The Twilight Saga

This is a Renesmee story! What if Jacob left Renesmee and she got over him, falling back on Liam, a new half vampire? Will Jacob return? Will Edward and Bella approve?


Preface: I See You LIAM POV


I sat with Renesmee, in the sunlight of our favorite meadow. I stroked a curly tress out of her face.


"Let me see you," she asked. I blinked my eyes once and she smiled a dazzling smile that sparkled almost as much as my skin at the moment. She bit down on her bottom lip. For some reason, Renesmee was more human than myself. I don't know why, but her blood appealed to me so much, I could hardly bare it.


I kissed her forehead. "I love you, Renesmee," I promised. I've always loved her, and she's always known. She opened her mouth to return the gesture, but her mother called for her from a distance.


"I must leave," she said, rising from the ground. I blinked my eyes once and became "human" again. That was my special power. I could blink my eyes and become a human, or blink them again and become a vampire.


I rose with her. Her blood appealed to me so much when I was a vampire. I could hardly stand not to kill her. I wanted her blood so badly, it took all of my strength. I remained human for as long as I could stand.


"Renesmee!" Bella called from a distance again, "Renesmee, you'd better come along! Your father is out looking!" Renesmee's father was getting very suspicious of our relationship. Bella, her mother, was the only one she'd told.


Renesmee quickly kissed me and ran off at her father's vampire speed.


I watched her go, and wished ever so greatly I could tell her the truth, my secret.

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dude!STOP GIVING US CLIFFHANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What me?? Thats sweeet!! Anyway this Chappie was awesome I think Edward should of ran her over one more time for good luck =D
The long awaited chapter ten: searching for myself.....

Chapter Ten: Searching for Myself Renesmee

After several planes, too many fat, snoring guys across isles, and annoying flight attendants, we finally reached Volterra.

Once I saw the Italian sign that read, Benvenuti a Volterra; la citta dei vivi, I scuffed to myself. The land of the living? Hardly.

Dad parked his rental car below the mountain that beheld Volterra. "Renesmee, are you sure about this..." he asked. In all of my life, I had never seen my father so afraid. As a matter of fact, I've never seen my father afraid.

I rested my hand upon his, "Dad, trust me. Please?" He turned to the window, then took a deep breath and started the car again. As we drove up the winding mountain, I couldn't keep the questions that were shouting in my mind away. Is Liam okay? What condition is he in? What has Jane or Gian done to him? The one that unexpectedly struck me was, Do I really want this? As answers were popping in and out, my head began to ache. It was screeching with pain, longing for answers. I heard a sharp ringing that hit me like a train. But I managed to look as if nothing were the matter. I wished Mom's shield could strech out this far.

"Darling, are you all right?" Dad asked. I wanted to answer truthfully, but that wasn't an option.

"Yes, I'm fine. Why do you ask?" I returned. He chuckled a little bit and kept speeding up the mountain, going well over the speed limit and turning like a drunken man.

"Oh, no reason. Well, except for the fact that it isn't very wise to lie to a mind-reader," he advised. When I opened my mouth to speak, a beautiful villa came into view from behind trees.

"Oh, it's beautiful!" I exclaimed, admiring the 17th century arcitecture and stylings. I especially admired the towering clock that read the time to be 11:37. Dad must've caught my noticing.

"I see you like the clock?" He asked, staring at it blankly.

I nodded, "Yes, it's beautiful." I couldn't stop wondering how long it must've taken to build such a perfect masterpiece.

"There's a story behind that clock," Dad added. I looked at him suspiciously. My father knew the greatest stories. "It takes place about three years before you came along. To begin with, did you know that Jasper hasn't always had the self control he has now?" I shook my head. Jasper had the most control around human blood. It's hard to imagine him without it. "Well, on the eve of your mother's eighteenth birthday, she was opening a gift - she was human - and she got a papercut. As soon as her blood stained the carpet, Jasper began to lunge for her. Luckily, I was stronger. Though I kept Jasper from harming your mother, I, myself, can't say the same. In my attempt to save her, I'd knocked her into glass. I cut her whole arm almost to pieces. I though for sure that she'd never want to see me again."

"But you were wrong," I added. Dad nodded.

"And so I was. So, though I regretted it, I lied to her. I told her that I never loved her and I never would. The pain that was displayed through her eyes... It took everything inside of me not to take her in my arms and take it all back, but I knew that I mustn't. I couldn't. Not with the danger of killing her.

"Anywho, my family and I left. As far as I know, they stayed together. I only contacted them once every few months. I traveled the world, saw all the seven wonders. But, there was only one wonder that blew my mind to pieces. One wonder that kept me questioning the descisions I'd made. Your mother. Almost a year that I'd been gone, I decided that I couldn't stand it any longer - I have to tell her the truth. That was when I recieved the phone call from Rosalie. She told me that your mother'd committed suicide, and Alice had gone back to claim the body. I didn't believe her. So, I called your Grandpa Charlie's house to make sure, but I called using Carlisle's name. I remember the conversation.

"'Swan residence.' answered a voice I recognized. You know him - Jacob Black. He sounded depressed.

"'Hi, this is Carlisle Cullen,' I said. 'Is Charlie Swan there?'

"'No,' Jacob answered.

"'Where might he be?' I asked, afraid of the answer.

"'He's arranging a funeral,' he replied. I couldn't stand it, Rosalie was right. Bella was gone. So, I decided that I had no reason to live."

"Dad, don't say that. Finish the story!" I pleaded. Dad looked like he was about to cry - if he could.

"Okay, okay. So, I took the quickest flight I could to Volterra. I pleaded the Volturi to kill me, too. But they insisted that my gift was too valuable to destroy. So, I had to break a vampiric law, don't expose yourself to humans. Right there, under the clock, during St. Marcus Day, I began to take off my shirt. I heard Bella's screaming, but I though it was an illusion. Bella was dead. As I took the first step into the sunlight, I felt the heat warm my body. It felt so cleansing, Renesmee. But, there was a whole in my chest.

"'No, Edward! Don't!' someone shouted. It sounded like Bella, but I convinced myself the pain was only mocking me. I had my eyes closed, and when someone jumped on me, I tried to read their thoughts, but it seemed impossible. The stranger was a woman. 'Edward, please. Open your eyes! It's me, Bella! I'm here! I'm here! I'm not dead!' I caught the scent.

"'Bella?' I asked. 'Bella.' I said, sure. I backed out of the sunlight. 'Bella.' The name was my version of Heaven.

"'Edward, I'm not dead. But, I couldn't let you kill yourself out of guilt,' she said. I shook my head.

"'I'm not going anywhere,' I responded."

"Well!" I yelled, the story was my favorite.

"Well, we're here." He replied. The car was parked underneath the clock. I noticed the plants running up and down it's sides.

We exited the car, and the streets were deserted, practically. Dad took me to a large door that was bolted tight. "Excuse me, darling," he said, then kicked the lock off the door that held them together. We entered, and I saw a lady sitting at a desk.

"Ciao, i Volturi sono occupato al momento, quindi se ci si prega di prendere un posto a sedere, saranno con voi in un attimo." she said.

"Listen, I don't need an introduction. No, I won't sit down. No, I can't wait. I need to see Aro," Dad commanded. "Cecila, please?"

The woman named Ceclia held up a finger that held a fingernail painted blood red. "Un minuto, per favore." She buzzed up to someone and spoke.

Almost immediately, Jane came forward. "Ah, friends! So lovely to see you! We're in the middle of a session right now, but I'm sure we'll have leftovers! Are you hungry from your trip?" she asked. Now, she was just taunting us. Dad had told me how they lead innocent tourists into their headquarters then murder them.

"No, I just want my son back," he commanded. Jane took offense.

"Liam is my son, and I'll do what I want with him," she said.

"He's been more of a son to me than he has to you," Dad added. I knew where this was leading, and I didn't have time for a my-horse-is-bigger-than-your-horse competition.

"Can I see him?" I asked. Jane flashed me a toothy smile.

"Right this way," she said. The once beautiful hall entered into a dark and scary dungeon. There were cells, like the kind you'd see on pirate movies with the rusted bars. Prisoners begged for help inside with their arms flailing out to us. Their was only one cell without a prisoner begging for help.

Inside this cell was a man dressed in rags and a full cup of blood in front of him. "Ahem," Jane said, the man turned around, saw her, then quickly turned back around. I only caught a glimpse of him. He needed to shave, and he was ridiculously dirty. But his eyes were beautiful, bloodshot as they were. "You haven't had any blood," Jane added. The man mumbled something. "Liam, you have visitors."
What? Whos the dirty guy, is it Liam, but that can't be he said "Liam, you have visitors" OOO! Maybe its his dad!
post more soon
Liam didn't say that-Jane did.

NOTICE!: This was only part ONE! I forgot to put it down, sorry, but there will be more! I promise! I'd update right now, I might, but I'm on my iPod. But I promise to have part two up soon!

It's Forever,
OOOOHHHH!! I get it!! Post more.. NOW!
i luv this hurry and write more
Chapter Ten: Searching for Myself (Part Two!) Liam

"I do not wish to see them," I responded with my back turned to my mother and guests.

"Liam, that wasn't an declaration. Come see your visitors, now." Jane commanded.

"What if I don't? You won't kill me. You can't," I explained. Jane laughed.

"Just you wait. Challenge me again, then say the same thing. I garuntee your theory will be proven wrong," she replied. When I didn't answer, she said, "Then I suppose your visitors will have to see you..."

I heard the clanking of the rusty bars, and someone with light footsteps glided into the room without a word. "I'd rather not. We have unfinished business to discuss upstairs," a voice I recognized said - Edward Cullen.
If that was Edward...

"Renesmee?" I asked, slowly turning around. Renesmee's chin was titled downward and her hands were twiddling amongst themselves. She heard my deep, cracking voice and smiled. Her green eyes sparkled in the dim light. You can turn off the sun and I'll still shine. Renesmee had said that to Jacob once.

Her lips parted as she said, "Si, amore." Italian. Renesmee was speaking Italian.

I rushed to her and thought about taking her in my arms and apologizing for everything I'd said and done, then stopped right in front of her. Her eyes were sparkling because the light was hitting her tears.

I took her hand and kissed it. "You don't have to speak Italian. English is perfectly fine," I mentioned. She wrapped her arms around me.

"Je suis desole. Mi dispaice. Imi pare rau. Lo siento. I'll say it in any language I have to. I'm sorry." She said. I lost it all. Renesmee did also. She sobbed into my chest and I tried to keep it together and I stroked her hair. Occasionally, a tear or two would fall into her tresses. She didn't care. "Liam, I'm so sorry. About everything. I wouldn't blame you if you never wanted to see me again."

I lifted her head up so I could see those beautiful green eyes. "I've lived in this personal hell for a while, and I almost died. Not because I didn't drink the blood they supplied, either. I almost died because there was a huge whole punched through my chest that only you could fill. Now that your here, the pain's gone," I said. I took a seat and she leaned back. We didn't care if the dirt was covering us. Her head slipped into my neck. "It's like this is where we were meant to be - together."

Renesmee "mmm"-ed. "Forever."

I never wanted to leave.


On the way up to the main hall, too many bad memories flooded my mind. The last time I was here, it was a suicide attempt. Now, I just hope it won't end in murder.

Jane opened the oversized doors, exposing Aro, Marcus, Cauis, and the rest of the Volturi.

"Ah, Edward. It's been a while, old friend!" Aro, said, not making a proper attempt to greet me.

I shook my head. "Friend is an exaggeration, Aro. Save the chatter. I'm here strictly on purpose."

"I completely understand! You are unhappy with your family, and you wish to join us!" Aro said. Cauis's eyes had been locked on me the whole while since I'd entered.

"Aro, he's not here to join us," Cauis said. Aro's excitement faded away quickly.

"Then what is it?" Aro asked.

I took a deep breath. "I've come for my son, Liam." Son. The word rang in my mind. I loved Renesmee, but she'd never enjoy the way of the hunt like men can. I'd already had a name planned for my son - Noah Aiden Cullen. But, I'll settle for Liam Alexander Hughe.

Jane laughed. "Your son? Hardly! I gave birth to the disaster! Though I hate to admit it, -" I cut her off.

"He's been more of a son to me than he has to you." I hissed. Jane shot me daggers and I began to feel immense pain burning throughout my body.

"Stop." A voice commanded, and the pain stopped. I looked over and saw Gian.

"Thanks," I mumbled. Gian stepped toward Jane.

"Jane, Liam is my son, too. Niether you nor I have raised him, but this man has. Like it or not, he's more of a son to him than he is to us," he explained to Jane.

Jane's mouth opened and closed quickly. She remained poised and stared at Gian. "Gian, darling, I'm his mother. And your his father. We are his birthparents! We lost our son once, I won't lose him again."

Gian laughed. "Yes, but I don't believe that that decision is yours to make, love."

"You do NOT speak to me that way! I have the higher authority over him! You didn't even know he existed! If not my decision, whose?"

Gian took a breath. "Liam."

A few minutes went by and Liam walked in with Renesmee tight by his side. Jane rushed to her son and tried to give him a hug, but he shooed her off. Gian held out his hand and Liam shook it. "Liam, I so hate to put you in this position, but, would you rather stay with your loving family that cared for you oh-so-dearly from afar, or with the Cullens?" Jane asked. I didn't know that someone could be so heartless and cold.

"Liam," Renesmee said. She stared him in the eyes and kissed his lips gently. She glided over to me and took my hand. I brushed my lips across her forehead.

Liam walked over to his mother. "Jane, no matter how much you desire, I will never call you any form of 'Mom'. Ever. I'm staying with Renesmee and her family. I hate you. I never did love you. When you die, I'm dancing on your grave."

Jane smirked. "Is that a-" she began, but Liam cut her off.

"It's a promise, to myself." Liam turned his back on Jane, who was left feeling defeated, something I knew she didn't like. Jane breathed madly through her nostrils and shouted "PAIN!" as loud as she could. I could feel the cold, piercing power flow through the air toward Liam, Renesmee, and me.

"No!" someone shouted. Where there should be pain, there was nothing. I'd know that anywhere. I dropped my daughter's hand and ran over to my wife.

I embraced her with all of my strength and twirled her around in the air, her laughter filling the air. I gently sat her down and whispered, "What are you doing here?"

Bella smiled. "Alice warned me you'd be in trouble. I took the fastest flight I could find to get here. I love you," she said. Her lips were luring me into them. I pressed mine to hers.

"I love you more than life itself," I replied. With my arms around her, I looked over to Liam and Renesmee. They were adjoined together, like that was the way they were always supposed to be. I almost said something, but Bella caught me with a "Sh."

"Let them be." She advised. Almost as if on cue, Liam dropped Renesmee and walked over to his defeated mother.

"Oh, and Jane?" he said, catching her attention. With a smile and calming glance, he swung his fist and pounded it into her face. If she were human, she'd be unconscious. Being a vampire, she was only on the floor with an unbearable headache.

We headed toward our rental cars and just before Liam and Renesmee got into the backseat of my car, Gian rushed through the door. "Wait!" he yelled. Liam looked at his father. He kissed Renesmee as she and I got into the car. I could still hear their conversation.

"What is it?" Liam asked.

Gian slipped off his ring and pressed it into his son's hand. "I want you to have this. Anytime you need a friend, ask for me into it. I'll always be there for you, son. I'm sorry I wasn't before."

Liam put the ring in his pocket and hugged his father. I saw tears flowing down his face. "I love you, Dad."

Gian hesitated, then said, "I love you, too, son. I love you."

Liam let go of his father and began to head to the door, but Gian caught his arm and whispered, "Nice hit," in his ear. Liam smiled. I heard what he was thinking, Yes, it certainly was.
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