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This is my first fan fiction so please go easy!!!!



One night Isabella Swan, Jacob Black, Emmett McCarty, and Jasper Whitlock were 2 they were kidnapped by the US Government. They were taken to a remote location in the middle of no where. They grew up and became the best team of secrete agents the US government have.


I don't know where this is going yet but I'm going to have the team go to Forks some how to meet their true loves(that's the reason why I didn't put any of the couples in yet)


If anyone comments I'll post more

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Hahhahaah I could never do that!

oh thank god!! :D

And here is the next chapter... Its not that good but next chapter is the date!!!!!!! Please comment!!!!!!! Each comment lets me know that people actually like to read my story and i update quicker!!!! I love all the readers who have stuck with me through this story so far! 


Jasper and Jacob loading up Nerf guns. “What are you guys doing?” I asked leaning on the door frame.

“We are going to attack Emmett and the girls.” Jacob said smiling.

“I call the machine gun.” I said

“But I already called that” Jasper said

“Oh Em-“ I started to yell but then was pulled into the room.

“Fine, you can have the machine gun” Jasper said frowning. I went to the machine gun and started to load it. 5 minutes later we were ready for action. We decided to go down the back staircase and Jacob and Jasper would get the girls while I got Emmett. We walk slowly and carefully down the stairs. I went first I saw the girls on the left side, while Emmett was on the phone. I motion the guys that and we decided to wait until he was off. A minute later and he was. I told the guys on the count of 3. 1 2 3 I fired like crazy and I looked to see Emmett in shook. But then he got up and was running towards me. I finished off the load and made a run for it. I went to through the kitchen and out the back door. I hide behind one of the trees.

I knew Emmett would be searching for days before he would find me, so I climbed up a tree and jumped from branch to branch looking for him. Not even 2 minutes later I find a guy in a tree spying on the house. Shot! I don’t have anything to attack with.

‘EMMETT, we have a situation, there is a guy looking at the house around 2 o’clock and about a mile out’ I speak to him through my mind hoping he hears it.

‘Got it, how do you think I should come’ He replies back

‘Go through the front door and through the trees. I’ll find you’ I say hoping through the trees towards the front of the house. 5 minutes later I find Emmett in the woods looking around. I jump down from the tree I was on right in front of him.

“Holy snap! Bella you scared me” He half yelled half whispered. He handed me an Armalite Compact 10 (Hand gun).

“Come on we’ll catch him by surprise.” I said quietly climbing back into the tree with Emmett right behind me.

4 minutes later Emmett and I were 3 trees away from the guy. ‘Emmett, I’m going to the other side on three we take him’ I said to him in my thoughts he only nodded. I went to the other side and looked at the guy then at Emmett he was staring at me, I signaled 1, then 2, and on three Emmett and I jumped onto him. He was shocked to see us but none the less he went into fight mode. Emmett only had to punch him once and he was out cold. He fell to the ground and Emmett and I jumped down.

“Can you carry him Emmett?” I asked out loud.

“Can I carry him?” He looked at me with a shocked expression. “Have you forgotten how much I can lift?” He continued while flexing.

“Oh be quiet and let’s get him to the house.” I said smiling. Emmett picked up the guy and threw him over his shoulder. About 10 minutes later we were at the house and saw Jasper and Jacob running around like mad men. “What in the world is going on?” I said preparing myself for the worse.

“Oh thank god!” Jasper said coming over tome and hugging me. “We thought Emmett took you out into the woods and killed you!”

“No, he couldn’t because I found this guy spying on us.” I said pointing to the guy over Emmett’s shoulder. Emmett carried the guy to the shed. “What should we do with him?” I asked after we tied him up.

“Ummm… We could just call James and have him pick this guy up” Jasper said

“Yeah, but then everyone there will know where we are and we still don’t know who the mole is” I said making my point.

“Yeah that’s true” Emmett said. “We could always just kill him and send him to the club and tell them this is what happens when you mess with us.”

“I think that a little bit drastic, but we’ll call that plan B if we can’t think of anything else.” I said to Emmett. “Today’s Thursday, right?” I asked, the guys nodded. ‘Well we need to get this figured out fast, because I have a date tomorrow and you guys still want to see the girls on Saturday. How about we figure out who he is working for, beat the snot out of him and then tell him that if his boss wants us that bad he better send someone better than an amateur?” I said getting a little annoyed with this mob.

“Sounds like a plan, except how are we going to get this guy up?” Jacob asked. I looked at him and smiled evilly. I walked up to the guy slapped him as hard as I could and sure enough he woke up.

“Well look who decided to wake up finally.” I said sarcastically. The guy looked confused for a second then he realized he had been caught and tied up. He started to try and get out of the rope but nothing was happening. “Ah ah ah, it’s not polite to do that, especially seeing you’re not in any position to try and fight us.” I hit him again just to piss him off.

“We know you were sent here to spy on us, the only question is, do you was this to go the easy way or the way I’m more willing to go?” Emmett said smiling. The guy tried to look brave but you could see that he was starting to sweat.

“Please don’t kill me” The guy said terrified.

“All you have to do is tell us who you’re working for and we won’t” Jasper said trying to be the good cop.

“His name is Aro Volturi, he and his two brothers are the mob leaders in Seattle.” The guy said, well this is way easier than we thought, a little too easy. I looked into the guy’s eyes, and I could see he wasn’t telling the truth.

“I know you’re lying, either you tell us the truth or say goodbye to your hand” I said nodding to Jacob to get a saw. “If you think for one second that I’m just going to let you spy on my family and get away with it, you have some serious problems. Now either talk with a hand or without, I really don’t care, because it’s just going to get worse and worse if you don’t talk.” I said angrily. The guy looked scared out of his mind.

“Fine, I was sent by James, he told me to keep an eye on you guys just in case something happened. He didn’t want you to get hurt. I was to stay hidden and if found pretend to be with the mob. James just didn’t want you guys to get hurt so he had me spy on you and if anything was to go wrong to call him and he would have sent a team.” The guy finally confessed. I looked into his eyes the whole time he explained this and I saw truth. I nodded to Jasper who cut the ropes from the guy. ‘Please don’t tell James he’ll have my a** if he found out that I let you see me!”

“Fine whatever, just warn us if someone else is trading spaces with you.” I said, he nodded and left.

“Okay guy we need to get back before school tomorrow.”  I said they all looked sad. “Don’t worry guys we’ll come and visit as soon as possible but we need to finish this mission.”

“And you have a date to get to.” Emmett said smiling.

“Oh, you’re just jealous that you and Rosalie aren’t going on one” I said

“Oh, but we will!” Emmett said smiling, probably thinking about it.

“Yeah yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.” I said

really like this chapter

try and update more soon!! yay!!

Love it! 

Love it!!!! Please write more soon!!!!! Way to go Bella!!!! Lol thank you for the update!!!!! :)

ah! more!


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