The Twilight Saga


Bella Swan is really the daughter of the Greek god Zeus and was married to Hermes. But Ares and Hades erased her memory and put her back on earth for revenge, Hermes tried to search for his wife for 5 years but never found her. Now Jacob, who's a Part Greek God and Half Werewolf is in love with Bella, knowing very well her past but not the bit about her being full Goddess. He's the son of Ares.One a field trip to History Museum they stumble upon a portal that sends them back to where she Belongs. Will she find out about her past before its too late? Will she stay or return back to earth?

This lovely banner is made by Claire.J Darling. She did such a great job and the banner torned out amazing :)

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coool keep writing and we can see were it goes

thanks :) I'll keep you posted once I update

keep goiing



thanks :) will do

sound good keep me updated.....

will do :)

sounds good!

thanks :)

you should write this sounds awesome
I like it , write more please


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