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I got inspired by the song Good Girls Go Bad by Corba Starship. This is a ALL Human story. :)

In this story Bella, Rosalie, and Alice are sister's. They are nerds, geeks. They follow the rules by the book, all that. No one like them at all.

They live with their dad Charlie Swan. Their mom died in a horrible fire. All of their personailty are about to change when the bad Cullen boys come to town.

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Good Girls Go Bad



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Please post more soon :)


please post more and add/update me!

this is just amazing.

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luvd this!!!! this is probably the BEST cullen boys are jerks story ive ever read.



New reader, love it!!!
























































Note:This following is focused on Emmett and Rosalie only. Some plans are back-fired and other plans are just getting started.


Please enjoy.



1. Mild Language


3. Medium Alcohol Use


Chapter 14- The Sweet Revenge PART I


Emmett's POV


The bright rays of the sunlight awoke me from my oh so perfect sleep.


Today, is going a to be a very good day. Wanna know why? Well, not only will I go on a date with Vicky; I will also have the chance to be on a date with the lovely girl Rose. Not only will I get her number, I'll be crowed 'The Cullen's Best Flirt.'


Man, It feels sooo good to be me right now.


I looked at my green digital alarm clock; It was about half past noon.


I stretched out my muscular arms and went to the bathroom. After I did my morning basics, I went downstairs to get a bowl of cereal.


I reached the last step of the stairs and found no one in the kitchen. Puzzled look was painted on my face. 'Mom's always in the kitchen every morning.' I thought. The closer I got to the marble counter, I found a note.


Dear Emmett,

I knew your the one to wake up first so I hope you pass this along to your brothers. Your father and I are celebrating your aunt Patricia's wedding. We won't be back until next week. We expect no complaints.(I highly doubt it)

Be safe, we love you dearly.

-Mom & Dad:)


I read the note again until a smile came on my face.


"Thank you aunt Patricia." I whispered as I set the note down. I made myself some cereal and pancakes and rethought my plans for tonight.


At 3-5 I'll go to the gym and workout for a few, 'cause I've been slacking.

At 6 I'll be ready for date number uno. Vicky & I will have fun at the famous restaurant/ bar called Rosa. We'll stay there till 8:30. Then, for the main event; Pick up rose at 9:00 sharp then take her to the surprised date.


Man, I'm I good or what?


I held back a cocky laugh.


"What you laughing about?" A hoarse voice said. I looked and saw my muchacho, Edward.


"I'm laughing at the fact that this is going yo be the greatest plan ever." Edward shook his head, a smirk painted on his face.


"Karma is gonna get you man; and she gonna cook up a storm."


I dismissed the comment with my hand.


"Don't go fortune cookie on me now. Besides, what's the worst that could happen?"


Edward actually thought about it.


"If you get through this I'll have the up-most respect for you."


I just smiled. I place a brotherly hand on his shoulders.


"Little brethren of mine, the more the merrier right? Other guys can't keep up with us. We're doing the guys out there in Forks High School a favor." Edward smiled. He raised his orange juice as a salute.


"Oh, mom and dad went to aunt Patricia's wedding so they'll come back next week."


"Aunt Patricia's getting married?"




"I thought she'll never be committed."


"Ha. Me neither."


I looked at the time. All ready a quarter to two. Man, time went by faster than a winning race car.


I went to my room and grabbed my black bag. I grabbed my keys also & left the house.


I turned on the engine and zoom out of to the streets. Half away across the street I suddenly felt hot as hell (not the good one). I pulled down the window and let the sweet smelling wind cool my face. I stopped at the red light and spotted young foxy mama jogging on the sidewalk.


I honked my horn at her and she gave me a sexy smile and a quick gave. The light turned green and I pressed the gas pedal and sped away.


I reached the Iron Fist Gym down in Port Angeles. I got out my glossy white Mercedes and opened the door. The smell of plastic and cool mint kissed my nose as I walked to the front desk to check in.


A women-maybe in her early twenties- smiled and gave me a flirtatious stare as she told me to sign in. I sighed in and went straight to the rest room to change.


I changed into my long-sleeved black shirt and matching gym shorts. I looked in the mirror and smiled.


'I too sexy for this.'


I got out the restroom and went to the dumbbells. I got the 150 pounds for each and did 20 sets on both arms under 10 minutes.


'Yeah, I'm too AWSOME'


I was so concentrated that I didn't pay attention to the female with the nice legs that passed by.


A small smirk played on my lips.


Those white creamy legs went to the treadmill and they started to run, & run & run; I laid the dumbbells aside and was about to walk to the girl, but as I got closer I found that my mind played a trick on me.


There was no one there.


I shook my head.


I ended my time at the gym a bit early because I needed time to get my clothes for my date with Rose; and I feared my hallucinations would get the best of me and I'll wind up making out with a dude.


I stopped by Tinko's cleaning store and picked up my Calvin Klein Tux, that I bought all the way from The Big Apple.


I stepped inside the warehouse and was greeted by females from left to right.


Like literally.


They ran up to me like I'm freaking Justin Bieber.


I tried to pull myself away from them but they held me to place.


For some small girls, they had the strength of Samson.


"Yo Robert! I need some help!" I screamed to the front desk.


A skinny figure appeared and I sighed in relief.


"Can you tell them to get off. I'm on a time schedule." I said eyes frantic.


Robert smiled. He looked amused. "They like you." He said with a Swed-den accent.


"Come on , Rob. I rally have to go."


He sighed. "Alright." He began to talk Swedish or whatever the hell it is.


The girls let go and whined like little kids over a piece of candy.


I smiled.


'Maybe next time ladies.'


I went to the front desk and had a little chat with Rob for a bit and took my order from him then left.


Looked at my watch and read that it was 4:30.


'Where did the time go?'


I came back to the house and went straight to my room. I placed my iPod on my the deck and played the first song. Pumped the volume to the max.


I went to take a five to thirteen minute shower.


Shampooed, body washed, bath jelled my whole body.


Got out the shower and went to work.


Clean boxers, deodorant, Axe.


I finally, put on my tux and shoes.


Looked in the mirror and almost died.


I was beyond sexy.


There had to be a award for being this hot.


I reached for my weapon that would give a girl a heart attack if they stand close to me.


I opened the drawer and took out my weapon,


Very Sexy For Men.


Yeahh, I know. It's too soon. But hey, I'm going go ALL out.


I looked at my watch again and it was about 5:30. I had to leave pronto.


I left the house and went to the address Vicky gave me on a pink piece of paper.


I rang her doorbell.


She came out looking real niceeeee.


She wore a Fab Satin Dress with stiletto heels.


Yeahh, yeah. 'How does Emmett Cullen knows about fashion?'


Well, I so happen to have a fashion designer, shopaholic of a mother.


I took her hand and spun her around, showing me all the views.


"You look to die for ma." She smiled and giggled.


They always do.


She gave me a kiss on the cheeks and I noticed she a sparkle in her pale gray eyes.


I smiled and took her to my car. I opened the door for her and she smiled blushing.


I went to my side and closed the door before I placed a hand on her pale white thigh.


"You ready?" I asked her.


She nodded. Speechless, cause my scent is so intoxicating.


We arrived at the beautiful Restaurant / Bar : La Rosa.


Someone actually recommend to me, forgot who though.


I parked the car and raced to the other side to open hers.


'Cause I'm a gentleman & let's not forget smooth.'


I put my arm around her waist.


She didn't mind though, I mean I'm a hot guy; so who would?


We entered the restaurant and I'm not gonna lie, this place look nice.


The walls were a cream white. The theme was Roses.




It was covered everywhere.


The place had the smell of strawberry and cool mint.


We reached the hostess.


"May I help you sir?"


"Yes, I have a reservation."


"Your name sir?"


"Cullen, Emmett."


"Aww, yes. Reservation for two. Your table is all set sir. Please follow me."


And we did.


We were seated in the back away from the people, in case she wants to do a 'Lil something.'


"Do you like it so far?" I asked Vicky once we were seated.


"Hell yeah! I can't believe you did for me, and on our first date." She said back.


I held a blush.


"Your welcome." I only said.


The waiter came shortly after.


"What will you have sir?"


I looked at my menu.


"I'll just have the steak and vegetables."


"Fine choice sir."


I nodded my head.


"You miss?" The waiter turned to Vicky.


"Hmmm, I'll just have a salad."


I frowned a little bit.


I mean come on, I have like one of the richest father's in this whole town.


"You sure you don't anything else?" I asked.


"Nah, I'm on a diet."


Of course, they always are.


Aside from the 'salad thing' Everything went great.


I told her my jokes.


She laughed, (they all do).


We had our foods and we ate with an awkward silence.


Desert came and I decided to feed it to her myself.


"It's great, come one just try it."


She opened her mouth and slowly and seductively ate the ice-cream within a few seconds.


She licked her lips slowly smiling.


"It tasted so sweet."


"I know."


We (mostly her) spent twenty minutes talking about herself .


"I'm on the verge of kicking Pim out of the squad. She's like sooo uber annoying. Like for real. I swear she's a stalker. I mean I saw her at the same mall as me. Like it's that kind of creepy?"


I smiled.


It was a good thing she's hot.


She was blabbing on and on about random things so I just stopped listening. I was just looking at the entrance.


Two people.


"I mean I more better looking, smart, sexy, and intelligence than her right Emmett?"


The girl had beautiful blonde hair.




Red dress.








"Are you even paying attention?"




I thought my eyes deceived me for a second. I closed them, then reopened.


Still her.


It was actually her.


Rosalie Swan.


I frowned.


She was suppose to look like that for me.




I looked away with extreme jealously.


"Yeah, you should kick Pim out."


"I already said that! Your suppose to be paying attention to what I'm saying." "

Yeah, whatever."


If it wasn't worse enough, the host set Rose and her douche bag date next to our table on the left two feet away.


For the first time in a LONG TIME, my palms grew sweaty.


They walked towards us and she purposely laughed out loud.


She flashed a smirk my way.


She knew I was there.


It's like she knew my schedule.


She knew I was going to this restaurant.








Note :You still love me? I'm really SOOOOO sorry. I really failed you guys. It's actually hard updating. I suffered from Writers Block for months. I love you guys. && I'm continuing on my other Story , & I MAYBE staring a new story. Any Requests? I'm soory , forgive me. ALSO : HAPPY NEW YEAR , HAPPY VALENTINES DAY , & CHINESE NEW YEAR. (:


- Chavelita ♥

well emmett cullen two can play this game lol

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