The Twilight Saga

a/n this is about a girl named,Gabby and her older sister,Ashley. They get into some DEEP trouble here at La Push. But will they risk everything for love?

Preface:Love is complicated, but worth the trouble


Chapter 1 Why? (Gabby POV)

Spring break sucked. It was the worst two weeks of my life. My boyfriend cheated on me. I HATE HIM! Now, it's back to school with that loser. At least I have Ash and Jack to comfort me. well, time to get ready. I went to my bathroom to decide how to fix this mess I call my hair. Straightner it is. I went to get changed, I grabbed a pair of jeans and a tee. I put on my fave Louboutins and the necklace I've had since Ash and I ran away. Our parents were.... let's just say they were bad people. I ran downstairs to eat breakfast, but Ash said we were goona be late so I grabbed a banana. (Ashey n Gabby Outfits )

"Are we picking Jack up today?" I asked peeling my banana

"Yeah, and if you would have stop grieving over Drew you could have had breakfast." she replied

"Hey since Jack is your first REAL love. you wouldn't understand." I shot back. Hah, got her mouth shut. We pulled up to Jack's house and I got out so he could sit in the front with Ashley.

"Why so quiet?" he questioned, usually me and Ash have the radio full blast belting out a random song.

"Gabby's sulking over Drew." Ashley answered

Jack twisted around to talk to me, "Do I need my shovel?"

"No, but thanks." I laughed

"Why do you have a shovel?" Ashley asked trying to look serious

"Just cause.... NEW SUBJECT!" he laughed. Within five minutes we pulled into the parking lot.

"You gonna be okay?" Ashley asked as I walked towards the school.

"I'll be fine." I said as I walked into homeroom just before the bell. Isat waaaayyy in the back and some guy sat next to me.

"Hey." he said

"Hi, do I know you?" I asked, he looked familiar.

"You might've seen me around town, but I just transferred from the Valley. Too much drama there." he sighed

"Hah, you're telling me." I replied. It was quiet after that so I spoke up again, "What classes do you have?" I wonder if we'll see each other.He handed me his schedule. "We have every class together, except 7th period. I have music, you have Spanish." I might like this.

"Cool, so I guess you could show me around. Maybe we could take a tour during lunch?" he asked hopefully.

"Sure, by the way I'm Gabby." I answered

"Seth." he said as the bell rang. The first three periods flew by. The bell rang after English, so Seth and I walked to the cafeteria.

"And this is our cafeteria. Let's grab some lunch." I said walking to the line. We looked for a place to sit when I spotted the perfect place. We sat at a table right beside Drew's. When Ashley and Jack walked in I called them over.

"Hey Gabby, who's this?" she motioned to Seth

"This is, Seth. He's new so I'm just helping out." she smiled at me because she and I knew, Seth= uber cute!
"Nice to meet you. This is my boyfriend, Jack." she introduced them. They exchanged a 'Hey'.

"So, Seth, you play any sports?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, I wanna get into football." Seth replied

"Hey, I'm captain. I'll talk to coach about getting you to try-out." Jack offered.

"Really? Thanks man!" Seth smiled

"No prob." Jack looked happy.

"So, should we start my tour?" Seth stood up.

"Sure." I got up and we went outside."That building is the gym, and that's the lockers." I pointed. "And that's about it. Any questions?"

"Just one." he replied

"Shoot." I said

"What are the odds," Oh great, math. "of me taking you to a bonfire on the beach tonght?" he flashed his brilliant smile.

"I think the odds are in your favor." I laughed, " Pick me up at five. Here." I wrote my number on a paper. "I'll text you my address."

"Great." he opened the door to our Math class as the bell rang. Oh man! I have Drew in this class.

"Are you new?" Mrs. Miller asked Seth.

"Yeah, he is. I've been showing him around. So I'll have him sit next to me." I interuppted

"Okay." she waved us away. I took my seat and motioned for him to sit next to me. As soon as Drew walked in he saw us. He started to walk over to us.... Wonderful.

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Chapter 22 The Fight for our Lives. (Seth POV)

Gabby and I woke up around dawn and we went downstairs. We saw Ashley go into the backyard again with Jasper so I plopped onto the couch and pulled Gabby into my lap.

"Where's Jake?" Gabby asked as Ashley came inside.

"He left, he's just talking to Sam, he'll be back." Ashley sat next to us. We waited for Jake and when he arrived he looked happier than ever. "Why are you so happy?" Ashley asked.

"No reason, the babies are being cool. Collin and Brady are gonna watch them." Jake shook his head which was dripping wet from rain.

"Let's go, they're on their way." Alice and Edward called as I turned to Gabby.

"Go to Sam and Emily's house and stay there until I go get you." I told her.

"Why? I wanna help." she whined.

"It's too dangerous." I shook my head.

"But-" she sighed, "Fine." she grabbed my keys, and drove away. Jake and I phased and ran to the clearing with Ashley behind us.

(Gabby POV)
I drove to Sam and Emily place where Collin and Brady were out front with the babies. I got out and as soon as Brady saw me he stood up.

"Hey Gabby, where's Seth?" he asked.

"The fight. I need some help." I told him picking up Elijah and going inside, Collin stayed outside with Arianna.

"With?" he asked eating a Dorito.

"Is being a wolf like being a vampire? If you bit me, would I become a wolf?" I asked.

"Yeah, why?" he looked at me.

(Ashley POV)
I watched as they came running. Emmett took out the first few and I took on the next. They were surprised I could fight so well, hah they wish they had my swag. I saw Edward and Bella take out a whole bunch of vampires, Jake and Seth were working together and they were doing pretty well, Jasper ripped the head off of one guy while Alice jumped on some one and took their head off. One girl came behind me and had me pinned against a tree, she was about to break my neck when Jake came behind her and threw her across the field and Seth ran to finish her.

"Thanks Jake." I said and ran off to finish these newborns. There were only a few left when I noticed someone watching from the woods, I called Edward over and this girl nearly killed me.

"Who are you?" Edward asked as he shoved he forward.

"You don't need to know." she spat.

"Who. Are. You." He questioned as the rest of the family burned the newborns.

"Rosie." she said.

"Why are you here?" he sat her down and we all crowded her.

"I was sent, by our leader. She couldn't come because she had to test you guys." she explained.

"Who?" I asked this time.

"Her name is Natasha. We came here from Nevada I was abo-" she was interuppted by some newborn trying to attack Seth across the field. We were all too far away to stop it. They girl managed to slip away as we watched. Suddenly a white wolf leaped over a mound of rocks and tore the newborn away from Seth. It ripped the vampire apart and growled at its pieces. After that it went back to Seth and it just stared at him.

"That's Gabby." Edward gasped.



Love it!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

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soooo good gabby! plzz continue


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Chapter 23 Surprise Surprise (Gabby POV)
I saved Seth from a newborn, but he was unconscious. I imprinted on him too and it made me feel sick to my stomach to think that he was hurt. I heard Edward whisper something but I didn't listen, I ran into the woods, phased, changed and ran back out. I ran over to Seth, who had already phased back but his eyes were closed. I was at his side in an instant, I didn't care he was naked, and I touched his forehead where a large open cut lay. There were scratches all over him and he looked as if he bumped his head. Edward and Jasper carried him back to the house.

"Will he be okay?" I turned to Carlisle.

"Yes, he was knocked unconscious when the newborn dropped him. He'll wake up in a few days." he assured me. Days??

"Days?" I repeated aloud.

"Yes, by then his wounds will also be healed." Carlisle left the room and I was alone with the beeping monitors as the only noise. I sat there for hours not letting anyone in- not even eating- and waited for my Seth to wake up.

"Seth, please wake up." I whispered. "Please Seth, please." I pleaded. A single tear fell from my eyes and I fell asleep in a chair holding his hand.

(Seth POV)
I woke up to someone's voice calling me.

"Seth, please wake up." it whispered "Please Seth, please." it's Gabby! I tried to open my eyes and after a few unsuccessful flutters, they flew open. I turned my head and noticed that Gabby had fallen asleep. She had her hand in mine and she wasn't cold, she was normal temperature. I shrugged it off because Carlisle had come in the room.

"Seth! It's good to see that you have made a full recovery!" Carlisle smiled and took all these tubes and wires out of me. Amid all the beeping and winces Gabby woke up and smiled a huge smile when she saw I was okay. After Carlisle finished I thanked him, and he left the room.

"I was so worried!" Gabby threw her arms around me. I inhaled sharply as she put pressure on a few spots where I was still sore. "Sorry." she frowned.

"It's okay, come here." I scooted over and patted the bed, she came and sat next to me and I draped my arm around her shoulder. I noticed again that she wasn't as cold as she used to be. "You're warmer than you used to be." I pointed out. She looked down and sighed.

"Seth, I'm a wolf too." she exhaled.
Love it yo! <3
Chapter 24 Adoption (Seth POV)
I sat there in shock, not knowing whether to smile or get mad.

"Why? How?" I asked incredulously.

"Brady, I let him bite me. I wanted to help you." she frowned looking ashamed.

"It's okay, don't worry." I rubbed her arm and another question flew outta my mouth, "Did you imprint yet?"

"Yup. On this guy who I am in complete love with." she smiled at me.

"Good, now you know why I didn't want you in the fight." I shook my head and stared down into her eyes. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me. I was a bit surprised because Gabby was usually very shy to kiss me, I forgot about it because suddenly my lips had a mind of their own and they were traveling down her neck.

"Gabriella Alice Nova! What are you doing?" Ashley laughed as her and Jake were standing in the doorway.

"Nothing! Where are you guys going?" she asked.

"The adoption center, you wanna tag along?" Jake asked.

"I'm good, I'm gonna stay here with Seth." I patted Seth's leg.

"I have eyes and ears here, remember that." Ashley glared at us and left.

(Ashley POV)
Jake and I were driving to the adoption center so we could adopt a little boy. Jake smiled at me and took my hand as we drove along the freeway.

"Are you ready?" he asked pulling up to a building that read: Smith Adoption Agency for Boys.

"Yeah." I exhaled and we pushed open the door and saw tons of little boys running around with toy trucks and planes. But two in particular, stuck out to me and I walked over to them. The taller one looked filipino and he was drawing a beatiful picture of a rose, the other one looked like a regular La Push boy and he was telling a joke, they both looked about 8.

"So I was like 'stupid cow.'" he said and they both were cracking up along with me and Jake.

"Hi there, I'm Ashley and this is Jake. Who are you guys?" I smiled sweetly and kneeled beside them.

"I'm Rafael and this is Victor. We're best friends and we're both 8 1/2 years old." Rafael stated.

"Nice to meet you." I gave them high-fives.

"Hello, I'm Mr. Smith, are you here to adopt?" he asked.

"Yes, these two in particular." I got up and nodded.

"Ok follow me and we'll get your papers ready. You too boys." Mr.Smith turned and the boys waved to another little boy who was gluing his hands together.

"Who's that?" I whispered to Rafael.

"Our other friend, Daniel." he laughed as Daniel waved weirdly because of his hands. We walkde into a room where we all sat at a table and after a lot of questions we walked out of there, each holding hands.

"Do you guys like to skate?" I asked as they nodded. "Let's go." I looked at Jake as he drove away. The two boy were in the back, giggling histerically. "What's so funny?" I questioned.

"Victor's stupid." Rafael laughed.

"Hey! Don't call your brother stupid!" Jake chuckled.

"Can I call him an idiot?" Rafael asked.

"Yes." Jacob nodded.

"Hey!" Victor protested as I laughed at my boys, my crazy weird little boys. We pulled up to the skate park and the two boys ran out and grabbed their boards and helmets from the trunk. Immeadiately all the girls were talking to Rafael and Victor came and sat beside me and Jake on the bench. "Mommy, nobody likes me." he frowned.

"That's not true, I love you. That's all that counts." I said sweetly.

"But mom!" he whined, "You're not a girl!!" he crossed his arms.

"Yeah, the difference between me and them is, I can skate." I laughed as I grabbed his board. I started skating and did a double kick-flip, after that I fell and the little girls began giggling.

"Mom! You're embarrassing us!" The boys screamed together as Jake ran over to me.

"You okay?" he shook from holding in his laughter.

"Yeah, don't laugh or else I won't talk to you for the rest of today." I crossed my arms.

"I'm sorry babe." he kissed me as we heard the kids screeching.

"Mom! Dad! WHAT are you doing, get a room yo!" our boys yelled and ran to hide in the car, we laughed at them and walked back to the car.

"Let's go meet your auntie." I said as Jake drove back to the house and the two boys marvelled at it.

"We live there?" they gasped.

"For now." Jake nodded opening the door and taking them upstairs to where Gabby and Seth were. They were asleep so Jake whispered to the kids, "Go jump on the bed." They ran and jumped on Seth and he yelled in surprise as Gabby, Jake, and I were laughing so hard.

"Who are these little monsters?!" Seth growled.

"My children!" I exclaimed.

"Oh, hi kids." Seth and Gabby waved.

"This is Rafael and this is Victor." I introduced them.

"Hi, I'm auntie Gabby. And this is soon-to-be uncle Seth." Gabby smiled at Seth.

"Ok, hi. Tag your it!" Rafael ran away after tagging Victor.

"Get back here you turd!" Victor ran.

"I wanna play!!" I ran away from Victor as I felt him tap my leg.

"Tag, your it mommy!" he ran away screaming, "Mommy's it, mommy's it!!"

"Can I play!?!" Emmett giggled.

"Your it!" I smacked him upside the head and ran after my boys.

"Ok, ok. Boys, you want ice cream?" Jacob asked.

"Yesh!" They ran out the door, laughing with Jake behind them. I tried to follow but Jake wouldn't allow it, "Stay here with your sister." he said sternly.
Love it!!!!!
Chapter 25 Smile (Jake POV)
I drove to the jewelry store with my boys in the backseat.

"Man! I thought we were getting ice cream!" Victor exclaimed.

"We are, but first we're gonna get something for mommy." I chuckled.

"What are we getting?" Rafael asked.

"A ring, I'm proposing to your mom." I sighed happily looking at the assortment of rings. "But you can't tell mommy, okay?" I looked down at them.

"Tell her what?" Rafael winked as Victor looked confused.

"I thought we were gonna get mommy a present! Why can't we tell her?" Victor asked.

"It's a very special surprise, you idiot." Rafael rolled his eyes at Victor, smacking him upside the head.

"Rafael.... good job." I whispered. "Ok whaddaya think of that one?" I pointed a vintage ring as Rafael gave me a thumbs up, but Victor sighed.

"Dad, can you please lift me up to see?" I laughed at him, as I lifted him up, he gave me a thumbs up, as I laughed; I told the lady that I wanted that ring, so I paid for it, and then left with the boys almost shaking with anticipation. "Dad can we get ice cream now?" Rafael laughed at Victor, as I nodded.

"Fine, now we can go get ice cream...."

(Ashley's POV)
I walked back to Seth and Gabby to talk to them.

"So.... What happened while I was gone?" I asked sitting against a wall.

"Nothing." they said simaltaniously.

"Uh huh, sure." I laughed.

"I'm serious! I fell asleep then so did he!" Gabby pointed at Seth.

"But on a serious note all we did was sleep." Seth said. This was the first time Seth had really been serious with me.. It's weird and awkward.

"Ok.. So how do you like my kids?" I questioned.

"They're adorable!!" Gabby exclaimed, "So adorable, I may even adopt one too." she looked at Seth as his eyes bulged.

"Well, well I mea-. Well I think we're too young for kids." he stammmered.

"Not now, but later. Like after this school year." Gabby said as he relaxed, she shook her head and smiled as he did. I was about to say something when I got a phone call from Jake; I answered it surprised.

"Hey Jake, is something wrong with the boys?"

"No, nothings wrong, but I was wondering... Can you please come to Edward and Bella's meadow?" I thought about it, why would he want me to come to their meadow?

"Can I ask why first?" I questioned, getting my Vans on; Gabby looked at me questionably.

"Just trust me."

"Okay Jake, I'll be there in about 5 minutes." I said hanging up, I said goodbye to Gabby and Seth; as I ran out of the woods into the direction of Edward and Bella's meadow, I came across Jacob's scent, but it was mixed in with Victor and Rafael's scent. I walked into the meadow as I stood there for a minute looking around, I was completely alone. "Hello? Jake? Rafael? Victor?" Rafael and Victor then came skipping out of the woods holding hands with each other, I smiled at them as I bent down to there level. They stopped right in front of me smiling, as Rafael looked at Victor like he was crazy.

"Dude! Let go of my hand now!" Rafael screamed, dropping Victor's hand; Victor's hand cupped itself into a little fist then as I looked at them suspiciously.

"Victor Anthony Black, what's your hand little boy?" I stood up as he looked at me innocently, he lifted his small little hand up as he un cupped itself to reveal what looked like a wedding ring in his hand. "Um Victor what's this all about?" I questioned as I picked up the ring carefully.

"Ashley Iris Nova, you are now the mother of my adopted children, and I will love you forever, however long forever will be... But Ashley what I'm trying to say is; will you marry me?" I gasped as Jacob came over taking the ring out of my hand, and getting down on one knee; and then holding my hand with his other.

"I Um... Um...................................................."


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