The Twilight Saga

As the only two goth kids at Forks High, Bella and Alice Swan are twins. They feel like they are empty inside, like they are alone. But, will that change when two new kids who are goth come to school? Edward and Jasper Cullen feel just like Bella and Alice do. When they meet will sparks fly? Or will they end up with broken hearts.



















Mike Newton

Jessica Stanely

Lauren(we all know who she is )

Tyler Crowley

Eric Yorkie



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Write it plz!
This sounds awesome. Please keep me updated, add me if it's easier for you :) Can't wait to read more
it sounds really good!
You should write this it sounds intersting.
i will soon. Just to let everyone no that chapter 1 will be in edwards pov.
can yo update me???? It sounds really good i cant wait!!!!
Here it is! Hope u like it

Chapter 1
Part 1 edwards POV

As we arrive at the swans house, my brother Jasper and I were listening to our ipods, music blazing.
When my parents, Carlisle and Esme, ring the door bell, it swings open right away.
" Carlisle! Esme! Its been ages. And, oh , these must be your son's. You didn't tell me that they are goth." A woman who i assumed was renee' swan.
" Come in! Come In." she said
" Ah, renee' , you haven't changed a bit." my father said
***************10 minutes later***********************
"Well Renee', were are your daughters?" My mother said.
" They are upstairs, in their room." Renee said.
"why won't they come down?"
"Will your boys go up and get them?" Renee' asked
"go get them boys.' My mother said


Hey every one, for every chapter i write there will always be a part two
love it please keep me updated :))
i love it!
do you?
can someone make some banners. 1 wit edward and bella, and another wit jasper and alice? but in gothic outfits
if any 1 could do that 4 me i would be story writin happy! in gothic way of course;)=
hurry up plzzz update me


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