The Twilight Saga

Renesmee and Jacob have a baby named Jessie. Seth imprints on Jessie. Heres Chapter 1,2 and 3. Hope you like it!

Chapter 1:Surprise Bella POV

It has been 100 years since Renesmee's birth. She grew up slower as time went on. We even let her go to La Push High School. Jacob, my best friend, had asked her to marry him after a few years of dating. Nessie appeared at the top of the stairs with Alice trailing behind her. Alice was in her usual hyper mood, and jumped off the top step.


Emmett looked up from the television and snorted. What is your problem, pixie?" He taunted her, flipping the channel. 


"Nessie is going shopping with me; unlike Bella." She directed the last part in my direction. "I didn't like shopping before I was a vampire nor will I after."


Nessie laughed. She advanced toward me with open arms. I had been caught up in my affectionate quarrel with Alice that I didn't notice a difference in Renesmee's body. Her torso was slightly rounder, not that you could notice it with human eyes. "Mom, I will be back in a little bit." She said sweetly, when Alice pulled her through the garage door.


"Okay," I whispered. As I was thinking, Edward's arms slipped around my waist. I could feel worry radiating off of him. 


"What's wrong?" I asked.


" You will find out when Nessie gets home."


I turned around, pursing my lips. I put my hands on my hips. "Why can't you tell my now?" I demanded. 


"What are you thinking?" Edward asked, ignoring my question. I sighed; I couldn't be mad at him for long. "I will show you." I pushed my shield out of my mind. I had been practicing and pushing my shield out of my mind for nearly a century; I had mastered it. Over the next few minutes, quickly nearly hours, Edward read my mind. My shield slowly crept back into my mind, to protect me. I smiled. 


"Bella, love, it's not something bad. I hope." said Edward.


"Can you tell me? Please?" I pleaded. I knew that would make him tell him, but he seemed to hold his own. 


"No, Nessie will tell you when she gets..." I cut him off. I was too mad, but I heard Alice's Porche turn onto the long, winding driveway. "Renesmee is home." I whispered excitedly. Nessie walked into the room with Alice, both of their hands full of bags. They went upstairs and put their bags up in Alice's closet. When they came downstairs, Nessie skipped to my side. Jacob, then, came out of nowhere, grabbing her hand. 


"Hey Mom," she said, smiling nervously. 


"Hey Ness," I was concerned. 


"Mom, I have to tell you something," she said carefully. "


Just spit it out already." I said, pursing my lips again. 

"I am pregnant," she told us. Everyone gasped. No one could ever see this happening. Edward went into a trance, falling to his knees. Oh no, I thought.



Chapter 2: Unanswered Questions Nessie's POV

"I'm pregnant," I said, telling Mom and everyone else was hard. Carlisle had already known, since he was a doctor. Jake was second to know. He reaction to my telling him was something I hadn't expected. Jake always wanted a baby, we both did. I turned my head and looked at Jake, worried. "Jacob," Mom growled, "I let you marry my daughter, but getting her pregnant is over the line." She shifted into an attacking position. "MOM, NO." I seemed to be the one to calm her down nowadays. "I'm sorry Jake."She said her voice breaking. "It's okay Bells,"Jake smiled. Mom started crying tearless sobs and Dad took her over to the couch to comfort her. "How did you she get so big? How long has she been pregnant?" Mom asked Carlisle. "She is already looking 8 months pregnant when she is only a couple days pregnant. I am suspecting it to be a girl, but I am not for certain. She will have the baby today or tomorrow. The baby is growing faster than Renesmee." Carlisle explained. "Why does the baby grow faster than Nessie?" Mom asked. " The baby is part shape-shifter."

Later in the day, Jake had went to bed and the others were hunting. Mom was sitting with me watching television. "Nessie what are you going to name the baby?" Mom asked. "If it's girl I'm going to name her Jessie Ella Black. Jessie is what I got while playing around with Jacob and Nessie. Ella came from Edward and Bella. " I told her. "Aw, thank you." Mom said. "You're welcome Mom, Jake is all for that name." I laughed. " What is the baby's diet?" Mom asked. "It's blood. She hates human blood. She loves pancakes." I blabbered on and on. "She?" Mom interrupted as I started on what she could take after. " I have a gut feeling that she is going to be a girl.
I explained. "She will turn out beautiful like her mother." said Mom. " Thank you and I'm going to bed Goodnight." I stood up, holding my back. My stomach had swelled up over a span of three hours. " Okay Goodnight" I walked upstairs, down the hall, and into the bedroom Jake and I share. My Jake was laying there was laying there looking like an angel. " Jake, baby, could you move over?" I asked. "I love you," he mumbled sleepily, moving over. " I love you too, Jakey." I slid under the sheets and laid my head on his chest, I fell asleep quickly.


I woke up with a horrible pain in my stomach. "CARLISLE!!" I screamed. He came a few seconds later and carried me to the hospital room down the hall. This was converted to a hospital room when I was born. With Jake behind us, he entered the door of the room. A few hours later, I had a blood covered baby. My baby was so beautiful. She had light brown marble skin, and brown eyes. When I was getting ready to hunt I noticed that stomach was small again. I hunted and attacked the largest mountain lion I could find. When I pounced on the mountain lion it claw dug into my arm.  I sucked the blood out of it. I wanted to see my baby and I was going to. When I got home I saw my Jessie sitting on the couch, watching television. She is going to take after Emmett, I thought. She was growing really fast, she could already sit up on her own. I could sit on my own when I was three days old, let alone three hours. Then she turned and looked at me. She had this this huge smile on her face. "MAMA!!" she yelled. I ran and picked her up, and stared her for really long time. I noticed again her light brown marble skin, she had brown eyes and brown hair. "Hey Jessie" I said. She looked at the claw marks on my arm that I had got while hunting. She put her hand on my arm and healed my cut. "Mom can you come here?" I asked. "Yes?" She asked, appearing from the kitchen. "Watch," I commanded.. Then I broke a medal piece off the couch and cut my arm again. Jessie yelled, "Mama stop!" She put her hand on my cut, healing it again. " Wow, she channels it through her hands like you do." Then I heard a familiar voice say " Hey where is..." It was Seth, he stopped in mid-sentence when he saw Jessie. I gasped.

Chapter 3: Seth's Imprint Seth's POV

"Hey where is..." and I stopped in mid sentence, Nessie gasped when I looked at the little girl sitting her lap. She was beautiful and had this shade of brown eyes I have never seen before. I loved them. I heard from Jake that him and Nessie were having a kid, but I didn't know they had a girl. I guess this is what imprinting feels like. I thought this was suppose to be rare, half of the pack has imprinted now. Then Jake came into the room, his eyes tired. He followed Nessie's gaze to my face. "SETH CLEARWATER, YOU JUST IMPRINTED ON MY DAUGHTER!" Jake yelled. "I'm sorry it's not something I can control." I said, closing my eyes and putting my hands in front of my face. I waited for him to attack.When I opened my eyes, instead of Jake shaking all over, he was calm. He got his little girl and walked over to me. "I am sorry dude. I really overacted. I know what it's like imprinting. Bella was mad at me for imprinting on Nessie. She will be fully grown in six days and I did not want to give her away so fast. I am not mad at you Seth. Would you like to hold her?" He said. "Yeah and remember I will always keep her safe and I will be whatever she wants me to be. What is her name?" I asked. Nessie replied,"Jessie Ella Black."  I put Jessie down and and she found a spoon to play with. "Jake, I love her." I said. Then I heard Jessie scream and I was the closest to her. I made it to her first, even with a room full of vampires, and scooped her up. She had broke the spoon in half and cut her finger. I blinked and looked at her finger again, it was already almost healed. I looked at everyone with a questioning look, and Jake had that she is part shape-shifter. Her vampire gift was healing others and that she could use it when she is a wolf too. She put her finger to my lips. "Kiss it," she commanded in such a way, I couldn't refuse. I kissed her finger, think about surprised I was that she could talk. She was attached to me and never went away from my side but only to take a nap.  While she was sleeping, I laid her down. I felt hollow. I went outside to communitcate with my pack.


Seth-Hey guys
Everyone- Hey Seth! Where are you at?
Seth- At the Cullen's seeing Jake, Nessie and their kid, Jessie.

Sam- I told you to get Jacob, Seth.

Seth- I know, I know. Like I said, I got to see Jessie.
Paul- Why such loving voice with the kid's name.
Seth-I imprinted on her!
Collin- I thought that was rare, now half the pack has imprinted.
Sam- *Laughes* I guess not and welcome to club,Seth.
Seth-Thanks, she is part shape-shifter and she can phase. She will be fully grown in six more days.
Quil- I wish Claire could have grown that fast.
Claire- Well, I'm grown now so get over it.
Seth-Well Jess is awake bye guys.
Everyone-Bye Seth.

I phased back, putting my clothes on. I ran inside to see Jessie looking for me and she yelled, "Sethy." I walked over to her and picked her up. Then I took her to the couch and told the story of The La Push and imprinting. I had this feeling of contentment because I know she loves me too.

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