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This story is a sort of Alice/Jazz story/After Breaking Dawn/Everyone story. It's weird. But I don't want you running for the hills just yet. I think the story line is pretty unique. :) It's centered around Alice's unknown past. And her vampire friend from when she was put into the asylum. She has no memory of him. That is, until she sees a vision of him and it looks like a passing traveler who heard about Nessie and wanted to see for himself. But he was there for Alice. And he intended to stay. And of course there's romance, romance between everyone. So don't count Edward and Bella out yet. I'm so excited to write it and for you to read it. So I hope you all do. :)


Months after the blow of the fight, we thought things would be quiet. We assumed our world would be simple. Eat, love, and be a family. And for a while, up to a point, it was. We all lived in harmony with one another. Until someone from the past, entered our future. And then, the rest unraveled. Soon, we were haunted.

(Disclaimer: Alice's story and all of the characters belong to SM. But the plot belongs to me!)

[Tell me what you think! Should I write more?] :D

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Thank you DaneiMarie! I will definitely update you. :)

Keep me updated!!! 

I'm an Alice fan, so I'll LOVE it! :)

Okay Rachel! Thanks! I love Alice too. :)

It sounds great, please continue!!!!

Hi Kallie it sounds good and it looks like you have a lot of people who want you to keep going so Missy get to writing.



Hey Sarah,

Thank you! And I am hard at work at updating! :D

Thanks Gigi! I will! "_

Sounds very good! Please write more :D
Thanks Cristiana! I'll have the first chapter up soon! :D
So excited to post the first chapter!
Sounds like a great story! I love Alice!!! Please post soon!!!!!!
Thanks Kelley! I'll try! :D


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