The Twilight Saga

My name is Isabella Swan, but everyone called me Bella. On July 29, 1974 I was murdered at the age of 18. So begins the story of Bella, who is adjusting to her new life in heaven. A place that is nothing of what she expected. She watches how life on earth moves on without her, how her family hurts over her death and still hope for her to return home, how her killer tries to cover the evidence to her death. But there is more to that young innocent white American girl who disappeared in her neighborhood and was found dead a few weeks later, but not her body, pieces of her body. If u would like to read what happen to Bella please comment so I can post chapter one.

Chapter1 Death

As I look down to earth I saw how my picture was printed on every milk carton or in the daily mail. It always says this:

Have u seen me?

The milk carton had the picture of me in Charismas Eve. It described what I was wearing the day I
didn’t come home, what every female student in forks high school would wear, my long blue skirt and
my white color shirt, with my chocolate brown hair up in a pony tail. Many people saw my picture but
no one ever saw me, no one ever will.

July 29, 1974 was a day of celebration we had just won the football championship. Everyone in town
was out in the streets having a good time, but I was never that type of girl. I like to stay at home and
read, that was my definition of having a good time. Apparently no one cared of snow outside, I did, it
was freezing; I hated the cold and wet, but what could I do.

Right after school I had to walk home because my father, Charlie was out with his friend celebrating
and my mother had to stay home to cook. My neighborhood was a very quiet place; we had the forest right in front of the house I usually like take a take a walk or just sit in the middle of all the green and read.

The walk home was really long so I decided to take a short cut through Mr. Corwin's corn field. Mr. Corwin was a quiet man he believed in old fashion things that’s why he grew his own foods. The corn field was very dark so it scared me when I heard a man’s voice behind me.

“Are u the chiefs daughter? I didn’t mean to scare you” he said

“Umm ya, sorry I’m walking though your crops I just wanted to get home fast” I said turning around there stood Mr. Corwin 3 feet away from me.

“S’okay, Look I’m growing a apple tree in the forest come check it out” he said walking to the forest but stopped when I wasn’t following

“I really have to get home my mom doesn’t like me being out late” I said

I should have felt weird of the way he looked at me but most grown men looked at me that way so I didn’t think much of it.

“It will only take a minute I’m growing it for the children in the neighborhood”

I knew that was lie,but I felt bad for him so I followed him.We walk 2 mile into the forest when he stopped.

“It’s here he said pointing in front of him I walked around him to see but there was nothing there

“I don’t see it” I said

“You should look closer Bella”

That should have scared me because I never told him my name maybe my father told him the day they talked about the rose garden he had grown in front of his house. my mother loved it she said the smelled sweet.

“I have to go maybe when the tree grows I might be able to see it. “ I said walking back but he blocked my exit.

“Don’t leave me Bella” I tried to run but I was too late he had me by my arm and threw me to the grown

“Take off your clothes” he said staring at me

“What?” I asked disgusted

“Take your clothes off”

“NO!!” I scared and tried to get up but his heave body fell on top of me he stared to kiss me on my lips, check, and neck.

I had once kissed a guy his name was Jacob Black he was an Indian and his lips were soft on mine not like this never like this. He would never hurt me because I loved him and he loved me.

“Please don’t” I said this a lot sometime only “please” or “don’t” or “Don’t Pease”

He soon got tired of my pleading so he got the hat mother made me from my coat and put it in my
mouth all I could hear was his heart and mine but mine always skipped a beat.
When he was done I realized I was still alive I could still hear him. I couldn’t get up I didn’t want to I lost this fight but the end was near I could feel it. When I opened my eyes I saw him with a knife in his hand and the darkness finally came.

Chapter 2 Heaven

When I first entered heaven it was like nothing I had expected. There was a tall squared building, painted orange with big space that made it look modern. There were people but they seem to be somewhere else. I noticed that there were no streets or roads to lead to any other place than the building in front of me.

After a few days in heaven I realized that the kids playing one the black top and people talking were in there own visions of heaven. But somehow they all connected to me, in a way I didn’t understand.

On my third day I met Claudia, she became my roommate, and she was sitting in a set of swings. I didn’t know why heaven have swings but I didn’t question it. She was reading a book in a language I didn’t understand.

“Hi, I’m Bella” I said as friendly as I could possibly be

“Hi, I’m Claudia” she said with a smile

“How long have you been here?” I asked

“3 days” she said

“Me too” I said and sat in the swing next to her

“Do you like it here?”

“No” she said looking at me

“Me neither” I said

Later I found out that we were very alike we bother were murdered in the same day and we wanted some of the same things. We were in the best place we could ever dream of, it was all so easy and free, yet we were not happy.

On the fifteenth day we met Joana she was in her mid forties, old enough to be our mother it took Claudia and me a while to figure out what we wanted: our mothers but they were down in earth living there life.

In Joana’s heaven she served and was rewarded with results and gratitude, in earth Joana had been a social worker, she serviced the homeless she loved her work. On October 10, 1867 her life was ended, she was shot in the head by a man looking for his wife, but was happy to be here.

“Why are you guys sad” she asked

“Were bored” we both said at the exact moment

“What do you wish for?” she asked

“I don’t know” I said

“Ice-cream “Claudia yelled

“All u have to do is desire it, and if you desire it enough and understand why -really know- it will come” she said

“So that’s all it takes?” I asked

“Yes” she replied

Soon enough we had an ice cream shop across the street
Both Joana and I turn to see Claudia which was already running for ice cream.

“Hahaha, Wait up!! I want Strawberry!!” I yelled running after her

Soon enough we owned a nice place big enough for both of us and new roads began to apper we had
the most beautiful park in the corner, we had a huge mall, a pizza place and the way we desired in a month we had a city all for us. It was everything we wanted but that was all it took. Cluadia soon had her own heaven and was gone but I knew she was happy.

Chapter 1
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Chapter3 Life

(Bella POV)

I look down to earth every day; I saw how it moved on. They never did find my killer he did a good job hiding everything. The police would always find a piece of my body but they were in places that didn’t connect and it leads nowhere. But my family had always had hope for me to return to them. I missed them so much. But my life was here in heaven now.

Time went on, and my parents decide to start all over. I had always been there only kid, but they felt lonely and they decide to try to have one more, someone that could love them and care for them when they were too old. I choose there little nugget, my baby sister. She was a beautiful angle here in heaven and she would be a perfect Swan, her name was Emily.

Its true what they say, a baby changes your life forever. Emily was born July 15 1978, 4 years after my death. They were so happy with her but I was never replaced it was like there heart grew but I would always be in their hearts forever. My parents always talk to Emily about me she too, loved me and I loved her. Years passed and my parent grew older, my mother went first she died on the age of 60 and my fathers follow a few years later. Emily wasn’t alone for to long she found a great man that grew old with her, she died at the age of 47 and her love died soon after. They left two beautiful kids Lucas, like his father and Bella, was named after me.

I saw people I knew die and I learn to love the kid that were born. My peants came to visit a few times but they had their own heaven to go to. I saw life on earth and everything was so predictable life at one time had to end. Everyone I saw died expect ….

sorry its short and for taking so long :D
wow!! soo good! pleas write more!!!!
haha thanx u and i will :p

this is WOW.....

I love it
thats funny mi sis b-day is july 14
ya thats my dads bday and my baby brothers is on the 15 thats y i put it :D
idk where this is going, but i'll try to keep up with it.
wow i love the story please write soon and keep me updated
thanx :D
Evil cliff hanger !! Urgggg write at vampire speed :D
hahaha thanx :D


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