The Twilight Saga

this is a story about bella who moves to forks to live with her dad and her brother emmett. bella thinks edward is a nice guy at first till she hears rumors about him and she doesn't know if they r true or not. the that r going around r saying that he is a player but it is so hard for her to believe that when he is just acting nice and then later on she will find out how he really acts.

the hales r Rosalie and Jasper. the cullen's r Edward and Alice and Esme and Carlisle. and they all r humans.

i hav a editor ( AJ) yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! so the first chapter should be up in about 2 days or later or maybe soon!!!

chapter 1 and 2 on page one=bpov
chapter 3 on page 4=bpov
chapter 4 on page 6= bpov and epov
chapter 5 on page 9=epov
chapter 6 on page 12=bpov
chapter=page 23
chapter 7 on page 15=bpov
chapter 8 on page 19 bpov

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i really like this!!! more soon!!!!
update........... update............. its been sooooooo looooooong...........
write more more more
add me as a friend and send me an update
update soon.... PLZ

lol this is funny

Someone want to add more? Cause ya know... I'm dying here. 

And is Edward a vampire now? because the description says they're all human.... Just curious. 

So confused with this story....


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