The Twilight Saga

a/n this is about a girl named,Gabby and her older sister,Ashley. They get into some DEEP trouble here at La Push. But will they risk everything for love?

Preface:Love is complicated, but worth the trouble


Chapter 1 Why? (Gabby POV)

Spring break sucked. It was the worst two weeks of my life. My boyfriend cheated on me. I HATE HIM! Now, it's back to school with that loser. At least I have Ash and Jack to comfort me. well, time to get ready. I went to my bathroom to decide how to fix this mess I call my hair. Straightner it is. I went to get changed, I grabbed a pair of jeans and a tee. I put on my fave Louboutins and the necklace I've had since Ash and I ran away. Our parents were.... let's just say they were bad people. I ran downstairs to eat breakfast, but Ash said we were goona be late so I grabbed a banana. (Ashey n Gabby Outfits )

"Are we picking Jack up today?" I asked peeling my banana

"Yeah, and if you would have stop grieving over Drew you could have had breakfast." she replied

"Hey since Jack is your first REAL love. you wouldn't understand." I shot back. Hah, got her mouth shut. We pulled up to Jack's house and I got out so he could sit in the front with Ashley.

"Why so quiet?" he questioned, usually me and Ash have the radio full blast belting out a random song.

"Gabby's sulking over Drew." Ashley answered

Jack twisted around to talk to me, "Do I need my shovel?"

"No, but thanks." I laughed

"Why do you have a shovel?" Ashley asked trying to look serious

"Just cause.... NEW SUBJECT!" he laughed. Within five minutes we pulled into the parking lot.

"You gonna be okay?" Ashley asked as I walked towards the school.

"I'll be fine." I said as I walked into homeroom just before the bell. Isat waaaayyy in the back and some guy sat next to me.

"Hey." he said

"Hi, do I know you?" I asked, he looked familiar.

"You might've seen me around town, but I just transferred from the Valley. Too much drama there." he sighed

"Hah, you're telling me." I replied. It was quiet after that so I spoke up again, "What classes do you have?" I wonder if we'll see each other.He handed me his schedule. "We have every class together, except 7th period. I have music, you have Spanish." I might like this.

"Cool, so I guess you could show me around. Maybe we could take a tour during lunch?" he asked hopefully.

"Sure, by the way I'm Gabby." I answered

"Seth." he said as the bell rang. The first three periods flew by. The bell rang after English, so Seth and I walked to the cafeteria.

"And this is our cafeteria. Let's grab some lunch." I said walking to the line. We looked for a place to sit when I spotted the perfect place. We sat at a table right beside Drew's. When Ashley and Jack walked in I called them over.

"Hey Gabby, who's this?" she motioned to Seth

"This is, Seth. He's new so I'm just helping out." she smiled at me because she and I knew, Seth= uber cute!
"Nice to meet you. This is my boyfriend, Jack." she introduced them. They exchanged a 'Hey'.

"So, Seth, you play any sports?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, I wanna get into football." Seth replied

"Hey, I'm captain. I'll talk to coach about getting you to try-out." Jack offered.

"Really? Thanks man!" Seth smiled

"No prob." Jack looked happy.

"So, should we start my tour?" Seth stood up.

"Sure." I got up and we went outside."That building is the gym, and that's the lockers." I pointed. "And that's about it. Any questions?"

"Just one." he replied

"Shoot." I said

"What are the odds," Oh great, math. "of me taking you to a bonfire on the beach tonght?" he flashed his brilliant smile.

"I think the odds are in your favor." I laughed, " Pick me up at five. Here." I wrote my number on a paper. "I'll text you my address."

"Great." he opened the door to our Math class as the bell rang. Oh man! I have Drew in this class.

"Are you new?" Mrs. Miller asked Seth.

"Yeah, he is. I've been showing him around. So I'll have him sit next to me." I interuppted

"Okay." she waved us away. I took my seat and motioned for him to sit next to me. As soon as Drew walked in he saw us. He started to walk over to us.... Wonderful.

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Haha sounds good :)
Chapter 2 A night to remember (Gabby POV)
"Hey." Drew said as he came up to our desks.
"Hey, Drew." I said.
"Who's this?" he nodded at Seth.
"Seth, I'm new here. And you are." he looked at Drew.
"My ex, Drew." I replied.
"What she said." Drew walked away. Seth gave me a look and I knew I had some explainin to do.
"He cheated on me over spring break, so I ended it." I replied bluntly
"Oh, sorry. If you ever wanna talk, I'm here." he is so sweet!
"Thanks." I replied as class began. At the end of class, I was glad because just science and music before the bonfire. The bell rang and Seth and I walked together.
"About Drew" he started, " am I like a way to get back at him?"
"No, I would never do that. You're fun to be with and make me laugh and you're nice and sweet and cute." I started blushing.
"Thanks." he smiled. Science was same as math, except less tension. But still, boring. As soon as the bell rang Seth walked me to music, which was down the hall from Spanish. When we reached the door Seth left me with a smile. I took my usual spot, on the piano bench with my guitar. I played both instruments. Band was as always we played some songs, learned a new note and made some people sing.. Thank god it wasn't me. I was the first one outta class. I ran out the door and almost bumped into Drew.
"I'm sorry." he continued, " I'm sorry I hurt you. Please forgive me."
"Not a chance." I walked away. When I got to the car Ashley was without Jack.
When I got in she said, " Jack had practice." The drive home was anything BUT silent. "He asked you out?!" she exclaimed. We kept obsessing about my date all the way home. As soon as we got in the door I ran upstairs with Ash right behind me. We flung open the door of my closet to look for an outfit. Every outfit was either no matching shades or not right for the occasion. Finally we settled for a perfect outfit. Then we go curl my hair, which is silly cause we're going to swim. After we finish the doorbell rings. I skip down the stairs and open the door.
"Ready?" Seth said
"Yeah, let's go" I hugged him.( Gabby and Seth ) We walked out to his car and he opened the door for me."So what's this bonfire for?" I asked
"Well, some people are new to the 'family' so they need to learn, like you. So be sure to pay attention." he laughed, but I'm kinda nervous. We got to the beach before I could ask anymore questions. "Come on, meet my friends." he was almost dragging me. "Gabby, this is Jake, Embry, Jared, Paul, Sam, Emily, his fiancee, and my mom and sister." he introduced us, "Guys, Gabby."
"Finally!" Jake spoke up.
"Yeah, Seth wouldn't be quiet about you!" Embry exclaimed, and Seth was blushing.
"Haha, yeah, 'Gabby's coming! What do I say??' Hah." Jared nearly fell over.
"Wanna take a walk?" Seth held out his hand, and I took it. We sat on some rocks and he explained to me about this bonfire..
20 minutes later..
"So you, Jake, Embry,Jared,Paul, and Sam, and your sister, are wolves? And you imprinted on me?" I asked my head rushing throught these thoughts.
"Yeah. Imprinting is like love at first sight, like not gravity holding you to earth, it's her." he would know hah.
"So, that's it? There;s no unicorns or anything?" I was dead serious
"Haha no." he laughed, "Now let's enjoy the rest of the bonfire." we walked back into he circle and sat down.
"Now that the oldies have left let's party!" Jared exclaimed
"Wanna go for a swim?" Seth asked
"Sure." I shed my shorts and Lakers tee, but Seth just took his shirt off. We were having the best time running and splashing and stuff. Haha, then I heard my phone ringing amd ran to get it.
"Hello?" I answered
"Gabby, tell Seth Jack got him a try-out tomorrow." Ash said
"K, thanks. Tell Jack thanks too." I hing up.
"What happened?" Seth asked.
"Jack got you a try-out tomorrow." I splashed some water at him.
"That's great!" he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. so we continued to laugh and stuff. But I realized it was getting late, it was already nine, and we had class tomorrow.
"We have school tomorrow, I should get home." I said grabbing my shorts and shirt.
"Oh yeah, huh?" he got into the car. The ride home was almost silent. "Tomorrow afterschool, you wanna meet Embry's imprint? It's Jake's best friend's daughter" he asked
"Sure." I replied as we pulled up to my house. He walked me to the door,
"Thanks night." I said
"Night." he kissed my cheek. "Bye, see you tomorrow." I walked in the house, I guess Ash is sleeping. Oh well, she'll hear all about this tomorrow. Ahh! this was the BEST night ever! I thought as I rolled into bed and drifted off.
Chapter 3 Goodbye? (Ashley's POV)
Ughh, morning. Gross. Oh, Gabby! I ran to her room and jumped on her bed, waking her up.
"So, how'd it go??" I continued to jump
"Great." she replied. "Now get out so I can get ready." I left the room to go get ready for a 6-hour jail, otherwise known as school. Hmm, what to wear, what to wear. I got ready, did my hair, makeup, you know the usual. When I came out of my room Gabby was already making our favorite breakfast on an early day : toast, coffees, and the news?
"Why are we watching the news?" I asked
"Cause someone was attacked down the street last night, that's why." she said
"Oh." I plopped down on the couch to eat my breakfast.
"The body still hasn't been recovered, but La Push and Forks police are working on the case. This is the latest in a string of several attacks in the La Push-Forks area. There are no witnesses and no suspects yet." the news lady said.
"We better get going."as I turned off the TV. We hopped in the car and drove to school. Jack is sick today.
"So did you have fun last night?" I asked, I wonder what they did.
"Yes!" she replied
"Not too much fun, right?" I gave her the look.
"NO!" she acted as if our mom asked that. Haha, she is such a pr- A PITBULL!! I swerved to barely miss it. I hopped out of the car and walked slowly to it.
"Hey there, come here. Don't be scared." I cooed, It slowly came too me. Yay! "You drive." I told Gabby as I opened her door. I started to look at this pitbull, it reminded me of the one our neghbor had. It was a puppy, mostly brown. I was so enthralled in the puppy I hadn't noticed we had pulled into our usual spot at school.
"Now what?" Gabby asked getting out of the car. Oh, shoot. What am I gonna do with this puppy all day at school? ( gabby ashley n puppy )
"I know! Mr. Diaz! He still has that cage from his pit he had, he had to put it to sleep though." I remembered. I ran to his class as fast as I could.
"Ashley! What a cute puppy!" he came over to me.
"Yeah, I found her in the street, do you still have your dog cage?" I questioned hopefully.
"Yeah here in my closet." he showed me.
"Can I leave her here until the end of the day, please?" I asked.
"Sure." he said letting me put her in the cage just as the bell rang. When I arrived at first period I saw Jack there standing at the door
"What are you doing here I thought you were sick?" I asked.
"I'm not, my parents are sending me to the military." he sighed, "Ileave tomorrow."
"Tomorrow?" I was shocked, he never mentioned this!
"Yeah, I'm sorry." he gave me a hug.
"We can make this work, right?" I asked.
"I don't think so." heis voice trailed off.
"You're breaking up with me??" I was nearly crying
"Yes, I am. Goodbye Ashley." he kissed my forehead and walked away. I can't beleive this, my life is over! I let the tears flow freely down my cheeks. " Mr. Patrick, may I please be excused, my stomach is hurting." I lied
"Sure." he handed me a nurses pass. I walked to the nurse, faked some puking in the bathroom, and said I needed to talk to my sister.
"What's wrong?" she asked the nurse as she walked into the office.
"She was puking and complaining of stomach pains." the nurse informed Gabby as I winked.
"Oh, may I have a moment alone with her, please?" Gabby asked. The nurse got up and left.
"Jack broke up with me." I said as soon as the door was closed.
"What?!?" she exclaimed
"Yeah, his parents sent him to the military and he's leaving tomorrow. He's not coming to school today." I cried
"Really, I saw him in the parking lot." Gabby sounded shocked. She opened the blinds to show me when we saw Jack making out with Marissa!
"He cheated on me!" she whispered.

Chapter 4 New Life? (Gabby's POV)
"Ok, yes, but calm down." I tried to stop her from making a mistake.
"When I'm done with them.." she trailed off.
"Hey, no more fights this trimester if you wanna graduate, member?" I asked.
"Whatever, I won't do anything,I promise." she sounded sad. "I'll pick you up after school." she said getting up.
"No, stay, come with me and Seth after school, please?" I plead.
"Fine, but I'm not going to any class." she disagreed. How in the world will she do that?
"K, bye." I said walking back to class. I silently slipped in as we were starting to read about the Civil War.
"Ok class, today we'll be talking about one of the youngest generals in the Confederate Army. His name was, Major Jasper Whitlock." said Mr. Fuller. As soon as Seth heard that name, he almost bursted out laughing.
"What did I miss?" I asked.
"You'll learn later today." he said between giggles. I sat with a confused look on my face for about thirty seconds, then decided, I'm better off knowing later. The day passed by too quick. I was in music and it barely felt like lunch! Oh well, more time with Seth later I guess. We were just about to start playing when the fire alarm went off. Everyone ran outside the school and wait to see the flames, but nothing happened.
"Alright, who did this?" the principal stood in front of everyone. "If no one tells me there will be consequences for ALL of you." she stressed the 'all'.
"I did it." said a boy with dark hair that covered his eyes.
"Thank you, now everyone else go inside, grab your stuff, and go home." she said pulling the boy who pulled the alarm into the school. I ran to music, picked up my backpack, and ran out the door. As soon as I reached the parking lot, I looked for Seth. I couldn't find him. Suddenly, some one grabbed me from behind. I twisted around to see Seth's smiling face.
"Hey there." he said.
"Hey, so are we going or what?" I asked.
"Yeah, but isn't your cousin coming?" he nodded in Ash's direction. She was carrying the puppy.
"Yeah, where's Jake? I thought he and Ash were gonna ride together." I looked around.
"Here he comes." Seth said.
"Dude, we gotta hurry. Once the principal finds out William didn't pull the alarm Embry and I are dead." he said trying to hide behind Seth.
"Wait you did that?" Ash finally spoke up. Jacob looked at her to respond, but he just kept on staring at her. It was starting to get freaky. Then, Seth whacked his head.
"Uh, yeah, so you must be Ashley." Jake walked over to her, "Where did you get the puppy?!" he exclaimed.
"I found her on the street -here you drive- this morning on my way to school." she said handing Jake the keys. Wow she NEVER EVER let's anyone drive her car besides me.
"Shall we?" Seth opened the door to the car. We drove a long way to Forks. Then we drove almost out of that town down a winding path in the woods. Finally, we arrived at a HUGE house. I don't even think house fits this, more like mansion. It was beautiful. Coming out of the house was a guy who looked like that guy we learned about in History.
"Seth is that.." I said looking at the man.
"I'll explain. Now yu remember how me and the guys are wolves, well, this family is vampires." he finished looking at me.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW!!! I like it jajaja
HEY this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hannah! thx lol
ABSOLUTELY! i love love love it
good thing you made Jack go to the milatary... LOL! He's such a .... nevermind. Buttt, yeah... That Pitbulls name should be Vida Loca. (crazy. in english) for running in the middle of the street... I love it tho liddo cuzo!!! Keep a chick updated!
kk thx lol ill need sum help tho!


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