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Chapter 1..... -this is a little weird in the beginning-
The smell of the blood burned my throat- I had to concentrate hard not to walk up to them, they have families to go to, control… control. I thought this whenever I found it difficult- as I walked through the town with my wolf person Jacob.
‘Nessie, are you planning to get back home anytime soon, because I really need to talk to your mom’
‘Jake, I was actually thinking about not killing the people walking past me’ I said so only Jake could hear me, he looked at me with wide, startled eyes.
‘Nessie, you should have told me… I can help.’
When he said that it gave me an idea, we would run home.
‘Then… can we go through the woods so we can run? We’d get back quicker that way and then I can speak to my dad.’ I voiced my idea, as I said this his face became relaxed. I sensed a flicker of annoyance in his eyes though, it seemed to happen whenever I said that I needed my dad…
‘Sure, sure’
I turned to walk past Newton’s where I knew the forest was, Jake followed.
It took only a minute to reach the dark green trees that I loved so much.
Jake started to run in a flat-out sprint, I followed. He had always been faster than me, but I suppose that was because I was only half a vampire, my dad and my mom are proper vampires, along with the rest of my family, but I have always been an outcast. They say I am more important than any of them… but if I am then why can’t I keep up with them when we go hunting or when we go running?
I hate being half human…
I barely noticed when we got home and I ran straight into the door, I had been too absorbed in my mind and thinking about my inabilities.
‘Crap.’ I was stood in front of the staircase looking back at Jake through a hole that was a tad larger than me. His stance was casual, though his face nearly split in two by his laughing smile.
‘Nice one, Nessie. They’re gonna love you even more for that’ He laughed at his poor joke. I grimaced as I heard footsteps upstairs… I could also hear my mom and dad running to meet us, great… they’re gonna ground me for a year for this.
It was uncle Emmett that I saw first- he looked at the door and then me, his golden eyes flicking faster than normal eyes should.
The rest of my family followed him, first Auntie Rosalie then Auntie Alice, Grandma Esme and Grandad Carlisle. I noticed that Uncle Jasper was not among them.
My Dad just stared at me whilst mom walked up the steps outside.
‘Crap’ I said, again.
‘Renesmee… how?’ They whispered In unison, mom turned to smile at my dad then turned back to me, her golden eyes burning.
‘What did you do?’ She screeched, though the sound was like wind chimes.
‘I ran through the door.’ I stated, matter-of-factly. Jake laughed and everyone turned to stare at him…
‘What? It was funny…‘ they turned back to me, everyone was stood in front of me now although I hadn’t heard them move. Only my eyes lingered on his russet brown face, I smiled. He was so beautiful. My dad growled.
‘I can see that, thank you, wipe that smile off of your face. Weren’t you paying-’ My mom started again, trying to get me to focus on her.
‘Where’s Uncle J?’ I said interrupting her and talking louder than usual to drown out my mom’s ranting, Her beautiful face turned into a mask of disappointment.
‘Uncle Jasper is at your grandad Charlie’s house.’ She hated me using that nick name for him, Uncle J doesn’t mind though… he says it makes him sound cooler, I smiled to myself again. Drat I really need to talk to him. And dad for that matter, but that can wait for tomorrow.
‘Oh. Well… um… I’ll just go to my room then. Bye!’ I sprinted past them, where they stood motionless, shocked. I was vaguely aware of Jake going into the house as I ran out of it.
As I ran I began to think again… I shouldn’t have done that, they deserve more. Although I have to admit that I’m closer to my dad than my mother but still… It’s unfair to her, to all of them.

The door was locked when I reached our cottage, so I walked around to the window that gave me a view of my bedroom. I unlocked the latch with one of my hairpins that I had pulled out of my shimmering, bronze hair so as not to do any damage. I climbed through to my white room and sat on my large blue bed ,across from my dressing table, I needed a large one since I keep growing so fast… Currently I have the body of a fifteen year old but I’m only seven, but that could change, tomorrow I may have the body of a sixteen year old. Hopefully I’ll stop growing soon… Hopefully. A feeling of unease and sadness swept over me, I kept it at bay by thinking of Jacob but it was easy for me to lose my train of thought. I analyzed my reflection in the gilt framed mirror on the wall, two chocolate brown eyes set onto a pearly white face framed by thick bronze curls looked back at me… The eyes were pained and upset.
I got undressed and tried to distract myself by getting changed, I found a beige sweater with a crisp, white collar which I pulled over my hair so I didn’t ruin the style that I had put it in this morning. I reached for my favorite skirt next- Black denim with silver stitches- and pulled it around my waist. I appraised my outfit with a smile. Auntie Alice was always willing to comment on my outfits, and almost always she told me it was beautiful and went upstairs immediately to sketch it out.
I closed the door on my over-large wardrobe and examined my hair in the mirror, part of it was ruffled in some places from running so I smoothed it down and replaced the hairpin that I still held in my hand.
The sun burst through the clouds then, I could tell because the light that shone through the window made my skin glow and shimmer, but still not as much as the rest of my family. I frowned to myself and turned to sit back down on my bed… my foot caught in something on the floor and I tripped and fell over.
‘Ow!’ I moaned, I had banged my knee on the bed frame. Hard. It took a lot more to hurt me seriously though. I caught my balance on the bed frame and pushed myself into a sitting position. I smoothed my hair down again as I examined the object that had made me trip, it was my golden locket, I had lost it quite a while ago and was pleased to see it again even though it had made me fall over. I smiled as I picked it up and opened the catch to read the inscription inside- ‘Plus que ma propre vie.’ - my mother had told me what it meant long ago, ‘More than my own life.’
I fastened it around my neck where it belonged, I would not take it off again. I pulled myself up and on to the bed, where I laid my head back, the distractions had only kept me busy for a few minutes and so my mind wondered back to my differences.

I whipped my head round in the general direction of the door as I heard the lock open, I recognized the footsteps as my father’s. I tried to control my emotions but In less than a second he was at my bedroom door, his pale white features making my room glow, I stared at him with envy. Why couldn’t I do that?
‘Nessie, what’s wrong?’ He whispered in a low quiet voice.
It was then that I lost control, my emotions tumbling out of me, tears welled in my eyes and spilled over the edge. A strange sound erupting from my full red lips. He looked at me with his golden eyes, an unseen emotion looking back at me.
‘I’m s-sorry, I didn’t mean t-to. I wasn’t c-concentrating. I was thinking about other th-things…’ I stuttered through the words but they came out garbled and sounded nothing like I intended them to. My father walked towards me… no… danced towards me, walk is the wrong word all together, he is so graceful… like a lion, in fact.
‘Renesmee Carlie Cullen,’ He whispered in my ear as he cradled me. ‘What were you thinking about that made you run into a door?’ He chuckled, I could tell he was trying to make me feel better. But I had let the emotions take over now, they overpowered me and broke through my defenses. Ha! As if he didn’t know what I was thinking about!
I fought with the cascades of tears and the strange noises so I could speak clearly, though the tears were going to come back… I could tell. Another strange sound came from my throat.
‘shh, shh. What’s up, sweetheart?’ his voice was like velvet and is the only thing that can calm me down… My father is the best person in my family to have a conversation with because he could read your mind you don’t have to say anything out loud, which is an advantage in my case. I was thinking about how different I was- from you and everyone else- and how I want to be a full vampire, not a poxy half breed. I let the acidity into my thoughts on the last part of my speech.
‘Oh, Nessie,’ He whispered, his voice calming again. My mom hated to hear me being called Nessie, she refused to adopt the nick name. ‘I thought we talked about this?’
We did, but I’m still different, I want to be normal… well, as normal as vampires can be.
He smiled softly at my correction.
‘Where did you and Jacob go, anyway? You left before me and Bella, I mean your mom had… err… risen.’ He was trying to distract me and I welcomed it, I welcomed it gratefully.
‘Eugh dad!!’ I laughed, the sound echoed around the room and made Dad smile, a beautiful crooked smile that made him look like a male model. ‘I don’t want to know what you and mom have been up to, thank you!’
‘Show me where you’ve been then.’ His voice was bright, cheerful. And it calmed me.
I lifted my palm to his face and showed him where we had been, I let the images and places fill my head, first we had gone hunting and then to the park where Jake had broken the sea-saw, And then my laughter overpowered the memory. I let the images fade away and dropped my palm from his smooth, marble like face.
‘Jacob… Always causing trouble.’ He shook his head, and set me back down upon the bed.
‘Jasper’s back,’ He said, smiling at me. ‘Shall we go and see him, I got the impression that you wanted to talk to him, but your thoughts were a tad muddled. I don’t know if I understood correctly.’ He looked at me with a confused expression.
‘Yes, I do.’ I laughed at his facial expression, ‘Surely you know why… Or has your mind reading power gone blank?’ I laughed freely, It was a beautiful sound. Bell like, almost.

‘You found your locket?’ His velvet voice ringing in the now, silent room.
‘Yes, I tripped over it’ I blushed as I said this. I hated blushing, it just made me look like a tomato against my pearly skin. Dad laughed loudly, and took my hand in his cool fingers.
‘The blush in your cheeks is lovely,’ He said stroking my pink-stained cheeks. ‘Your mother had the exact same blush.’ He smiled at me. I noted the past tense. Well, this is confusing, I thought to myself. Doesn’t she blush anymore or something?… oh… that’s right, vampires don’t blush but I do. Dad brought me back to reality by clearing his throat, but made no attempt to soothe me.
we ran for the house, only pausing to lock the door. When the house came into view I paused, marveling at it’s beauty. The glass walls, the white wooden beams that made it look like something from a fairy tail. I would always have my breath taken away by the perfect symmetry of it. I looked through one of the windows and found myself looking into the front room, Uncle J was sat with Auntie Rose, deep in conversation…
‘Nessie?’ Dad’s voice was far away but I started running again. We reached the house and walked up the stairs.
The entrance to the house was old but finely refurbished and restored. We had Grandma Esme to thank for that, she loved restoring houses and old buildings. I smiled, Dad opened his mouth to confirm my thoughts but I shushed him with my finger. I could hear everyone in the living room, chatting and laughing, I could even tell that my mom was sat with Uncle Emmett and Alice. They were listening to what Emmett was saying, though I could not hear exactly because I was different, my hearing was not as good. I felt disgruntled.
‘Uncle J?’ I called quietly but clearly, he would hear me… and my emotions.
It was hard to keep a secret from Jasper, my Dad and Alice as they all have gifts-
My dad can read minds, so it’s best not to think about certain things when your around him but out of courtesy he usually stays out of our heads unless we talk to him with our thoughts.
Auntie Alice, My favorite auntie as a matter-of-fact, can predict the future. It changes though if someone makes a different decision, so she probably knew what I wanted to talk to Uncle J about… It’s okay though, she won’t tell anyone if I ask her not to.
And Uncle J, He can control your emotions, make you feel calm when your upset, or happy if your sad, I liked him for this, my emotions needed controlling at the moment. But this was not what I wanted to talk to him about, Uncle J found it the hardest to feed on only animals, which Is why I need to talk to him, I need help.
I have a gift as well, I can show people images and smells, sounds and tastes. Things that I had experienced. This happened when I lifted my palm to anyone’s faces.

only a second after I had called his name Uncle J was stood in front of me with his arms open wide, I ran to him and hugged him with as much force as I could gather. He chuckled and poked me in the ribs, gently but it still hurt. He was stronger than me, after all. It was then that I remembered my Dad, he was listening to my thoughts as we walked in. He had heard everything that I had ‘said’. He looked at me, and I removed myself form Uncle J’s arms.
‘Aw crap!’ I wailed, though the sound was not unpleasant.
‘You should have told me, Renesmee. I can help you.’ He whispered softly but I could still hear him, crystal clear,
‘I’m sorry, Dad. But I think Uncle J will understand best, I would tell mom, but she had no problem with it and she would probably get worried.’
‘That’s true,’ He agreed. ‘I’ll leave you to it then, Nessie.’
I could hear enough to tell that mom had growled at that.
‘Sorry, love!’ He called, grinning at me and then, gracefully he walked into the front room.

‘What’s up, Nessie? Your worried about something?’ He looked worried, my face must look pained again. Another wave of unease swept over me.
‘I thought I’d talk to you…since you had…’ I searched for the right word, trying not to sound rude. I knew he wouldn’t mind but I still searched and found the perfect word. ‘…trouble with adjusting, I have to concentrate so hard when I walk near humans, I actually thought of going up to one today… thinking of exactly how I could kill her without people noticing…’
‘Oh, Nessie. I’ll help you, I promise.’ He enveloped me in his arms again as more tears came running down my cheeks, I was shocked that there could be more stored in there.
‘I know you will, thank you.’ my words came out garbled again and I hugged him tighter as I whispered so low, hoping that no one but Uncle J could hear… But I couldn’t be sure. All I could tell was that my mother had grown very silent. Had mom heard what I’d said? Her hearing was better than mine, anyway. I wonder…
The phone in my pocket rang loudly, making me jump. I growled and answered the phone without checking the number to see who it is, I usually checked the number, this was unusual for me. I prefer to see who’s calling me, but my thoughts had now been interrupted and it made me angry.
‘Hello?’ I answered, hotly. Uncle J just looked at me, sensing my anger.
‘Nessie?’ Oh! It was Granddad Charlie, his voice sounded worried. Uh oh.
‘Hey granddad! What’s up?’ My voice sounded cheerful but I was burning inside, I wanted to be alone… Alone with my thoughts.
‘Well,’ He hesitated, and I guessed that it was the sudden change in my tone of voice that made him nervous. I tried to sound like I normally would.
‘Yes?’ Uncle J stared at me more intensely as he heard the tone of my voice, I realized that I sounded impatient. Dammit, I needed to sound normal. I growled again.
‘What was that, honey?’ Charlie asked, oops.
‘Nothing, nothing. Carry on.’ It took a lot of effort but I made my voice sound whole hearted and interested in what he had to say.
‘Well,’ He began again. ‘I was wondering if you could come round for a bit, I haven’t seen you in so long…’ I sighed in relief, this was all? He sounded like he was going to pass out. He did sound so worried though, his voice was only whispering when he said the last part of the sentence, I grew confused and uneasy, only a second later though I was calm. I stared at Uncle J through narrowed eyes, he grinned back impishly.
‘Sure, sure. But not right now though,’ I broke off.
‘Are you in trouble again, Nessie?’ He teased and I had to smile that the tone in his voice had changed, but again, I sighed. Nothing got past Granddad Charlie.
Um…’ Now it was my turn to hesitate, what was I going to say?
‘What have you done now?’ He sounded bored.
‘I… I broke my bed, I was jumping on it and it broke…’
‘Ha!! You are so like Renee!’ I had to laugh at that, the sound of bells echoed around the room, it was so appealing.
‘I’ll be over soon,’ I promised. ‘But if I’m not, ask mom where my body is.’ I laughed.
‘Sure thing,’ He chuckled. ‘See you, Nessie!’
He chuckled once more and the line went dead.

Auntie Alice danced into the hall.
‘Hey, Nessie!’ Her voice took my breath away every time I hear it. I smiled, said nothing and did two full turns. She smiled at me and praised my outfit.
‘Very chic,’ I grinned wider and noticed that we had been joined by the rest of my family.
‘Who bought the shoes? They’re gorgeous!’ I laughed along with everyone else as I looked at the white, glittery heels that I had put on.
‘You did, of coarse!’ I laughed freely, it was a weightless sound, everyone’s smile widened upon hearing it.
‘Ahh…’ She said seriously. ‘I have good taste.’ I smiled at her and turned to face mom and dad.
‘Mom, Dad? Can I go to Granddad’s?’
‘Sure, sure.’ Mom smiled at me, but dad looked at her with a pained expression in his eyes. I made a mental note to ask him why.
‘I’ll tell you in a minute. I’ll drive you there.’ He said softly, everyone looked at him but he just shook his head.
‘Edward…’ grandma Esme began. He shook his head once more and walked gracefully, but silently out the broken door and towards the garage. Eight pairs of Eternal eyes stared after him, but one pair lingered on the mahogany door. I laughed nervously.
‘I’m so sorry about that, Grandma.’ She turned to me and smiled.
‘It’s okay, honey. I’ll fix it. I gave her a brief grin and bolted out the door, down the steps and into the garage to join my father. He was waiting for me. Naturally.
He smiled and opened the door to his Volvo. I got in and closed the door, he slipped silently into the drivers seat half a second later. His face held a worried expression and I waited for an explanation.

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Yeah, you should. I'm getting kind of impatient. Sorry
lol, i don't mind, i'm glad to have new readers :)
okay, it's quite long so i'm going to post it in two parts :)
Chapter 13. Part 1

RPOV (Renesmee)

What the heck was that? I walked out into the corrider, Heidi on my heels and was met by Carlos. He looked worried as he took my hand, I stared into his eyes, looking for something to tell me why he was worried. He opened his mouth then closed it again, probably thinking about how to tell me about whatever was worrying him. Oh god, he wasn’t breaking up with me, was he? He saw me panicking and shook his head.

‘Renesmee, honey… they’re here.’ I knew instantly who he was talking about, how could they come here on my wedding day? Have they come back to finish me off?
‘WHAT?! This time, it’s them who will lose.’ I growled and pulled Carlos along to where the guard and Aro, Marcus and Caius were standing. They looked up and smiled at me when I came into view, Caius started to say something but I wasn’t listening, Carlos was whispering in my ear.
‘You look beyond beautiful in that dress, I love you.’ I giggled and stood on my toes to reach for his lips, Caius cleared his throat and I looked around, glancing briefly at the Cullen’s. Saddened, yet angry faces greeted me, I smirked and devoted my attention to Caius.
‘Sorry, master, I wasn’t listening.’ He was silently holding my cloak out, pure white, and I grinned and threw it around myself, clipping it together with the broach at my neck. I loved the way the silk lining felt against my skin, the way I looked different from the rest of them, the way how my masters favored me more than Jane and Alec and most importantly, that I was favored enough to get a pure white cloak, only one other in existence had had a white cloak. Many of the guard had devised a nickname for me, although they don’t know that I know, to them I was ‘the snow queen’ and I rather liked this nickname. I smiled and took Carlos’s hand again.
‘So, Cullen’s… come to finish me off?’ I stared them down, but only the brunette female looked down. They were small in numbers compared to my family but they had amazing talents, Jasper -the blond army veteran- could mess with your emotions, and Alice -the pixie-like one- was his mate and she could see the future, Bella -the brunette- is a mental shield and her mate Edward -the intelectual one- could read minds. Strange, he has exactly the same hair color as me… and there is something about the way he stands that mirrors my own… a long lost reletive maybe? But then, why was he trying to kill me off? Is there some unknown fortune that I don’t know about. I was brought out of me reverie by Edward, surprise, surprise.
‘We are not trying to kill you, Renesmee, we-’ I cut him off.
‘Oh really,’ I was putting heavy sarcasm on now, some of the guard chuckled. ‘I was under the impression that you knocked me unconscious whilst trying to kill me, and that resulted in me losing my memory, and then, yes there is more, I had to get to know everyone all over again and even forgot the love of my life.’ I was shouting by now, the Cullen’s faces had turned to shock.

‘You caused me so much pain and heartache, I don’t even know why I’m telling you this, you’re here to finish me off so get on with it, but I doubt you can get through me and the guard.’ I heard their intake of breath as I said that I would be fighting too. I stepped backward with Aro, Marcus and Caius on my heels, we met the guard halfway and began our discussion. Aro started.
‘Renesmee are you sure you want to fight, it is your decision to make but you must take care, you are not fully vampire.’
'I know, Aro, but I feel like I have to do this, I need all of this to end, all of the living in fear… and I want to spend time with my soon-to-be husband in peace.'
‘But, baby… are you sure you want to fight, I don’t want to see you get hurt.’ Carlos’s eyes were pained and wary, looking right into my very soul, and I was lost in his. The deep red seemed to glow brighter than anyone elses, the ruby red was easy to get lost in, easy to forget where I was and what I was doing. And then I knew for sure that this was meant to be, this is supposed to happen, this is my destiny, my fate. I opened my mouth and replied in a firm but loving voice, I could feel my heart beating frantically as saw how true my own words were, and everyone hung on my every word.

‘This…’ I gestured around my self and the guards; at the building, and the people that lived and worked inside it. ‘All of this, is meant to be, we were meant to fight this day and we are going to come out of this victorious and we are going to remember this day well. These people are not good representations of our kind, they ignore their natural instincts and shun the fact that humans are our prey and we are their hunters. They will rue the day that they challenged me and this coven, they will die or run away today, and we shall remain the most powerful and respected coven in history!’ There was a short moment of silence at these words and then my family began clapping and jeering, they could see my way of thinking and they knew that this is right.

I stepped backward and wirled to face my foe, the time had come for them to regret ever being born.

Okay, the next part will be up tomorrow, and this looked longer on works, it's about two pages :)
I hope you enjoyed this chapter, please comment and give me any ideas for how the story should end and what i should do....

Okay... i can guess what you are all thinking...

You want her to remember don't you? lol

I feel like a mind reader :D:D:D

I havn't talked to her... i don't know what's happened she said she'd be back by now... :(
I miss her... maybe they've had a hard time finding a house?
i don't know...

thankyou :)
i'll check it out later :)
thanks :D
Ellie this is freaking amazing!!

Omg!!! Nessie can't fight the rest of them!!

They're family!!

lol, i appreciate your no amy :D:D lmao

I'll try and write more but guess what?

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omg omg omg

i cant believe this is ending ima die!!! u better do a sequel! or else!

plz hurry.....whats gunna happen???

perhaps they can start fighting and then jake runs in and is all 'NOOOOOO NESS I LOVE U' and shes like 'HOLY CRAP! JACOB MY BEAUTIFUL JACOB, MY SOUL MATE, MY IMPRINT' ?????

just a suggestion :P

Miss u and plz hurry back....

love ya xxxxxxxxxx :)




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of course it dosn't piss me off lmao!!

i love your suggestion, ooooooh, what about if nessie remembers some things when she sees jacob but she still dosn't remember her family and that could be the cliffhanger for the sequel (yes i am writing one) and she slowly remembers them... i don't know. but i want to finish the odd one out before i do the sequel and the other idea that i have, i just need to finish this story first lol, it's taking a long time, i'm still doing part two of chapter thirteen.





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