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Goodbye for now. (Give it a try I promise you wont regret it(:

This is an idea I had I hope you enjoy it as much as I write it (:

    What if Bella had an older brother when she was human? What if her older brother was Emmett? What if Emmett one day went for a hunting trip and never came back? Bella receives the news that her older brother died in a bear attack. Or she thinks............

  Chapter 1: Goodbye for know...

  "Emmett?" I asked. Emmett is my older brother. He’s the only thing I have. My parents died in a car accident when I was 14 years old. At that time Emmett was 18 and because he was my older brother and 18 he had taken in charge. I’m 17 my Emmy is 21.

I don't know what I would have ever done without him. Just then Emmett appeared. "Hey Bells" he said while he gave me a bone crushing hug. I laughed "What’s that for Emmy?" I said while using the nickname he hates being called. "Nothing’s wrong squirt I just have to go on another hunting trip" he while he put me down. I frowned “Another one did you not come from one a couple of days ago?". Emmett noticed my frown "Bells I know how much you hate when I’m away but you know that we need the money" he pleaded for my understanding. I crossed my arms across my chest. "So? You do realize that I can just get a job end of problem." I said. "Bells you’re my little sister I’m supposed to be the one taking care of you not the other way around." He said. I smiled my Emmy always the caring one he always put my needs in front of his. I sighed, "Fine but hurry back Emmy". "You’re the best Bells" he said while coming to give me a big hug. "One last thing, here I bought you this one it’s of a kind" he said, pulling out a Silver necklace that has half a heart that says "Emmy". "I bought 2 silver ones each one holding half a heart and when untied it has one whole heart. Yours has Emmy and my half heart says Bells. We won't ever be separated Bells" I rushed and gave him a hug. "Hurry back" was the last thing I told him before he went out.  "Goodbye Emmett" I whispered. 


Emmett’s POV

 On my way out I grabbed my gun. I walked out to the forest. The fresh air came to me at once I love the nature. I would have stayed here all day but I know bells would get mad I know how she worries for me. I thought as I smiled. I was caught off guard when I heard something behind me grab me and start to claw their way through me the agony was huge. Bella was my last thought while I fell to the darkness………….

Bella’s POV

  It was getting late where was Emmett I was going to kill him when he got home he know how worried I get when he goes hunting for a long time. At that second I felt pain go through my heart. Emmett something went wrong something had to my heart just doesn’t hurt unless something bad happened to Emmett. Oh no. I held the silver necklace that he gave me. “Emmy it said. “ Emmett please come back safe and sound I don’t want to lose you like I lost mom and dad……."


  thats the first chapter i hope u liked it please post your comment on what you thought thnx ;)





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hey (: n thnx


post more soon


=D thnx n i will tomorrow (:

Wow its been so long! Well I wont give up on this story! For the people who messaged me on taking over my story, I say no. I have worked hard on the plot, but now I will keep a regular update! :)
well I re-read my chapters and wow! I had horrible grammar, well im better at it now, enjoy!!`~ Gina Rose <3

       I looked behind me, it was Alec's voice... I closed my eyes tightly, this was a nightmare, this couldn’t be happening. “Alec my dear, sadly if you chose that then I will have to kill you” Aro said loudly, I opened my eyes and glared at him. It was all his fault, “No, Aro-” I was cut off by Star, “Look pops, leave Bella and Alec go, you can keep me here and kill me if you wish” She said with determination. My frozen heart broke, I stood frozen. My brain finally processing what she had said.

     “Star, don’t you dare” I growled at her, she shook her hear, and smiled at me and Alec. “Look its been fun these past century but the fun ends here, I’ve already lived a long time. Its your turn go be happy.” with that she flicked her hands and Emmett, Alec and myself were pulled outside the castle doors by a powerful force. I heard a heart pitching scream and a loud rip. Then it was deadly quiet...

      I don’t remember anything after than I just remember being in the state of shock, then I snapped. I quickly used all of my powers and pushed the castle doors, I saw Aro had a evil gleam in his eyes. I lost it, I let loose everything, my force was at its ultimate, I was breathing hard. At this same second Aro lost his gleam and had a terrified look in his eyes. I didn’t care, star my creator was dead all because of him. My powers shock everything and then the castle shook 5 times each time with a bigger thud. I was filled with rage, I heard faint voices calling out my name.


    I didn’t focus on there voice I wanted to kill Aro for what he did, “ARO” I screamed and then I blew it, I flung everyone with my force, then it stopped. Everything looked stilled as if time had stopped. I felt someones hand on my shoulder I turned my head and saw star, I felt like crying or hugging her or punching her for scaring me- “Bella, stop and listen don’t go this road I'm gone, its OK, I’ll be back someday somehow. Trust me..” and with those last words she disappeared, no. NO NO NO! I dropped to my knees, she was gone, she was the only one who’s always been there for me. “Isabella, I'm very disappointed” I heard Aro's voice and something ticked and I smiled, I flicked one finger and slowly his right arm started to get on fire, and I smiled wider it grew he panicked. I could smell death already in the air, I was going for the kill and then someone hugged me tightly from behind, “Bella boo, no your not a killer, don’t kill him. Don’t get your hands dirty with these vampires. Don’t do it baby sister” Emmett... I instantly stopped, I nodded. He carried me and I felt someone beside me , I smelled Alec, I also heard Aro breathing hard. I shut down all my powers, I was drained and darkness consumed me.

   sorry its short, hope to hear from yu guyz

i loved it. please keep going. please keep me updated!

i have one way to sum up dis amazing wondeful story with one word WOW!! PS* im a new reader* Calipso Cullent!!!!!



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