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This is my first fan fiction so please go easy!!!!



One night Isabella Swan, Jacob Black, Emmett McCarty, and Jasper Whitlock were 2 they were kidnapped by the US Government. They were taken to a remote location in the middle of no where. They grew up and became the best team of secrete agents the US government have.


I don't know where this is going yet but I'm going to have the team go to Forks some how to meet their true loves(that's the reason why I didn't put any of the couples in yet)


If anyone comments I'll post more

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By the time Jasper and I got home it was 3 A.M. Emmett and Jacob are playing Call of Duty in Emmett’s room. Jasper gave me the now or never look to tell them.

I took a deep breathe and walked in front of them.

“Bells please move” Jacob said trying to look past me to Emmett’s TV

“Yeah, Please Bella! I’m about to kill Jacob for the 20th tonight, and if I do I get to choose the next 10 movies we see” Emmett said moving his head to where he could see the TV

I gave them the ‘we need to talk now look’, last time I gave them this look was when Chance died.

*FLASHBACK* (5 Years)

“Bella, may I speak to you in private?” James asked. I could tell by his eyes that this wasn’t going to be good. I nodded to him and followed him to his office, when we got there; he motions me to take a seat. “Bella, as you may have notice your trainer Chance has been gone for awhile” he paused, and I waited for him to continue. “Well he was on a mission, I can’t say what but he was-“

“Wait he’s back? Where is he? I’ve missed him so much!” I said, just about to get up and go look for him James put his hand out telling me to stop.

“No, Bella, I’m sorry to say this but he was killed in the line of duty…” James continued but I couldn’t hear him.

Chance was the father I never got to have and he was the only person I could tell anything. He was the only person who is… was helping me find my family. James handed me a tissue, I didn’t even realize I was crying. I never cry in front of anyone. I wiped my face with the tissue and pulled myself together.

“I know this is hard to deal with, you can take a few days to deal with this new. The funeral is going to be next Thursday, in Hawaii; you may go if you wish” James said.

I nodded. “Yeah, I think Chance will like that” and it might give me closure I added in my head. I stood up and asked “May I be excused?”

James nodded, and walked out and went towards the guys. When I reached them, they were in the middle of practicing. When they say me with puffy eyes, they knew something was up, but when I added the look saying we need to talk… alone. They nodded and followed me…


“Emmett, Jacob” I said while taking a seat next to them. “At the nightclub a man, grabbed me” Emmett and Jacob were about to say something but I put my hand up. “The guy who grabbed me was my dad, and you may tell me that this is a lie, but it’s not, James lied to us. The guys just sat there in shock. 

To be continued... Sorry i have a research paper to do! I'll update as soon as i'm finish with it! sorry for the wait PLZ DON'T GIVE UP  ON MY STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice...well its about time they find out that they have a more soon :)

Yeah but Emmett might not like the outcome of it.....

he will not like will just have 2 wait and see (:

Update soon love the chapter!!!

omg write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Emmett and Jacob just sat there in shocked; we all just sat there for maybe 10 minutes until Jacob finally said something.

“So wait you’re telling us that the people we trust the most in our lives have been lying to us this whole time? I can’t believe this, it’s just way too crazy” Jacob said while getting up and walking out of Emmett’s room.

I looked at Jasper and said in my mind “I’ll handle Jacob, you can have Emmett.” Jasper just nodded and I walked out. I looked around the whole house and I didn’t see him anywhere. Where in the world could he be? Trying to wrack my brain, and started to think about places around our house that he would have gone. Finally I thought of it. I ran out of the front door and went to where I knew for a fact Jacob would be.

10 minutes later…

I climbed up the tree where the old tree house Jacob and I found the 2nd day we were here. The light that Jacob had installed was on so I knew he was here. I pushed on the floor entrance and luckily Jacob wasn’t sitting on it. When I looked in I saw Jacob sitting on the bench near the window.

“Hey” I said in a quiet voice. Jacob didn’t even move.

“How long?” He finally said after 5 minutes.

“How long, what?” I said back

“How long have you known?” He said finally showing me his face, his eyes were red from crying and he looked at me as if I were his enemy and not his friend.

“Since we were 13” I said looking down at my feet.

“Why have you kept this from me for so long?” He said

“Because… Because…  I knew if I told you, I would have to of told Emmett too.” I said

“Why would that be bad?” He said

I could look at him yet so I pulled myself into the house and closed the door and sat on the floor. “Because Emmett’s parents aren’t like the rest of ours.” I said only loud enough that Jacob could barely hear me. I could feel Jacob walking closer to me.

“How are Emmett’s parents different from mine or your or Jasper’s?” Jacob said sitting next to me

“His were… were… murdered” I said

“And you don’t think that’s a good reason to tell him about his parents?” Jacob said jumping up yelling

“It’s not when they got killed because they were addicted to drugs and they didn’t even call the police when he went missing” I yelled back, but when I got to the end I burst into tears. Jacob bent down and picked me up and sat down next to the window and started to rock me, saying “I’m sorry” and “It’s not your fault”. But I kept on shaking my head no, because it was my fault, I should have told the guys when Emmett’s parents were still alive. I finally pulled myself together and sat next to Jacob.

“I’m sorry for not telling you, I know where your parents live I have the address of where they live. They live in La Push, we better get back so I can tell Emmett the bad news, then give Jasper where his dad lives.” I said standing up and bent down to open the door.

“Bella wait” Jacob said turning me around to face him. “You won’t be telling him alone, I’ll help” He said smiling down at me.

“Thanks” I said hugging him and him returning the hug.

“Come on we better get back before Emmett and Jasper come hunting for us” He said opening the door and starting to climb down. “Race you” he yelled already halfway down the tree.

I laughed and looked at the window and walked to it, it wasn’t that far down… “Hmmm…” I took three steps back and ran and spun threw the window. The one thing I think I remember Chance telling me was when in a high building and it’s not too far down, was to tuck and roll and then run. That’s exactly what I did.

I knew if I just ran I would win. But that’s not fair, so I set up a few traps, since I was ahead. Then I just walked on home waiting by the side of the house. When I saw Jacob walking up to me, his face was PRICELESS!!!! He was covered in mud and leaves that I have hung with a blanket I had found. I cracked up laughing.

“This is so not funny.” He said glaring at me.

“No, but it’s hilarious.” I said holding my side because I was laughing so hard.

“Oh, really” he said

“Yes” I said, before I even had the chance to run Jacob picked me up in a hug and wiped the mud and leaves on me. “Jacob stop it!!!!” I said yelling at him.

“Fine, but only because I got most of it off” He said smiling.

We walked up the stairs and walked into the house to find the door had been picked. Jacob and I quit our messing around and I went into the bushes to get our hidden guns. I grabbed two guns and loaded them, passed one to Jacob. I pushed the doors opened and scanned the rooms I could see and listened. I could hear footsteps upstairs. I motioned Jacob to follow I slowly walked towards the stairs and up. When I looked up at Emmett’s room I saw Jasper and Emmett’s bounded together duct tape over their mouths.

“Guys, what are we up against?” I said in my mind to them.

“Two guys in masked they are in my closet looking for who knows what” Emmett said

“Okay well I’m at your door so tell me when they come near it.” I said me and Jacob had our guns ready for anything.

“Okay they are walking towards the door… 3… 2… 1… Now” Emmett said

I slammed the doors opened hitting both guys down, their guns flew across the room I kicked one guy in the gut, while Jacob shot the other guy in the leg, it wouldn’t kill him but it would hurt. I shot my guy in the arm and picked him up and sat him down in a chair while Jacob untied the guys.

“I’m hating this day more and more by the second” I said the guys. I slapped the guy in the chair and pulled his face so his eyes had to look at me. “Now, who do you work for?” I yelled at the guy.

“Quelqu'un qui vous tuera très lentement.” He said in French. (Translated: Someone who will kill you very slowly.)

“Je vais profiter de vous tuer.” I said back to him. (Translated: I’m going to enjoy killing you.)  He looked shocked that I knew French. Well that shows that he doesn’t know what he’s up against.

Okay guys so I’m SOOOOOO SORRY that I haven’t updated in a while I hope this makes up for it!!!! I promise to update more because I got my own laptop!!!!!!! Hahahahah please comment!!!!!! And thank you readers who haven’t given up on my story yet!!!!

Hi I'm a new reader.... I really like your story hehe it's really good!! hope you post up soon more thing.... Keep me updated.. Please

Thanks!!!!!!!! I promise to update soon and keep you updated!!!!!!

omgeee i luv it update soon!

Thanks!!!!! Hope to update soon!!!!



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