

“Oh really? Why do you think that?”

“Because he loves us lots and wants us all to be happy, he tells me that all the time.”

“You’re right; your Daddy does love us with all his heart.”


I looked up to see Edward standing in the doorway smiling at the two of us; Nessie ran to him giggling and laughing and then gave him a brief summary of our conversation. Edward looked from Renésme to me with a look of admiration and yet slight panic. He told her to go see if Aunt Alice needed help in living room setting up movie night. Her little voice rang like bells as she agreed and skipped off.  Edward walked over to me and took my hands, and the spark between us ignited as it always does when we touch. Edward put my hand to his lips to kiss it like he would any other time, only this time… He bit me, No words were said, and nothing was hinted except for my conversation with Renésme. As the pain snaked up my arm in a slow heat and I began to black out the only thought in my head was, “finally.”




Thrashing, screaming, and shaking. I had all I could do to bear the sound, to not want to take back everything. This is what she wanted; this is what she had begged me for, for years. I hated myself for it at the moment. The only thing that kept me sane was Renésme, and the fact that Carlisle wouldn’t let me do anything. Alice kept saying she’d be fine, that she’d seen it. All I could do was wait, think, worry, and wait more. It seemed like days were passing but when I looked at the clock it was only seconds, doubt began to snake through me, so much so that even Jasper couldn’t control it.




I felt like I was going to burst into flames, every fiber was on end. Every sensation was about one thousand times too strong. I could feel the movement in the air, smell the dust, and hear the footsteps of the people down stairs. All of it was overwhelming. I couldn’t move, I didn’t want to, I knew that if I did I would probably scream.

When I thought I was going to go insane, I heard it. The small footsteps, and a voice like bells, Renésme.  My beautiful baby, my heard leapt with joy and a sense of ease came over me I would finally be able to be there for my little girl. She could finally hug me and I wouldn’t have to worry about her crushing my ribs. I thought of Edward and how we could finally be together without any worry at all. Then I thought of Jake, and how disappointed he’d be, I knew he loved Renésme now but…  it put a small damper on things. My heart thundered, and then it just… stopped.

I opened my eyes… a vampire.







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great start...please continue!

You're very good about staying in character. I like that about a story :)

Update me when you post more, I really do love this!


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