The Twilight Saga

a/n this is after Happy Ever After? and it begins when Ashley and Jacob are on their honeymoon. please enjoy and comment!(:

Chapter 1 We Really Need a Pet. (Gabby POV)
I awoke to his brown eyes staring intently down at me.

"Good morning." I scooted closer into his chest.

"Good morning." he mumbled into my hair. I looked up and wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist, pulling me closer to him. His lips found mine and I kissed him back, his lips slowly moved down my jaw to my neck. He was moving towards my throat when the door slammed open.

"Rise and shine!!" Rafael and Victor yelled. Seth flopped back onto the bed as I turned to the boys.

"Are you guys hungry?" I asked wanting to try out this new recipe I found.

"Yes!" they exclaimed along with Seth. I chuckled lightly as I shook my head.

"Okay, we'll be out in a minute." I said, getting up. I could have swore I heard Seth mumble, "Need a pet." I was wearing on of Seth's shirts -one of the few he owned- so I put on a pair of pajama shorts and walked to the living room, with Seth on my heels. Seth followed me into the kitchen as I flipped my notebook open looking for the page where I wrote my cinnamon buns recipe.

"Can we help?" the boys asked from behind the counter.

"Sure, here. Whisk these eggs while I gather the other ingredients." I cracked three eggs into a bowl. "Seth can you supervise them please?" I grabbed the cinnamon, the pans, the flour, and the rest of what I needed. When I got back the eggs were done. "Ok you guys, can I trust you to use the flour?" I joked and I handed them the rest while I went to mix in another bowl. I was mixing the icing when I heard a few poofs and a mixture of giggles, I turned to find the two little boys with flour on their faces. But Seth got the worst of it, they had made him look almost as pale as Edward. I could help but let a few giggles escape my lips as well.

"You three go wash all that off, I'll finish up here." I watched them run to the bathroom. "Boys." I shook my head and dove into mixing and whatnot. Once the cinnamon buns were in the oven, I went on to cleaning the kitchen, Seth emerged from the bathroom and came to help me.

"Sorry about that." he apologized.

"Don't worry. I only wish I could have gotten pics for Ash." I assured him.

"Hah, she would have loved that." he chuckled as we swept the last of the flour off the floor. He and I went to sit on the couch. "What day do we go back to school?" he asked.

"Umm, next week. Oh, what will we do with the boys?" I answered, suddenly I remembered something. "The mail!!" I ran to grab the key. I fumbled with the little lock and managed to open it, I ran back in the house and jumped onto the couch next to Seth.

"What was so important in the mail?" he questioned.

"Our schedules! I need to see if I made it into the program!" I exclaimed handing him his. I quickly opened the yellow envelope and unfolded the white piece of paper it encased. My eyes scanned it quickly and happiness engulfed me.

"Did you make it?" he tried to read the paper I clutched to my chest.

"Yeah! I get to go to school for a half day, then after lunch I go to college classes!" I was so, unbelievably excited.

"Congrats." he squeezed me.

"What about you? What classes did you get?" I asked.

"Let's see." he open his and read it carefully. "I made it into auto shop, Jake could probably help me with that. Ew, I have to take home ec." he cringed at the word.

"So do I, what period?"

"1st." he replied, "when do you have it?"

"1st too. At least we have that together. Can I see?" I took his schedule. We had first and third together, after that was lunch then I didn't see him till we got home. "I got third with you, Calculus." I handed it back to him as the timer beeped. "They're ready!" I smiled and ran to turn off the oven. When I pulled them out, the delicious aroma filled the house I quickly slid onto plates and placed them on the table. The boys were already waiting there for me. I passed out the food and we ate in silence until Victor's phone rang.

"Here, it's for you." he handed it to Rafael.

"Hello? Oh, hey man." he waited. "Still?!" some more waiting. "Victor and I will help, don't worry man. We got chu!" Rafael laughed a bit and hung up.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Our friend Daniel, he's still in the orphanage. Now he wants Victor and I to find him some parents." Rafael explained and took a bite. I've always wanted kids, but Seth and I weren't even married and I didn't wanna go there quite yet.

"Maybe Seth and I could take him."I suggested. Seth choked on the food in his mouth, but recovered quickly.

"Well I ,er, don't think that's a very, um, good idea." he stuttered. "You know because we don't know what to do with these boys right now." he motioned toward the hopeful Victor and Rafael.

"Well, with my classes I have time right after lunch to drop them off at Billy's." I told him. He seemed to be searching for another arguement, but quickly gave up. "We'll think about it." I patted the boys' heads as I cleaned the table. Once everyone finished Seth and I went to do the dishes, I would force him to talk about this adoption thing. "So, what do ou think about Daniel?" I began.

"Well...." he focused on drying the plate.

"You don't want to." I looked down

"No, no. It's not that I don't want kids, I just want," he hesitated then continued, "our kids." I smiled at those words, 'our kids'. I knew what he meant.

"I know, I do too. But I really would like to help him, please?" I plead.

"You really want to?" he looked down into my eyes.

"Yes." I whispered.

"Ok." he answered after a while. I heard two small yes'es from behind the counter.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you!! You won't regret this! I promise! And, hey, this will replace your 'pet' idea." I grinned at him as he chuckled.


a/n enjoy and please comment!!(:

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love it liddo cousin(:


thanks ash!

Chapter 2 Asked. Answered. (Gabby POV)
Earlier today Seth and I agreed to adopting a child, I was so pumped earlier but now I'm nervous. I tried my best to hide it as I took Seth's hand and we walked through the doors of the orphanage. I was shocked by the number of kids there, they were running up the walls and it seemed as if there weren't enough hands to help. Maybe I could get a job here, my mind wandered, but I was pulled back to reality when I saw the little boy we were looking for. He was of average size, light brown hair styled into a fauxhawk similar to Rafael's. He had brown eyes almost the same color of Seth's. He was wear a soccer jersey, skinny jeans, and a pair of red Vans. He saw Victor and Rafael standing beside us and his face lit up immediately.

"Can I help you?" a lady came up to us.

"Yes, we'd like to adopt a child." I turned to face her.

"Which one, I'll bring them in to meet you." she smiled.

"That one, I believe his name is Daniel." I pointed at him.

"Ok, I'll be back in a jiff." she seemed like a nice lady. She lightly tapped him and brought him over to us. "Daniel, these people would like to adopt you."

"hi." he waved.

"Well, I see you two are a bit young and you have two other children. Are you su-" she started.

"We're 18 and those are my sister's children. I assure you we can take care of this boy." I smiled though I was slightly annoyed.

"Ok, just follow me and sign this, please." she sighed. "Daniel, go pack your stuff." We signed a few things and went to help Daniel finish. He was almost through when we went up.

"Nice trophy, when did you win this?" I asked holding up a small trophy with a soccer player on it.

"Last year at my soccer finals." he beamed. "This is all." Daniel grabbed two small suitcases. We loaded the car and drove home, the boys were chattering in the backseat.

"Do you regret this?" I peered at Seth's face.

"No, it'll be good.... practice." he nodded, then added, "Plus my son is a star athlete, why wouldn't I be proud." he grinned. When we got home Victor and Rafael raced to show Daniel the room they would share. I would have to buy a bunk bed to add to the small bed in there. I peered into the door and saw a messy disarray of toys scattering the floor.

"Victor, Rafael pelase clean those up and then we'll eat lunch. Daniel, come with me." he and I walked down the hall in silence until he asked a question.

"Do you want me to call you guys 'mom and dad'?"

"Do you want to?" I questioned.

"Yes." he replied quickly.

"Ok then, that's fine with me." I shrugged. I would have to register these boys for school, maybe I'll call later.

"Auntie Gabby!! We're done!! Can we watch cartons wih Daniel now!!!" the boys yelled from their room.

"Go ahead." I nodded to Daniel and he ran back to the room. I walked around the house lookign for Seth and I found him out in the backyard, in the middle of the grass.

"Hey." I sat in his lap.

"Hey, you know what I was thinking?" he asked.

"No, what?" I played with a piece of grass.

"I've been going through life backwards." he said, I stared at him quizically. "Like, I already have a kid but I'm not married. And we started out so intense, and now we've mellowed out."

"Are you saying you wanna get married? Have you gotten wedding fever from Jake and Ash?" I joked. He stared away from me for a long time, "Are you?" I asked, more serious this time.Still no answer. "Seth." I placed on hand on either side of his face and forced him to look me in the eyes, "You can tell me anything. You know you can." I stared him down.

"Maybe, or at least engaged." he sighed.

"Is that what you want? Would it make you happy?" I questioned, my voice lighter but still serious. I waited for an answer but my phone rang, I pulled it from my pocket and answered.

"Gabby, did you adopt?" Ashley asked.

"Yes, your children convinced me to adopt their friend." I answered.

"Good, you and Seth will be great parents. Now give the phone to my boys, I wanna talk to them." she demaded. I got up and went to find them. After the phone call came lunch, then we fixed up the room, then dinner, and suddenly the boys were fast asleep on the couch. We put them in bed and went to lay down. Seth waited outside as I changed into pajamas, he came in and hugged me as we layed in bed.

"Are the boys enrolled for this year?" he asked.

"Yes, we'll have to go school shopping. Probably tomorrow, while were out we should get a bunk bed for them." I planned.

"Yeah... Gabby, if you don't wanna get engaged right now, I totally get it. Don't worry about it, if it makes you unhappy." he sighed.

"I want to Seth, especially if it makes you happy." I looked up at him. His face was emotionless, he kissed me and I pulled him closer. I stopped suddenly remembering a problem.

"What?" asked worried.

"The boys are across the hall. What if they walk in? Especially Daniel?" I shook my head laughing.

"You worry too much." he smiled and kissed my forehead as we fell asleep.


a/n please enjoy and please please comment!! thanks(:

love it(:

chapter 4 Can you say annoying? (Gabby POV)
I swiftly walked to my first class, trying not to feel scared. Or sick. I felt like I might pass out at any second. I put on a brave face as I approached my first class, before I got to the door I noticed I was 20 minutes early. I sighed and headed to the cafeteria, where most of the students were. I bought a water and sat on a bench outside. I saw that Ashley texted me and I quickly filled her in on what was going on, where the boys are, and where I am. She seemed worried too and said that her and Jake would be home tonight. I thought about my theory some more. Maybe there was something going on.

"Hey." a voice greeted. I looked up to see a pale guy with blonde hair and muddy brown eyes. He vaguely reminded me of the Cullens, but not a lot. He was about 6'2 and would probably reach only to Seth's shoulders.

"Do I know you?"I asked.

"No, but I know you. You're Gabby Nova, you live here in La Push, and you are a senior at La Push High who was accepted for the college program." he stated grinning. I think he expected me to be wowed, instead I was a bit creeped out.

"How do you know all this?" I questioned. I felt like I should know if he was stalking me or something.

"I help out in the office and I was putting away new files and I stumbled across yours. The picture inside made me think a supermodel was coming here." He smiled wider.

"Don't even try," I shot him down, "I have a boyfriend."

"Yeah, Seth Clearwater. He lives with you, he is also a senior at La Push High, and he didn't apply for the program." he said.

"He doesn't go here so how do you know that?" This guy is a creeper.

"His sister Leah Clearwater came here for a month. For references she had you listed as 'sister-in-law', I only pieced it together." he sat down on the bench. So Leah came here?

"That's nice. Well I gotta go." I got up and began walking away.

"Until next time." he waved. Next time? Something told me he was going to be around more often. I was still a bit shaken as I took my seat for Biology, my first class. The teacher was Mr, Barnes and he told me I was the only student from La Push High to get into the program. As I waited for class to start I considered the idea of marriage. Ashley seemed happy,so did Bella and Edward. I was pulled back into reality and away from my daydreams by no other than the guy who creeps me out. I ignored him as class started but he slipped a piece of paper on my desk.

Hey :P he wrote. I looked to make sure Mr.Barnes wasn't looking and I crumpled the paper. I checked once again and threw it at the guy's head.

"Ouch." he whispered sarcastically. I waited silently until that class ended and swiftly walked out the door to Chemistry. I bumped into a girl and we fell.

"Sorry." she apologized.

"No, it's my fault." I helped her gather her books.

"I believe this is yours." a familiar voice said.

"Thanks Brian." the girl took the book and walked away. I went back to walking quickly and trying to get to class. I walked into Chemistry and sat a the table that already had someone sitting there. Brian simply sat in front of me and spent all of class trying to block my view of the board, I sighed and listened carefully. After that was science then I could leave. Science went same as Biology had and I was relieved when I could go home. I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was when I saw Brian leaning against the car.

"How do you know that's mine?" I asked.

"Magic." he joked. "And it's not yours, it's Seth's." he corrected me.

"Stalker." I mumbled under my breath. I could have sworn I saw him grin in my peripheral vision. I dismissed it as I opened my door and he came to stand in front of it.

"I can tell its his because it smells like him." Brian said. "Like a dude." he tacked on. I rolled my eyes and drove away as fast as possible. My phone rang and I carefully maneuvered the road as I fished it from my pocket.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey, I just got out and I'm gonna get the boys." Seth replied.

"Oh that's fine. I'll meet you at home. Oh, and Ashley and Jake are coming." I told him.

"I know. Well I gotta go, see you at home." he hung up. I drove home and suddenly remembered something.

"Dammit! Lily's coming tonight!" I exclaimed as I sped home. I threw my keys in the little bowl and raced around to clean, but the house was spotless.

"Thought I'd help you out." said a voice I missed so much.

"Hey Ash, hi Jake." I turned around.

"So how was your first day?" Ash asked.

"Good, Lily's coming tonight." I told her. "Everything went well except for this weird guy. He knows pretty much every thing about me and Seth. He knew my car and said 'It smells like him.' "

"Smells like him?" Jake asked.

"Yeah. Oh by the way, is there something wrong? Because Billy was worried and I just wanted to know if something was wrong." I mentioned.

"Well maybe. Gabby you need to get this guy's scent." Jake said.

"Why?" I questioned.

"He might be a vampire, and he might be part of what's going on." he explained.


a/n enjoy and please comment!!(: srry it took so long:(

love it keep me updated please!!


I'd really enjoyed reading it.

Please keep it going.

update soon plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

chapter 5 part 1 Playing Dirty (Gabby POV)
"He's a vampire?" I asked. Just then Seth walked in and Victor and Rafael's faces lit up when they saw Ash and Jake.

"Mom! Dad!" they yelled. Ashley and Jake giggled and wrestled with the boys.

"Hey."Seth smiled and hugged me. Daniel ran up to me and tugged on my shirt.

"Mom, who is that?" he pointed at my sister and her family sprawled out on the floor.

"Hi Daniel. I'm Ashley and this is my husband Jake. I'm your mommy's sister so just call me Auntie Ashie." Ashley smiled down at Daniel. There was a mixture of awe and fear as he took in her orangey eyes. Ashley realized this and turned to me.

"You haven't told them yet?" she asked.

"I wanted to wait for you." I defended. Her face lit up at this.

"Can I tell them pretty please?" she plead.

"Sure?" I said as she picked all three of them up and set them down at the table.

"I can't wait to hear half the stuff that comes out her mouth." Jake laughed and went to sit with her.

"So how was your day?" Seth asked.

"Good." I lied.

"Cool. Can you help me with the Calculus homework? I can't believe she gave us any." he sighed.

"It's a reveiw of last year!" I chuckled and took out my notebook. A few hours later Seth and I had finished and so had Ash.

"Mommy! Can we go to the beach?!" Victor asked. Rafael and Daniel's head snapped up and Daniel turned to look at me.

"Sure. Go get ready." she shrugged.

"What about the whole sparkly problem?" I asked once the boys had gone into their room.

"Not a problem. Alice found out that sun block covers us up and we don't sparkle. Neat huh?" she smiled.

"Ok then? Let's go." I skipped to my room and got ready. ( ) Once I was finished we all piled into the car though we could have walked. As soon as we pulled up Jake and Seth wrinkled their noses while Ash let out a low growl. Ugh, I hate not being able to be in the loop. I got out, pretending not to notice and saw what they were reacting to. Right there, sprawled on a beach blanket was Brian. And he had a girl with him. I peeked around his shoulder and saw Lily sitting there!


a/n srry I've been super busy!:/ nd srry its so short but enjoy and please comment(:

Sun block - good idea, I bet it would have to be really high factor!


I lovew it! :D

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