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COMPLETE.  All HUMAN! Bella and Edward story!!!! Bella is 17 and her parents died in a roller coaster accidnet(ok i picked that because its diffrent) and she has to take care of her 2 year old brother, Max. They move to Forks and thats were she meets the Cullens and the Brandons. 

Swans- Bella(17), Max(2)

Cullens- Esme(39), Carlisle(40), Jasper(18), Rose and Edward (17, twins)

Brandons- Jen(37), Adam(37), Emmett(19, flunked 2nd grade), Alice(18)



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Moving Day

Bella's POV

After i found out that my parents died I had to take car of my baby brother, Max. It has been 3 months since they died and I couldn't take living in the same house. So I decided that we would move to Forks. My dad used to live there before he meet my mom. My parents both were rich from there parents money. I had no family left well exept Max of coarse.

"Bella I'm ready!" Max said in a baby vocie walking to me. He was very smart for his age.

"Okay lets go!" I said picking him up. I walked outside of our house and put him in his car seat. We lived in Pheniox so it was burning hot when we got in the car.

When we got to the airport we went thourg secuirty and boarded our plane.

"Bellwa I miss momma and daddy!" Max said and started crying after the plane took off. I picked him up and rocked him back and forth.

Our mom and dad, Renee and Charlie, were never home because they both worked for the police department. But we still saw them every once in awhile. A nanny would take care of Max and I. But since they died I would have to take care of him. It was the begining of summer when they first passed so I would take care of him 24/7.

"Me too Max but mommy and daddy wouldn't want us to be sad!" I said and he stopped crying. A few hours later the plane landed. Max was sleeping so I picked him up and walked off the plane. I got our bags, we didn't bring a lot. We were just going to buy new stuff. I got a car shipped here from Itally. i put Max in and drove to our new house. It was pretty big for just the two of us. It had 3 floors, 8 bed rooms, 5 bathrooms, a kitchen, a game room, a living room, family room, and a pool in the backyard.


When I pulled in the front of the house Max woke up. I got out and helped him and held his hand as we walked to the front door. We didn't have any neighbors our closes ones were a mile away.

"Bella theres no bed or anything!" Max said as I showed him around the house.

"I know Max. We have to go shopping for that!" I said.

"'kay!" He said.

After we were done looking around we got in the car and drove to Super Target. I got a cart and put Max in the baby seat.

"First thing on the list is fruniture!" I said walking to the furniture(ok i know that target might not have beds but lets say they do!)

I got a queen bed and Max picked out a crib. It was going to be delivered later. I got light blue covers and Max dark green.

"Bella, Bella!" Max said as I was pushing the cart towards the food section.


"I want that!" He said pointing to a bouncy ball. I gave it to him. He started playing with it till he dropped it and it bounced to two ladys. One looked my age with blond hair and the other one looked about 39 with carmel colored hair. She looked ever motherly.

"Here you go!" The motherly women said giving Max his ball.

"Thank you!" Max said smiling.

"Thank you." I said too.

"You're welcome." She said. "What a handsom young boy! How old is he?" She asked smiling at me.

"He's two. He's going to be three in a month." I said, I usally talk too much when I meet new people.

"Are you his mother?" She asked.

"Mom, why are you bothering people again?!" The blond one said walking to her mom, I guess.

"Sorry!" She said about to walk away.

"No you weren't bothering me. And no he's my little brother but our parents died so I guess you can say I'm his mom. Oh my name is Bella and his is Max by the way." I said putting out my hand for her to shake.

"Oh I'm sorry for your lost. I'm Esme." She said shaking my hand.

"Hi, I'm Rosalie." The blond girl said shaking my hand.

"Nice to meet you both. We just moved here so I'm buying stuff for the new house and school." I said.

"What school are you going to?!" Rosalie asked smiling.

"Forks High."

"I go there! I'll show you around and you can meet my friends!" She said.


"Who's going to take care of Max?" Esme asked.

"I'm going to take him to day care."

"I can take care of him if you'd like?" Esme said.

"She loves to take care of kids!" Rose said.

"Yeah that'd be great it you'd like!" I said. That'd be way better then taking him to day care. And she doesn't seem like some kind of weirdo.

"Yeah I'd love to!" She said. I gave her my phone number and she gave me hers, her house phone number and the address.

So what'd you think?!  Please comment! 

Chapters 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 (which are the chapters that caroline posted) got deleted so I'll summarize them for the new readers (if there are any)


2: It was in Bella's Pov when she dropped Max off at the Cullen's house. Then she meet Edward, Alice, Jasper, and Emmett. She also meet Jessica who already hates her.


4: Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Edward met Max. Edward played with Max.


6: The next day Esme calls Bella at school saying Max is sick. Edward to her to their house and they took Max to the hospital to see what was wrong with him.


8:Everyone finds out that Edward's a match. Edward asks Bella on a date.


10: Edward and Bella went on their date. Edward took her to the medow and had candles and a picnic.


12: It was in either in Jasper's or Alice's Pov (i forgot) Jasper told Alice that he wanted to keep the baby and would awalys be there for her.

And that was the summary to the missing chapters!!!

i wrote the rest heres the links:


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this is the best story ever. it's so sad that max had to die i cried alot and for bella too she's all alone now. well except for her aunt and cousin but it's still not the same am glad rose and alice are with her it's sooo sad. i hate that nikki chick, i think she's the kind of gal that would cheat on edward with anyone without a moments thought she's even attracted to his dad! even hugs him despite the fact that edward says she doesn't like to hug or kiss strangers she's not to be trusted and edward i think he tries to convince himself that he's really inlove with her just to forget about bella and to make himself feel better. i love this story it's so mature please update me once you post more i hope it'll be soon i can't wait to read more please add me. am still sad about max's death it's not fair bella has already lost so much she needs some real happiness in her life he was her whole life and now she's got nothing to hold on to so sad.
hi, bella pattinson .. hope you could post more
omg i dont like Nikki!!! why does Edward think he loves her!!???? post more soon!!! =)

You need to write more NOW!!!!! Please tell me Edward is going to kick that Nikki skank to the curb! He belongs with Bella!!!!!!!

Please update me when you add more!

Part 2

"Nikki, I love you." I cup her face in my hands, "But I made a promise to Bella."

"Edward! She LEFT you! So now you're going to go "comfort" her just because her brother
is sick?" She slaps my hands away from her face.

"You have to understand, Bella was my first love Nikki. I'm over her now, I have you." I
look into her eyes so she knows I'm telling the truth.

"If you're so over her why are you going to be with her?"

"When Max first got sick I promised her I would always be there for her, you know I like
to keep my promises."

"Fine you know what?! Go! But when you get there and you find that little brat kid alive you
better come back."

"I can't take this anymore Nikki. You're acting like your the most important person on earth,
babe sorry to tell you this but your not." I pick up my unpacked bag. "See you in a couple
weeks." I say before walking out of the door.

"Need a ride to the airport?" Carlisle asks when I storm into the living room. Esme's on the
couch sleeping.

"Yeah, thanks." I sigh trying to cool down. Nikki knows how much I cared about Max and
Bella but I guess she doesn't understand.

"We're going to fly down tommorow." Carlisle says when we get into the car. "Your mom
wants to see Bella." I nod not wanting to talk.


"I called Edward." Alice whispers to me as we walk in the feild by Bella's aunts house.

"You accutally got hold of him? I called his cell five times and he never answered so I
called his dorm room and his roommate answered." I tell her.

"That Jason guy right?"

"Yeah, he's pretty nice."

"What did he say?"

"Edward already left to our parents house. And that he was coming here." I say the last
part quickly.

"Who? Edward or Jason?" Alice asks confused.

"Jason, he said that Edward told him about Bella and he said that it feels like he knows
Bella, so he wants to be here for her." It was really sweet.

"That's really nice of him." Alice says looking up at the sky, I look up to and wish I could
be a star, just looking down on this messed up world and not be part of it. "Have you called
Emmett?" She asks breaking me out of my dreaming.

"No I can't, it was hard enough to talk after the break up, I can't imagine talking to him

"Remember how it used to be? After Max wasn't sick anymore, before the accident?"

"When everyone was happy?"

"Yeah, it was our little group, Edward and Bella, you and Emmett, me and Jasper. I miss
those days." She looks at me with tear filled tears. "I wish I could time travel, I would
go back and stop that accident from happening." The tears that filled her eyes start to
pour over, I start crying too. "Emmett and you would of still been together, Bella would
of never left and Edward could of helped Max. Everyone would be okay."

"I don't get it. Why does God have to take all the good ones? Max was only a kid." I say
trying to see if Alice has the answers.

"I wonder what he would of been like when he grew up."

"I bet Bella would of freaked when he had his first date, went to prom. She cared so much
for him." I picture Max older and Bella smiling as he walked away from her with his prom

"I was so mad when Bella left but I would never hate her." Alice shakes her head. "She
would of been a great aunt."

"Edward and her are desentand to be together. He doesn't belong with Nikki." I gag
thinking about his girlfriend. "What did he say when you called him."

"I had to hang up, he was to upset to talk. When's Jason coming?"

"Tomorrow. I think we should call Emmett." As long as Alice is here I think I can do it.

"Now? It's like 3:30 am." She reminds me.

"Ali, things like this can't wait till the morning."


"Bells." I hear someone say.

I groan not wanting to wake up. I just want to sleep the rest of my life.

"Bella." They say again, I give in and awake up. Rosalie is the one who was saying my name.

"You have a vister." She says once I'm fully awake. When she says this my stomach feels
like it's turning in knotts and my heart starts beating faster. Please don't let it be him.
"It's not Edward." She tells me oviously seeing my terrifired expression. "It's his room

"Room mate?"

"He's name is Jason." Why would a total stranger come to see me? "You can meet him
after you get ready."

I walk to the bathroom with a shirt and pants. I take a shower and get dressed but as I'm
doing my hair I break down crying. I hear someone rush to the door and open it.

"Are you okay?" I look up at the stranger with blurry eyes. "Stupid question, sorry." It's
a guy with dark brown hair, half of me was hoping it was a guy with messed up bronze hair.
"Umm," The guy looks around the bathroom before spotting what he was looking for, he sits
down next to me and hands me a tissue.

"Thanks." I take it and whip away some of the tears. "To bad it's useless." I mutter as
more tears fall down my face.

"Sorry I can't do more." He says. "I'm Jason by the way." He says like we're meeting in
the park or somewhere normal, not like we're meeting in my bathroom.

"Bella." I say whipping away somemore tears.

"Wait! I got a plan." He gets up and walks out of the bathroom then he returns with some
tape. "Okay stay still." He takes a couple tissues and puts tape on them then kneels down
in front of me and tapes the tissues below my eyes. "That way you don't have to keep
whipping them away." I let out a small laugh which is good for me. I haven't laughed much
since Max got sick.

"I know this might seem kind of rude but why are you here? I don't even know you." I say.

"When I first meet Edward he told me all about you, I thought he was an idiot for never
going after you so when Rosalie called I felt bad for you so I came here." He shakes his
head and smiles a little like he's shy. "I know that probaly made no since at all. I just
felt like I needed to come." He gets a look on his face like he's thinking of something.
"And about the part about you not knowing me? My name is Jason Miles, I'm 21, I go
to Stanford, I'm studing English, I was born and grew up in Long Beach, California,
and anything else you need to know just ask."

"That's enough for now." I say then look at the wall and see one of Max's shirt laying on
the floor and I start crying again. I hide my face in my hands and feel the soaked tissues
on my face.

Jason removes my hands from my face and takes the tissues off, "Guess it wasn't a great
idea." He throws them in the trash and pulls me into his arms, he then stands up with me
craddled like a baby and walks me to my room and lays me on my bed. "Go to sleep, it
helps." He says standing next to my bed, he whips away a couple of my tears before
stepping away to leave.

"Wait!" I chock out. "Can you stay in here? I get it if you don't want to, I just don't want
to be alone."

"I promise not to leave." He says taking a seat on the armchair in my room.

Ok so good/bad? What do you think of Jason? By the way Edward DID NOT break up
with Nikki. What will happen in the next chapter?
Please Comment!
OMG,what the h**l??it weird to imagine n so complecated,but from my view,jason going to be with bella,n Edward he will be more confused with the what happening??i hope Bella n Edward back together!!
LOVE this story,write more,u gifted on it!!!! "smile"
Wow!!! that's all I'm going to say!!! x
Love your Fanfiction!!! Please update soon!!!

I reackon that its good that Jason came.....I know Edward and Bella are meant to be together and all but I wanna see Edward get jelouse *giggles*

P.S I'm team Switzerland so dont take me wrong...
lov it but when will you update
edward needs to break up with nikki in the most painful way possible for his and bella's own good and future.
ok jason is nice but heck no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its edward or nothing. and he basically broke it off with nikki. but please dont ruin it by saying she gets with that jason guy. i can't wait to read more update soon...


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