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Okay this is a fan fiction by my good friend Rhoda. She's at FWAR and she's been trying to get on this site but they haven't accepted her for OVER three weeks to she's given up trying and asked me if I could post her story she has been writing called "Hearts Were Never Meant to Race..."

If you have any comments for her just comment bellow and she'll reply as (Rhoda): *blah blah blah* okay? And I comment it would be (Vannessa): *blah blah blah*

She really thinks this story can go far so were just hoping people will read. If any of you want to read her story is FWAR then there is a link below that you can click and follow.


To get in touch her just add her at FWAR at username Rhoda {The Lightning Queen}

This is an Edward -POV- fan fic.

The banner was made by the oh so talented Eva!


I waited for Bella on the balcony. The New York air was light and the streets gleamed bright in the dark sky. She smiled when she saw me and walked over. Bella was wearing an astonishing dress. So beautiful.

“Hey?” She smiles.

I force a smile to appear on my lips. “Hello.”

 But I know she senses that it’s fake. I can’t do this. Not her. I thought. I took a deep breath and shook my head. I have to do this.

“Bella, I can’t do this anymore.” I said.

She watched me carefully. “Do what?”

I sighed. “I can’t date you.”


I bit my lip. This was the question I most dreaded. The reason that put the seed of doubt in my mind. The funny thing is. I’ve always known this. I just ignored it because I wanted to see where this relationship would go. To see what I was in her eyes.

“Because…because you have all this, Bella.” I mumble.  “You have all this fame and fortune. Your dad is an amazing scientist and you go to press conferences such as this.”

Bella took a step towards me her arms extended. “So?”

“So, I don’t belong in your world.” Her lips purse as I say this. “The rich don’t associate with the poor. I’ve lived a hard life. So hard that I feel like I don’t deserve anything so special anymore.”

“You belong with someone in your class. I’m not it.”

I turned to leave but she grabbed my arm forcing me to turn. “I know how you feel, Edward. I’m letting you go because I know you have to find yourself. But just know I was the one in the relationship who didn’t deserve the other.”

I scanned her face. Tears spilled over her eyes and I came over and caught one with my lips. “Goodbye, Bella.”


Authors Note:

What do you think? Good? Bad? I got this Idea from the Chris Brown song Crawl. The girl in the video is really rich and I think they split up because Chris didn’t think he deserved him but still he longed for them to be together. Also I think the girl was afraid of a relationship. Anyways, I will update more soon.


Trailer by Rhoda:

Based on the Chris Brown song Crawl

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(Rhoda):Thanks Ashley!

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Chapter Eight:

Rainy day...


                It has officially been a month and three days since I moved to Paris. My new boyfriend, Jacob, is enjoying my stay much more than I am. Jacob is nice, funny and very outgoing. He’s not distracted by the things he should do only the things he wants to do.

                “Hey, Bella wanna make out?” Jacob called in a high pitched voice no man should have.

                I eyed him for a second and look out the window. It’s still raining. It practically rained from 8:00 in the morning until 6:00 now. I felt terrible that they had to cancel dance classes since the instructors couldn’t even get to the studio because of the rain.

 A pair of arms grabs me by the waist and lifted me off the window seat carrying me off to the couch.

                “Hey!” I protested.

                Jacob hovered on top of me grinning from ear to ear. “Okay I’m not asking anymore.” Then his lips are attached to mine.

                I sigh at contact and drag my finger up his chest, past his shoulder and to the back of his neck where I lace my fingers into his ebony hair. As I pull fists full he brings me closer and presses his lips even harder on mine. The kiss intensifies and I try to breath when I lips barely part so the kiss would not have to end so quickly.

                “Oh get a room!” I hear.

                Jake and I don’t break apart just yet. When we do he pecks my lips once. I shift so that I’m sitting and he’s no longer on top of me. Across from me is Angela hair soaking wet with two bags on each hand.

                “Mmm… brought some food I see.” Jake grabs one of the bags and places it on the table. “Chinese.”

                I chuckle at his personality and take the remaining three bags from Angela. “What’d you bring?”

                She sits beside me and answered. “Noodles, orange chicken, rice, chips, popcorn and ice-cream. Oh! Movies too!”

                An hour passes and all three of us are huddle on the couch, stomachs fool or ramen noodles, popcorn and chips with blankets and pillows making us more comfortable. Angela had brought a variety of movies. Thank goodness stores in Paris sold movies in French as well as English. We voted on Saw II. I obviously get scared while watching scary movie but more the reason for Jacob to vote it. I clutched him close as the movie began very aware that this was going to be a rough night.

                We watched the entire movie and continued of with the genre of horror. With my heart pounding and Jacobs arms closing around Angela and I screamed when people died or when the screen showed a glimpse of the killer and the victims unaware.

                We ended the night off with a comedy so that sleep would be easier. Angela went to bed in the first half hour saying she was exhausted. It was just me and Jacob and he seemed to be happier about that fact.

                As the movie dragged on Jacob leaned into me and began kissing my neck. He kissed every part available to him including my lips even though I mumbled many times that I was watching the movie. In the end I couldn’t resist and pulled my eyes away from the screen and began to kiss him back. Our kissing continued, the intensity grew and fingers began to explore.

                “Wanna take this to the bedroom?” He asked.

                I simply nodded and he carried me to bedroom. He stopped in front of the door and looked at me. “Is Angela in there?”

                I shake my head. “I have and extra bedroom down the hall.”

                He continues in and drops me on the bed. We begin to kiss again and soon kissing turned into getting our clothes off.

                I didn’t know if I was ready for this but I let him take me with my eyes closed and pleasure running through me.

                You only live once, right?


A/N: I really am not going to apologize for taking to write this because I wanted to think ahead to where I want this story to go. Hopefully you liked my chapter and would like to read more.


Love it!!! Can't wait for more soon...

(Rhoda):Thanks Ashley!

Just started readin this! I love it, I'm def not Team Jacob but this story makes me want to be! Update soon!

great update!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to read your next one

(Rhoda): Thanks Kelley for reading. And I will be updating soon,.

Plz post more soon I love it!

(Rhoda): Thanks for reading I will!


Chapter Nine




                When I wake up I glide my fingers across the sheet trying to find him. The space next to me is empty. My eyes snap open and I murmur, “Jacob?” He’s not in bed.

I get out of bed and slip on the first thing I can find which happens to be Jacob’s shirt. I walk out of the room and instantly I’m filled with the aroma of eggs, pancakes, blueberries and chocolate. I make my way into the kitchen and find him leaning over the stove.

                I smile, “Mmm…A man who can cook. That’s extremely attractive you know.”

                He chuckled. “I wanted to be a good guest.”

                He brought the pan of eggs to the table. “Sit down.” I did.

                I took in the smell. “I’m defiantly inviting you back here.”

                He sat down grinning from ear to ear. “I made chocolate chip pancakes. I know that’s your favourite.”

                “How? Angela.” I shake my head.

                “Don’t blame her. I begged. Now stop talking and dig in.”

                So we did. Everything was delicious. I would love to wake up to this everyday. When we were done we did the dishes even though I told him I could handle it myself.

                “Bella, people don’t do what we did for no reason right?” Jacob began to say. “People do it because they love each other and Bella, I love you.”

                That made me pause. “Jacob-”

                He interrupted. “Wait Bella let me finish.”

                “Front the very first moment I saw you I knew there was something special about you.” He took in what he just said. “I know it sounds kind of cheesy but it’s true.”

                “I made excuses to be with you, to talk to you even after we made it official we’re together.” He put his hands in his pockets and pulled a small black box out. My heart skipped a beat.

                Jacob got down on one knee. “Bella will you marry me?”



                I was in the middle of watching football with Emmett and Jasper. I shot up from the chair. They looked at me oddly. “Dude what’s up?” Emmett said.

                “I have to call Bella.” I said.

                “Woh, woh, woh! No you’re not calling her.” Emmett grabbed me forcing me to sit down. “Dude you have a good thing with Ella why mess it up by bringing Bella into it.”

                I took a deep breath. “I don’t know. I’ve always felt connected to Bella. I knew when she was sad, anxious and mostly importantly I knew when she needed me. I feel right now that she needs me.”

                Jasper stepped it. “She doesn’t need you. If she did she would have stayed in the country. She you bro so why don’t you just leave her.”

                I did nothing for a whole minute. “Listen to us, Edward. We know what’s good for you. Forget about Bella and focus on the beautiful girl you have now and that scholarship because I know if you go back to her both those things will go down the drain.”

                I didn’t call her. But I knew what I felt. I knew that my love for Bella will not go away; no matter how many girls I date Bella will still be my first love. So it wasn’t about letting time forget her it was now about forcing myself to forget her.

                I got up and went to the fridge and took out three beers. I handed one to the two of them and drank one myself. It felt good and as the day went buy I kept drinking and soon enough Bella was so far in the back of my mind that I could feel that need of hers any more.


A/N: I know I haven’t written in a long time but I honestly gave up on writing and started to focus more on my music and art. Don’t ask me why. I just felt too lazy to sit in front of my laptop and type. But now I have and I hope you guys like this chapter. I know it's short but I haven't been writing for about three months.





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