The Twilight Saga

a/n this is after Happy Ever After? and it begins when Ashley and Jacob are on their honeymoon. please enjoy and comment!(:

Chapter 1 We Really Need a Pet. (Gabby POV)
I awoke to his brown eyes staring intently down at me.

"Good morning." I scooted closer into his chest.

"Good morning." he mumbled into my hair. I looked up and wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist, pulling me closer to him. His lips found mine and I kissed him back, his lips slowly moved down my jaw to my neck. He was moving towards my throat when the door slammed open.

"Rise and shine!!" Rafael and Victor yelled. Seth flopped back onto the bed as I turned to the boys.

"Are you guys hungry?" I asked wanting to try out this new recipe I found.

"Yes!" they exclaimed along with Seth. I chuckled lightly as I shook my head.

"Okay, we'll be out in a minute." I said, getting up. I could have swore I heard Seth mumble, "Need a pet." I was wearing on of Seth's shirts -one of the few he owned- so I put on a pair of pajama shorts and walked to the living room, with Seth on my heels. Seth followed me into the kitchen as I flipped my notebook open looking for the page where I wrote my cinnamon buns recipe.

"Can we help?" the boys asked from behind the counter.

"Sure, here. Whisk these eggs while I gather the other ingredients." I cracked three eggs into a bowl. "Seth can you supervise them please?" I grabbed the cinnamon, the pans, the flour, and the rest of what I needed. When I got back the eggs were done. "Ok you guys, can I trust you to use the flour?" I joked and I handed them the rest while I went to mix in another bowl. I was mixing the icing when I heard a few poofs and a mixture of giggles, I turned to find the two little boys with flour on their faces. But Seth got the worst of it, they had made him look almost as pale as Edward. I could help but let a few giggles escape my lips as well.

"You three go wash all that off, I'll finish up here." I watched them run to the bathroom. "Boys." I shook my head and dove into mixing and whatnot. Once the cinnamon buns were in the oven, I went on to cleaning the kitchen, Seth emerged from the bathroom and came to help me.

"Sorry about that." he apologized.

"Don't worry. I only wish I could have gotten pics for Ash." I assured him.

"Hah, she would have loved that." he chuckled as we swept the last of the flour off the floor. He and I went to sit on the couch. "What day do we go back to school?" he asked.

"Umm, next week. Oh, what will we do with the boys?" I answered, suddenly I remembered something. "The mail!!" I ran to grab the key. I fumbled with the little lock and managed to open it, I ran back in the house and jumped onto the couch next to Seth.

"What was so important in the mail?" he questioned.

"Our schedules! I need to see if I made it into the program!" I exclaimed handing him his. I quickly opened the yellow envelope and unfolded the white piece of paper it encased. My eyes scanned it quickly and happiness engulfed me.

"Did you make it?" he tried to read the paper I clutched to my chest.

"Yeah! I get to go to school for a half day, then after lunch I go to college classes!" I was so, unbelievably excited.

"Congrats." he squeezed me.

"What about you? What classes did you get?" I asked.

"Let's see." he open his and read it carefully. "I made it into auto shop, Jake could probably help me with that. Ew, I have to take home ec." he cringed at the word.

"So do I, what period?"

"1st." he replied, "when do you have it?"

"1st too. At least we have that together. Can I see?" I took his schedule. We had first and third together, after that was lunch then I didn't see him till we got home. "I got third with you, Calculus." I handed it back to him as the timer beeped. "They're ready!" I smiled and ran to turn off the oven. When I pulled them out, the delicious aroma filled the house I quickly slid onto plates and placed them on the table. The boys were already waiting there for me. I passed out the food and we ate in silence until Victor's phone rang.

"Here, it's for you." he handed it to Rafael.

"Hello? Oh, hey man." he waited. "Still?!" some more waiting. "Victor and I will help, don't worry man. We got chu!" Rafael laughed a bit and hung up.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Our friend Daniel, he's still in the orphanage. Now he wants Victor and I to find him some parents." Rafael explained and took a bite. I've always wanted kids, but Seth and I weren't even married and I didn't wanna go there quite yet.

"Maybe Seth and I could take him."I suggested. Seth choked on the food in his mouth, but recovered quickly.

"Well I ,er, don't think that's a very, um, good idea." he stuttered. "You know because we don't know what to do with these boys right now." he motioned toward the hopeful Victor and Rafael.

"Well, with my classes I have time right after lunch to drop them off at Billy's." I told him. He seemed to be searching for another arguement, but quickly gave up. "We'll think about it." I patted the boys' heads as I cleaned the table. Once everyone finished Seth and I went to do the dishes, I would force him to talk about this adoption thing. "So, what do ou think about Daniel?" I began.

"Well...." he focused on drying the plate.

"You don't want to." I looked down

"No, no. It's not that I don't want kids, I just want," he hesitated then continued, "our kids." I smiled at those words, 'our kids'. I knew what he meant.

"I know, I do too. But I really would like to help him, please?" I plead.

"You really want to?" he looked down into my eyes.

"Yes." I whispered.

"Ok." he answered after a while. I heard two small yes'es from behind the counter.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you!! You won't regret this! I promise! And, hey, this will replace your 'pet' idea." I grinned at him as he chuckled.


a/n enjoy and please comment!!(:

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im sorry... im really busy.. and kinda stuck for ideas >.< sorry


haha fail

chapter 5 part 2 Playing Dirty (Ashley POV)

I ran to the beach jumping in by two people, which in turn ended up getting them soaked in water.

"Hey! What was that for yo!" The guy screamed, as I laughed.

"Geez I'm sorry dude, I was just trying to have fun..." I sighed, as he got up in my face, his eyes blaring red. "What are you going you going to do vampire." I snarled, as he threw a punch at me; Gabby ran over and got Lily out of the way. Jacob and Seth came over,growling, immeadiately the guy started to back up. Lily ran to grab the guy's hand again.

"Brian, just leave it alone. Let's go." Lily pulled on him and he turned to glare at her.

"Lily!" Gabby exclaimed grabbing her arm. Gabby froze for a second, but then quickly recovered. She backed up behind Seth and whispered something in his ear. He looked at her astounded and ran to tell Jake. Jacob grabbed my arm and towed me towards the car, grabbing Victor and Rafael too. Gabby took Daniel's hand as we all piled back into the car.

"Does some wanna tell me what the hell just happened?!" I yelled. I saw the boys' eyes widen at this.

"We'll explain at home." Jake patted my shoulder. I looked at Gabby and saw that she and Seth were quietly conversing but Gabby looked worried. The boys lost interest in our issue and began chatting when I noticed we weren't going home. We were going to the Cullens'. When we arrived Edward began talking very fast with Gabby but I could understand it.

"What happened? Do you still have the visions? So when you touched him you saw it? Interesting let's go to Carlisle." he sped through sentences. We went up to Carlisle's study and Gabby began.

"Carlisle can you lose powers but gain another?" she asked.

"I'm not sure, why?" he became very intrigued.

"Well, I'm not too sure either. I was grabbing my friend when I touched this guy's arm. Then it was like having a vision. I saw him kissing a girl and then this weird mist stuff flowed from him to her and then she was like his puppy." she explained. What?

"I've heard of this once before when I was with the Volturi. They are called anima fraudator. It means 'soul-stealer' in Latin. They are very similar to us but instead of them all having different powers they all do the same thing. The use this to control humans, now how did you run into this?" Carlisle asked.

"Brian. Jake I think you were right about him." Gabby looked horrified. So this guy was trying to cause a fight.


a/n srry it took so long i've had a lot to do.. plz enjoy and comment thnx!(:

Im so glad u continued gabby! I missed this story ... who is this brian guy & why does he like gabby so much hes like a major creeper !i hope seth tears off his pretty little vampire head...:)

haha thanks you.. and I'll make sure Jake and Ash help  him with it(;

Good haha i hav a feeling seth & him r gonna hav words :) i would enjoy tht very much!

I'm still waiting for a update -_____________-


ok so I've kinda gven up ._. so Ashley Camero Black 666 is going to take over(: hope she does good.. if not she's gonna get it jk xD

Chapter 6 Drive (Ashley's POV)

Rafael, Victor, Daniel, and myself lost interest very quickly with the subject, you would think we all had ADD.

"Who wants to play tag?" I asked smiling, as they nodded. "1,2,3, not it!" I screamed running, Rafael and Daniel found me quickly we went to hide under my bed in my old room.

"Mommy! Uncle Emmett hurt me!" Victor said as I got out from under the bed to see Victor and Jacob standing there laughing. "Haha just kidding! You buttfaces, get out from under there!" Daniel and Rafael came out from under th bed sighing.

"Okay you boys, go play, your dad and I have to talk." I smiled, as they ran out the room.

"So Brian is trying to steal Gabby's soul, so she'll be with a wolf, or a vampire at all times, she'll never be alone. But Ashley, I don't want you alone either..."


"JAKE! I can take care of myself! I'm pretty indistructable now." I sighed, as Jake wrapped his arms around me tightly.


"I know you are, but he can still steal a vampire's life." I shook my head.


"If I even still have a soul to steal..." Jake put his finger under my chin and lifted it up kissing me forecfully, I pulled away when I heard the pitter patter of our kids foot steps running up the stairs.


"Mommy!!! Uncle Emmett's after us!!!" Victor and Rafael screamed at the same time running into my room. They hid behind us, as Emmett ran in with a clown mask  on, I screamed, then ran to hide behind Jacob.


"Emmett I HATE YOU!" I screamed, as he laughed and took his mask off.


"Just getting ready for Halloween." He smiled, oh yeah halloween's this weekend.


"Hey boys, you wanna go trick or treating?" They nodded excitedly.


"What's that though mommy?" THey both questioned, I motioned them to sit on my bed as I looked in my book shelf for my Halloween book.


"Halloween is once a year, October 31st, and it issecular holiday combining vestiges of traditional harvest festival celebrations with customs more specific to the occasion such as costume wearing, trick-or-treating, pranksterism, and decorations based on imagery of death and the supernatural." I said laughing. "But it's became a kids holiday pretty much, trick or treating is basically going around to other people's houses asking for candy." They got very excited then. "Have you boys ever been trick or treating?" They shook their heads no as I gasped. "We're going for sure, come on we're going Halloween Costume shopping." They screamed 'yay' and jumped off the bed running down stairs. "Jake we can't leave them anymore while we're in college, I'm getting really attached to them..."


"Me too." I smiled at Jake, as we walked down stairs holding hands, by the time we got to the car, Daniel, Gabby, and Seth were sitting in there car, while Rafael and Victor were sitting in our car.


"Race ya Seth?" I winked, as I got in my new Camaro.


"You're on." He pulled out making a u-turn as we got in the car.


"Hold on tight boys." Jake cautioned as I pulled up next to Seth. "Ready... Set... Go!" Jake screamed as I sped off, we made it to Party City in no time...



A/N I hope you like it, so please enjoy and comment(: I hope I'll live up to Gabby's expectations! haha

Chapter 7 Go The Distance  (Ashley's POV)

We beat Seth and Gabby by about five seconds, but as soon as we got out of the car, Seth and Jacob ran inside.


"You guys can't see our costumes." They said intune with each other. We shrugged, and walked to the womens and kids isle, Daniel is Superman, Victor is Luke Skywalker, Rafael is a pirate, Gabby is a gangster, and I'm Batman; we then paid for our costumes and walked outside, their was a note on my car as we looked to see Gabby's car was gone.


'Ash, Seth and I have gone to hide our costumes from all of you... Catch up with you soon, be safe. Goodbye I love you. -Jacob.'


"Okay, so their gone, who wants to go to the beach?" The boys started jumping up and down. "Okay, well we have to go home and change first, it's starting to get cold out." We drove to the Cullen house to change, soon enough we were on our way to First Beach. (A/N Their Outfits- When we got out to the beach, we saw that Sam and Emily, Paul and Rachael, and Jared and Kim were all here; looking at the stars.


"Paul!" The boys screamed as they ran towards him, Gabby went to Emily as I tried to get the blankets out of the car, Victor saw me struggling and ran over to me.


"Mommy do you need help?" He asked as I nodded, he took the Batman blanket and ran back over to everybody. I laid out the Batman blanket and the Rolling Stones blanket; Gabby and Daniel took the Rolling Stones one, as my boys and I took the Batman one, I laid down on the blanket looking at the stars, as my boys came and laid on each side of me. We stayed looking at the stars, as I smiled down at my boys, but soon enough I heard Rafael and Victor's breathing slow as I looked down at them and they were fast asleep.


"Here Ash, cover them up." Emily smiled handing me another blanket, I got up from the boys slowly, and gave them the blanket. Then I took my Chucks off, and started walking alone the shore, wondering what the rest of my life will be like... I'm married, adopted two absolutely wonderful children, and two wonderful families.... I wonder what I've done to deserve all of this?


"Babe, what're you doing out here all by yourself?" Jacob questioned as he walked towards me, I shrugged as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders standing behind me.


"Just thinking that's all..." We kept walking as the wind started to pick up from the ocean. "It's getting cold, we should take the boys home." I said turning around to face Jake, I reached up on my tippie toes then to kiss his lips lightly, but he picked me up to keep the kiss going; I broke off breathless, as he put me down and grabbed my hand.


A/N This is it for now, sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER! But I've just been really busy with school, and I've had MAJOR writers block... Sorry!

Chapter 8 Circle Of Life (Ashley's POV)


When we got back to the Cullen house that night, everybody had sullen faces on besides Emmett of course. Emmett's always happy.


"Ashley, Jacob, the newborn fight is in three days..." Edward said, as I looked at my boys with saddness in my eyes.


"When do we start training?" Jake questioned. "Because they Quileute pack WILL help."


"Tonight. Ashley will you be fighting?" I was about to answer when Jake stopped me.


"No, she won't. She'll be protecting the boys and Gabby." Gabby and I looked at each others significant other and we stomped a foot exactly at the same time.


"Okay, well she'll be with Bella and Renesme, so Ashley will have to learn how to kill a vampire." I nodded then, as Jacob and I picked up Victor and Rafael and carried them to our room.


"Mommy who're you and Daddy going to fight?" They questioned at the same time.


"Bad people who're threatening our family." I said as I hugged my boys, and Jacob put his long arms around us' my body started convulsing in sobs, as I hugged my boys tighter... Jacob just held us till I stopped crying, and when I pulled away from the boys I saw that they had tears in their eyes too.


"It'll be okay boys, mommy and daddy will take care of everything..." We then laid on our bed, the little boys were in the middle of Jake and I and Jake wrapped his long arm around us. I grabbed the remote and turned on the DVD player to watch the Lion King, I was singing along to the Circle of Life when Rafael and Victor fell asleep.


"Come on Ash and Jake, Esme and Carlisle are gonna stay here to watch the boys." Gabby said when she opened the door, I got out of our embrace and put my shoes on. Jake and I then jumped out of our window, he phased as we ran to the clearing to begin preparation for the upcoming newborn fight....



A/N I hope you like it(: Please enjoy and comment(:


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