The Twilight Saga

Preface: How long can you run for? How long can you survive? When you know that the greatest predator to ever exist is the one chasing you. Luckily for me I still don’t know the answer, hopefully I’ll never know.

This is my first fanfic so i hope you enjoy. I would like to thank a couple people first. One thanks to Luna Starfire for allowing me to build and put my own twists into her idea. I would like to thank Wendy D "Super" for being my editor and making the story that much better and Tami for all the advice she has given me in the last few days

Chapter 1-Inhuman

I awoke as the sun came through my window; usually this wasn’t a problem since I now lived in the small, rainy town of Forks. I moved back here to live with my father after a sequence of events that happened about three years ago, which started with the disappearance of my mother Renee, or so everyone thinks.

I got up and grabbed my bag of toiletries and headed for the bathroom. It was the last couple days of summer vacation and I couldn’t be more excited for school to start again. I know, not a typical teenage reaction; but then again, who said I’m like most teenagers. It wasn’t school I enjoyed so much, it was more the time it ate up, which gave me less time to contemplate those few days three years ago and the changes I have been forced to deal with as a result.

Hopefully, the year would be good to me. I got my license and a beat-up old truck that my dad got me as a surprise. This meant I could drive to school without feeling like a criminal riding in Charlie’s police cruiser. After I got out of the shower, got dressed and headed downstairs to find some food, Charlie was already gone to work. I found some pop-tarts and sat at the table to eat. Today, I was going to Port Angeles with Angela to do some last minute shopping for school. I needed some school supplies such as pens, notebooks, pencils and a book bag. Also, I wanted some jeans and sweat shirts. Since we weren’t leaving until the afternoon and it was only 8 AM, I had a few hours to kill and knew exactly what I was going to do.

I headed to my favorite spot in Forks, a spot deep in the woods where I could be totally alone and out of sight. It’s a spot where I practiced my “gifts”. When I was growing up, weird stuff happened to me all the time; doors opening unaided whenever I thought about opening them, or “déjà vu” but it was clearer, as if I saw into my future. One time, I even heard a random guy thinking INSIDE my head. “It’s too powerful, need to get away, mia cantante.”

But since those days’ years ago, I noticed that my gifts became more powerful. So today, I went into the woods again to practice. One thing I’ve noticed more recently was that I could run and jump inhumanly and my senses were more sharply honed than I had ever remembered. Once I had taken a few steps into the dense green foliage, I took off. I ran as fast as possible and was a good 10 miles in before I arrived at my clearing; it was secluded by a wall of greenery and trees. The little opening was about the size of a hotel room, and in the center stood a huge oak tree. It looked to be about 100 years old. I loved to sit at the base of the grand old oak, lean back and just enjoy being alone. This was when I could let down my guard and reflect…"Would I ever see my mother again? Would they come looking for me? Would they take my father away like they did my mother?’"

Before I was too deep into my thoughts, and started to remember what had happened, I decided it was best if I practiced my gift. I found a good sized log, bigger than anything I’d ever tried moving before. I concentrated hard on the task at hand. At first, I only lifted it a few feet before it fell back to the earthy ground. After a few more attempts, I could not only lift it but throw it to the other side of the clearing as well. After I tired of that activity, I realized that it was about time I head back to meet up with Angela. I returned home at my new inhuman pace to the sound of the phone as it rang, as if announcing my return.

“Hello?” I answered on the third ring

“Hey Bella, its Angela. I was just making sure you were ready.”

“Yea I’m ready, just got to jump in the shower” again… I thought.

“Alright, well I’ll head over in forty minutes then. Will that give you enough time?

“Yea sounds good. See you soon.” I said with a smile.

“Bye Bella.”

It probably wasn’t the smartest idea that I’d gone and played in the woods, and gotten all dirty before a shopping trip. I had just finished blowing my hair dry when Angela’s horn honked, sounding her arrival.

Chapter 2 Port Angeles

On the way to Port Angeles, we talked about our summers, and what we did when we weren’t hanging out together. She told me about how her younger brother broke his leg and how they had to go to the hospital, and the new doctor they met while in the ER that was very handsome. She heard he’d adopted some kids, and they’d be joining the ranks at Forks High School. She seemed excited at the idea of getting a few new boys around the school and she thought she heard that there were two girls as well.

“If they look anything like Dr. Cullen, then I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to concentrate at school” Angela went on to say.

I just laughed and shook my head, not reminding her they were adopted and probably didn’t look anything like Dr. Cullen. We had different views on boys; she was going boy crazy and I was sick of all the guys. And here she was the one who’d grown up with all of them. I just didn’t care. Most boys my age were very immature and I could care less if new boys arrived. They’d probably just act like any other boys my age. We drove the rest of the way in silence and pulled up to the mall there. We went to Staples, got all our supplies then went clothes shopping. I wanted some jeans and sweat shirts, while Angela wanted a cute new outfit to wear on Monday; I guessed her plan was to impress the new boys at school.

We drove back home and talked some more about the upcoming year. We figured out we’d have two, maybe three classes together, which made me rather happy. Besides Angela, I only had a small group of friends and stayed to myself most of the time. I got home a little later than I had planned and Charlie had beaten me home, but hopefully hadn’t waited for me to cook dinner tonight. As I walked into the house, I spied Charlie watching Sports Center.
“Hey Bells, how was Port Angeles? Charlie called out.

“Good, I had a nice time with Angela.”

“You get everything you needed?

“Yea I even picked up an extra pair of sweat pants”.

I was about to ask him what he would like for dinner when the door bell rang.

“Ordered some pizza, didn’t know how late you’d be and figured I wouldn’t make you cook after a long day,” Charlie said before I was about to open the door.

“Awww thanks Dad.” Even though Charlie didn’t talk about his feelings much (which didn’t bother me, since I was the same way) he did show he cared by his thoughtfulness. Since I didn’t have to cook and wasn’t really hungry at the time, I ended up going upstairs to get ready for bed.

“Are you going to go to bed Bells?” Charlie called up to me.

“No, just going to shower and put my things away, probably be back down.” And off I went. I put my bags in the corner, grabbed my toiletries again, and a new towel since the ones I used earlier were still damp, and off I went to shower for the third time. After I dried off, I donned my new sweats; then I realized that I was a bit hungry after all, so I bounded back down the stairs to enjoy a slice of… “Hey Dad, where’d you put the pizza?”

“Wait, you wanted some? I figured you were staying upstairs for the night.”

“What, you ate it ALL?” My tone sounded incredulous. I had been sure it had been a large, plus now it looked as though I’d have to cook if I wanted to eat.

I looked at Charlie and he had the biggest smile on his face, for a second I was glad someone was enjoying their night, until I saw him uncover the pizza box. I had to admit he got me there for a minute, even though it wasn’t as enjoyable for me as it was for him. I got a slice and sat on the couch next to him while I ate.
“Great… another baseball game,” I mumbled.

“Yes ma’am” was Charlie’s only reply. We didn’t talk much while I sat there and ate. When I was done, I grabbed the pizza and brought it to the kitchen to put away for leftovers. I grabbed a glass of water and decided to go upstairs.

“Bells, can you come here a minute?” Charlie called.

“Yea Dad, what’s up?

“I was wondering if you were going to that bonfire tomorrow night.” Ha, the luxuries of a small town, your father the police chief knows about the teenage “parties”

“I’m not sure. Why, what’s up?”

“Well, I’m going fishing early with Harry, he’s got a friend with a boat so we’re going open sea fishing and wouldn’t be back until late, didn’t want you sitting around all day, waiting for me to get home to make dinner. Go enjoy yourself before school starts,” he replied.

“Alright, thanks for letting me know Dad, Night.”

“Bells?” Ah! I wasn’t quick enough to escape.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“If you go, behave yourself kiddo.”

I let out a low snicker, and went on upstairs. I was about to grab my IPOD when I realized I had an assignment due for the first day of Language Arts. When did teachers start handing out homework before school even started? What was the deal with that? It wasn’t a hard assignment; we had to write about an important time or event in our life. I figured I would get it out of the way before tomorrow. I started to consider what I would write about, and of course, those days three years ago popped into my head instantly.

Chapter 3-Nightmare

I was back in Phoenix; I was walking home from School and was about fifteen yards out when I heard the screaming-- my mother’s screaming. I ran as fast I could. I flung the front door open and saw my mom lying on the floor writhing in so much pain.

“No!” I shook my head to clear my head of that thought; I could not go down that path again. Ever since I arrived in Forks, I never told anyone about it, not even Charlie knew what had truly transpired in Phoenix. Charlie had been fairly good with everything, sometimes he’d ask me if I wanted to talk about it, suggested I should go see a doctor, but honestly, what doctor could help me with what I’d seen? After I explained, started revealing what happened; I was sure to be locked up in a mental hospital. Maybe starting my assignment tonight wasn’t such a good idea. I might have just opened myself up to nightmares again. I should have thought about something else to write about before I had gotten started.

I decided to just go to bed instead. Today had been a long day and tomorrow would be just as long. I needed as much sleep as I could get this weekend so that Monday I wasn’t dragging around half dead for school. I went to bed, curled up under my favorite blanket and waited for my mind to release me to slumber. Lucky for me of course, my dreams picked up where I’d stopped my thoughts from drifting earlier.

I started to run towards my mom, when out of nowhere I was grabbed from behind. I struggled to get out of the vice grip I suddenly found myself in. I tried to wiggle out but no luck. I pushed with all my might and still no luck. I got so angry and wanted to push my assailant so hard, the next thing I knew he flew across the room and crashed into the wall across the room. I looked towards my mom and saw that a young girl with furious red eyes stood over her. I pushed my arm out towards her as though willing her away. She did the same thing as the hulking guy I had just sent flying; she flew back against the side wall. I turned around and started to book it for the door. I ran through smoke? Was there a fire? And in that instance, I lost all my senses and dropped to the ground.

I heard Charlie’s voice, “Bella, its okay Sweetie, it’s only a dream.” “Bella, I’m here. Wake up.” When I awoke and saw Charlie’s face, I could tell he had so many questions and thoughts but thankfully he didn’t voice any. “It’s okay Bells; I’m here, another nightmare?”

“Yea” I barely whispered as I fought back the tears.

“Want me to stay in here while you fall back asleep?” Like I’d said before, Charlie might not voice his feelings, but he sure was a sweetheart and always took good care of me.

“It’s alright Dad, I’m not going right back to sleep.”

“Okay, Night kiddo. If you need anything, feel free to come ask.” He walked to the door and looked over his shoulder, flashing me a weak smile and then walked out the door, leaving the door slightly ajar.

“’Kay, thanks Dad. Night.” I grabbed my IPOD and decided to listen to my relaxing play list. And before I knew it, morning had arrived.

Table of Contents

Chapters 1-3: Posted in Main Discussion
Chapter 4: Bonfire
Chapter 5: Sunday
Chapter 6: First Day-Part I
Chapter 7: First Day-Part II
Chapter 8: Mia Cantante
Chapter 9: First Meeting
Chapter 10: Surprise Jog
Chapter 11: Lunch Room Date
Chapter 12: Missing Friday
Chapter 13: A Quiet Sunday
Chapter 14: Jacob's Talk

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Hey everyone.. I want to apologize. My computer went crazy and had to get a new one- which took a little loonger then i thought. i had to figure out someway to save everything on the old one to bring to the new one which didnt work.. had access to the internet just not my files and such... I do plan on staying with the story, i just need to get in that mind frame again and reread it and see where i am at... If i cant get in going i might retire it but i dont want to do that.. I still know where i want to take it all.. Soorry and thanks for being somewhat Patient and stickign with the story
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