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Note: This story was inspired by the song from singer Chris Norman. I decided to write original story I hope that some of you will like it. All characters are made up and so is summary.

Summary: Young Lilah is goddess of hell, her family lives in believe that she needs to be with somebody of their own kind. And she doesn't agree with that. One encounter with young and beautiful prince James Heart Of Gold, will start to change her mind. Will their love be enough strong?




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sounds interesting



Lilah’s POV



I was running through forest with my full speed I only wanted to escape from everything that tied me for this world and life. Right now I hated everybody. My family for trying to tell me what to do. At myself for listening to them. I had enough. I don’t need to listening them anymore.

I am free to do what ever I want. I smiled wickedly in myself and grinned. I jumped on highest wood bench and looked at the sky, I breathed heavily and make it to be dark red. I looked at my work and I was satisfied. 




I stopped running and I walked out of forest. I stepped into Red Meadow where was river 7. I took deep breath inhaling fresh afternoon air. It was incredibly quiet which kinda bothered me. I turned around to see a woman with long red hair watching me. Right beside her was sitting man, whom I assume was her husband.



I smiled at both and bowed my head slightly in their direction they smiled back. I turned around, picking one flower from the ground I slowly started to dance with music in my head. I smiled widely.






I stopped in dead tracks when scent of cinnamon hit my nostrils so hard, which confused me so much. I looked slowly over my shoulder to see the most beautiful man standing in front of me. He had light blonde hair, pair of beautiful dark blue eyes.





He was a bit taller then me, maybe 6’2 tall. My emotions were changing in minute by minute. I didn’t knew how to react. All these years my heart was cold like an ice everytime when I met guy like him.



But he was different....He was so much more then just an ordinary guy. One part of me keep telling me to run away that he is going to hurt me, but second part told me to take chance and to give him oportunity to make me happy.



I slowly walked to him and I placed flower in his hand. My other hand rested on his chest as I took deep breath. “ You will find me when full moon arrives.” I whispered into his ear and I pulled back smiling widely at him.



His eyes looked confused into mine and I chuckled slightly.” I don’t even know your name.” He said, his eyes looked sadly into mine. I smiled a little at him.




“ Wind will whisper you my name.” I murmured and give him peck on lips and with that I ran and jumped on bench. I needed to run away as fast as I could. Right now, I wasn’t sure what to think. I needed to be alone for now to sort out my thoughts, because I wasn’t thinking too straightly right at this moment.




A/N: So far I posted prologue. I have started to write chapter one for this story when I get him ready I am going to post him soon. Please read and let me know what you think.

wow I like it :) it's so sweet and full of Mystery. I really like it, please post soon and keep me posted, I want to read this.

Oh yes you will soon see what happens :) Thank you for commenting :D

Welcome :)

Chapter One: Lilah


Lilah Faster Than Light - Goddess Of Hell



Lucifer was demigod - half wizard, half god. His parents were the most powerful people in the world; they died under mysterious circumstances when he was only 15. He was forced to leave the family home because other people didn’t want him to stay in the village any longer. Ever since he was young, Lucifer wandered around the world. He stayed briefly in Underworld with Santan, but eventually he left, thaking Santan and his wife for letting him stay. He then came into a small village in Italy where a ball was held.





At the ball he met young Cynthia, my mother. She had beautiful long black hair and a tan as white as Snow White’s; she looked almost gorgeous as the goddess of love. When Lucifer saw her dancing with her friends, he fell immediately under her charm. He pulled higher the hoodie of his coat, trying not to bring so much attention on himself. Cynthia felt that somebody was watching her; she slowly turned around and saw Lucifer.





She smiled a little at him, and when the song was finished, she excused herself and walked outside to the fresh air to sort out her thoughts. She wished to know the name of the beautiful stranger but she was very shy; she didn’t know how to approach him. She couldn’t hide the fact that he was the most beautiful man that she had ever seen. She knew what was happening in her heart, but she tried somehow to hide it.




Cynthia was ready to disappear but her powers wouldn’t work. She began to freak out, but then she remembered why. She was ignoring her soulmate and the heavens didn’t like it at all. She sighed and leaned against the tree, trying to calm herself a little. Lucifer was leaning against the tree, watching her walking outside. Eventually he decided to follow her. He had many powers; he hated them all except tracking. He knew he was a good tracker; he could locate a person instantly. When he found her, he pulled her into his strong arms; she protested a little but she relaxed a little bit when he kissed her temple.



“I’m sorry if I scared you,” he whispered, pulling her gently in his arms. She looked up at him shyly and smiled a little. “You didn’t...I...I’m sorry,” she whispered,looking down.



“ Why did you run away, my beautiful lady?” he asked her, placing a hand on her cheek. She looked at him and said, “I was afraid that you were going to play with my heart.” 




His eyes narrowed with worry when he heard her words. He never wanted to hurt her or make her feel that way ever. He would get on his knees and swear to her if she asked him to. He would take stars from the sky if she wanted him to. That’s how much he loved her.



“That’s never going to happen,” he said to her, cupping both of her cheeks in his hands. After that, they dated for about four years and made me.




And now almost 900 years later, they’re still together but their marriage is on shaky legs as my grandfather would say. Problems began when Cynthia’s mother kept trying to tear them apart; Lucifer tried to figure out why she wanted to do it. But he never got a real answer from her. She would always ignore him. He tried to figure out how to repair the broken pieces but what else could he do?


Try to hunt her down and kill her? She lives too far away from us and even if he could get there, she would run away. So in this stage he couldn’t do anything. I still remember when Cynthia and Lucifer had fights, she used to cry all night.



Lucifer is pretty determined to repair broken pieces of her soul, but the question is does Cynthia really want it? I sighed as I looked at the beautiful moonlight.

Pictures of mysterious man that I met today were playing around in my mind. It was crazy for me to think that he could love a girl like me. I bet if he would meet my family he would be running away. Every guy would do that. Maybe I am just looking for an easy way to escape. No matter how much I try, I can’t get him out of my head.



Who knows, I might see him sometime. I closed my eyes for just a second, slowly trying to clear out my mind. That’s when one warm hand touched mine, gripping it so hard that I couldn’t move.



When I looked up, I met his dark blue eyes.






A/N: I'm so sorry that took me so long to post chapter one. I was just making sure that chapter doesnt have any grmmar mistake. Well I hope you'll enjoy in reading.

I liked it :) but reading this, I spotted 2 mistakes. It's Satan not Santan and you but Thaked, not thanked lol. I liked the insight to the past about Lilah's parents. so sweet

Oh yes yes I am so sorry hun i was writing in such worry because i didnt wanted my readers to wait :) but thank you so much for commenting :D


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