The Twilight Saga

I thought all my nightmares were finally over,

                            I was wrong to think he would ever die.........

Jamie believed that the nightmare was finally over when the police had Michael Myers her own uncle in custody but she was wrong, from the loud sounds of gunfire and explosion she ran back into the police station only to find Michael was gone. While she wept and prayed she could live her life without ever seeing the horrible white mask her uncle wears she was terribly wrong, just 2 years after the horrifying Halloween which calmed many more lives while Michael tried to get to his niece Jamie Lloyd he was back and ready to kill again. Jamie just wanted her life back without ever knowing of Michael and the deaths he had caused she moved in with a new family and started live over, they knew of her past but little did she know Michael was just a tree away from her. While she was trying to get over the damage he had done and made her do the Carruthers had to give her up after their own daughter was killed for protecting little Jamie, she was soon going to face another horrific nightmare her uncle was back and ready to start his evil ways over again but was he smart or stupid to come back? Or had young Jamie learned more of her uncle's evil ways to know how to stop him?

(This is a PG/PG13 Story any younger please do not read)

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