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this is a story about bella who moves to forks to live with her dad and her brother emmett. bella thinks edward is a nice guy at first till she hears rumors about him and she doesn't know if they r true or not. the that r going around r saying that he is a player but it is so hard for her to believe that when he is just acting nice and then later on she will find out how he really acts.

the hales r Rosalie and Jasper. the cullen's r Edward and Alice and Esme and Carlisle. and they all r humans.

i hav a editor ( AJ) yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! so the first chapter should be up in about 2 days or later or maybe soon!!!

chapter 1 and 2 on page one=bpov
chapter 3 on page 4=bpov
chapter 4 on page 6= bpov and epov
chapter 5 on page 9=epov
chapter 6 on page 12=bpov
chapter=page 23
chapter 7 on page 15=bpov
chapter 8 on page 19 bpov

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any one want ot b a editro and to let u know this story is going to be different then the actually fanfic caled player and that's not what i am going to call it when i can think of a name...any1 hav any ideas???
i know that there is lots of this fanfics out there but mine is going to be didferent and later on there is going to b vampires or they might turn into
oka this is really good idea and when they trun vamp i GOT an idea and I will not be your edotor cause I suck tried and failed and I could help with title email me kay and add me as friend
hey i hav a editor and what do u think of this title.... hard to get???? tell me what u think!!!!
this is great
idk when will post the first chapter i hope sometime soon
Chapter 1 Bpov

Note to Reader: Everyone in this story is Human. Bella moves to Forks and meets Edward, she isn’t sure about him because of the rumors surrounding him.
Will she give him a try or just fall and get hurt again?
Emmett is her older brother & the Cullens are Esme, Carlisle, Alice and last but not least, Edward. (The Hales are still Rose and Jasper)

Chapter 1
Bella’s POV

It was my first day in the small town of Forks. This small town on the wet, cold Washington peninsula is covered by green and has thousands of trees. My father, Charlie, works here as the Chief of Police at the small police station. Because of his position in the police department he is one of the wealthiest men in the Forks/Port Angeles area, he spoils me rotten. I mean, I am his only daughter, but I do have on brother named Emmett.
We were approaching the house, the ride to my new home was quiet, there wasn’t much chatter. I have not been here since my parents divorced when I was only 4, although I did come summers and parts of school, it still wasn’t much.
Then, when I was tens years old I told my mom that I didn’t what to go. I mean, I love him and all, but I was tired of going back and forth between my parents. My mom never made me go, but sometimes Charlie would come up to Phoenix for two weeks to see me. It has been seven years since I’ve been here and it still hasn’t changed one bit. It was still the same old town of Forks that I came here when I was little.
Charlie helped me bring my luggage bags upstairs to my room. My room looked the same as it always had, a desk in the corner and a bed in the other. The only changes that had been made was adding a computer and a phone. He did tell me on our way he that he was getting me a TV. I didn’t need a TV because I don’t really watch it, but I wasn’t going to argue.

“ I will leave you alone to get unpacked.” Charlie said as he left my room. After Charlie left my big brother, Emmett, came into the room and gave me the biggest hug I could imagine. I always missed his hugs, but when he was hugging me, I couldn’t breathe…not the most pleasant feeling.

a super big thanks to AJ for editing!!!!!!!!
u have to write more! oh and make the rumors half true. he WAS a player but stopped then started when he couldnt have bella
Chapter 2 Bpov

“Emmett I need to breathe.” I said, and he let me go without hesitation.
“Sorry, it’s just I haven’t seen you for like ever. I wish I could have come with dad to get you from the airport but there was football practice…and well, ya know.”

“That’s ok, Emmett.” I said as I started to unpack some of my stuff. Emmett was my one and only brother, but he was also my best friend. He helped me unpack placing each item of my wardrobe in it’s rightful place, as we finished he hugged me again.


“Bella you should go to bed. School starts here at eight ten.” Emmett said as he entered my room.
“Eight ten! Why so early? I didn’t go to school ‘till nine in Phoenix.” he just shrugged his shoulders and left with a goodnight.


I turned my annoying alarm clock off and ran to my closet to get my clothes. I rummaged through my closet and finally resorting to a pink tank top and an old pair of jeans. I was excited for today, Charlie had promised that he would take me car shopping after school, I cheered silently to myself.
As soon has I got outside I saw one of Charlie’s cars that I guess I could take to school. I mean, he has about three cars.

I got in black shiny car, which I later found out was an Audi, and drove off to school to meet my new doom.

I quickly got my schedule and tried my best to head off to class as soon as I could. I was already about ten minutes late. Then out of no where I bumped into someone and all of my books fell to the floor with a thump. Who ever it was helped me pick up my stuff.

“Sorry about that.” I said looking into his hazel eyes. His hair was bronze color and he was muscular. He was so gorgeous. I was hesitant as I was about to say something else, but he beat me.

“It’s ok. And may I ask who you are? I’ve never seen you here.” he said looking at me with a crooked smile on his face. ‘I love that smile’ I thought to myself. Bella you just met the guy and now you like him, but why would he love a girl like me, I told myself.

“Bella….Bella Swan.” I was hesitant again. His eyes where beautiful, they..they..dazzled me. I then had to look away.
“Your Emmett’s sister right? Because he talks about you a lot, know I now why.” he said getting a little bit closer to me. I could feel his warm breathe on my face, how badly did I want to kiss him, right then and there.

“Yea.” I said looking into his eyes again, but I found myself looking away for a little bit then back at him.

“Get to class you two!” A teacher yelled at us from across the hall. He smiled at me one last time and then walked with me down the hall.

“Teachers here aren’t the friendliest people around. By the way, what’s your first period class?” he said looking at me with a smile on his beautiful face. He moved a little more closer to me has I pulled out my schedule. He moved even more closer than he had before. I could feel his warm arm touching mine.

“Ummm…ummm…. I have math.” I said, stuttering after each word, sounding like and idiot.
“I have that class too. Do you want me to walk you there?” He asked with a sweet and strong tone, it was almost like hearing him say ‘You can’t say no’ and with that, I didn’t.

“, I never caught your name.” I said as we where walking towards math.

“ My name is Edward Cullen, has anyone told you look sexy?” Did he really just say that, out loud? Edward Cullen thought I was sexy. Bella don’t let this go to your head I thought to myself.

“Umm… no.” I said a little embarrassed. I felt my cheeks turning a dark, scarlet, red.
“Aww, you look cute when you blush.” O- Great he caught me blushing. “And to let you know I really do mean it, you’re beautiful.” he said as we finally reach the front of the math classroom door. I was hesitant as I reached to open the door, but Edward beat me to it, his warm hand grasped the doorknob and pulled it open swiftly.

“Ladies first.” He said, gesturing toward the door, aww how cute is he? A total gentleman!

I walk into the class room with everyone staring at me.
Shortly after I entered Edward came in behind me. And they looked even more shocked than they had before.

“Edward Cullen, late again. Go take your seat. And who might you be?” the teacher said looking at me.

“Bella Swan.” I said in a weak voice. It felt weird with everyone staring at me.

“ Oh- Emmett’s sister. Please go take a seat by Edward Cullen.” She pointed toward the table where Edward sat. I guess lots of people know my brother Emmett. By the way why did Emmett not wake me up?

I walked medium paced to the table and sat down. Edward was smiling at me. I turned my face to the board while the teacher started writing the lesson on the board. During the class I still notice that Edward just kept staring at me. Every time I looked up he would smile my favorite crooked smile.

A SUPER BIG THANKS TO AJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is soooooooo sooooooooo good more please.......
here is what Bella's outfit looks like

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