The Twilight Saga

This is a Renesmee story! What if Jacob left Renesmee and she got over him, falling back on Liam, a new half vampire? Will Jacob return? Will Edward and Bella approve?


Preface: I See You LIAM POV


I sat with Renesmee, in the sunlight of our favorite meadow. I stroked a curly tress out of her face.


"Let me see you," she asked. I blinked my eyes once and she smiled a dazzling smile that sparkled almost as much as my skin at the moment. She bit down on her bottom lip. For some reason, Renesmee was more human than myself. I don't know why, but her blood appealed to me so much, I could hardly bare it.


I kissed her forehead. "I love you, Renesmee," I promised. I've always loved her, and she's always known. She opened her mouth to return the gesture, but her mother called for her from a distance.


"I must leave," she said, rising from the ground. I blinked my eyes once and became "human" again. That was my special power. I could blink my eyes and become a human, or blink them again and become a vampire.


I rose with her. Her blood appealed to me so much when I was a vampire. I could hardly stand not to kill her. I wanted her blood so badly, it took all of my strength. I remained human for as long as I could stand.


"Renesmee!" Bella called from a distance again, "Renesmee, you'd better come along! Your father is out looking!" Renesmee's father was getting very suspicious of our relationship. Bella, her mother, was the only one she'd told.


Renesmee quickly kissed me and ran off at her father's vampire speed.


I watched her go, and wished ever so greatly I could tell her the truth, my secret.

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No, when Bella had her, she was human. She is only hal-human. Remember this!! It's veeeeery important that you know that!
more more more love the story
please post more soon
whoa nice really nice.


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