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COMPLETE.  All HUMAN! Bella and Edward story!!!! Bella is 17 and her parents died in a roller coaster accidnet(ok i picked that because its diffrent) and she has to take care of her 2 year old brother, Max. They move to Forks and thats were she meets the Cullens and the Brandons. 

Swans- Bella(17), Max(2)

Cullens- Esme(39), Carlisle(40), Jasper(18), Rose and Edward (17, twins)

Brandons- Jen(37), Adam(37), Emmett(19, flunked 2nd grade), Alice(18)



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Moving Day

Bella's POV

After i found out that my parents died I had to take car of my baby brother, Max. It has been 3 months since they died and I couldn't take living in the same house. So I decided that we would move to Forks. My dad used to live there before he meet my mom. My parents both were rich from there parents money. I had no family left well exept Max of coarse.

"Bella I'm ready!" Max said in a baby vocie walking to me. He was very smart for his age.

"Okay lets go!" I said picking him up. I walked outside of our house and put him in his car seat. We lived in Pheniox so it was burning hot when we got in the car.

When we got to the airport we went thourg secuirty and boarded our plane.

"Bellwa I miss momma and daddy!" Max said and started crying after the plane took off. I picked him up and rocked him back and forth.

Our mom and dad, Renee and Charlie, were never home because they both worked for the police department. But we still saw them every once in awhile. A nanny would take care of Max and I. But since they died I would have to take care of him. It was the begining of summer when they first passed so I would take care of him 24/7.

"Me too Max but mommy and daddy wouldn't want us to be sad!" I said and he stopped crying. A few hours later the plane landed. Max was sleeping so I picked him up and walked off the plane. I got our bags, we didn't bring a lot. We were just going to buy new stuff. I got a car shipped here from Itally. i put Max in and drove to our new house. It was pretty big for just the two of us. It had 3 floors, 8 bed rooms, 5 bathrooms, a kitchen, a game room, a living room, family room, and a pool in the backyard.


When I pulled in the front of the house Max woke up. I got out and helped him and held his hand as we walked to the front door. We didn't have any neighbors our closes ones were a mile away.

"Bella theres no bed or anything!" Max said as I showed him around the house.

"I know Max. We have to go shopping for that!" I said.

"'kay!" He said.

After we were done looking around we got in the car and drove to Super Target. I got a cart and put Max in the baby seat.

"First thing on the list is fruniture!" I said walking to the furniture(ok i know that target might not have beds but lets say they do!)

I got a queen bed and Max picked out a crib. It was going to be delivered later. I got light blue covers and Max dark green.

"Bella, Bella!" Max said as I was pushing the cart towards the food section.


"I want that!" He said pointing to a bouncy ball. I gave it to him. He started playing with it till he dropped it and it bounced to two ladys. One looked my age with blond hair and the other one looked about 39 with carmel colored hair. She looked ever motherly.

"Here you go!" The motherly women said giving Max his ball.

"Thank you!" Max said smiling.

"Thank you." I said too.

"You're welcome." She said. "What a handsom young boy! How old is he?" She asked smiling at me.

"He's two. He's going to be three in a month." I said, I usally talk too much when I meet new people.

"Are you his mother?" She asked.

"Mom, why are you bothering people again?!" The blond one said walking to her mom, I guess.

"Sorry!" She said about to walk away.

"No you weren't bothering me. And no he's my little brother but our parents died so I guess you can say I'm his mom. Oh my name is Bella and his is Max by the way." I said putting out my hand for her to shake.

"Oh I'm sorry for your lost. I'm Esme." She said shaking my hand.

"Hi, I'm Rosalie." The blond girl said shaking my hand.

"Nice to meet you both. We just moved here so I'm buying stuff for the new house and school." I said.

"What school are you going to?!" Rosalie asked smiling.

"Forks High."

"I go there! I'll show you around and you can meet my friends!" She said.


"Who's going to take care of Max?" Esme asked.

"I'm going to take him to day care."

"I can take care of him if you'd like?" Esme said.

"She loves to take care of kids!" Rose said.

"Yeah that'd be great it you'd like!" I said. That'd be way better then taking him to day care. And she doesn't seem like some kind of weirdo.

"Yeah I'd love to!" She said. I gave her my phone number and she gave me hers, her house phone number and the address.

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Chapters 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 (which are the chapters that caroline posted) got deleted so I'll summarize them for the new readers (if there are any)


2: It was in Bella's Pov when she dropped Max off at the Cullen's house. Then she meet Edward, Alice, Jasper, and Emmett. She also meet Jessica who already hates her.


4: Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Edward met Max. Edward played with Max.


6: The next day Esme calls Bella at school saying Max is sick. Edward to her to their house and they took Max to the hospital to see what was wrong with him.


8:Everyone finds out that Edward's a match. Edward asks Bella on a date.


10: Edward and Bella went on their date. Edward took her to the medow and had candles and a picnic.


12: It was in either in Jasper's or Alice's Pov (i forgot) Jasper told Alice that he wanted to keep the baby and would awalys be there for her.

And that was the summary to the missing chapters!!!

i wrote the rest heres the links:


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I LUV IT!!!!! Post more soon!!!!


After three days in the car we finally arrive in Pheniox. I found something Bella wrote before
the accident with their old address on it so Carlisle follows me in the van behind me.

Bella couldn't get Max to tell her what was wrong with him. He told her he didn't know just
that he thinks we'll find something we don't want to at the house.

I pull up to a small house and Bella stares at it trying to find something in her mind that contects
to it but she can't.

"Ready?" I ask as we sit in the van. Alice, Emmett, Japer, and Rose already got out. Bella nods
and opens her door.

"I don't know what key it is." She hands me her key chain with several keys on it.

"That's okay." I try some of them before I finally get the right one.

"Anything?" Emmett asks as we all step through the door.

"No." She shakes her head. "Let's go try and find stuff." She says and walks down the hallway
to a door.

"That's my room." Max says from Esme's arms.

"Where's mom and dad's?" Bella asks him.

"That one." He points to a door at the end of the hallway. There's three doors in the

Bella takes a breath and opens it. We all walk in behind her.

"Okay this isn't bring any memories back!" She throws her hands into the air.

"That's okay, we didn't really plan for it to." Alice says. "Okay everyone split up, try and find
something like papers that could give us inforamation on Bella and Max's family." I walk
out of the room and open the door on the right of Bella's parents room, it's a bathroom. So
if that's a bathroom and the other room is Max's where's Bella's?

I walk out of the hallway and find another door. Bella's.

"Bella I found your room." I yell to her. She walks over to me. I open the door.

"Looks like it would be your room." I say as we stand in the middle of it. It's simple like her
room in Forks.

"Yeah, hey here's some pictures!" She walks over to poster covered with pictures.

"Want me to take it down so you can see it better?" I ask.

"Sure." I take it down and set it on her bed, I sit on one side of it while she sits on the other.

The first picture I see is of her and Max, he looks about one and it looks like they're at a

"Shadow Park." She whispers. "I remember it! My parents! I remember them! Well from that
one time but it something right?"

"What do you remember?"

"Max's second birthday, we went there, the one place he wanted to go. My parents were
taking pictures of us."

I look at the next picture. It's of her and a girl, they're both about 14.

"Do you remember her?" I ask pointing to the picture. Bella thinks and shakes her head. Then
she looks around at the other pictures. I look around her room to see if there's any papers
but find nothing.

"Can I look in your closet?" I ask her.

"Sure look where ever you want." She says. I walk over to it and open the doors. On the top
there's a shelf that has small journals on it. I take them down, there's four.

"What'd you find?" Bella asks. I turn holding up a journal. "Oh cool! Let's read them!" She moves
the poster and sits up against the head board patting the space next to her. I sit and put the
journals on our legs. I look at the covers and see that there's years on it starting from when
Bella was 13.

"Can we read them together?" She asks.

"Sure, want me to read the first page?" I ask and she nods. "You're not going to be

"No." She shakes her head.

"Okay." I open it to the first page and look at young Bella's bad writing.

"Today after Joann and I got back from the movies my parents wanted to talk to me. They
told me that mom was pregnant. The baby will come in seven months, she's already two. So
now I'm going to have a baby sister. They said nothing would change, that they would always
love me and the baby the same but I can already tell I'm losing my parents love."

"A girl?" Bella asks confused.

"That was four years ago two, Max is only three."

"Read more." She tucks her feet under her.

"Okay there's nothing else from that day." I turn the page. I went with mom to the doctors
because she promised me after we would go shopping. She's been breaking her promises latly
because of the baby. When the doctor showed my mom the baby she started crying tears of
joy. I wonder if she did that when she first saw me. I know that when they found out they were
having me my grandparents hated them so they ran away together, they lost their families because
of me but I don't feel bad about it, my parents are the ones that made the mistake.

"Anyway after we got out of the doctor office I ran to the restroom and my mom left without me,
I had to ask a nurse to let me call her to pick me up. She forgot I went with her she said when
she picked me up. The baby's fault or should I say Casey's fault, that's the baby's name.

"Wow I hated the baby." Bella gaspes.

"I think you were jelous."

"I still don't get it."

Next page.

"She lost the baby. Mom lost it, when I was acutally getting to like her she dies! I fell so
bad that I hated her. Now mom and dad are depressed and won't talk to anyone and now I
have to live with Grandma Jan who's on her freakin' death bed! I mean come on! If you lose
one kid why do you have to send the other one away?! Grandma doesn't even like me,
she calls me "The Devil Child", thank god Joann and I talk on the phone every day. That's what
best friends are for I guess. Anyway right now I'm enjoying one of the rare sunning days in
Forks, where my parents grew up, where they sent me. I see this insanly beautiful kid that's
about my age. Most girls would probaly call him hot but that's not the right word for him, that's
like an insult. He has a bronze colored hair and pericing green eyes.
" I stop and look at

"Dang that sounds like you!" She says.

"I remember that day!" I remember it so clearly, I totally forgot about that girl. It was her. My
Bella. I never thought of that day and her.

"S-so th-that means-" She can barely talk.

"I saw you! I didn't even think about that day since I meant you, I didn't know that was you. Okay
Japer, Alice and I were at the park that day because like you said it was sunny, anyway we were
playing hide and seek when I saw you sitting against a tree , writing in your journal, I was
tempted to go and see what you were writing when you looked up. We stared at each other
for what seemed like forever before you looked down and started writed again." I remember
her dark brown eyes that were blood shot.

"Do you think Bella number one remembered it was you?" She asks, we started calling her before
the accident Bella number 1.

"I would like to know the samething."

"Can I read some?"

"Sure." I hand it to her and she bites her lip before turning the page and reading, "I'm
fianally on a plane back tp Pheniox, no mom and dad didn't decide they could handle me.
Grandma died. I was in Forks for a month, so now I only have two weeks before school starts
again. Before summer started Joann and I made plans to go to camp but that went down
the drain when Casey died. I didn't see the bronze haired kid again but I looked, you would
think with Forks being so small you would run into the same people where ever you go
but I didn't see him. When my grandma died my Aunt Sarah offerd to take me in but my dad
hates her so he had me come home right away. He wouldn't even let me go to the funral.
Grandma and I accutaly started getting along, she would make cookies with me and everything
a real grandma does

"I can't wait to get home though. Joann promised me she would have her parents pick me
up from the airport and we could have a sleep over but that got cancelled when David, her
boyfriend, asked her on a date. But oh well, it's not like it never happened before. He's two
years older then us and they're inseprable.
" The paged stopped there.

"Do you remember any of them?" I ask.

"No, but I said that my Aunt Molly offerd to take me in, do you think she's still alive?"

"Maybe, here lets high light her name." I get up and open the drawer to her desk and find a
high lighter, I highlight Aunt Molly.

We read the rest of the first joural not finding anything else. Her parents started hanging
out with her more, taking her places, her and Joann hung out. Nothing about Max but that will
probaly come up in the next journal.

Sorry I haven't updated in forever! I hoped you liked it, please comment telling me if you hated or
liked lol!
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i missed it but this chap is amazing post real soon pliss
Love it!!
really good!
thats cool they had seen each other when they were kids
love it
i so much love it!!!!!!!!
awesome cant wait for more
On chapter 15. Great so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just finished and it was awesomeness!!!!!!!!!


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