The Twilight Saga

Ash's boyfriend Damian died two moths ago in a car wreck. At least, that's what everyone thinks. No one can find his body, though Police assumed it was dragged away by predators who smelled the blood. Well, they were kind of right. Ash has been a wreck--she loved Damian more than anything in the world, and now he's dead. Well, that's what she thinks until he shows up in her room.He's different; he's paler, colder, and his eyes are bright friggin' gold. He tells her he's a vampire, and he's been turned by the father of the mysterious Cullen family.

She's thrown into a world of magic and vampires and werewolves and she feels as if it's where she belongs. Because she's been keeping secrets, even from Damian. She has visions. And sometimes things . . . happen. She can move things with her mind. When a couple Volturi guards stop in for a rioutine check-up, they don't fail to notice. And they want her.


Chapter One

I stay wrapped in my blanket cocoon. I hear my mom calling me down for dinner, but I can’t eat. I haven’t been able to since the accident.

I stare at my feet, which are sticking out of the blanket. My toes are getting chilly, but I don’t do anything about it. I wiggle them, imagining one of my feet is his, and he’s here next to me. I even let my hand wander across the crisp sheet, imagining he were between my palm and it.

Tomorrow is his memorial. I don’t think I can go. They say his body was never recovered, that it probably got taken by predators who’d smelled the blood. It’s been two months since he went missing, and they’ve finally given up on finding his body.

I don’t know if I could handle everyone, with their sad faces and black clothes. Everyone will expect me to say something. But just like when I first found out he was gone forever, that he could never hold me again, never tell me he loved me, I knew I’d be speechless. It was like I wanted to puke up my heart, but it got lodged in my air pipe instead.

I glare out my open window, waiting for him to glide through it like he always used to. Then I’m caught up in a memory, and my heart aches.

It was the first time he’d ever gone into my room. We’d been dating for three months, and I was already madly in love with him. Of course, he’d told me he was in love with me before we even got together.

I was sitting at my laptop computer, searching the Internet for anything that would help me with the chem test I had tomorrow. A “clink” on my window almost made me jump out of my skin. Earlier that night, I’d been at Ana’s house watching a horror flick. I could just picture the blood-covered, axe-wilding maniac outside my window.

I grabbed the only weapon I could find¾ a Wiffle bat. I knew it was a meager excuse for self-protection, but it was the only thing I could see.

I unlocked the window slowly, just in time for a pebble to sail right past my face. I looked downwards, ready to kick some serial-killer butt, and when I could just make out Damian in the moonlight, I chucked the Wiffle bat at him.

“Woah there,” he whisper-yelled up to me. “A Wiffle bat?” He asked sarcastically. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“What are you doing here?” I called down.

“I came to see you.”

“Why?” I demanded.

“Cause I love you?”

It wasn’t the first time he’d said it, but this time I didn’t think he was being genuine.

“Or you wanna have sex?”

“NO!” He insisted almost instantly. “I wanna be next to you. I don’t know what it is.”

I smiled down at him. “I’m still not inviting you in.”

“Maybe just a little?”

“Fine,” I told him. “But leave soon.”


He climbed up to my window with grace, and I was stuck wondering how. He’d always been flexible, ever since we were little kids. He used to be in my room all the time, before it was weird.

But when he got there, and we laid down together, all he did was hold me. We didn’t speak. His smell filled my nostrils, like pine and ocean. I nuzzled deeper against his chest, and I eventually fall asleep. He stayed with me all night.

Back in today, I miss him so much I don’t know how to function. It’s like, everything that happens to me, I want to pick up my phone and call Damian. I loved him in so many ways, and I still do. When I think about how I can never even see him again, all the air is vacuumed from my lungs.

I roll over, facing away from my window, and, just as almost every night since the accident, tears are streaming down my face. I reach out and grab my radio remote, which is sitting on my bedside table. His CD is in, and I plan on never taking it out. I play the song he wrote for me, his voice vibrating through my speakers against the sound of drums and guitars, his band. I hit replay again and again, until I want to burst.

When I lose myself she tells me where to begin

When I drift away she pulls me back in.

Damian, I think, why aren’t you here to pull me in?

“I’ll always be there, Ash.”

“Ah!” I screech, stumbling to my feet and coming face-to-face with my invader. Then I collapse back on my bed, hand over my mouth, staring at the face of the person I love most in the world. The person who should be dead.

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This is really good!! Please send me updates!! I cant wait for more! :)

This is really good!! Plz keep me updated
This is extremely good please continue and update me when you write more.

great update!  please write more soon :-)


This is really good and I like it so far. You have me hooked and I can't wait till you write more. Can you please keep me updated by adding me? If so here's my link:

Again, thank you. (:


Chapter Two

“What . . . How . . .”

Then he’s sitting on my bed, folding me into his embrace. I come back to myself, and yank away from him. Then I get a good look, and my heart freezes. It’s not him, it can’t be.

His skin is paler, like pearls. And when he hugged me, it felt like I was embracing a glacier, he was so cold. His voice didn’t sound like Damian’s. It was like honey, so smooth I could listen all day. This guy’s features are too sharp, too perfect. Damian had a scar on his ear from when we were kids and he asked me to pierce it. I see no scar on this stranger.

But more than anything else, where his beautiful ice-blue eyes should be, deep golden irises shine. My heart stops.

“Who are you?” I bark.

“It’s me,” he says, desperation in his unfamiliar voice. “It’s Damian.”

“Stop lying!” I practically beg. “Did Henry put you up to this?” Henry is Damian’s best guy friend, and he’s also a grade-A jerk who’s always had his eye on me. Or, more accurately, on what he can’t have. “Is he waiting outside? HENRY, YOU ASS!” I yell out the window. “THIS IS SO NOT FUNNY! HOW COULD YOU HIRE A LOOK-A-LIKE? I DIDN’T THINK ANYONE COULD BE THAT LOW!”

Cold fingers wrap around my wrist, and I yank my arm away like it was burning. “Leave,” I growl. “Do you know who you’re trying to impersonate?”

“I’m not¾

“Thinking? Being a decent human being?”

“That’s the thing.” He trains his gold eyes on me, making me feel like I’m prey. “I’m not a human being at all. And it’s really me.”

Then he looked at me the way Damian used to always look at me. Like I was precious, like nothing could ever compare, like it was too good to be true, like I was about to disappear before his eyes. I wanted to believe him so bad that I ached.

“It can’t be,” I whisper. “Damian’s dead.”

“No, I’m not,” he insists. “I did die, kind of, but I’m not dead.”

I slowly bring my hand up to his face. I expect my hand to go through, expect him to be unreal.

He smiles. “You have no idea how good that feels.”

I retract my hand, and turn so I’m not looking at him. I go by the window, letting the cool breeze wash over me. “It can’t be you.” My voice breaks.

“It is, Ash,” he tells me, voice shaking. “It is, I swear.”

When I still don’t turn around, he keeps talking. “When we were eight, you told your mom that you’d eaten all the cake she’d made for a business deal, when really it was me. Then when we were ten, you spilled red soda on my dad’s new carpet, and I told them it was me. We never talked about either of those things again, because we both agreed that that’s just what best friends do.”

A sound that was sort of a hiccup/sob escapes from my throat, but I keep my gaze locked on my shaking hands.

“I told you I was in love with you on your seventeenth birthday, even though I’d been in love with you for as long as I can remember, even when I thought girls had cooties. When you went on a date with Chris I told you that he was just trying to get in your pants, and that was true, but I still mostly said it cause I was jealous. When I told you that I loved you, you told me you loved me, too. That you always had.”

This time, no sound passes my lips. Tears fall from my eyes like someone’s turned on a faucet. I turn and face him. I stare into his eyes. I remember the look I just saw him wear, the one he’s wearing again right now. I inhale, and that’s when I actually know the truth. Pine and ocean fill my nose, and all I can think is: It’s him, it’s him, it’s really him, he’s alive.

I wrap my arms around his neck and sink into a kiss. Then I pull away and glare. “Two months.”


“I thought you were dead for two months. How could you do that to me? To everyone?”

His newly-gold eyes widen. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

“What?” I ask.

“Remember when I said I wasn’t human?”

I nod.

“I was telling the truth. I’m a vampire, Ash, a freaking vampire.”

I stare.

Then he made a face like he was sneering¾ and I saw them. Fangs. But not really. They’re sharp, but they didn’t hang over his bottom lip life in movies.

I lift a cautious hand, and run my index finger across one of them, as if trying to make sure they’re real.

He grabs my hand and presses it to his lips. “Careful,” he says, “they’re sharp.” He gives me a sad smile. “This is why I didn’t see you. I couldn’t hurt you. Vampires are a little . . . Out of control in the beginning. They say I learned fast, though. For some it takes years. I think it was because I needed to see you.”

I look back into his eyes, and it’s still my Damian, the one I had a paint fight with when we were coloring my room a disgusting color of red that I changed one week later, the one I’ve loved since I was five. Then we’re holding each other, and kissing, and I’m crying, and I never want to let go.

I pull back first, and he groans. “I missed you so much, Ash,” he whispers. “It’s like I’m not whole when I’m without you.”

“Imagine how I felt,” I whisper back, hand on his cheek. “I thought you were dead.”

He takes my hand off his face and intertwines our fingers. “Tell your mom you’re studying at Ana’s house.”

“Why?” I request.

“I want you to meet someone. I’ll be waiting for you outside.”

Then he kisses my nose, climbs out my window and disappears into the night.

*New Reader*

Wow, this is really good!

Poor her thinking he was dead... :(

In the first chapter it kinda reminds me of when edward left Bella! I feel really happy for her that he isn't gone.

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great update!  please continue soon!

wow brilliant story keep writing and update soon
- a new fan- :-)

**New reader** AMAZING! Keep me posted, please! Update soon! XD



It was amazing please update soon


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