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Okay, my story isn't very developed- and I'm very new here so I don't know really how this works. Really, I only signed up two minutes ago. But I'm just going to explain my story and put the first chapter in the attached files. I hope thats right LOL :S
Anyway, my story takes place in Forks and it's just about another adventure of Edward and Bella. It consumes content of all the books; twilight, new moon, eclipse and eventually breaking dawn, but not all in the first chapter. Its rather confusing and it's starts when they are still at school.
Hope you can keep up.


>> BY Edwardluvrgirl!!! XD

By Callie Cullen :) >>AWESOME

>>By the wonderful 'Lyric'

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I really, really like it, keep going. but you can just post the chapter as cooments on this page. you don't have to type them up on the other program and then upload them.
Oh right, thanks :D
Chapter 2
We arrived soon after on the curb outside my house.
He was at my door in a flash, holding it open. I sprung out, grabbing his hands and pulling him along up the driveway. He protested, but as I knew he could easily resist my pathetic pull, I decided he secretly wanted to stay.
I hurried to unlock the door. Charlie’s cop car was absent, so we were home alone. I ran upstairs, and even though he had been well behind me at the bottom, he beat me to the top. When I reached the entrance to my bedroom, he was already perched in the middle of my bed. Crawling onto his lap, I smiled up at him. He smiled back.
I stretched over painfully and hit the play button on my CD player, my heart melting at the beautiful melody of my lullaby. Wrapping his arms around my stomach, he moved us gently to the old rocking chair and rocked us gracefully back and forth. It was getting dark and Charlie would be home soon. I still needed to cook dinner and start some laundry but these tasks were whipped clean from my mind as Edward pressed his lips against my hair, running his fingers through the thick strangers.

“What are you thinking?” He whispered in my ear, his velvety voice sending me blank again, just as I was recovering.

“I can’t while you’re doing that!” I accused. He looked confused, his eyebrows pulling together as he frowned at me.

“Doing what?” He asked, a slight smile playing on his lips- he knew my answer.

“Dazzling me!” I admitted. He grinned his angels smile and I drew away, trying to reassemble my thoughts. “Stay for dinner.” I suggested with pleading eyes. He breathed deeply, contemplating his answer.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll stay for dinner, to make up for missing school tomorrow.”
My heart plummeted. Tomorrow would be a long and disappointing day. He spotted my dismay and drew me closer.

“We’re going hunting near the Olympic Mountains. Just me, Emmett and Jasper.” He informed me, wearing a sad smile. As very disappointed as felt- I pushed away the feeling- cherishing every second I had with him now. I snuggled into his perfect chest, my head on his shoulder.
He body was cold against mine and I struggled to suppress a shiver. It failed to escape his attention and he bobbed me up onto my feet. I didn’t want to move, I just wanted to sit there with him forever. I sighed and folded my arms stubbornly, looking down at him with a disapproving gaze and a pathetic pout. He didn’t invite me back so I moved onto my bed, feinting a hurt expression.
The door creaked open, but Edward was back before I even had time to look up. He threw a thick blanket over me before taking his place beside me, not wanting to freeze me again. I shut my eyes as he kissed my neck, taking my hands in his. We lay together in silence for a good half an hour. Like most times, words did not disturb our joined reverie.
Suddenly my eyes snapped open and I threw the covers aside, racing out of the room and downstairs. Edward followed, looking panic-stricken and shocked. I didn’t pause to explain as I rushed to the kitchen and- deciding I no longer had time to cook a new
Fish- grabbed the leftovers from the fridge.

“Sorry, I forgot your eating habits again!” Edward apologised.

“It’s not your fault. I put it off too long anyway.” I reassured him, turning to smile affectionately and then putting last nights fish into a frying pan to heat them on the stove.
For the past few weeks, all that it seems Edward wanted to do was be close to me, He was constantly touching my cheeks or hair, holding my hands, kissing my forehead, lips or neck and wrapping me in his arms. My favourite was when his cold lips reached mine, sending my heart into a flutter and my brain into a dizzy spin but all the rest was nice too. Even now, as I was busy preparing Charlie’s meal, he moved close, inhaling my scent and running a smooth finger down my spin. I spun around, staring him down sternly with only a hint of playfulness. He got the point and took a step back, his hands help up in surrender.

“I’ll back you up when Charlie offers you dinner.” I promised, scrapping the fish around in the pan.

“Actually, I was wondering…will you let me take your out? Just this once?”
I usually refused this offer, to let him spend any amount of money on my behalf. But his voice sounded just that little more pleading and irresistible, so I let in.

“Fine. But not anywhere too expensive.” I clarified as he rolled his eyes at my restrictions.
He pulled a chair out from the table and sat down, patting his knee, gesturing me to take a seat. Glancing nervously at the stove, I took it. Edward pulled my head back onto his shoulder, breathing into my face as he whispered “I wish you’d just let me spoil you!”

I closed my eyes, shaking my head. I decided then to finally explain to him why I objected. “You, for some unfathomable reason, want to be with me. That’s the biggest gift the world could ever give me. Putting anything on top of that will just throw us even more out of balance. I could never repay you.”
He scoffed at me, kissing my forehead, but didn’t reply. He slid me off his lap and directed me back to my cooking. A second later, Charlie’s car pulled up in the driveway. He kicked off his shoes just inside the door and hung up his coat.

“Bella? Edward?” He shouted, coming through to the kitchen. Obviously he’d spotted Edward’s car outside.

“Right here dad!” I answered, setting the plate of fish on the table. He licked his lips but then looked confused.

“You aren’t joining me Bella?”
I shook my head, smiling at Charlie glanced distractedly at his waiting meal.

“Edward and I are heading out.” I explained. He nodded quickly, his eyes flickering between Edward, me and the door- a clear indication it was time to leave.
We said our goodbyes and jumped back into the Volvo. As usual, he didn’t look once at the road, but we never swerved an inch from the middle line.
“Where are we going?” I asked, but there was no need for an answer. We had just pulled up at our favourite Italian Restraunt. I got out but other than that I didn’t move.
“I said nowhere too expensive!” I reminded him. The Italian Restraunt that had served as our first date revenue was a fairly fancy place, definitely not cheep But Edward shrugged, putting a hand behind my back and half dragging me through the door.
The young waitress looked delighted to see us back, or at least to see Edward. She led us to our usual booth- private and romantic, and Edward ordered two cups of coke and a bowl of mushroom pasta- looking disappointed when he couldn’t talk me into something more expensive. As always, the waitress looked defeated when she couldn’t Edward had failed to notice her much. She was in still in her flirty way.
When you left, Edward looked serious and held my hand.
I braced myself for bad news. He exhaled slowly, examining me with wary eyes.

“Bella…” He couldn’t seem to find the words. “I need to tell you something and I need you to at least try to understand.”
“You remember last time I told you I would have to be a little protective for a while? Well, this is like that, but tenfold…Around thirty years ago in our past, our family got into a…disagreement, with another family of our kind. I think they’ve finally tracked us down here. It’s me in particular they want and Alice see’s they’ll go through you to get to me. I’m so sorry Bella; once again my fight has become yours.”

Yet again, when fear should strike, it eluded me. I placed my free hand on his shoulder until he looked up and I smiled kindly. His mouth fell open in shock.
“What exactly did Alice see?” I asked out of interest, going back to my pasta.

“She saw you and Brenton- the leading son. You should fear him, I might add. He had you alone in the forest, only god knows how you got there. Alice says he was just about to-” He caught himself and gulped loudly, unable to go on.
I guess a spark of surprise showed on my face and Edward mistook it for fear. Why would I be back in the forest?
He squeezed my hand supportively.
“Don’t worry Bells. The future can change. All we have to do is avoid the smile.” He smiled warmly, but he couldn’t quite meet my gaze.

“But you’re going hunting tomorrow!”
I complained, poking wholes in his plan, pretending to be frantic with worry.
This was my chance to force him out of going away. He would have to stay home with me now.

“We’re only planning a short trip. And Alice doesn’t see them coming for a while now.” He assured me.

“But you said yourself, the future can change. What if they change there path?”

“I can stay behind!” He offered.
I hesitated. What was I doing? Being selfish, that’s what. I heard the desperation in his voice…anything to make me happy.
“No. I don’t want to hold you back. Go, have fun!”
I changed my aim, replacing my scowl with a brave smile.
“Fun? Pfft!” He rolled his eyes.

[Sorry if it's a bit long or boring. Hope you like it! :) ]
Very good! Keep going!
Thanx I'll try to write more soon!
Chapter 3-

I woke up to the usual grey light intruding through my curtains and groaned, rolling onto my side. The red lights of my alarm clock caught my eye and my brain snapped to life as I realised I was two hours late for school!
I swore loudly and ran to my wardrobe, grabbing the first set of clothes my fingers found- my old faded blue jeans and a grey sweat shirt.
Flying down the stairs, I jumped into my truck and the sound of the bellowing engine filled the air.
When I arrived in the Forks High School parking lot, I was just in time for my third hour biology class. The bell rang just as I was taking my seat.
I opened my books, taking up the whole table to compensate for Edward’s absence. As I sat and waited for the rest of the class to arrive, a pale boy dressed in brown, baggy pants and a black, long sleeved shirt entered the room. He strutted gracefully down the aisle towards the teacher’s desk.

“For today I’ll seat you next to Isabella. Just over there” I heard Mr Banner mutter to the new student “Until we can find you somewhere more permanent.”
I was glad the boy wasn’t under the impression this seating choice would last.
He sat down and retrieved his books, glaring awkwardly at mind, which were intruding so far into his side of the table that he couldn’t place his own for lack of space. I hurried to stack them up, not wanting to be rude.
He smiled warily and turned away. His face was very attractive, though no where as appealing to me as Edward’s. His teeth were a sparkling white, his eyes a strange colour between light orange and butterscotch, with traces of deep black running within.
I tried to concentrate back on work but it was very difficult. I could see him passing strange, murderous glares my way out of the corner of my eye. He finally seemed to gaze enough confidence to talk to me.
“Hi Isabella, my name is Brenton Daley. Nice to meet you.”
His voice was rough and his newly formed smile was shy and anxious. I turned to face him.

“Just Bella.”
It had been so long since I had corrected someone of that and I was having major
De Ja Vu of my first day in Forks, or at least the first day when Edward started talking to me. After that small break through, the rest of the lesson went smoothly, until I started to see more and more ‘symptoms’ in Brenton. I had noticed the eyes, the hungry red within. I had noticed the way he took my in, almost thirstily. I had noticed his pale cold skin that sent shivers up my spine. With all this notice, it should have been enough to freak me out. To make me run for my life, but the following is evidential proof I am not a smart person.

When Mr Banner came around with scalpels, I should have been smart enough not to twirl it around in my hand while I waited for the fish to dissect. I should have been smart enough not to touch it. And I should have been suspicious enough to run for it when, with a slicing pain, a drop of blood dripped onto the desk. But I wasn’t and I could only watch in horror and Brenton’s eyes whipped towards me and he jumped to his feet, his irises suddenly dark like the troubled sea, wretched hunger and desire swirling within them. I gasped, stumbling to my feet on instinct and backing away from my crouching predator.
His teeth flashed greedily as he pulled his lips back. This wasn’t fair; he’d caught me too easy. He was just a blur of speed and, unable to decipher his movements, I squinted- waiting for the pain. He was circling me like a ravaged shark, the tension building up in my brain nearly too much to bear. I wanted to scream “Just kill me already!” A second later, he was at my throat, teeth bared and eyes agleam.
“I am sorry Bella.” He smirked, opening his mouth wider in preparation. I squeezed my eyelids shut, practically screaming already. How would this look to my friends, my classmates, Mr Banner? What would they think when they saw me lying on the floor, blood spilling from my neck. I supposed Brenton will kill them next. And to think I never got to say goodbye. I always suspected it was a good bet I would die before my time, even as a vampire- but I never imagined it would look like this. I suppose it was as good as any other, but it won’t just be me that dies this way. The horror struck cries of my friend- Jessica, Mike, Angela, Ben- filled my head. It killed me- no pun intended- to think of what Brenton would do to them when I was out of the way. Next, I thought of Edward’s words. ‘I will follow soon after’
A tear rolled down my cheek as I realised the pain this would put him through. Possibly even more than I was about to encounter. A sudden thought occurred to me- why wasn’t I in pain?
I opened my eyes hesitantly to see my still chattering classmates, blissfully unaware if the scene acting out behind them. Brenton was still poised readily at my neck, but had been momentarily distracted by an object somewhere near my side. His brow drew together and his grip slackened. I follow his gaze and found my crescent moon scar, on full display on my upturned arm.

“Fascinating.” He whispered, grabbing at my wrist. I took my chance, in the short time it took for his hands to move from my neck to my wrist, in the split second I was free, I ran as fast as I could towards to door, not looking back for a second.

“Bella!” I heard Mr Banner yell from behind me as I darted for the gates, muttering under my breath ‘Alice. Help, Please! See me!”
I shrieked loudly as my head collided with a hard, stone object.

“Tut-tut Bella. Poor, stupid, ungrateful, human girl. Couldn’t you settle for a peaceful death? No, you brought this on yourself.”
I fought a scream as Brenton flung me to the ground and grabbed me by the hair. But the outburst was flung from my throat as I heard a sickening crack and his foot came down on my finger. “Lucky I missed.” He smirked.
I lay, panting in pain as his manic laugh rang through my head. Suddenly, it stopped short and, looking around, I found I was alone. I couldn’t move but I begged myself to die as the cold hands gripped at my legs. I couldn’t handle the torture, not again.
But then the grip was comforting, familiar.

“Edward!” I gasped, wishing I could scream in relief.
“It’s alright Bella, you’re okay now.”
I spotted Brenton’s body slumped against the opposite brick wall, Alice and Jasper racing over to take drag him away.
Suddenly, my head caved in and I couldn’t keep it up anymore. I sobbed and wailed and practically screamed in his arms as Edward carried me to the car and buckled me in. The purring of the engine seemed to calm me slightly. I breathed deeply and after a few minute I had myself enough to talk.

“You okay?” He asked cautiously, caressing my cheek with the back of his frozen hand.

“Fine.” I hiccupped, embarrassed and shaken. “Another vampire huh?” I spoke again after a while. Edward stiffened beside me and pressed his foot to the accelerator.

“I’m so sorry Bella. I had no idea he would so soon! You told me to stay, and I didn’t. I’m so-”
I put my hands on his face.

“This isn’t your fault!” I insisted, followed by a deafening silence. He kissed me insistently for a moment and then pulled back and punched his head back into the seat. “I thought you were camping!” I asked suddenly, my mind catching up and questions flooding over.

“I was, but do you really think I could stay away? I’ve been with you all morning. Too bad Alice called me home- apparently it was an emergency- only to tell me you were in trouble at school. Could have killed her.” He attempted a short smile, but it twisted into a grimace halfway. “At least you didn’t get hurt!”
I shoved my squashed finger deeper into my pocket, the pain still unbearable. But I get the screams locked inside...for him.

(Sorry guys...from here on in, theres gonna be a lot of over the top drama for a while. Tell me if its too much!)
i really, really like it!!! please, please, please keep going!!! i need to know what's going to happen!!! How is Bella going to get Carlisle to lookat her finger without Edward finding out?!!!?
This is awesome!!! ouch poor bellas finger!
Hi I really like your story.Is ther more?
Yeah there's more coming soon! :D
you dont have to say sorry or make excuses up at the end of the chapters it is really very good I hope you write more.
This is pretty great! Keep going!!!


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