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COMPLETE.  All HUMAN! Bella and Edward story!!!! Bella is 17 and her parents died in a roller coaster accidnet(ok i picked that because its diffrent) and she has to take care of her 2 year old brother, Max. They move to Forks and thats were she meets the Cullens and the Brandons. 

Swans- Bella(17), Max(2)

Cullens- Esme(39), Carlisle(40), Jasper(18), Rose and Edward (17, twins)

Brandons- Jen(37), Adam(37), Emmett(19, flunked 2nd grade), Alice(18)



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Moving Day

Bella's POV

After i found out that my parents died I had to take car of my baby brother, Max. It has been 3 months since they died and I couldn't take living in the same house. So I decided that we would move to Forks. My dad used to live there before he meet my mom. My parents both were rich from there parents money. I had no family left well exept Max of coarse.

"Bella I'm ready!" Max said in a baby vocie walking to me. He was very smart for his age.

"Okay lets go!" I said picking him up. I walked outside of our house and put him in his car seat. We lived in Pheniox so it was burning hot when we got in the car.

When we got to the airport we went thourg secuirty and boarded our plane.

"Bellwa I miss momma and daddy!" Max said and started crying after the plane took off. I picked him up and rocked him back and forth.

Our mom and dad, Renee and Charlie, were never home because they both worked for the police department. But we still saw them every once in awhile. A nanny would take care of Max and I. But since they died I would have to take care of him. It was the begining of summer when they first passed so I would take care of him 24/7.

"Me too Max but mommy and daddy wouldn't want us to be sad!" I said and he stopped crying. A few hours later the plane landed. Max was sleeping so I picked him up and walked off the plane. I got our bags, we didn't bring a lot. We were just going to buy new stuff. I got a car shipped here from Itally. i put Max in and drove to our new house. It was pretty big for just the two of us. It had 3 floors, 8 bed rooms, 5 bathrooms, a kitchen, a game room, a living room, family room, and a pool in the backyard.


When I pulled in the front of the house Max woke up. I got out and helped him and held his hand as we walked to the front door. We didn't have any neighbors our closes ones were a mile away.

"Bella theres no bed or anything!" Max said as I showed him around the house.

"I know Max. We have to go shopping for that!" I said.

"'kay!" He said.

After we were done looking around we got in the car and drove to Super Target. I got a cart and put Max in the baby seat.

"First thing on the list is fruniture!" I said walking to the furniture(ok i know that target might not have beds but lets say they do!)

I got a queen bed and Max picked out a crib. It was going to be delivered later. I got light blue covers and Max dark green.

"Bella, Bella!" Max said as I was pushing the cart towards the food section.


"I want that!" He said pointing to a bouncy ball. I gave it to him. He started playing with it till he dropped it and it bounced to two ladys. One looked my age with blond hair and the other one looked about 39 with carmel colored hair. She looked ever motherly.

"Here you go!" The motherly women said giving Max his ball.

"Thank you!" Max said smiling.

"Thank you." I said too.

"You're welcome." She said. "What a handsom young boy! How old is he?" She asked smiling at me.

"He's two. He's going to be three in a month." I said, I usally talk too much when I meet new people.

"Are you his mother?" She asked.

"Mom, why are you bothering people again?!" The blond one said walking to her mom, I guess.

"Sorry!" She said about to walk away.

"No you weren't bothering me. And no he's my little brother but our parents died so I guess you can say I'm his mom. Oh my name is Bella and his is Max by the way." I said putting out my hand for her to shake.

"Oh I'm sorry for your lost. I'm Esme." She said shaking my hand.

"Hi, I'm Rosalie." The blond girl said shaking my hand.

"Nice to meet you both. We just moved here so I'm buying stuff for the new house and school." I said.

"What school are you going to?!" Rosalie asked smiling.

"Forks High."

"I go there! I'll show you around and you can meet my friends!" She said.


"Who's going to take care of Max?" Esme asked.

"I'm going to take him to day care."

"I can take care of him if you'd like?" Esme said.

"She loves to take care of kids!" Rose said.

"Yeah that'd be great it you'd like!" I said. That'd be way better then taking him to day care. And she doesn't seem like some kind of weirdo.

"Yeah I'd love to!" She said. I gave her my phone number and she gave me hers, her house phone number and the address.

So what'd you think?!  Please comment! 

Chapters 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 (which are the chapters that caroline posted) got deleted so I'll summarize them for the new readers (if there are any)


2: It was in Bella's Pov when she dropped Max off at the Cullen's house. Then she meet Edward, Alice, Jasper, and Emmett. She also meet Jessica who already hates her.


4: Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Edward met Max. Edward played with Max.


6: The next day Esme calls Bella at school saying Max is sick. Edward to her to their house and they took Max to the hospital to see what was wrong with him.


8:Everyone finds out that Edward's a match. Edward asks Bella on a date.


10: Edward and Bella went on their date. Edward took her to the medow and had candles and a picnic.


12: It was in either in Jasper's or Alice's Pov (i forgot) Jasper told Alice that he wanted to keep the baby and would awalys be there for her.

And that was the summary to the missing chapters!!!

i wrote the rest heres the links:


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its amazing write more soon please
i need more this is so awesome!!!! post soon=D
Amazing Story!
Can't wait for more. (:
I loved it
you and your amazingness !!! more please ???

"You guys hired a detective?" Alice asks me and Edward. Her and Jasper just got back from a
doctors appointment. She is now 3 months pregnet. She was beaming when she came into
my hospital room. I'm getting out of here in three days!

"Yes, I want to find some of my family. I know I have some out there somewhere." I have this
feeling I do. Max said that my parents told us that our moms parents didn't approve of Charlie
so they ran away together, and Renee's parents died a year after they ran away and Charlie's
died about 7 years ago.

"Did you bring anything from your old house Max?" Alice asks sitting next to me on the bed.

"No, all our stuff is in the old house." Max tells her from the floor.

"Why does that matter?" I ask her, curious to what she had in mind.

"Because maybe we can find one of their old diaries or something."

"Thats a good idea Alice." Edward says.

"But if there in Pheniox how are we going to get them?" I ask.

"We can go there after you get out of the hospital. We'll wait a couple of days to
make sure that you're okay, then we can all ask our parents." Alice says. Emmett
and Rose aren't here, it's just me, Edward, Max, Alice, and Jasper.

"Your parents would let you go?" I ask Alice. I haven't meet her and Emmett's parents
yet, well since the accident.

"Well I'm already pregnet what worse can happen." She says to me then, "I'm sorry
baby I didn't mean that, I love you more then anything." She says to her stomach.
In one more month they'll know if it's a boy or girl.

"Hey what are you kids talking about?" Esme asks walking into my room with
a bag in her hands.

"When Bella gets out of the hospital we want to go to Pheniox to see if we can find a
diary or something that her mom or dad wrote." Jasper explains.


"To see if they talked about any family that Bella and Max don't know about or
anything else important." Alice says next.

"I think that's a great idea, but me and Carlisle have to come too." Esme says. "Oh
Bella, I got you some more clothes from the house." She hands me the bag she had.

"Thank you Esme, for everything that you've done for me." I say getting up and
giving her a hug.

"You're welcome Bella." She says as I pull out of the hug. "Did you already ask
your parents?" She asks Alice.

"No we just came up with the idea. We still have to see if Em and Rose want to go."
Alice says pulling out her phone. She texts someone quickly and puts it back
in her purse. "Bella why are you still in your pj's?" She eyes my pj's with

"Well I didn't have any clean clothes and all of you guys except Edward and Max
showed up without warning."

"I think she looks perfect." Edward says taking me in his arms. There's a chores of

"She's going to look more then perfect when I'm done with her." Alice says grabbing
me from Edward's arms. I love his arms, there so warm and soft, protective.

"Come on Alice, I'm stuck in a hospital, who except you guys, is going to see me."

"The other patiants. Now stop complaining and comeon." She drags me into the
bathroom thats connected to my room.

30 minutes later she lets me out of the bathroom. Lucky for me Esme only
packed me simple clothes unlike what Alice usally packs for me.
Bella's Outfit-

"Was that so bad?" Alice asks once she's done with my make up.

"Other then you almost burning me with the curling iron, no not really. Thanks."

"No problem, it's my job to make sure my best friend looks good for her man." i
blushed at her words. Edward has been coming to see me every day. We even
had dates in the hospital cafeteria. He promised me when I get out of here he's
taking me on a real one.

We walk back into my room where everyone is now. Including a man and women
I never meet before, well I don't remember if I did.

"Mom, dad you came!" Alice says. Their her mom and dad I guess.

Emmett, Rose, and Jasper are sitting on the couch, Edwards sitting on the chair,
and Carlisle, Esme and Emmett and Alice's mom and dad, are all standing up.

"You said that you wanted to ask us something." Her mom says. She looks a lot
like Alice but with brown long hair.

"Yeah. Okay let us explain." Alice says going and sitting on my bed. I look around
to find somewhere to sit but there isn't anywhere until Edward opens his arms. I
smile and sit down on his lap.

"Bella since you probaly don't remember us, I'm Jen and this is Adam, Alice's and
Emmett's mom and dad." Jen says shaking my hand.

"Nice to meet you." I say, not knowing what else to say.

"Okay tell us what's up Ali?" She asks Alice.

"You already know how Bella doesn't remember anything, so she wants to find out
if there's any family out there that she doesn't know about. I came up with an idea
to got to Phoenix, to their house out there and look around. You know to see if we
can find if their parents had a diary or something."

"That seems like a good idea." Adam says putting his arm around his wife.

"We will be going with them." Esme says. I'm glad that everyone seems so cool
with going all the way to Phoenix. I wonder if it was my parents who are in their
postion, would they let me go?

"I say that it's alright with me." Adam says.

"Me too. Since you're already going to be a mom and since Emmett is 19."

"Thank you!" Alice says squeling and hugging her parents.

"We'll leave a week after Bella gets out of the hospital." Esme says excitedly.

3 days Later
Finally I'm free! And one of the best things about getting out of the hospital is that me
and Edward are going on a date tonight, but he won't tell me where. He said that we
used to always go there and we went there on our first date. (A/N i wonder where that
is? lol)

"Are you excited?" Edward asks as we walk out of the hospital and to his car.

"Yes! Are we going to your house or mine first?"

"To mine, everyone's there waiting for you and then tomorow we can go to your."

"How are we going to go to Phoenix?"

"We're diving. Yesterday Esme rented two vans. She's really excited, she loves to
travel." Edward says laughing a little. I love his laugh, it's like bells. I love
over at him. Today he's wearing a botton up long sleeved shirt and black pants.
He looks over at me and I turn away blushing most likely.

We pull up to a huge house. It's beautiful, I stare at it in awe as Edward gets out and
opens my door for me and holds his hand out for me.

When we entered the house it looked like they knocked all the walls on the first floor.
Everyone was sitting in the living room playing Rock Band. Emmett was singing
You Belong With Me, his favroit song.

"Bella come sing with me!" He says waving me over. They stop the song.

"No Bella and Edward have to sing together!" Alice says handing us each a mic.

"Here goes nothing." I say to Edward as we walk to the t.v., they start to play and
Edward starts the song Two Is Better Than One. (I know this song isn't on there).

When we're done everyone is staring at us. "Is my vocie that bad?" I ask.

"That was amazing." Rose says. I look around and notice Emmett is crying his eyes

"It's ture two is better than one!" He says wiping his eyes.

"Come on Bella,we have to get you ready for your date!" Alice says and starts pulling
my to the stairs. She leads me into Rose's room, I'm guessing.

Bella's Outfit from getting out of the hospital-
I'm going to end it there! the next chapter edward and bella will go on their date! and
maybe the first part of the road trip to Phoeix! hope u guys liked it! Please Comment!
wowza ch 15
Hmmm... Amazing chapter. Great song choice... And since then emm is such a baby? :-) Hmm... What can I say more? I loved it and post more asap!
OMTL! post more soon plz!!
loved it


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