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I got inspired by the song Good Girls Go Bad by Corba Starship. This is a ALL Human story. :)

In this story Bella, Rosalie, and Alice are sister's. They are nerds, geeks. They follow the rules by the book, all that. No one like them at all.

They live with their dad Charlie Swan. Their mom died in a horrible fire. All of their personailty are about to change when the bad Cullen boys come to town.

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Good Girls Go Bad



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Author's Note: Alright! Here You Go. Here's chapter 1 Please tell me what you think.Good or bad =)

Read, Comment, Enjoy=)

Chapter 1 - Loser's Like Us Bella's Pov

BBBBBBEEEEEEPPPP!!!! The alarm clock rang. Ugh! I hate school what's the point of going when day in and day out you get teased on how the way you look and dressed. I got up from my bed and took a cold shower. "Alice! Rose! Wake up time for school!" I shouted. "Uuuggghhh! I hate school!" Rosalie said coming to the bathroom. Rosalie was the oldest in our family. Our mother died when I was about 3, Alice was about 2 and Rosalie was 5. Our dad Charlie is the chief of the poilce and he is bearly home.
I put my favorite t-shirt,long pants and beat-up sneakers. "Come on were gonna be late!!" I said as I put my hair in a messy ponytail. "Okay! Oh! Bella remember to put on your glasses!" Rose screamed back. I dug in my drawer and got my glasses. "I'm ready!" Alice pixie like said. Alice wore a massive t-shirt with long pants also. "Come on Rose!" "Okay! I can't find my retainer!" "Top drawer!" "Thanks." Rosalie finally came down hair in a ponytail with her retainer on and a shirt that said "Go! Band Geeks!". "Ugh! Were late come on." I said as we headed for the door.
We got in to Rosalie's faded red pickup truck and drove to school. When we got out we found that we were actally pretty late. "Great! Well see you guys." I said Running to my Spainish class. I opened the door and all eyes were on me, I blushed a red color. "Thank you for joining us, Miss Swan. Take your seat." Ms. Lola said. I went to my seat and I heard Mike Newton Sneeze. "Acho-loser!" Everybody stared busted out laughing and I buried my head in the book. "When will this class end." I thought to myself.
I glanced at the clock and someone passed me a note. I opened it and read it. It said "Dear Bella, YOUR A GEEK!! Love, Mike Newton. I glanced at him and he smiled evilly. I was on the verge on crying but I composed myself and went back to work.

(Lunch Time)

I meet Rose and Alice on the way to the cafe. "Hey Rose, Alice." "How was Spanish and Trig?" Rose asked. "Same old. Newton tease, People laugh or I bust my ass, Newton tease, and people laugh. Isn't life great!" I said sarcastically. "Mine too." Rose said. "Well at least your not with those plastic's. We called Jessica, Tayna, and Vicki plastic. They are perfect. They are pretty, and popular. Things I envy from them. But the one thing about them was that they were total dumb asses. We arrived at the cafe and all eyes were on us giggling. "What's their problems?" Alice said. "I don't know, but whatever it is it's not good." I said. We took our usual seat across from cafe and sat down. As we got our lunch and walked back I heard Mike laugh so hard that he couldn't stand it. We got to our seats and the whole cafe was silent. "Why is everyone so quiet?" Alice said as she said that our chairs broke and our lunches fell on our clothes. It was still silent, but one of the plastic's got up and said "Haha!! That is what you losers get!!" I looked at Alice and she was moments away from crying. Rose was shaking with anger. We all got up and ran to the exit. That's life when your loser's like us.

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