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Hi there! This is my first fanfic and I have written it about Alice human life. About what really happened to her during her last human moments. I already posted my story in the Ashley Greene Fanclub but I thought of sharing my stories to you guys to. I hope you'll like it.

Chapter 1 - A Vision

I never regretted being a vampire. I never saw saw my life as a
unlike what Rosalie thinks. My family and ofcourse my one and only Jasper
 is the most important thing in my life. Jasper is everything to and I don't know
what I'll ever do without him. I laid down on my bed not to sleep ofcourse but just to relax. Hmm...
I wonder who created me. Though I know that James killed him/her, I still want to
 know his/her name. I thought of it deeply and sighed. I have lots of questions in my
mind, I hope someday they may be answered or will my questions forever be
questions in my thoughts. Suddenly, flash of pictures appeared.
What? the Volturi? What are they discussing?
 The pictures were so fast that even I couldn't understand. I concentrated to

sort the pictures out for me to understand them clearly. I was distracted
 when I felt Jasper's arm around my waist. " What are you confused about?" he whispered in my ear. " I saw the Volturi, they were
discussing something. It's strange cause
the pictures were so fast I couldn't get it." "Are you sure?" he asked.
 "Yeah, I need to talk to Carlisle about this." He nodded and we both went downstairs.
" Carlisle?" I called out. Carlisle was in the room with us in a flash
with Esme on his side.
 " Yes Alice, what is it?" "I need to tell you something.
" I said but before I could continue, I saw another flash of pictures. A shiny
 black car, coming straight this way. I concentrated to see who it might be but.. a lady
I don't know who she is. I never met her before. Who is she?
" Alice, honey are you alright?" Jasper asked panicked. " Oh sorry Jazz, I just
 saw something again." I tuned to face Carlisle.
" Carlisle, I saw the Volturi discussing but they keep on changing their
minds and I don't get their conversation." I said. " Alice" Edward said. Edward
was holding Bella's hand and Nessie's on the other.
Nessie has grown so much this past 4 years. She already looks like
a 9 or 10 year old. Maybe the Volturi are discussing a bout Nessie.
They have not talked about her ever since and no doubt that maybe it about Nessie.
 "Alice!" Edward exclaimed. It's not impossible Edward. I told him.
Bella turned to face Edward. " It's ok love, It's nothing" he told Bella.
I could see that Emmett and Rose are coming home from their hunting trip any second now.
" HI GUYS!" he shouted, Rose behind him. " What's wrong?" he continued
upon seeing how serious we all were. I sighed.
" Ok just a while ago I also saw that someone is coming here but
 I don't know who she is. I never met her, how about you Edward? I asked while remembered the face of the girl. "No" he said. "Well, I have a
hunch that she may be from the Volturi.
" I continued. "What?!" Bella exclaimed. "Don't worry Bella she's alone, and we
can take care of her she's no match for us okay." Bella just nodded.
"But Alice, maybe she's just a friend of ours." Carlisle rejected.
 " Yes, even I could see that nothings going to happen now but we should be ready.
" I answered him. " Yeah, we're always ready." Emmett added. Carlisle sighed.
 Then we all heard the car tracks coming closer. When it stopped, we heard
 the door opened then closed. Silently she approached the door. Carlisle
went to the door to get it. When he opened the door, " Katrina!", he shouted.
Katrina? who is she? " It's great that we meet again." he continued.
" Yes, I'm happy too." she answered him. " But why are you here?" Carlisle
 "Uhm.. Well, is Alice there?"
What? Me? But even I didin't know her. why does she want me??

That's the end of chapter one...
please tell if you like it and if I'll post chapter 2..thank you

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I think this is brilliant please post some more :) x
thanks so much.. glad you liked it.. I'll post some more then ..:)
um ilovealicecullen i love your story but i ws gonna do an post about how alice TRANSFORMED into a vampire but if it gets in the midst of your story then i wont post it i was just wondering if you would hv an issue withit or not.Thanks
- Annabell
Oh its alright if you post your story. Don't worry its fine with me :) We have different points of views of how Alice became a vampire so of course I want to read other sides too.. No problem just post your story go ahead an Alice lover is always a friend of mine. And if you wanted me to read your story then just tell me ok? ; )
Thanks :)
your welcome :)
Chapter 2 - Visitor

"Yes she's here", Carlisle responded. "Alice?" he called.
I came closer to the door, Jasper came with me never wanted to let go of me.
I stared at her as I reached the door. She carried a gray dark cloak on her arm, which I immediately indentified that she was from the Volturi.
“ Yes, what do you want?”, I asked a little harshly. She sighed then smiled at me kindly.
“ My apologies, I’m Katrina. Uhm, and I’m here to tell something very important.”
“Yes, important indeed” Edward said staring at her. “And I’m pretty sure you’re going to be interested about this, Alice” he continued.
I nodded once and before I spoke, Esme cut me of.
“I think it’s best that we talk inside shouldn’t we?”
“Uhm, yes I think that’s best”, was the only thing I could say.
We went to sit on the couch. I watched the face of Edward.
His face was smooth and relax, so I kinda relaxed too, or was it because of Jasper?
"Are you fine?" Jasper whispered through my ear.
" Yes ofcourse I am alright" I whispered back.
All I could see through the future was that we were going to get along, but I couldn't see what was she going to tell me.
That’s weird.
I saw Bella's reaction to our visitor. She was surely worried for Renesmee.
It meant that she recognized the cloak too.. But I was pretty sure that Katrina came not for Renesmee but me.
But what does she need to tell me?
“ok, but before you tell me something please tell me that you do not come for my niece.” I said.
This must please Bella if she knew that Nessie wasn't going to be harmed.
"Oh, surely I did not come here for the child. I wasn't sent by the Volturi, I came here for my purposes only"she answered.
"That's a relief" Bella responded.
"But why did you come here dear Katrina?" Carlisle asked.
"I came here only to clear things out for Alice you see." she said.
She faced to me this time.
"Alice maybe you'll get confused a bit on what I am going to say, but you must believe me.
I was beginning to get irritated.
" Alice this about your past life when you were still human and about the vampire who changed you."
I was shocked on what she said.
I've been waiting all these time for all the my questions to be answered.
And now the time has come for all of them to be revealed.

here's chapter 2..
It's short hope you'll like it..
Ooooo I love it please write again soon!!!
I cant wait :)
Jodie xx
Chapter 3- Katrina

“What?”, was the only thing I could say.
I looked back at all of my memories of my existence.
Each memory of my family who kept me, and loved me as their own.
But from all of those memories one stood out the most...
Darkness... my human memory was full of darkness and suffering.
Alone and lost, no where to go, no one to look for no nothing..
That's I have never hated myself since I became important 'cause that's the only time I felt of being alive..
Being loved and cared..
I looked at the faces of my family, the family where I truly belong..
Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, Bella, Renesmee and Jasper.
They each nodded for encouragement and i smiled back at them.
I faced back to Katrina who was waiting for my response.
I smiled at her and said "You've got to tell me everything"
"Yes, I would." Katrina responded.
"Yah, everything okay we've got plenty of time." I said.
"Oh yes we do."
I smiled at her with excitement.
"Okay you see, I met Aro many many years ago. He asked me to join him and that he would be very welcome to accept me.
Because I had no choice during that time, I joined him. There I met Carlisle and we became great friends too, didn't we Carlisle?"
"Oh yes, we did." He answered back.
"Wait, if your part of the Volturi then you would have special power too isn't it? I asked.
"Yes, my power isn't that awesome I could show what I like you to see if I wanted too."
Oh, like Zafrina then."
"Yes, just like your friend Zafrina."
"You know Zafrina?" this time Renesmee was the one who asked her.
We all didn't met the Amazon Coven for a while now and sure Nessie misses Zafrina too.
"Uhm, well I don't know her personally but I have seen her, I'll explain it to you later as we go further more."
Everyone waited patiently for her to go on, eager to know more and more of what had had happened.
"And so, after a few years I got tired of being in the Volturi, I wanted to be free. I then left the Volturi and went alone.
I then met Daniel, he was a nomad. Eventually we then became great friends, I mean we became actually mates." She said shyly.
"We then looked for a hobby or some what like a job." She continued. "We were both bored of going around and we decided to just settle down and
tried to feed on animals rather than humans so that we could handle and mingle with them as we stayed with them.
We found a nearby town and there we were given a job at an asylum."
I stiffened on the word asylum, I felt everyone’s eyes on me. I knew that the part I've been waiting for has come.
But will I be able to accept it? My own human life?
Jasper hand touched mine.
"It's ok love, you can handle it." he whispered.
Yes I can, I would do it.
And I'll be happy to accept it...

Here's chapter 3...

Hi everyone, not sure if you're still going to read it but still gonna post it anyway :) I know it's already been 2 years since my last post since I was quite busy and i forgot checking on to this site.. anyway here's chapter 4 :)

Chapter 4- confusion

The silence didn't last long.
"Yes, the asylum is where we first met you Alice." Katrina said.
"And so what happened to me?"
I saw pictures then in my head, they were very dark.
We were going deeper and deeper into the darkness.
Then, I saw a door. A door with a lock on it. But....but the lock was unlocked, that was weird.
We approached the door, and in the room we saw a young girl at the very corner of the room.
Her scent was very sweet and strong. It was very mouth watering, I could say.
We came closer to the girl but then suddenly she stood up.
She slowly turned around to face us and then, I noticed that she was me. NO I mouthed.
I shook my head off turning left to right. I couldn't imagine myself like that.
I was weak, dull and helpless. I was all alone in the dark without anyone to talk to.
I started to have doubts on letting Katrina continue the story.
What if I didn't need to know what happened to me?
I don't want to know my miserable life, I'm happy for what I have now!
"Alice, didn't you want to know what happened to you? You have been holding lots of questions on
your mind and now you just won't mind them anymore?! Don't waste your time now." Edward said.
I was just so confused to answer him back. I was having a headache again.
"Don't make her even more confused Edward!" Jasper answered him back.
I felt all relax and fine as Jasper held my hand tightly.
"I'm fine Jasper, its ok. I can handle this."
I cleared my mind and thought deeply on what's the right decision.
"I think to go on with the story would be the best." Edward said.
"Cut that out Edward, leave her alone." Bella told him.
"Yeah like that would be easy."
What would I do? Do I really want to know the true me?
"Jazz, can you and I have a walk for a while?" I asked.
"Sure honey, I'd love to."
"Excuse me guys, I need to clear my head off." I told everyone.
"Do you want me to come with you dear?" Esme asked always worried.
"No it's alright Esme I can handle this."
We both went to the door.
"Come back soon aunt Alice" Nessie said.
"Yes, Alice do come back soon" Bella added with her sweet smile.
"Yes, I will" I responded.
"We left the house running through the forest. Away from my family.
Away from my loved ones, away from the truth which I am afraid to know.


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