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This is an Edward -POV- fan fic.

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I waited for Bella on the balcony. The New York air was light and the streets gleamed bright in the dark sky. She smiled when she saw me and walked over. Bella was wearing an astonishing dress. So beautiful.

“Hey?” She smiles.

I force a smile to appear on my lips. “Hello.”

 But I know she senses that it’s fake. I can’t do this. Not her. I thought. I took a deep breath and shook my head. I have to do this.

“Bella, I can’t do this anymore.” I said.

She watched me carefully. “Do what?”

I sighed. “I can’t date you.”


I bit my lip. This was the question I most dreaded. The reason that put the seed of doubt in my mind. The funny thing is. I’ve always known this. I just ignored it because I wanted to see where this relationship would go. To see what I was in her eyes.

“Because…because you have all this, Bella.” I mumble.  “You have all this fame and fortune. Your dad is an amazing scientist and you go to press conferences such as this.”

Bella took a step towards me her arms extended. “So?”

“So, I don’t belong in your world.” Her lips purse as I say this. “The rich don’t associate with the poor. I’ve lived a hard life. So hard that I feel like I don’t deserve anything so special anymore.”

“You belong with someone in your class. I’m not it.”

I turned to leave but she grabbed my arm forcing me to turn. “I know how you feel, Edward. I’m letting you go because I know you have to find yourself. But just know I was the one in the relationship who didn’t deserve the other.”

I scanned her face. Tears spilled over her eyes and I came over and caught one with my lips. “Goodbye, Bella.”


Authors Note:

What do you think? Good? Bad? I got this Idea from the Chris Brown song Crawl. The girl in the video is really rich and I think they split up because Chris didn’t think he deserved him but still he longed for them to be together. Also I think the girl was afraid of a relationship. Anyways, I will update more soon.


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Chapter One:

Abrupt decisions

1 week after break up:


                Three days after I ended things with Bella I got my acceptance letter from Juilliard and a four year scholarship. I have to admit I’m pretty happy about it. No wait, not as joyful as my parents were when I told them the news. That all doesn’t matter. The question is right now will I go.

                The following day after the break up I went Forks to visit my parents. I couldn’t stay in New York. It would only be a matter of time before I bump into her again. The awkwardness would kill me. Even though I hadn’t told my mom and dad that I’d broken up with Bella I knew that they were suspicious that something had happened. I hadn’t mentioned her name once and I hope no one brings it up.

                I have only two more weeks until graduation. My older sister, Alice, will be home five days before that and I know when she sees me she’ll ask where Bella is if not already she knows we broke up. I’m dreading graduation. The ceremony, the party afterwards and most importantly the pictures. I shuddered. Oh, how Esme loves pictures.  I won’t be able to getaway and then she’ll ask about Bella.


                Sometimes I doubt that I did the right thing. I’m still in love with her. I know that for a fact. I had to let her go. You should see the way people look at our family name. Like it’s a disgrace.  Okay so this is how it happened.

                My dad, Carlisle, is a magnificent scientist. As good as Mr. Swan, actually. Luther corp. was passed down from Charlie’s best friend Brian Luther when he died of cancer nearly a decade ago. When that happened Charlie promoted my dad to Vice President. The company makes nuclear weapons for the government to use ever since Afghanistan was in war with Russia and the U.S army involved themselves in the fight. But then suddenly one of Luther weapons was found in Russian arms. My dad was immediately accused because the weapon was his design. Charlie even though he didn’t want to fired my dad because the public was getting frantic. It was the only way. Carlisle would have went to court and brought to jail if Bella’s dad hadn’t made the move. I was four months when this happened.

                Carlisle was forced to find a new profession because no other government job would accept him and his reputation. He went back to school on his last pay check and became a doctor. Even getting a job as trained doctor was hard because his reputation still followed him until now eighteen years later. That’s when we move to Fork, Washington, the only place that could take us.

                A knock on my door interrupted my thoughts. “Edward?” It’s my mother.

                “Yes, mom. Come in.”

                Her face peered through. “Your brother and sister are here come say hi.”

                My eyes widen in utter shock. “There here? Now? I though Alice wasn’t coming for another week?”

                She shrugged. “She’s early. Come on!”

                I sighed when she closed the door. Gradually I lifted myself of the bed. I press my face on the door before opening it and descending downstairs. It’s going to be a long evening.

                Carlisle came home from the hospital just in time for dinner. We all sat down and talked about our day. My mom mentioned more than once how proud she was of Alice and her new job. Alice mastered in interior and clothing design. She now co-owns a shop with my older brother, Emmett, wife Rosalie. What was a bit of a shock in this evening was Alice came home with Jasper her new boyfriend and Emmett with Rosalie. No one mentioned it but they were all asking themselves where Bella was.

                It’s kind of an old tradition that we meet together when summer begins and also during Christmas. We invite our latest relationship with us coming home. I brought Bella to home more often than Emmett brought Rosalie even though they lived in Seattle. 

                “So Edward?” My dad asked. “Where’s our Bella?”

                I looked up from my place for the first time. Everyone eyes were on me. The feeling of relief that someone finally asked seem to radiate off of all of them. “Uh. She couldn’t come.”

                They all looked puzzled. “Why?”

                “We broke up.”

                The conversation ended there.

* * *

                Graduation came much sooner than I had anticipated. On Friday morning I found myself driving with Alice and Jasper down the Highway to New York.

                I didn’t go to school in Forks. I’d decided to move in with my uncle James when I was 16 and in the 10th grade. I met Bella that summer when I went home and her dad came to visit us. Bella instantly clicked with Alice and she decided to stay for the rest of the summer. We started going out in August and continued on until grade 12.

                “We’re here!” Alice chimed.

                Taking a steady breath I stepped out of Jaspers slick black Mercedes. “Ready?” He asked.

                I shook my head. “Not even close. Let’s go.”

                The ceremony nearly killed me. It was held in a large theatre hall. Upsettingly it was a good two and half hours. And as I expected I saw Bella. My parents came right before it started and Emmett and Rosalie were obviously late. My uncle had work so he couldn’t make it.

                “Congratulations, Edward.” Bella’s dad glared at me. So he knew, I thought.

                I managed a small smile.

                Bella stood beside her mother, Renée. Here expression was blank. She looks stunning in her blue floor length dress. The awkwardness was so thick and visible. “Hello, Bella.”

                She swallowed. “Can I talk to you, Edward?”

                This surprised me. I followed her outside and into the front hallway. She stopped so abruptly I almost ran into her. She looked at me for a long moment and I did the same. Finally she broke the gaze and looked down. “Edward, I’m going to France to study there.”

                I’m taken aback by what she said. “Why?” I whispered.

                “I don’t have to answer that.” She says simply.

                I shrug. “I guess you don’t.” We stood there for a second. “I got accepted to Juilliard.”

                Her eyes widen. “You’ve always wanted to go. I’m glad.”

                I smile. “Same goes for me.”

                “This is goodbye, Edward.” Bella says.

                I nod. “I know.”

                “Bye.” I watch her walk toward her parents who are now waiting for her.

                “Bye Bella.” For good this time.

Chapter Two:


                The summer seemed to drag by so slowly. The immense heat is eating me alive as well as watching my Alice, Rosalie and mother scurry around the house preparing it for our first summer party.

                “Edward.” Alice says annoyingly. “If you’re not going to help at leave remove yourself from the premises.”

                I glared at her. Couldn’t she tell I was suffering because of my own foolishness? Almost a month into my summer vacation and I beginning to doubt myself.

                Seeing that Alice was being serious I sighed and left the room. Maybe Emmett and Jasper had found a nice and entertaining way to pass the time. I found them in the garage sitting around a table. I came closer and noticed they were playing chess. By the extremely frustrated look on Emmett’s face told me he was loosing. And loosing by a long shot. Jasper at least had twelve pieces on him.

                “You realize you guys can play in the den right?” I said.

                Without a glance my way Emmett replied, “Esme is setting up there. She told us to get out.”

                I watched Emmett struggle and Jasper’s grin get bigger and bigger for thirty minutes straight before Emmett stood up angrily making the pieces fall from their places. “You know what? I don’t play anymore.” He said.

                Jasper snorted. “Probably because you’re loosing.”

                Childishly Emmett stuck his tongue out and left.

                Still smiling Jasper asked if I wanted to play. I nodded and sat down helping his rearrange the board for a new game.

                We both sat in the same position focused on the game. A few minutes into it Jaspers grin soon formed into a scowl.  Not so easy, huh? I thought. It took us an hour and fifteen minutes but we were finally down to my two rooks, king and queen and his bishop and king.

                “Not so cocky anymore are you?” I asked.

                He smiled. “I still got some tricks up my sleeve.”

                He took my two rooks in a mere ten minutes making my fist ball up. Soon I gave up on defeating his rook and turned my attention to his king. I took his bishop and time went on and nearly got his king. The game had gotten so intense I didn’t notice that Emmett came back and with James until he yelled out, “Kill him Edward! Make his pay!

                I grinned when I saw and opening. I took it and yelled, “CHECK MATE!”

                Jasper collapsed on the board in utter defeat. He then got up and stretched his hand towards me. “Nice playing.”

                “You know what they say. Sometimes people can’t help being the best.” I said.

                “Don’t get too smug now. It’s just one game.” He replied.

                Alice followed by Rosalie came storming into the garage. “Hey, you men! Make yourselves useful and move these tables for Esme. You’ve done nothing but play around the whole day. Our guest will be coming in another hour.”

                We all got up and followed Alice to the shed and took five foldable tables out laying two on the porch and five down on the paved ground. We also helped set up the chairs and were also forced to assist them in the kitchen. It was a downright disaster. Emmett kept on splashing tomato juice on the new backsplash Alice had chosen Esme for her birthday when the other got a bit outdated. This got Alice breathing down Emmett’s neck for the rest of the time. Which you would have thought was impossible but she managed.

                By the time the guests arrived we were all washed and groomed and the house looked magnificent. Alice’s words not mine.

                It looks like Esme had invited a lot. A lot is an understatement. I was literally forced to make conversation with the many people that came. A knew a few of them because they were the family of friends of mine.

                Alice introduced me to one of the designers that was working with her and Rosalie on a new house project. Truth to tell she was stunning. She had long strawberry blond hair and fair skin and a small pretty smile.

                She smiled at me when Alice told her my relationship to her.

                “Hi.” I say. “I’m Edward.”

                She giggles softly. It sounded like bells. “Nice to meet you. My name is Tanya.”

                My breath caught.  Like I said, stunning.

Chapter Three:

Proposal from the wise


                “Alice.” My mother yelled. “Come. There's a cousin I would love to show you.”

                Alice smiled and turned back to us. “Sorry, guys.”

                “Go ahead, Alice. I'm sure we won't kill each other.” Tanya replied.

                “That's not what I was getting to but I'm sure you guys would do fine with out me.”  Then she was gone.

                “Parties huh?” Tanya said after a few moments of complete silence. “They really bring people together.”

                “Were forced to attend like I was?” I asked.

                She shrugged. “Yes and no.”

                “So Edward. What do you for a living?”

                I grinned. “Don't have a career yet. I'm fresh out of high school.”

                Her mouth dropped in utter shock. She slowly closed it and said, “Well, you don't look your age. Its the small beard.”

                I touched my chin. Hmm,I thought. Has it really been than long since I shaved? “I'm planing to become a musician. I got accepted to Harvard about a month ago.”

                “Wow, your smart.” Her lips curved upward. “I love that in a man.”

                “Edward?” Emmett touched my shoulder. “Dude, I need to get out of here.”

                He looked like he was going to throw up any moment. “This party is not cool. I told Rose you, Jasper and I are going to the store. You coming?”

                I nodded. As much as I liked Tanya I knew where she's getting at. “Sure.”

                “Tanya, I need to help my brother with something. Do you mind?” I ask.

                She lifted her arms. “Go right ahead.”

                I give her one last smile before I leave with Emmett. Jasper already in his Mercedes when we reach the front.

                “Where to?” I ask.

                Emmett scans me. “You're eighteen, right?”

                I nod.

                “To Baby's night club then.” He says to  Jasper. 

                “Don't you have to be nineteen to get in?” I question Emmett when arrive.

                “In this one you have to be eighteen to get in but nineteen to drink.” He slips out the door.

                “Just don't order any beers.” Jasper says. “I don't want Alice to say I'm a bad influence to her little brother.”

                I shove him and walk to the entrance. “What?” He yells. “You know it's true.”

                The guy at the door doesn't even look at Emmett and Jasper before he lets them in. He takes a moment to examine me though. I flash my drivers licence which he waves off and he lets me inside.

                The music is loud once I pass the second door. People are dancing everywhere. Thank goodness Emmett and Jasper waited for me or I'd be hopelessly lost. To tell you the truth I've never been to a party let alone a club. I might be hansom but no one in my high school in New York was dumb  enough to invite me. Bella was though. She got invited to every party. There was time she tried to get me to her to one of hers but I didn't. I knew people will stare and ask “who invited the loser?”. I could face a social beat down.

                I followed Emmett up a flight of stairs and he guided us to the wet bar. I sat in between the two of them.

                A lady behind the counter spotted up and smiled. “What could I get you fine gentlemen today?”

                “Two beers and one root beer please.” Jasper told her.

                But the woman didn't leave. “Anything else? A private room with say --”

                Emmett didn't let her finish the sentence. He held up his right hand. “I'm married.”

                Her lady's cringed and her smile soon returned when she glanced at Jasper. “I have a beautiful girlfriend which I plan to marry.”

                “No interested.” I say before she could even ask.

                A frown replaced her smile and she went to get us what we asked. When she came back she placed our order on the table and walked away.

                “Gosh, I hated those kind of women.” Emmett muttered.

                Jasper rolled his eyes. “So Edward whats going on?”

                My eyes dropped to my cup. “What do you mean?”

                “You know what I mean.” He replied. “Why did you break up with Bella. You two seemed to be doing just fine.”

                “We were.” I say. “That's until I realized I couldn't do it anymore.”

                “Do what?” Emmett asked.

                “Emmett, you should see the looks that those scientists give us every time Bella decided to go visit her dad at his lab.” I mumble. “It's like I have a disease that no one whats to get but hate the people who do have it.”

                “I don't get it.” He said. “You broke up with the girl you loved because people stared at you.”

                “They didn't just stare, Emmett.” I sigh. “They made snide comments at me and asked Bella why she was dating the son of a criminal. She always had to defend me. Defend her name.”

                There was silence. None of them said anything. Then Jasper spoke up. “We you honest with her?”

                I nodded. “She didn't understand though. I could see the confusion in her eyes.”

                “I know how you feel, Edward.” Jasper said. “You should see the way people look at Alice when they hear her last name. I know she doesn't look much like your parents. She looks like her grandmother. But still. I get so angry.”

                Emmett finally speaks up. “Edward your not alone. I never wanted Rosalie to take my name because of that. But she insisted. She said she didn't care. Maybe Bella didn't care as well.”

                I thought about what they just said right now. “I still don't think so.”

                “Dammit, Edward! You broke the heart of the girl you loved more than anything. I think you do deserve to crawl up in a hole and let the misery eat you.”

                He got up and left. “I need to get drunk.”

                We watched him go and sit at the other end. In less than a second Emmett started a conversation with a man sitting next to him.

                Jasper took another sip of his beer. “Tanya won't help you forget Bella.”

                “I know that.” I grumbled.

                “Then what was that playful smile I saw you give Tanya at the party. It's the same one you gave Lucy Talbot in seventh grade when you wanted her to kiss you.”

                I look away from him and into my cup. “Nothing. I was just being friendly.”

                “Well my friend.” Jasper hiccupped. “You have the whole night to be friendly.

                Jasper was right. I did have the whole night to get friendly with over 300 females in the building. But I didn't. Instead I have a pleasant [emphasis on the pleasant] time following Emmett around  making sure he didn't so anything he didn't regret. Even though Jasper was also drunk at least he found himself a nice corner and slept there.

                By the time I got the two of them in the car it was three in the morning and I had quite a large amount of vomit on my shirt [Alice was so going to strangle us]. When we reached home luckily my parents were asleep and it looked like Alice and Rosalie were in Alice's bedroom sleeping as well. I dumped the two of them in Emmett's bedroom.

                I went straight to the shower letting myself enjoy the heat. When I was finished I threw my dirtied clothes in the hamper and wrapped myself in a towel then headed to my room. Turning on the light I jumped back in utter shock.

                Tanya was sleeping on my bed wearing my shirt and boxers.


Authors Note:

Hoped you like this!  I'm guessing you guys are wondering where Tanya will take this story aren't you? My lips are sealed. *laughs* Updates will be coming soon.


Chapter Four:

If I needed your help I’d ask

                I walked out of the room thinking about why the hell Tanya was sleeping in my bedroom. Don’t we have two free guest bedrooms? I thought. I walked over to the hallway closet and grabbed a blanket and pillow. I’d have to sleep on the living room couch tonight. My least favourite spot.

                In the morning I was awoken by a soft kiss on my lips. “Let me sleep, Bella.” I muttered.

                A woman laughed. “No silly boy. It’s Tanya.”

                I shot up. Rays of light fell into the living room from outside. It was just a little over sunset. Maybe an hour or so. I rubbed my lips and said, “What are you doing, Tanya?”

                She shrugged. “I thought when you found me in your bed last night you’d crawl in with me.” Tanya gave a small smile and cocked her head to the left.

                I couldn’t help but notice that she had taken her-no my boxers off. “Go put on some clothes, Tanya.” I said. Then added. “Not mine this time.”

                “Why?” She said stubbornly.

                I stood up from the couch and began walking away from her. I needed to leave this house. To tell you the truth I had thought Tanya was fairly beautiful. On the outside. But from those eyes I could tell she was a love sick monster in a gorgeous female body.

                Tanya hugged me from behind and pressed herself so close to my body I had to stop because I moved its either she falls off me on her face or I drag her with me. Neither, I wanted to do.

                “Tanya, get of me.” I say in a quiet voice.

She doesn’t.

“Get off!” I yell.

She does.

“What’s wrong, Edward?” Her voice is low now. I can hear the tears. “I love you.”

I sigh and turn to her. “Well, I don’t Tanya. The woman I love I can’t be with. No matter how happy I look or how many girls I date no one will compare to her.”


She nods but I could tell she didn’t believe me. “I’ll always love you, Edward. I knew we were meant to be from the moment we saw each other.”

I shake my head and go up the stairs into Emmett’s room. Crossing the large space to the windows I throw open the curtain letting a stream of light in. Less than a second later moaning starts coming from the bed and Jasper throws a pillow at me.

“Get up!” I tell them.

“Dude, it was a long night. Leave us alone.” I hear Emmett muffle in the pillow.

“Uh, well dude your wife will be up in three hours expecting to see her husband sober and ready to go for a shopping trip.” I reply.

I hear him curse but he gets up. “I’ll go take a shower.”

“Hey, Em? Do you wanna get out the house for a few hours?” He nods and grabs his towel from the laundry basket.

I turn to find Jasper already awake and sitting on the bed. “What up?” He says.

“I need to get out for a while. Tanya is driving me nuts!” I tell him.

Getting up from the bed he scratches his back side and yawns. “Oh, tell me about it. The first time I met her she was totally on me. Well, that was before Alice nearly ripped her head of when she tried to kiss me.” A smile appears on his lips.

“Wait, you’ve been here before?”

He nods. “How long have you been away?”

“I guess a long time. But I’m not surprised Alice would react that way.” I chuckle.

When Emmett returns Jasper goes in. “Why are you mopping?” He asks.

“Emmett, why would I not be?”

Something flashes across his face and seconds later he breaks into a smile. “Edward, I think we need to find you a girl.”

My eyes narrow and my lips purse. “No Emmett. Absolutely no.”

“Come on, Eddie boy. You say you don’t want Bella. So why not look for someone who you do want?” The grin is still placed on his face.

“I never said I didn’t want Bella. I said I wasn’t good for her.”

He rolls his eyes. “Fine. You’re not good for her. Then lets Jasper and I find you a young hottie that you are good for.”

My jaw immediately sets. “I don’t want nor need you help, Emmett.”

“Of course you do little brother.”

Jasper walks in fully clothed. “Who needs what?”

“We’re going to find my little bro a new girl chick.” My brother smiles.

Is it wrong to want to continually strangle your one and only brother to death? Because if it isn’t now would be a good time to start.

Jasper thinks for a moment. “Sounds like a great idea.”

I glare at him. “Oh, I brought you some clothes. Figured you didn’t want to walk into you bedroom with Barbie prancing around.”

I’m still angry with him. But I take the clothes and begin to dress.

We’re out of the house in half an hour. In another 30 minutes we were in Seattle.

“What do you guys plan on accomplishing today?” I ask. I gave up or arguing with them during the drive. It seemed pointless and between the two of them they could probably carry me to the nearest club and plop me right beside a girl. Forcing me to speak so not to be rude.

“Getting you a new girlfriend.” They said in unison.

They guided me through the streets and into a store. Looking around I realised their plan. They took me to a ladies store. Not just any ladies store. But you know the one…never mind.

Emmett slapped my back and said, “So Eddie boy. Have a look around.”

“Don’t call me that.” I said through tight lips.

“Eddie boy loosen up. You gotta have some fun in your life.” Emmett replies and Jasper gives a meaning nod.

“You guys are full of –” I start to say but I’m interrupted.

“Looking for anything in particular?” A lady asks.

“Yes.” My brother is the one who replies. “My wife’s birthday is coming up in a week. I just wanted to give her something special…” he trails on after a while.

The woman nods. Then looks at me and Jasper. “Anything help for you two so I can send someone.”

“Yes, please send someone.” Emmett says. “I just think you should help me first.”

She smiles and nods walking away. When she returns she’s with a young woman. I’m guessing no older than I am. She has long brown hair and deep brown eyes. She reminds me of Bella. I shake that thought instantly.

“This is Gabriella and she’ll help you.” The first lady says sweeping her arms toward the Bella look alike.

“Call me Ella.” The girl replied.

I force a smile. Her nick name even resembles Bella’s.

She walks us through the store asking us questions on what we wanted. Jasper replies to most of them. I’m guessing he’s thinking about Alice. I shudder at the thought. Once we’ve walked through the whole store and Jasper had left to use the bathroom across the street, she looks at me. “You didn’t come here to buy something did you?”

I shake my head. “My brother and my sister’s boyfriend have been trying to hook me up. I had a tough break up.”

“Oh.” Ella says thoughtfully. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s quiet alright. It was for the best.” I say.

“It wasn’t your fault you know.” Said Ella.

“I know that because I’m the one who ended it.” I tell her.

She looks at me curiosity written all over her face. “Why?”

“Because I’m Edward Cullen and she’s Bella Swan.” Is all I had to say.

Ella remains quiet for a moment. Thinking. “You’re Edward Cullen. I’ve heard of you from my dad. He’s also a scientist. It was big news when what happened.”

She didn’t like to talk about my fathers faults. Was it for my sake? I wondered.

“You dating Bella Swan must have caused conflict in the business I’m guessing. That’s why you broke up with her.”

She’s good. “You’re good.” I tell her.

Ella gives me a small smile. “I have a gift.”

“I’d like to know more about it.” I say.

“You’re still in love with her.” She whispers.

I sigh. “Yeah. But this is for my brother’s amusement.”

Ella breaks into a smile. “We’ll then…” She takes out a small unused napkin from a tiny packet in her sweater pocket. Then a pen in her other pocket and writes down her name and number.

I smile and ask her, “Do you keep that in handy just in case a random guy asks to see you again.”

She looks up and hands me the napkin. “Who knows?”

“Edward lets go!” Jasper calls me.

“Well, I’ll call you.” I don’t want to leave her. She’s nice to talk to. I feel and ease by her presence.

“I’ll be waiting.” She says. “Wait, I probably shouldn’t have said that. It’s girl code.”

“Well no. But at least that gives me a reason to call.” I turn and leave.

We leave the store and walk down the street we came from going back to the car. I’m guessing they’re hungry even though we’d only spent an hour and a few minutes in that store and they’d eaten breakfast before we left the house.

“What was that little exchange there, Eddie boy?” Emmett asks.

I don’t even look at him. “I thought you were too busy buying Rose garments to notice.”

“I’m never to busy to watch my little bro get a number from a really cute chick.” He smiles and I can’t help but smile too.

No. Ella was no Bella. But she was someone I would like to know. She knew about my father, my past and my Bella. Wasn’t it time that I knew about her too?



This is beautifully written.

An interesting twist on the plot.

I'm looking forward to more.

Best wishes


(Rhoda): Thanks a bunch! I was so happy when Nessa decided to post this for me. I can could never than her enough. Sorry for the continuous spelling mistakes. I should have edited it. But I guess I didn't. I'll try to update as soon as I can.

This is really good !!

(Rhoda): Thanks Alex!

Love it!!

(Rhoda): Thanks so much for reading.

Chapter Five:

To love or not to love, that is the question…

I paced the room for what seemed like forever.

Emmett walked in and plumped himself on the couch. “Are you still deciding on whether to call her or not?” He said as he grabbed the remote and switched to ESPN.

I stopped and scowled at him. “You’re the one who told me to wait two days before calling her.”

“It’s been two days.”

He looked at me as if I was the dumbest person on the planet. “So call her.”

I hesitated. “I can’t.”

“Now that my brother is your problem.” He snatched the phone from me and the piece of paper that I was clutching onto for dear life and began dialling her number.

“Wait, Emmett! No!” I tried grabbing it back but he was quicker.

When a soft “Hello.” Came from the other line he handed me the phone.

I took a deep breath and shivered. “Hello?” The voice said again.

I mustered up all the will I had and replied. “Hi, is this Ella?”

“Edward is that you?” A bit of excitement was attached to her voice.

“I thought you’d never call.” The after a few seconds of silence she said, “Oops! I wasn’t supposed to say that.”

I laughed. “That’s alright.”

After that we didn’t know what to say. Or I didn’t know what to say. I…no Emmett was the one who called, but to her it was me. I glanced at Emmett and he encouraged me by waving his hand stupidly.

“So what’s up?” I say. What was that? I thought. Is that all I can come up with? Think Edward. If you can get a very rich girl to date you then getting this one wouldn’t be so hard.

She giggled. “Nothing. Just taking care of my niece. Such a troubled child.”

I rubbed the back of my neck nervously. “I was thinking if you’re free tonight then maybe we can go out for dinner or something? You know. It’s your choice.”

I mumbled the sentence but she seems to have heard what I said because she replied with a high pitched, “Yes! I’d love to. What time?”


“Uh, make that seven-thirty. I have to drop this little monster off.” She says.

I nod to myself. “Yeah, sure that great.”

                “Okay, Edward. I have to go. See you tonight.” Ella declares.

                “See you tonight.” I press the end button and nearly fall to my knees.

                “Brother, you have lack of experience.” Emmett muttered. “How many girls have you gone out with?”

                I try to grimace at him but instead I grin stupidly. “Thanks, Em.”

                He smiles back. “No problem, Eddie boy. Always my job to help out the younglings.”

* * *

                As seven approaches I decide to take a shower for the second time this evening out of nervousness.  Or it could have just been that I was sweating a lot. I’ve always felt this way about Bella too the first time we went out. But this time it’s worse. I feel like I’m going to throw up or something.

                When I get out I change my shirt but keep the same pants I decided to wear for this evening. Jasper comes into the room as Emmett is looking me up and down.

                “Isn’t fashion supposed to be Alice’s job?” He says.

                “Have you told her?” I ask.

                His expression is confused. “Uh, no.”

                “Don’t. Alice was…is still very fond of Bella. They talk over phone. I don’t want her knowing I’ve moved on so quickly. She’ll pass the message on to Bella.” I say straightening my shirt.

                “I think you underestimate her.” Jasper replied.

                The doorbell rings and I jump. “Is Alice here?” I ask Jasper.

                He nods. “She’s in the kitchen.”

                I swear under my breath and push Emmett aside running out of the room and down the steps. I could hear the door open and some begins to speak. “Edward!” Alice calls.

                I make it right before she finishes my name. I almost knock Alice down as I make my way to see Ella. My mouth opens to say hello but then I just can’t. Right in front of me is an angel among angels. I know I say that about a lot of women but Ella. Ella was something else.

                “Edward, can I speak with you?” Alice asks.

                I sigh and turn to her. “I’ll be right back. If you hear a cry for help, call 911.”

                I walk with Alice into the kitchen. “Who is that?”

                “Ella.” I reply.

                “What is she doing here?”

                “We are having a nice adult dinner. Why is that wrong?” I utter.

                “Just be careful, Edward.” I know what she means by that.

                I have to think about Bella. I’m the one who broke up with her. She possibly still loves me and when she figures out I went on a date with another woman almost two months after our break up she’ll be mad. Furious even and heart broken more than ever.

                I nod at Alice meaningfully and return to the main hall. “Are you ready?” I ask Ella.

                “Ready when you are.” She replied.

                We both grin stupidly and I take her hand. “Let’s take my car.” I say.

                She shrugs.

                As I’m about to pull off from the drive way I get a text from Emmett saying, “Get ready for a long night. Don’t be careless.” And then in the end he puts a winking face.

                I sigh frustrated and shove the phone in my pocket.

 Hopefully it would be a good long night.  


(Vannessa): I wanna give a big thanks to those who read Rhoda's fan fic. I know she happy that y'all did and I'm happy to have helped her out.


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