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Happy Endings - Breaking Dawn in Emmett and Rosalie's eyes (all ages)

Special thanks to Mona for this awesome banner!!! Love how it centres Bella, but you're drawn to Emmett's hot abbs, and Rosalie. Also how it doesn't forget who the story is usually centred around... =D


This is my fan fiction about Breaking Dawn in Emmett and Rosalie's Eyes. I'm not sure if I will continue it yet, so leave a comment on the first chapter and tell me if I should.

I'm doing this just for you Mrs Emmett Cullen =)!!!

Special thanks to My regular readers, TeamCarlisle+Esme, Mrs Emmett Cullen, and Marshmallow (who just doesn't comment XP)


Ok, first chapter.

Chapter 1- Emmett

The mess from the wedding was cleaned up as soon as all the guests left. It was done in a matter of minutes, which was good, because I was itching to go and get the new MMORPG Xbox game, Revenge of the Underworld, and kick Jaspers but. I went to walk out the door, but Rose grabbed my hand, turning me around.

“You’re not going to get that stupid new video game, are you?” she said. I hung my head in shame.

“Yeah, I am,” I admitted, sensing what was coming next. As usual, she would say “You don’t need it. Make do with one of the other billions of video game you’ve got.” Somehow though, her answer surprised me.

“Is it that Underworld one?” she asked. I nodded, half scared.

“How many players can it have?” she said.

“Um, four on the one gaming system. Why?” I asked, really confused. Since when was Rose into videogames?

“Alice and I want to play with our husbands for once. Can you have team verses team?” She asked. I looked at her, dumbfounded. There had to be a catch.

“Uh, yeah. Why?” I said. I was scared now. Rose never, ever, EVER played videogames. Alice occasionally would, but usually she preferred to go shopping or do one of her other girly things. Rose flicked her hair over her shoulder.

“We thought we should be spending more time with our husbands,” she said simply. I had to laugh then. As if.

“What’s the catch?” I said. Now it was Rose’s turn to laugh.

“No catch,” she said, and I could see the honesty in her beautiful golden eyes. I smiled widely.

“I’ll see you in a bit then,” I said, kissing her on the lips briefly before racing off to the store. This was weird. Rosalie playing videogames was like... like Carlisle killing a human for no reason at all. It didn’t happen.


“Ten bucks says that Alice and I can beat you,” Jasper said, as he, Alice, Rose and I sat on the couch, a remote in each of our hands, waiting for the game to load eagerly. I laughed.

“You’re on,” I said with a grin. I could easily beat Jasper at quite a few games, so my only weakness was Rosalie’s lack of experience... and Alice’s uncanny ability to see what we were going to go before we did it... We briefly passed the manual around, memorizing the controls before the game loaded.

“I have to say Emmett, I’m sort of betting on Jasper and Alice,” Rose admitted. I laughed.

“Don’t worry Rose, you have the videogame master on your side,” I said. Jasper snorted, and Rose laughed. Just then, the game loaded. Jasper had the player one remote, and selected multiplayer duel. I grinned widely, as the game began.

Punch, kick, dodge, power up, triple kick, jump, defend, punch, punch, dodge... the game seemed to go along in that pattern. Rose was actually kicking but, even beating Jasper for a short moment, until his soldier instincts kicked in and Rose died. I had already taken down Alice by that point, so it was just us.

 Alice was telling Jasper what I was about to do a moment before I did it, and Rose was screaming at her not to cheat. I chuckled, picking Jasper up in a matter of moments, and throwing him into a rock. Running towards his character, I grabbed a rock, shoving it into his characters heart. His character died instantly.

“Oh yeah!” I said, high fiving Rose and laughing at Alice’s annoyed expression. Jasper had to laugh to, kissing his wife’s forehead and handing me my ten dollars. Even Rose was exited, which was a plus.

“Care for a rematch?” I asked. We all laughed, restarting the game. Rose and I were kicking but heaps by now, working out strategies to avoid Alice’s visions, and by the third game, we were winning.

Wow Rose was hot when she was winning, with her smile that any girl would kill for, and her blond hair around her shoulders wavering ever so slightly. And her golden honey eyes, how much I loved them. Casually, I placed my arm around her, kissing her lips. “What was that for?” she asked with a smile. “Have I ever told you how hot you are when you’re winning?”

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hey this is awesome please continue
Thankyou =)
OMG this rocks! i have never thought about Rose and Emmett much before but i am LOVING it! keep up the good work :)
oh yeah and keep me updated plz
Of course, and, thanks =D

I made these so each chapter you can tell who's POV it's in. What'd you think?
Oh, and, if it weren't obvious, I'm continuing this =)

Chapter 2 (Part 1)- Emmett
Rose's brief videogame fad wore off after a few hours.
"This is boring," she said, walking off to the kitchen. I sighed, dropping out.
"Hey babe wait up," I called, as Rose's scent drifted towards the forest. She was bored, so hunting made since. Rosalie sighed as I caught up to her, gripping her hand firmly in mine. Though she sighed, I felt a smile touch her lips, only to disappear again.
"What is it baby?" I asked, turning her around so she was facing me and not the river in front of us.
"Nothing," she lied. I looked at her, assessing her mood. It wasn't annoyed, but more...
"What's wrong Rose?" I said seriously, seeing the slight sadness on her face. She looked up at me, obviously trying to work something out.
"I- I don't know," she admitted, looking back at the flowing river.
"A person doesn't just go from bored to upset instantly. What's wrong?" I said. She smiled slightly, looking back at me.
"I guess... I guess its Bella. She's throwing everything I could ever dream for away. She's throwing away mortality, and all the perks that come with it. The children, the grandchildren, growing old..." She sighed. I understood completely. It was no secret that Rosalie wanted children (and deep down, having kids sounded awesome), and I have to admit, it hurt me too knowing I couldn't give them to her. It was also no secret that Rose disliked Bella because she was throwing that chance away for immortality. It was reasonable. I pushed her hair behind her ear, and kissed her lips passionately.
"I understand," I said as I pulled away, holding her in my arms. Rose smiled at my sympathy, then looked back at the trees, the forest, the ricer, then back at me.
"I'm not really thirsty at the moment, but while we're alone..." she trailed off. I smirked, picking her up in my arms, kissing her with a wild passion, jumping over the river to allow slightly more privacy.

As we came back, my arms around Rosalie's shoulder, and hers around my waist, I had to grin. We had altogether destroyed two trees, destroyed quite a few bushes, and ripped out a huge patch of grass. I had a feeling that our family had heard the deafening snap of both trees, and knew exactly what we had been doing.
"Are you sure there's no grass left in my hair?" Rose asked, brushing it with her free hand for the billionth time.
"I'm sure," I said, chuckling. Like I cared if they knew. More to the point, they probably already did. We walked in the door, seeing Carlisle and Esme kiss as soon as I walked in. Must've been one of their "moments". Just for a stir, I wolf whistled, watching Esme jump then laugh as her and Carlisle pulled away.
"And I thought we were the gross ones," I chuckled.
"Don't worry, you still are. We could hear you from here!" Jasper called, and I laughed harder. Even Rose smirked.
"Just cause you can’t turn trees to toothpicks in a matter of seconds!" I called back, and I heard Alice fake gagging.
"I think they're grossed out enough for a day," Rose said.
"But on the other hand-" she turned around, pulling my face to hers as she kissed me intensely. It was hard not to laugh as I kissed her back, Alice gagging again, this time, Jasper joining her.
"Let's get out of here Jazz," Alice said, and I heard a slight whoosh as her and Jasper jumped out the window and went to do god knows what. Finally, we pulled away, and I suddenly noticed Esme and Carlisle had gone.
"We sure know how to clear a room," I grinned. Rose laughed.
"Babe, we know how to clear a HOUSE. Carlisle and Esme left too," she said with a huge smile.
"I know what we should do next time we want the place to ourselves," I laughed.
"Yeah. A hot make out session seems to do the trick," she said, joining my laughter.
"Well, what'd you wanna do, seeing as we have the place to ourselves?" I asked. Rose grinned.
"How about continuing our hot make out session?" I joked, before actually placing my lips on hers. She pulled away slightly after a few minutes, but only briefly.
"I love you babe," she said, placing her lips back on mine.
"I love you too baby," I said, before hearing Alice's gagging noises in the distance.
"Further Jazz! I can still hear them," she said, and I had to pull away to, litterally, roll on the floor laughing. God pixe girl could be funny sometimes.
LOL wolf whistling at carlisle and esme i wish i'd thought of that! loved it u rock! AMAZING i believe the word is
Awww thanks =)

Chapter 2 (Part 2)- Rosalie
I was quite enjoying having the house to ourselves when we heard footsteps coming towards the house. I sighed, pulling Emmett off me ever so slightly. I looked up at the clock, and realised whoever was coming back had been gone for at least four hours. Had we been making out for that long?
"We're back," came a small chirpy voice at the door. I smiled. Alice and Jasper.
"What took you so long pixie girl and attachment?" Emmett laughed. I had to smile just that little bit more.
"You don't want to know," Jasper said, walking into the living room with Alice by his side. Emmett's booming laugh filled the house, and I had to join in. He had started whooting, causing Alice to skip along and hit his shoulder.
"Yeah, THAT really hurt," Em said. Jasper came to grasp Alice's hand.
"Don't worry Alice, his interpretations are always what he least expected, which is why he fell for our trick," Jasper said calmly. Emmett looked at him funny.
"What trick?" he said, annoyed.
"We went hunting," Alice laughed, and Em looked at her with his big, hot, goofy grin.
"Not bad Jasper and Pixie," he said, joining Alice's laughter. I just rolled my eyes.
"Did Carlisle and Esme go with you?" I asked. They shook their heads.
"We thought they stayed behind to put up with you two," Alice said.
"Well where are they then?" Emmett questioned. As if on cue, we suddenly heard the murmur of soft calm voices and slight giggling rapidly started approaching. As they walked in the door, smiling and saying hello, we all studied them. The way they clutched to each other eagerly, and looked into each other’s eyes as if nothing else mattered, looked slightly suspicious.
"Where were you two? You were gone for four hours!" Emmett complained, a smile playing at his lips.
"Four hours? REALLY?" Carlisle said, studying the clock. Esme looked down, embarrassed. Alice started to giggle.
"What took you four hours to get back?" Emmett said, and I joined the giggles. I couldn't help it. Esme looked from Carlisle, to us, then back to Carlisle.
"I think you should explain dear," she said. Carlisle's eyes went a fraction wider with surprise, and then he configured his expression, and looked at us.
"We were finishing Bella and Edward's home," he said, a little too quickly. Emmett burst into laughter. Jeez he has a dirty mind, but even Jasper was chuckling. Esme looked away, hiding her grin that told us all what they'd been up to. And they all called US; gross. Ha. Whatever.
"Go Carlisle! You still have it in you then, even after nearly a hundred years of marriage?" Emmett said. Carlisle sighed, embarrassed, obviously, but not really in the mood for Em's jokes.
"You can check the house if you want. It's finished," he said. I stifled a laugh.
"And that would take, how long Rose?" Em asked.
"Hm... maybe ten minutes?" I said with a grin. Carlisle gave up, leading Esme upstairs to her room with blueprints and such.
"Man I'm cruel," Emmett said, grinning widely, proud he had just embarrassed the man we all look up to more than anyone else.
"You can say that again," Jasper said. I grinned.
"First you torture us with your gross make out sessions, then you embarrass poor Carlisle and Esme, I shudder to think how you're going to treat Edward and Bella when they get back," Alice said. Emmett grinned.
"Don't worry, Bella will get her share of torture and jokes," Em promised. I grinned. In an odd way, I almost felt sorry for Bella... but on the other hand, we'd all put up with it for years, so it was her turn to pay the price for living with my obnoxious, immature, humorous husband.
ha ha again loved it (four hours? LOL)
Yes, four hours. Lol...

I- I was gonna say something, but if you've read breaking dawn, the 1 joke won't hurt you so... Just read... =)
Chapter 3 (Part 1)
Sometimes, I wondered why I bothered.
"Emmett!" Alice called, and I heard her running up the stairs. Crap.
"PUT THE SHAMPOO DOWN!" She demanded, running into the bathroom. With a desperate attempt to cover up my prank, I quickly turned the shower knob, stripped, and hid inside the curtain, poking my head out as Alice ran in.
"What? Can't a vampire have a shower in peace?" I said, trying to look annoyed. Alice sighed.
"You don't need one!" she said.
"Well obviously I do, otherwise I wouldn't be having one!" I said, the annoyed look obviously not too convincing. Alice glared.
"Don't touch my shampoo, or else!" Alice said, fire burning in her eyes as she turned to leave.
"Before you go, can you get Rose up here?" I said with a smirk, and Alice only shuddered, closing the door behind her. I'd actually done it this time. I'd out-smarted the vision girl. Keeping the shower going so as not to make Alice suspicious, I snatched her bottle of shampoo, and squeezed it until it was empty. Then, I reached out to the floor where my clothes were lying, and grabbed the handful of slimy green slugs that I had collected just for her. I laughed quietly, carefully placing the slugs in, one by one.
"ROSALIE! GO UPSTAIRS AND STOP THOSE SLUGS FROM ENTERING MY SHAMPOO!" Alice yelled, and I heard Rose race upstairs. Crap. I shoved the last of the slugs in the bottle, closed the lid, rinsed my hands quickly, and went for mine; the one that didn't smell of stupid lavender extra.
"Emmett!" Rose said slamming the door open and walking in. I jumped at her voice dropping the bottle on the floor.
"Oh, hiya Rosie!" I said, picking the bottle up quickly and placing a small dollop of shampoo in my hand.
"Since when have you been into personal hygiene? And more importantly, where are the slugs?" she demanded. I tried not to let her see my fear.
"What slugs?" I asked, trying to look honest and sincere.
"The slugs you were going to put in Alice's shampoo bottle," she said, glaring at me.
"In my pocket. I gave up after Alice came in," I said half honestly. I was forever grateful to whatever it had been inside me that made me keep those two slugs. Rose walked over to my trousers, carefully placing her hand inside. She shrieked, jumping back and squishing the big slug that had been in her hand so the blood and guts and stuff went everywhere.
"Emmett... Dale... McCarthy... Cullen!!! LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID!!!" she yelled, gesturing towards her designer clothes that were now stained in various sorts of colours of blood, guts and slime, and her usually perfect hair, which was splattered with the same thing. I smiled slightly.
"Looks like you need to join me," I said with a wicked grin.
"WE CAN HEAR YOU, AND THAT IS GROSS!" Alice yelled, and even Rose cracked a smile.
"Well, you're clean, so how about I get in, and you get out and clean this revolting mess up?" she said softly, in a tone that was so quiet it was threatening.
"Do I still get to see you naked?" I asked with a grin. She just sighed.
"You're hopeless Em," she remarked. I laughed.
"How about I let you change into your slug clothes while I wait in the hall, then you wait in the hall for me to get out and then you clean the mess up?" she said. I sighed, nodded with an evil grin. She really must've been pissed.

After cleaning the mess Rose had made with the slugs, Jasper and I had gone hunting. We were both getting pretty thirsty, and I'd heard there was bear problem up at the big nature reserve we sometimes hunted on, so I was eager to go.
"There's two up ahead," Jasper said, sniffing the air. I smelt it too, and a huge grin spread across my face. The first bear barely had time to look before Jasper was on its back, sinking his teeth into the bear's flesh. The other grizzly seemed annoyed that we'd interrupted what we were doing, but I circled it a few times, letting it take a few swipes at my face, when I realised Jasper was finished, so I jumped onto its irritated back and sunk my teeth into the flesh, almost enjoying the moan of agony it made as it fell to the ground, then the roar of pain, the pleas for help from its dead friend before closing its eyes, dead.
I'd never quite gotten over the fact that a grizzly had nearly killed me when Rose found me. I had been good as dead, when my angel had come, snapping the bear’s neck and carrying me off to Carlisle. I tried not to shudder at the fact, while Jasper looked at me funny, his eyes now the same golden colour as mine; a golden honey colour.
"Emmett, are you ok? You sorta got sad for a moment then," Jasper said. I smiled, nodding.
"Thinking," I explained.
"That'd be a first," Jasper said with a laugh. I hit him in the shoulder.
"At least I can," I said with a grin.
"Whatever," Jasper said, looking at the setting sun.
"We should get back," he said. I sighed, nodding.

When we got back, we were both greeted by Alice, who hugged Jasper quickly, then turned to me, her small pixie face filled with rage. Suddenly, Rose was by her side. I wasn't scared until I saw the aggravated expression on Rose's face. Crap.
"EMMETT!!!" They both roared, Esme came into the room, looking at us curiously.
"What?" I asked, honestly confused for a moment.
"You. Put. Slugs. In. My. SHAMPOO BOTTLE!" Alice said, and I grinned, until Rosalie's death stare made me hang my head in shame.
"He did what?!?!?!" Esme said, looking at me with a grimace.
"AND YOU LIED TO ME!" Rose roared. Uh oh.
"Rose, baby, I'm sorry! I didn't want to, but-" I was cut off.
"EMMETT, I DON'T WANT YOUR APPOLOGY YET! NOT UNTIL YOU APOLOGISE TO ALICE!" she said threateningly. I heard Jaspers muffled laugh behind me.
"Sorry Alice," I said, not really meaning it. I could only imagine her face when she squeezed the bottle of shampoo, only to get a slug on her face, or as she went to rub it in, only to realise it moved. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.
"NOW YOU CAN SAY SORRY TO ME FOR LYING TO ME!" Rose said. I stepped back a bit, afraid, before hanging my head in shame.
"I’m sorry baby," I said honestly and softly, in the tone that always made her smile. As expected, when I brought my head back up, she was trying to keep annoyed the annoyed expression on her face, fighting the smile. I smiled up at Alice began to have a vision. Jasper instantly rushed to her side, guiding her towards the couch. We all followed, interested.
"What do you see?" Jasper said.
"It's... Bella. I can't see it properly, it's blurry in some places. She's screaming," Alice said in a daze.
"Is Bella okay?" I asked with honest concern for my little sister.
"I- I don't know. Someone give me the phone, I'll find out. We all heard the dial tone go for longer than usual, scaring us for a minute. Finally, someone answered.
"Bella? Bella are you okay?"
"He is. What's the problem?"
Silence again.
"Is Edward all right?"
Alice called for Carlisle.
"Why didn't be pick up the phone? Bella, I just saw-"
Carlisle walked into the room.
"Here's Carlisle," she said, handing the phone to him.
If Bella answered the phone, it was bad. If she needed Carlisle, it was worse. Worry filled me. What happened to my brother and little sister?

I walked out of the room as Carlisle talked to Bella on the phone. I didn't want to hear it. She'd probably just gotten the attention of strong exotic vampires or something. Typical Bella. I walked up to our room, and turned the TV on. Some stupid show was on, Gossip Girl I think, so I turned it off, just as the phone rang. Using the caller id, I identified it as Edward's number. What'd he want?
"Hello?" I asked, trying to keep the annoyance out of my voice.
"Rosalie," Bella said. I nearly jumped realising it was her. What could she possibly want?
"It's Bella. Please. You have to help me," she said softly. Keeping things from Edward I guessed. I sighed softly.
"What do you need Bella?" I asked. The line was silent for a moment, excepted for Bella's panicky breath.
"I'm pregnant," she said at last. I gasped with surprise. No way. That wasn't possible!
"What? Are you sure?" I asked, not sure I believed her.
"I think I would know if something was moving around inside me Rose," she said. It was moving already?
"So... why do you need my help?" Bella started sobbing on the other line.
"What is it?" I asked kindly.
"Edward wants to get rid of it," she said, barely a whisper. Oh. I thought for a moment. If it were me, I'd want to keep it too. Obviously its life threatening, otherwise Edward wouldn't want to get rid of it either. He would hate me for this, but I knew it was the right thing.
"Don't worry Bella, I won't let him take your one chance at a baby away from you," I vowed.
"Thank you Rose. I've gotta go now. Edward's coming back. Thanks!" with that, she hung up. Without thinking, I placed the phone in my pocket, and thought for a moment. Emmett wouldn't help get past me to Bella, and would even defend her if I asked. Alice... she might, if she could see what would happen to it. Esme, I was a hundred percent sure would defend Bella too. I was still surprised though, as I raced downstairs to get Emmett. The baby... It wasn't human if it had a vampire husband. Half and half. Oh. It could kill her. I shook thoughts out of my head about letting them past. I promised Bella I wouldn't let Edward hurt her baby. If it killed her, I'd help look after it. I smiled slightly at that thought.
"Rose, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle and Esme are going to the airport to collect Bella. They want me to fill you in," Emmett said, as I rushed downstairs and gripped his hand.
"I know what's happening Em. I'm going too," I said. He looked surprised at first, then suspicious.
"Rose... what are you planning?" he asked. I smiled half heartedly.
"Bella just called me. She made me promise to help protect her baby," I said. Emmett stared.
"Rose, that thing could kill Bella. It's not normal," Emmett protested. I sighed.
"She wants to be a vampire. When the baby's born, Edward can make her one, even if she starts to die," I said. Emmett studied me for a long time, then nodded once. This wasn't going to be easy, but with Emmett and I on her side, and most likely Esme as well, Bella's baby would live. Edward wouldn't like it, but he had no choice. And besides, it was his baby too.
A few things I didn't see to corect: Husband was ment to be father
I smiled up at Alice began to have a vision was ment to be: I smiled up at Rose, just as Alice began to have a vision.
Um... hm, I don't think there is anything else.... if there is, let me know!


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