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Okay this is a strictly ONLY Harry Potter fan fiction. There will be nothing to do with Twilight. I will try to get all my facts right but please don't pester me if I don't. We all make mistakes. Anyways, It takes place in Harry's fifth year "Order of the Pheonix" when they are receiving the O.W.L testing. But I've changed it up a bit. Some of the things I write will somewhat be based on the book like how no one believes that Voldemort is back. I will add a tinge of my own little plot in it. Anyways I hope you like this. To all Harry Potter fans!


P.S: If you are a new reader I advise you to have ATLEAST read the first book “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer/Philosopher Stone” before reading this.


MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!*for the first five books*


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Harry Potter and the Heinous Scandium

Chapter One: Lucius Malfoy Intrusion


    It was nearing midnight and Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his office leafing through Daily Prophet shaking his head from time to time. The insults against the belief that Lord Voldemort were increasing and he silently hoped that Harry wasn't not getting to upset about them. He was waiting to hear information on what has been happening in the Muggle community from Remus Lupin.

    Suddenly a knock erupted from the door and the professor uttered a 'Come in!'

    Slowly the old wooden door opened and Remus stepped in. 'Sir?' He asked.

    Dumbledore nodded and waved him in. 'I have been waiting to hear from you Remus. What took you so long?'

    Lupin walked in and sat on the chair in front of the professor. 'Sorry, Professor. I had to make sure Sirius would not go to Harry before I left the house.'

    Dumbledore nodded understanding. 'That's quiet alright. Nevertheless Lupin, what have you heard?'

    'The deaths have been increasing.' Remus said looking quiet uncomfortable now. 'But not as much as the our community.'

    He paused for a moment as Dumbledore gave a heavy sigh, 'Carry on.' he waved.

    'Yes. Er – I think he is making them do his bidding since we are not aloud to harm them' Remus breathed. 'They are being put under the Impervious Curse. The Ministry has tried to stop them but they have the Shield Charm as well.'

    'The Aurors' are all over London trying to round up Death Eater and plus we cannot protect all the Muggles.'

    Dumbledore waited patiently for Lupin to finish. Stroking his beard he muttered. 'I thought so.' Then more clearly. 'Well, Remus. It seems we cannot do much about the Muggles but try to warn them. Has the Prime Minister been told?'

    Remus nodded. 'Yes, yes. By Fudge.' He snarled at the name.

    'Careful now Remus. We must not judge.' The Professor warned.

    'But sir!' He said irritably. 'He's too thick to be told that You-Know-Who is back! The proof is right under his nose, Dumbledore!'

    'Yes, Remus. I understand.' Dumbledore sighed once again. 'We must be patient. He will come to reason soon enough.'

    'Alright Dumbledore. I trust you words are correct.'

    'Not always, Remus. But sometimes.' The Professor said as he got up. It was now time for Remus Lupin to leave and he could see that. So they said their goodbyes and he walked out of the Professors office.

    As the man ventured through the oh so familiar hall ways thinking no longer about the Muggles but about how he, Sirius Black, James Potter and the traitor Peter Pettigrew had spent so much time running through these exact halls making trouble (mostly Sirius and James) and cursing Severus Snape when a shadow of a mad past him.

    He stopped abruptly and looked around pulling out his wand. 'Who's there?' He asked eyes darting in every direction. 'Reveal yourself!'

    'Alright then Lupin if you say so.' Suddenly Lucius Malfoy appeared from behind a statue also holding out his wand.

    Remus said bitterly, 'Malfoy.'

    Lucius laughed. 'Hello again Lupin. I wonder what you are doing here? Has Dumbledore finally told you he has not needed your service and erased you from the Order? I bet he does not like werewolves much.'

    'Why would you try to ambush me with him right in the castle.' Remus lifting his wand higher.

    Lucius chuckled. 'Dumbledore is no longer here. He just Apparated somewhere else right after you left. Saw him myself. I  fancy his office do you?'

    Teeth clench Remus waited. 'Anyways, I bet you are wondering why I'm here.' He continued. 'On a mission from the Dark Lord. Don't fancy him much do you, Lupin.'

    As Remus dragged on his silence Lucius kept on talking. 'Anyways, I was sent here to kill you, Lupin. Well, he actually sent Bellatrix but I wanted to do it personally don't like you very much.'

    And with their wands raised they Remus yelled 'Expelliarmus!' While Lucius screamed out the Impervious Curse. Remus missing Lucius by and inch and Lucius hitting Remus directly in the chest making his fly back 20 meters or so.

    'GET UP!' Lucius yelled and Remus did so.

    'You thought I was actually going to kill you?' Lucius snorted. 'I wish! But the Dark Lord does not wish you dead, sadly.'

    Remus moaned struggling with the curse trying to push it off. Lucius only smirked. 'I want you to go back to the Order place and pretend everything is normal. I want you to spy on Potter and what are Dumbledores' plans. Report to me every month. You will meet me in the Leaky Cauldron, Alright?'

    Remus nodded without wanting to. 'GO!' and with that the plan was set.

    Miles away in Harry Potter slept in Ron’s room at the Borrow but he awoke startled from a disturbing dream he had of Voldemort.



Authors Note:

I hope you liked this. I tried to make it interesting. Some of the thinks I hope you know are used in the book. Thank you for reading and Please comment of how I wrote you Harry Potter fans! Because I would love to improve and make this fan fiction better.


P.S: For those who want to know Heinous means Evil and Scandium is and Element in the periodic table so Evil Element! Smart eh?! For those who are wondering.





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Very good so far!

i love harry potter keep it up! keep me posted!

Ohhh, I just love this! And to tell you this, if you put any other smart words, just put the meaning on the bottom :)




Thank you for reading. Updating soon.

Harry Potter and the Heinous Scandium

Chapter Two: Hedwigs' Instructions


'Oi, you! Stop!' Yelled Ron.

It was the nearing the end of August and the heat was outrageous. Harry was sitting under a cool tree at the Burrows’ backyard with the Weasley twins, Fred and George.

‘How long do you think he’ll last?’ George asked.

His twin Fred thought for a moment then replied. ‘Not long. He’s sweating cauldrons full already.’

Harry laughed. ‘I’ll go help him.’ Ignoring Fred and George protest as he walked away from the nice shade and into the burning sun. ‘Hey, Ron! Need some help!’

Ron turned to look at Harry with his bottom lip jutting out and his eyes watering. He simply nodded.

Ron had sadly been told to chase the Gnomes away by his mother Mrs. Weasley or otherwise known as Molly by her husband. He picked one up by the mouth and it muffled a scream. ‘Gerrofme! Geroffme!’ But the normal size red head boy just threw it out of the yard.

After half an hour of that Harry got up stretching his stiff back. Ron on the other hand dropped on the floor and laid on his back. ‘I think that was the last one.’ He said. As if on cue Mrs. Weasley walked out from the house carrying Drinks and the youngest child and only girl Ginny Weasley was trotting right behind her with sandwiches.

‘Ooo, food!’ Harry heard Fred yell.

Mrs. Weasley gave them a stern look. ‘Nope! You did not help Ron and Harry with DE-gnoming so you get none!’

‘Mother!’ The twins yelled.

She sighed. ‘Alright, Alright! You’re lucky I give pity on you two or you’d have starved to death!’

‘Esmm!’ George said his mouth full of bread.

Mrs. Weasley looked at him. ‘What did you say?’

‘I think he’s saying “I’ll clean more”.’ Replied Ron. And with that George tried to swat him with one hand because his other held drink. He continued with this saying unpleasant muffled word.

Mrs. Weasley only shook her head and turned to the sight of Mr. Weasley Apparating 10 meters away. She walked towards him with open arms.

‘Hi dad!’ Ginny yelled when Mr. Weasley got near.

‘Hello dear.’ He said lazily.

Harry noticed that Mr. Weasley had a limp to his walk. Mrs. Weasley helped him inside the house without saying hello to anyone else.

‘Did anyone else notice dad limping.’ Asked Fred.

‘Yes, I wonder what’s wrong.’ Hermione said worriedly.

Ron turned sharply towards her. ‘Hermione, when did you get here?’ She brushed her off and walked towards Ginny. Harry knew the conversation was going to continue between them.

The discussion didn’t last long between the boys. They all then went to sit under the willow tree that Harry had left not long ago. Without notice Hedwig landed on Harrys’ lap. He has noticed that Pidwegieon had done so to Ron but more keenly and a Hogwarts owl on Hermione. She held out her leg and Harry untied it.

‘There two of them.’ He said.

Hermione and Ron got closer to Harry hoping to see what the parchments would say. One of them was for his school books.

‘Only two new ones.’ Harry said, reading first parchment that has the list. ‘The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 5, by Miranda Goshawk, and Defensive Magical Theory, by Wilbert Slinkhard.’

‘The second one, Harry.’ Said Ron impatiently.

‘Alright, then.’ He took out the second one and began to read it:

Dear Harry,


Since the new year has started and I sadly won’t see you off at the station because Dumbledore will not allow me. I just want to tell you to work hard and make me proud. But not only me but your how your parents would be if they were alive.

Dumbledore had told me pass on this message that Lupin and Professor Snape will be teaching you how to battle. Yes, Lupin is coming back to school. He’s a part time Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher will some another teacher beside him.

I also want to warn you. PLEASE do not get in trouble with the new teacher. She is from the Ministry and is looking for every she can get to throw students (especially you) and teacher out. Promise me that Harry. Write to me back with your answer because I know you have some comments on this. Good luck on your year.


P.S: I’ll be seeing you soon!




Harry read the letter over and over again in his mind and he waited for Ron and Hermione to say something about it.

‘Who is the new teacher and why does she have to come from the Ministry?’ Asked Ron.

‘You’re asking the wrong person, Ron.’ Harry replied.

Hermione didn’t say anything for a while still thinking about what the letter had said. ‘Harry, if the Sirius is right about the Ministry woman becoming a teacher then you should really watch out.’

Harrys’ eyes narrowed. ‘I do, Hermione. I’ve been watching out ever since Voldemort came back.’

Ron and Hermione flinched. ‘Don’t say his name!’ Ron screamed.

But Harry just ignored him and got up. Just the Mrs. Weasley poked her head out of the back door and yelled to them. ‘Since you lot have now gotten you list well go to Deagon Alley tomorrow, Alright.’

‘’Right mum!’ The Weasley children sang.

‘Alright Mrs. Weasley.’ Harry and Hermione said in unison.

When night started to fall they all headed inside. Surprisingly they none of them were hungry except Fred and George of course. They complained until Ginny got irritated with them and started fixing them something small. Mrs. Weasley was happy she wasn’t cooking.

So after spending sometime in the kitchen talking about school and what they had to buy they all went upstairs to beg.

Harry peered outside Ron’s door spotting Hermione and waving to her. She walked over and he pulled her in the room. ‘Hey, watch it Harry1’ she yelled. Harry only put his finger on his lip.

Ron read eyes sat up on his bed when Harry threw a book at him. ‘Don’t sleep now I have to talk to you guys.’ Says Harry.

‘Can’t it wait ‘till tomorrow.’ Whines Ron.

‘Yes, Harry. What’s the rush.’ Harry looked at both of them in shock. He opened his mouth as if to comment on that but decided against it.

‘I was thinking about Sirius’s letter.’ He said.

Ron groaned. ‘I thought when mum said go to beg it meant to stop thinking and go to bed!’

Harry ignored him but Hermione said. ‘Oh shut up Ron! Harry needs our opinion on this.’

‘I do.’ He muttered. ‘I was just wondering on why Dumbledore sent Professor Lupin and Snape to teach me to fight instead of him.’

‘I mean I’m not complaining due to Lupin and stuff but Snape!’

‘Yeah that a real bummer.’ Said Ron and he pulled the cover once again over himself.

With blood clearly pulsing with irritation in Hermione head she whipped out her want and yelled. ‘Accio Blanket!’ And Rons’ covers flew to her hand. ‘What of ‘Harry needs our opinion on this’ did you not understand.’

‘The part where I had to be awake for it.’ He muttered but didn’t attempt to sleep again.

‘Oh, fine!’ Harry said finally. ‘If you love your sleep this much we can continue tomorrow.’

Hermione opened her mouth to argue but Harry spoke first. ‘It’s alright Hermione. It can wait. Ron can go to sleep.’

‘Yes!’ Said Ron and using his wand and practicing the same spell Hermione had done went instantly to sleep.

Harry was left there standing in the middle of the room still pondering on what Sirius said but then something caught him attention about the letter. Why has Sirius written P.S: I’ll see you soon. Would Harry be really seeing Sirius soon? He did not want to put up his hope for false information so yawning quiet loudly he prepared himself for bed trying to not make too much noise for the snoring Ron and slipped into a dreadful dream.


Authors Note:

Hope you like this chapter!

How do you guys like make Hermione banner?


loving the banner!

I'm sorry I missed spelled Diagon Alley. Apologies.



This is really good! I just love it!
write more!!! Keep me posted!! LUV IT!  havn't seen many decent hp fan fics yet but this one! :D
thank you,.

Harry Potter and the Heinous Scandium

Chapter Three: Leaky Cauldron Meeting


    Mrs. Weasley had woken the house earlier than usual. To everyone’s great disappointment they had to be there by nine o’clock so Diagon Alley would not be crowded as much. They all dressed and met downstairs at the kitchen table. All eyes lay dark rings. They ate in silence as Mr. Weasley read the paper aloud and Mrs.Weasley began to clean the kitchen quickly before they left.

    ‘Mum, is it utterly necessary that we have to go this early?’ Asked Fred.

    ‘Yes!’ Mrs. Weasley piped. ‘It’s so that you and George are too tired to cause much mayhem.’

    The twins groaned. After a few minutes of silence George said. ‘Mum?’

    ‘Yes, Fred.’ She replied.

    ‘It’s George.’

    ‘Alright, George.’

    ‘Are you sure you are feeding Harry quiet well?’ He asked. Harry looked up curiously. ‘Because it seems like he hasn’t gained a pound since he got here in the beginning of August.’

    Mrs. Weasley turned around to examine Harry. Now the whole table was looking at Harry wondering the same thing. ‘Hmm…I think your right, Fre-George.’ She then took George and Fred’s plate and dumped the bacon they had not touched and the toast that was not bitten into including some eggs from the pot.

    ‘Hey!’ They both yelled.

    Harry and Ron snickered. The morning went on like this through thick laziness. An hour later the whole Weasley family, Harry and Hermione were at the Leaky Cauldron.

    ‘Okay boys – and girls. I have something to check here.’ Mr. Weasley said. ‘It’s about work. It won’t take long. Just hang tight.’ Then he was off.

    Harry sighed and went to sit at one of the tables followed by Ron and Hermione.

    ‘Have you written to Sirius yet, Harry?’ Hermione asked.

    Harry looked at her then he blinked remembering. ‘Oh, yeah. I forgot. I’ll write as soon as we get back to the Borrow.’

    Hermione sighed and the excuse. ‘This is why you never postpone things. You end up forgetting. And if we had had that conversation yesterday you would have probably remembered to write it.’ She said eyeing Ron quiet oddly.

    ‘What?’ He exclaimed. ‘I was tired. It had been a very long day.’

    Hermione rolled her eyes and didn’t say anything further about the topic.

    Looking around Harry then spotted Lupin. Remus Lupin was a good friend of Harrys’ dad James Potter as well as Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew who was the reason James and Lily are dead.

    Harry made an attempt to wave at him but he didn’t seem to be looking his way. Soon enough Ron and Hermione caught on to what Harry was seeing.

    ‘What is he doing here?’ Asked Ron. ‘Shouldn’t he be –’ Hermione punched him.


    ‘Shouldn’t be what?’ Harry asked looking at the pair of them.

    Ron gave a sharp look at Hermione who was playing with her fingers. ‘Humph, nothing.’

    Leaving the little mishap behind Harry went on staring at Lupin wondering what he could possibly be doing here when he should be at Hogwarts preparing for the new year with Umbridge. Soon enough his questions were answered. Lucius Malfoy entered the room and made his way towards Lupin. Malfoy gave him a quick nod and they went off entering another room.

    ‘What do you think their up to?’ Asked Harry eyes narrowing.

    Hermione looked just as Lupin and Malfoy slipped away. ‘I don’t know.’

    ‘Want to find out?’

    ‘Harry! We can’t go spying around on people!’ She bellowed.

    ‘Awe come one Hermione, don’t tell me you are the least bit interested why Professor Lupin and Malfoy are meeting?’ Ron asked one of his red haired eyebrows lifting.

    Hermione bit her lip thinking. ‘It’s not right though and how are we going to do so without getting caught?’

    ‘I have the invisible cape. I carry it around with me since Voldemort is back.’ Said Harry.

    ‘Don’t say his name!’ Ron shouted irritably.

    ‘Oh, I don’t think so Harry.’ She finally said.

    Ron sighed. ‘Blimey…I actually wanted to.’

    ‘Just because she doesn’t want to go doesn’t mean we can’t.’ Harry grinned at Ron. Ron grinned back.

    They both got up and strode away trying not to listen to Hermione protest. As they reached the corner before the door where Lupin disappeared with Malfoy, Harry whipped out his cloak and flung it around Ron and himself. ‘Ready?’ He asked. Ron nodded. ‘Let’s go. Quietly now.’

    Trying not to make much noise Harry and Ron opened the door slightly Ron peering in first and giving Harry the ‘okay’ signal that they can enter. They walked in and hurried to a corner.

    ‘What was that?’ Malfoy asked. Lupin looked at Malfoy then to the door. ‘Go close it.’ Malfoy ordered and surprisingly Lupin obeyed.

    Harry began looking around the room. It seemed to be an office with a large mahogany desk with one chair behind the desk and three in front of it. Malfoy said on the one behind it and Lupin the one in front of the desk.

    ‘So Lupin, what have you heard.’ Malfoy ginned.

    Professor Lupin seemed to be struggling with his speech.

    ‘Oh don’t be shy.’ Lucius crooned.

    Lupin then unwillingly opened his mouth. ‘Dumbledore has brought back the Order.’ He breathed.

    Beside Harry Ron gasped the tugged at his sweater. ‘What’s the Order?’ Harry asked. Ron opening his mouth then shutting it shrugged.

    ‘Hmm…’ Said Malfoy. ‘That is quiet interesting. The Dark Lord will be excited about this news. An army of wizards attempting to bring him down.’

    ‘What else do you have for me Remus?’

    ‘They are guarding Harry Potter. He’s on covalence every moment.’ Says Lupin. ‘He does not know of the Order and the plans for him.’

    ‘Ah! I’m guessing this is Dumbledores way of ‘protecting’ him from the Dark Lord.’ Malfoy laughed. ‘He of all people knows it is impossible.’ Lucius Malfoy got up from his chair and started pacing the room. A few times he came close to where Ron and Harry hid.

    ‘Harry Potter…taught…fight…’ Professor Lupin struggled with his words.

    Malfoy stopped dead in his tracks which was meters from the two boys. ‘What?’

    ‘Potter…fight…you…me…’ Remus repeated.

    Malfoys’ eyes narrowed. ‘What are you trying not to tell me, Remus?’ He pulled at his want and pointed it at Lupin.

    Suddenly the door open and in came a Ministry of Magic worker. ‘Lucius.’

    Malfoy turned very slowly his veins pulsing in his temples. ‘Yes?’ He said through his teeth.

    ‘Minister Fudge would like to speak to you.’ The man said.

    Lucius sighed. ‘Alright.’ He eyes Lupin. ‘You may go. We shall meet next time.’

    Malfoy waited for Lupin to leave first then after sweeping over the room with his eyes he closed the door and soon their footsteps faded.

    Harry and Ron took of the Cloak and stood. ‘What was that about?’ Asked Ron.

    Harry looked to where Lupin had stood. ‘I’m not sure. Let’s get back. Hermione probably wants to know what had happened.’

    Ron nodded. ‘Probably.’

    And they both left the room together. Once they reached around the corner they say Mr. Weasley running towards them. ‘Where were you boys? Nearly gave Mrs. Weasley a heart attack.’ He said out of breath. ‘When I asked Hermione she wouldn’t say.’

    ‘We were looking for the bathroom.’ Said Harry.

    ‘You both have been here before. What took you so long?’ Mr. Weasley looking at Ron.

    He shrugged. ‘We forgot.’

    Mr. Weasley pulling the boys by their collars moved towards the rest of the group and Mrs. Weasley gave Ron and Harry a good scolding.

    Once in Diagon Alley and heading towards one of the stores Hermione moved away from Ginny and Mrs. Weasley to Harry and Ron. ‘What happened? What had you heard?’ She asked franticly. ‘Professor Lupin looked a bit odd when he came out with that Ministry guy and Malfoy.’

    ‘Not now Hermione. Once there aren’t so much people to over hear us.’ Assured Harry. ‘And if you wanted to know so bad why didn’t you come with us?’

    So Hermione waiting anxiously until the day was over and the three of them were in Rons’ room. Shoving their head together they began to discuss the conversation between Remus Lupin and Lucius Malfoy.


Authors Note:

I really hope you like this. I tried to make Malfoys and Lupins’ conversation interesting but it was the first one. But I tried! Updates are coming soon! If you have any question about what I wrote or about Harry Potter please don’t be afraid to ask.


P.S: Sorry for the spelling mistakes. I did try to spell check them.




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