The Twilight Saga

I got inspired by the song Good Girls Go Bad by Corba Starship. This is a ALL Human story. :)

In this story Bella, Rosalie, and Alice are sister's. They are nerds, geeks. They follow the rules by the book, all that. No one like them at all.

They live with their dad Charlie Swan. Their mom died in a horrible fire. All of their personailty are about to change when the bad Cullen boys come to town.

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Good Girls Go Bad



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write more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I am a new reader.I love this story! You are a good writer.Please keep me updated.I can't wait to see how their dates go.I can't wait for more!
post soon!!
I can't wait for the next chappy!
Wow! very interesting indeed pls update me if you can i'd like to know how things will turn out. CHEERS
this is beautimous i love it plz keep me updated
Chapter 13 :)

Hey guys. Thanks for all your comments. Uh, I don't know, but I feel sorta discourage for some reason. When I'm writing now, I feel like it's just rubbish that I'm writing. I really don't deserve you guy's love. :D

Read. Comment. Enjoy!

Chapter 13-Preparation for the Damsels in Need of a Dress

Bella Pov

"Bella, wake-up sweetheart." A low voice said to me. I felt a cool hand on my warm shoulders. I slightly moaned.

"Five more minutes, please." I said as I pulled the covers over mt messy head.

"Bella, I set-ted appointments for you and your sisters; and I don't plan on being late." Aunt Maire said with a hint of venom towards the end. She pulled the drapes on my window and the warm sunlight blinded my room and eyes.

I moaned louder. Aunt Maire pulled the covers and frowned at my sleeping attire.

"Bells, you have only three seconds to get off this bed or else."

I got up very quickly and made my way to the bathroom.

After I did my morning basics, I went downstairs to the kitchen and got a bowl of cereal and drowned the bowl with cold milk. I heard a light thud upstairs and I see Rose running downstairs dripping wet from head to toe.

I sniffle a chuckle.

"Should I even ask?" Rose shook her wet curly hair.

"No, not really."

"Rose, if I see you downstairs I will throw something other than water."

Rose dashed upstairs to the bathroom before I could even blink. I finish my cereal and changed into shorts and a shirt.

Alice, barley awake waited by the door yawning.

Aunt Maire arrived downstairs with that blue-tooth flashing in her petite ears.

We all climbed in her White, clear, Mercedes. She turned on the engine and the soft purr of the car ran outside soft Christan rock music played inside the car.

Looking outside I knew that today was going to be very interesting.

Rose Pov

I tried to guess where we were headed, but the trees and the houses were unrecognizable. Suddenly, I realized that we were in Port Angela's. Everything looked very peaceful and quiet.

She turned to a huge building and stopped the car. She turned around and gave out a small smile.

"Okay girls, here we go." I shook Alice's shoulder for her to wake up and we all headed inside the building.

We opened the door to the huge warehouse and I started at awe at the place. The walls were a cool white color with a blue ceiling. The scent of this place smelled so sweet and It was something I never smelled before.

We got to the front desk and a young women about the age of her early twenties.

"Welcome to the Spa of Angels. Where you'll get a little touch from heaven. Do you have an appointment?" Aunt Maire gave out a sly smile.

"Yes, I have an appointment for 9:30." The lady typed a few keys and nodded.

"Oh, yes. Your servers will be here with you shortly." She stood up and headed to the back of a room. She came back shortly seconds later, with three pink slippers. Attracted to it was their logo on the bottom. She also carried three robes that carried our favorite colors. Aunt Maire smiled and touched my shoulders.

She whispered, "After were finished with you and your sisters, I have news on that request of yours." My shoulders stopped from the words she just said. My stomach and heart tighten with excellent.

"Well, girls I'll see you later." She left' leaving only her cool mint trail behind her.

I smiled.

Well, I just hope they can handle all were giving them.

I took the ruby red rode from the lady who name was Julie.

"Okay, so you girls are going to three separate rooms. You will have a full body massage. Also, you will be given body and skin care advice from our top dermatologist. You will then be given makeovers and will have fashion tips from the best fashion designers in the world.

We all stared at her in awe. I, nor my sisters couldn't believe what she was saying. This is what celebrities do to look like this. It must cost Aunt Maire a fortune.

Bells and Ali went to different rooms while I went to the middle.

I stared at the room in fascination. The room looked so beautiful. A sensual music played around the room. The lights dim. Candles lit. I really though I was in heaven.

I smiled as I went ot the dressing room. I got rid of the clothes I was wearing and wore nothing but the red robe. I put on the slippers and headed to the room. As I headed to the room My face suddenly blushed a red scarlet color.

A man stood before me, chest bare; light blue eyes gilt while his white smile lit his presence.

"Welcome, I will be your servant." That was all he said.

The man who name was Hector was gentle as possible. I hadn't realized I've been so stressed. He even commented on that. His fingers were firm but soft. My eyes closed while I imagined that not Hector; but Mr. Emmett Cullen giving me this stress- relieving massage.

It's funny, that the old me would have been so furious at myself for allowing my brain to pass these images of him through me. but I felt light-headed.





I slowly fell into a sweet sleep.

I woke up hours later, in a more relaxed state. I found my face covered with oatmeal and my covered with cucumbers. I felt someone touching my feet and someone touching my hands. Through this relaxing treat my stomach growled. Before I could say anything someone brought a round treat by my lips.

"Open up." The voice said. I obeyed and asked for more. It was so delicious. One lady complemented me on my toes and I blushed, "Thanks."

"Soo, why did you come here?" One lady asked me. I replied, "Well, my aunt made me and my sisters come here."

"It's a guy right?" Someone said.

My cheeks flushed, "Is it that obvious?"

"Oh, yeah." They all said. Everyone including me laughed. The laughing soon died out.

"I don't know I just want him to have a taste of his own medicine."

"Oh, he a player."

"Something like that."

"Well, he's going to be very surprised, when he sees you."

I smiled when they said that.

After they gave me a full Mani/pedi, and makeover. I followed Julie to a white door. Two men, one was tall with black hair and the other was short and bald.

"Hello, Rosalie. My name is Domenico Dolce and this is my partner Stefano Gabbana."

I smiled and shook hands with them.

"I'm sure you heard of us, no?" Said Stefano with his heavy Italian accent.

I shook my head. "No, I haven't."

Domenico whispered in Stefano's ear.

"Okay, first lets take your measurements." They took my measurements and began to ask me questions.

"What's your favorite color?"

"Ruby Red."

"Your shoe size?"


"Your in high school?"

"Yes, senior."

"Chocolate or Strawberry?"

"Uh, both."

"Your age?"


"Second favorite color?"

"Lime green."

After a series of random question, Domenico sat me down and looked at me. I mean, REALLY looked at me. I felt exposed.

"Okay, your personality says that your a pacifica rosa, or a peaceful Rose; you have something hidden in you. It will release one day; but don't be a spina spericolato. You too bello for that.
I smiled. Domenico was so sweet.

Stefano on the other hand was different. He was silent. He just made me try out clothes and if it looked good on me he would still shake his head. I tried dozens of dresses that looked great on me and he just dumped them on the other side of a pile.

I tried over Five dozen clothes and I got to keep all of them. I smiled at Stefano. He looked at me and stared. He had such nice green eyes. We put all the clothes away and called someone to pick them up.
I waited for Bells and Ali at the front desk. I heard someone behind me and I smiled. Bella looked.. wow. She reminded me so much of mom.

Her long hair was wavy with light brown highlights. Her skin glowed. She looked amazing.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" We asked each other. She just stared at me in awe as I started at her.

"Have you seen yourself?" She asked me. I shook my head. "No."

"It weird that they don't have mirrors here." I nodded my head.

Ali comes a few minutes later looking really cute and her skin had a brighter glow to it.

"Wow." Bells and I said at the same time.

"You guys look really nice." Ali said.

"Both if you girls look very beautiful." Aunt Marie said in the back of us. We all smiled at her. "Thank you Aunt Marie. This is too much. We really don't deserve it." I said.

She had a small smile in her face. "It's okay girls. I know your mother is smiling down right at you girls. I bet she would do the same things right now. May her soul rest in peace." We all smiled.
"Come now, we have numerous things to do right now." We all left the spa and got into the car. I was the last to get in the car and so was Aunt Marie. I was about to lean inside when her hand caught my shoulders. I looked up.

"I have an update."

My heart tingled with anticipation.

"He's going to the Rosa. 7 o' clock."


NOTE: I'm sooooo sorry everyone! High school has completely eaten me alive. Marching band is fun; and it's time-consuming. I'll try my very best to post.

Another thing, I really didn't like this chapter. It's a giant fail. It has nothing to do with anything. To me it's a filler for the next chapter; which is gonna be GOOD. I'll give this one insider, there's gonna be alot of drama and vodka. :)
You really shouldt doubt your writing, its amazing and people love it. As for the chapter, i liked it and dont think its just a space filler. Its nice to read that the girls are finally being pampered and are showing their beauty.I think background info is important to a story and not just the exciting stuff. and your incorporating everything perfectly. I especially liked when rose said she wanted to give Emmet a piece of his own medicen! If you story wasnt good people wouldnt read, but we are so dont second guess yourself. Just read the comments and you'll see.
I hope i helped.
So plzplzplzplzpost asap. your fans are waiting :)
Thank you.

I appreciate what you said.

I'll get right to writing the next chapter. (:
when you can please let me know when you update
I LOVEEE the chapter!!! Can't wait for the next :D Text me when you update... See you Monday!


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