The Twilight Saga

I’m a monster but I have my own Heaven

(Another Cullen Story)


Just to let you guys know. The David in this story is not the same character from David in ‘My Morning Star. They are completely two different characters. This story was
written before ‘My Morning Star’. I just forgot about it, and never posted it.


Chapter 1


“No please! Stop, I won’t tell anyone. Please leave me alone!”

I was running for my life. My ex-boyfriend was a vampire. I don’t know how I didn’t see it, notice it. But he is indeed one. It must have been a part of a sick joke just chasing me. He could have easily caught up to
me. But instead he ran at a human speed. I just caught him sucking the life out
of a human. I wondered… Did he want to do that to me? Something told me to not
take that walk in the woods. I was backing up… into a tree. I didn’t know that
but he did.

“Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.”

“Please! I won’t say anything.”

“I know you won’t. So, don’t worry about that.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Something I should have done the moment we started dating. If I let you stay human, they will come for you and kill you. I don’t want to give them that chance. So I’m going to change you.”

“Don’t I get a say in that matter? I don’t want to become a monster.”

He was thrown so fast I didn’t have to time to blink. There he was. He was gorgeous. My own angel. Standing there staring at me. I don’t know how long we stood there staring at each
other, when I heard his (at least I think it was his) voice whisper through my

<I>Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. Let me take you somewhere safe. </I>

And in the moment I knew, he was a vampire too. But that didn’t send me running and screaming off into the night. I knew in that moment, why I was born. To love this wonderful man. I
could see in his eyes that he was in emotional pain, alone. I knew he had a
family. I saw him once or twice.

I didn’t want to speak. So I just thought my next statement.

<I>I’m not afraid. Please get me out of here. I’m freezing. </I>

“Okay” His voice was wonderful.

“By the way, what’s your name?”

“My name is… David.”

“You’re not going to ask me mine?”

“I already know it. It’s Heaven, a beautiful name.” He turned around and said, “Hop on”

“Umm… your back?”

“Yes, don’t worry; we’ll be home in… 1 minute.”


“So you’re a Cullen.”

“Yes, I am. I was ‘adopted’ 2 years ago.”

“How old are you”

“I was changed when I was 18. But really I am 209 years old.”

“Wow! You are super old. You should be dust in your grave by now.”

“I should…” I instantly regretted that comment. It was almost as if we were one. I felt his pain and he must have felt mine.

“Don’t feel sorry. It’s the truth I should.”

“No! It was inconsiderate of your feelings. I take that comment back. Please say you accept my apology.”

He chuckled. “Okay, apology accepted”

I started chuckling too. “Thank you”

“You’re welcome.”




Chapter 2


--------------Okay so this is just an intro on how David met the Cullens. ------------------------

I was just mindlessly roaming the globe. I couldn’t feed off of humans. I couldn’t find it in me to take another’s life with them unwilling because my life was taken away without my
permission. I couldn’t do that to another.

I looked at the sign I was in Forks, Washington. It was raining and the sun, well the sun was barely there. This was perfect I didn’t have to worry about people catching my sparkling skin
in the sun. I was on my way to get some fresh clothes when I saw her. She was
so beautiful and her blood smelled so delicious. I had to remind myself that I
didn’t want to kill her. Even if I could only watch from the shadows, I would
do so proudly and happily. I walked past her and read her mind. I was searching
for what school she went to. I would sign up first chance I got. But, I had to
find a family. And that’s when I heard them. They were doing a family outing.
The guy with the tousled bronze hair could read everyone’s mind just like I
could. He was reading my mind. So it was weird. I was hearing myself in his
head and he was hearing himself in mine. I walked over to Edward. He must be
over 100 that name has been out of style for quite some time. 


---*No offense to the guys who are named Edward. I read Midnight Sun and Edward states that he’s happy his name has decreased in popularity. That’s where I pulled that idea from. ---


“Hello, David”

“Hello, Edward” He didn’t entirely trust me. He was thinking about his daughter Nessie.

<I>Don’t worry, Edward. I am 209 years old. I haven’t tasted human blood. And I am not tempted to do so. </I> The look he gave me contradicted it.

<I>Okay there is this one girl. Do you know her? </I> I thought of her face.

<I> I do. I go to school with her. She is dating another vampire. But she doesn’t know. He’s planning on-

I know I heard him. I have to stop him. Do you think that there is room in your house for another person?

Yes we do. </I>

This voice shocked me.

<I>Oh great! Another mind reader. Just exactly what we need. Oh goodness! Would you look at me? Hmm… I could have fluffed my hair a tad bit more. But that’s okay. I’m the best thing anyone has seen. </I>


I growled. Heaven was far better looking than this conceited girl. The muscular one stepped in front of her. He was upset because I growled at her. I didn’t waste my time reading his mind. I
could easily defeat him. He would go for the easy kill, just because he’s the
strongest. The fool. His name was Emmett.

That’s when the father figure, Carlisle, spoke.

“That’s enough. Now what is it you and Edward were discussing but first I-“

“No need I know everyone’s names.”

“He can read minds-“

“Just great!” that was Alice.

She can see the future. I liked that. I wonder if she saw me coming, so I asked her.

<I>I kind of saw you coming. Once you saw the girl, I definitely saw you.

I don’t want to know anymore. Don’t worry; Edward can’t hear this conversation. I am keeping him out of our heads at this moment.

You can do that?

Yes just don’t tell Edward that. It will be our little secret. Ha-ha

Ha-ha. </I>

Let me finish. His power is more of like Aro’s except he doesn’t need to touch you. He can read our entire minds if he chose to” said Edward.

“I just chose to get your names, and leave it at that. It’s rude to invade people’s privacy.”

“So you mean you can, hmm.., shut this power off” Jasper asked that question.

I was really intrigued at what he could do. He could control emotions. I haven’t heard of that one.

“Yes, I can. I can also speak to you with my mind. Not just Edward’s, but anyone if I chose to.”

“That is such an awesome power. Silent conversations. No need to speak. Ugh! Why couldn’t I have got that power? I just got stuck with sending people images. I need to have physical contact
with them if I want to do that. What I would give to change places with you
now!” this was Edward’s daughter, Nessie.


She was his and Bella’s daughter. She had given birth while human and then was changed. It made me wonder…No! I couldn’t’ do that to her. The pain Bella was put through. I wouldn’t do that to


“So will you come home with us? You can if you like.” <I>Please say you will. </I>

This was Esme, the mother, and she already loved me compassionately.

“Um… Yes, if it’s okay with everyone.”

Everyone was okay with it.

We were walking out of the mall when Edward pulled me off to the side.

“What did you do? I mean soon as Alice asked the question hers and your mind went entirely blank.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

I heard him trying to slip inside my mind. So I thought of the girl and how I was dying to see her.


We were walking to catch up to everyone else.

“Forks High School” Edward finished.

“You can be Esme’s brother’s son. That Carlisle and her have just adopted”

“Fine by me. As long as I can see her again.”



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it was good
that was so good i can't wait to read more i am loving tour stories
Chapter 3

------Back to the present. I hope that was good enough to explain a little bit about David. I will have his POV in here as well as Heaven’s. -----

We were practically flying. Whoosh… The wind felt so good against my hair. I was so happy. He spoke again with his mind.
We are close now.
Please can we just walk the rest of the way? I want to spend some time talking before we have to go in front of everyone.

We were walking now. It felt kind of weird. I almost fell twice. It was like I almost forgot how to walk. Ha-ha. Clumsy me.
“How do you like it here? I’m sorry. You have been here for like 2 years and I haven’t even given you a glance. “
I gave her more than a glance. If she knew that I love watching her sleep
I don’t know what she would do.

“You watch me sleep?”
“How? What? Did you hear me?”
“Yea! Loud and clear it was almost as if you spoke it. That’s…”
“Weird? Pervertish?”

------ Author’s Note: That is so not an actual word. But as of right now “Pervertish” has been declared a word. I should have used “perverted” but I wanted to make up my own word. Oh and if it is an actual word someone let me know please. -------

“No. I mean it is kind of weird but *sigh* I don’t know. If it was someone else then it would definitely be Pervertish.”
“*Sigh* we’re here. “
“Wow! It’s pretty big. “
“Come on. Everyone’s waiting for us. They are getting pretty impatient at our human speed.”
“You should have told me. I hate keeping people waiting.”
Hopefully they like me.
They will.

“Hello, Heaven. That is such a pretty name. I’m Esme. This is Carlisle, Edward, Bella, Jasper, Alice, Emmett and Rosalie, and Jacob and Renesmee. But everyone calls her Nessie.”
“Not everyone!” said Bella.
I could instantly tell I would like all of them, well except the one who had caught her reflection and was staring at herself. She wasn’t that pretty. Goodness! I wish she would at least say hello.
“Hello” but it was more mechanical as if someone forced her to do it. Edward and David were staring at me.
Alice kept fidgeting. I don’t know why.
“Okay, Alice” David gave the go head, for who knows what.
“I have seen that you love shopping.”
“Actually, I do. They should make it an actual job. Or is it already. You know in kindergarten when you’re asked, well you guys probably can’t remember, but you’re asked what you want to be and I said a professional shopper.”
“I think we are going to get along just fine” And with that Alice lead me out of the room.

Chapter 4

-------------------------------------------David’s POV----------------------------------------------------------------------

I’m happy she instantly clicked with Alice. But what happened to Rosalie.
I don’t know. But I know the moment Heaven wished that Rosalie would say hi she did. said Edward.
We need to consult with Jasper maybe he picked up on something.
Good thing Rosalie and Emmett left to hunt. They weren’t paying any attention to this conversation.
“What happened?” Edward finished for me.
“Did you feel anything coming from Heaven or Rosalie?” asked Carlisle.
“Actually I did. But it was just from Heaven. It was like Rosalie wasn’t even there. But for Heaven she felt this desire for Rosalie to speak.”
“I think that she can control people” added Nessie.
“But we need to specifically identify what she is able to do.”
“I saw the future and I know exactly what she is capable of. You know how before Bella turned vampire Edward couldn’t read her, and Jane or Alec couldn’t affect her. Well this is also another case of that. Where the human has developed their powers before becoming vampire. She’ll be able to control people.”
“Like is she controlling just your mind or body, or can she control both?” asked Bella.
“Well, as of right now, she can only make someone do simple things as in this case speak. But when she turns vampire-
The look I gave her must have made her reword her sentence.
“-If she becomes a vampire-“
That is more like it. Thank you Alice
But why don’t you want her to become one of us?
I want her to live. Not die at 17. It’s not natural.

“That power can become greater. As of right now the only people she possibly can’t control is Jasper, David, and Edward”
“But why Jasper, Alice?” asked Carlisle and Esme.
“Well, he said so himself. He felt a desire, which is an emotion, from Heaven. Since he can sense these emotions, he can stop her from having them.”
“So everyone else can be easily controlled?” Alice’s explanation upset Jacob. He didn’t like the fact that a human could control him easily.
“Jake, it’s not like that. The only thing she would be able to do is make you speak. But probably no more than a couple words. If she becomes vampire than she is more dangerous.” Nessie explained to Jake.
“But Nessie… never mind”
“What were you getting ready to say Carlisle?” Asked Jacob.
Alice had just seen Heaven walking down the steps over hearing our convo and leaving. She made a quick exit.
“I was going to ask why she would be dangerous”
“If she does change she could make anyone do anything, kill yourself or someone else.” said Edward.
“And the list just goes on and on” finished Bella.
“I don’t think… No we should. Aw! Don’t give me that look Edward and David. Think of all the pranks she could pull on people. If anything we should be nice. Let’s turn her. When it comes time to having a prank pulling contest. I call Heaven.” said Jake.
“Of course not. She is mine. There for, she is on my team”
“Ooh! Possessive much, David. And I don’t think she gave you an answer yet.”
He was right about that. Edward chuckled. But I wasn’t about to admit anything to the dog.
“You got that right Jacob. She’s mine.” And with that I ran out of the room. Alice and Heaven left 5 minutes before me to go shopping. There went my whole day. Well, I still have the night. I guess I just have to go sit in my room and wait.

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u have to keep writing that is really good!!!!!!! ilove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wouls say its one of the best books i have read and that is saying something
i loved it
Chapter 5

3 hours later.

Did I say sitting I mean pacing. 3 hours. I have been waiting 3 hours for the love of my existence to return. I wanted to run and find her but I want her to do human things. I want her to live a long time. I have been debating whether I wanted her to die a human or to be changed into a monster of the night. Having her as a vampire, that is saying I can have her forever. But I can’t have children with her. I thought of doing what Bella and Edward did. But I saw that look on Edward’s face when Bella was pregnant. I don’t think I would be able to go through that.

Edward… Are you busy?
The response I got was not what I was expecting. I immediately got out of his head. He was busy and was going to be busy for awhile. I decided I was going hunting. But no. Heaven should be here shortly and I wanted to help her with her bags. Alice showed me a vision of how much stuff they are going to buy. Why on Earth did girls need so much stuff? They buy 20 outfits and wear them each once or twice then get rid of them. It never ceases to amaze me.

1 hour later.
I needed someone to talk to. Someone that would understand. But Emmett has never been in my situation. And the one person who would understand was still busy. That’s it. I’m meeting Alice halfway.
I walked out of the door when Alice pulled… Wait! That was Heaven who got out of the driver’s car. She just was driving 150 mph. if she would have crashed it would have killed her instantly. Alice must have seen my expression because she showed me her vision. She constantly checked the future. Heaven was definitely not going to crash.

“Ooh! Goody! You are here. Do you mind helping us with the bags?”
“Sure no problem Alice. But I want to talk to you later… You filled the entire back seat!”
“Well, David, I never met someone who likes to shop as much as I do. Alice is perfect!”
“Nessie and Rosalie are cool. But with Rosalie she is constantly staring at her reflection and Nessie well let’s say she picked up her mom’s taste in clothes.” said Alice.

-----------------------------------------Heaven’s POV---------------------------------------------------------

I was standing there watching Alice and David converse when Nessie started shouting. Must have been Alice’s last comment.

“I do NOT get my taste from my mom. I clearly can have better style. NO OFFENSE mom!-“
“No, I completely understand” Bella was laughing.

I almost caught what Nessie was saying when I saw David staring at me. I could see the desire in his eyes. I looked away but couldn’t keep my eyes away for long.

“Okay, you two, not out here.”
“What!” David exclaimed, “Oh!”
“Yes, unless you want Emmett to holler and laugh at you then I suggest you find a room.”
“What is she talking about?”
“Sorry Heaven, we’re not used to explaining everything. Alice just seen us, well, you know.-“
“You mean like right here!”
“Well on the hood. I mean it started out as harmless kissing-“
“Until things got heated and he took off your shirt-“
“Enough Alice, let me finish-“
“Okay, but I-“
“Can I finish?”
“Yes you can.”
“Okay, but I didn’t need an answer. Your silence could have been an answer.”
“Okay, sorry”
“No, just apologize by letting me finish.”
“Go –“
“CAN YOU JUST FINISH TELLING HER VISION DAVID? You two can go on forever with this conversation unfortunately I don’t have that long.”
“Okay, so we were about to, when Emmett pointed out the window and started laughing and cheering.”
“Oh, I waited a good 10 minutes for you to tell me that?”
“Yea but-“
“Umm… yea, no buts, there are bags in the backseat still; me and Alice have to make room in my new wardrobe. (Laughs). “
“Where is it at?”
“Well, duh, silly in your room. You don’t have tons of clothes so yours can be pushed off to the side.”
“Thanks, Alice, I know just how much you appreciate me.” David said.
“Oh! I appreciate you a lot!”
Alice and I walked off still laughing.

I know it's short
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love this story post more soon!! :)
i loved it
Chapter 6

---------------------------------------------David’s POV -----------------------------------------------------------------
I was carrying their bags up the steps. I would have to make a 2nd trip back to the car. I heard Alice and Heaven talking.
“So, how do you feel about David?”
“I don’t know. I mean I feel like… I don’t know. And that’s the point. I don’t why I love him, I just do”
She sounded upset.
“What’s wrong, you seem upset”
“I just don’t understand why he is so interested in me. I mean look at all of you and then me. I’m so plain compared to you guys”
I almost broke the door down. How could she even think that? She looked gorgeous. It didn’t matter if she had inhuman beauty. She didn’t need it. Her gorgeous long brown hair, caramel-colored eyes, and she was so small. I just wanted to cradle her in my arms.
David, stop. Let her get it all out. If you bust in now, she won’t open up
Okay. The bags are outside the door

I walked to my room and laid against the pillows. I closed my eyes. I pictured Heaven. She was so beautiful. Her scent was intoxicating. I wished I could sleep. So I could dream about her. There was a knock at the door. Edward
“Come in”
I sat up. He sat down in the chair.
“You remind me a lot of myself.”
“Do I? What should I do? She doesn’t think herself worthy of me” I hung my head in my hands. I hated the coldness, the inhuman strength. I always had to be careful with her.
“All I can suggest is to love her. Don’t force her into anything she doesn’t want to do”
“I know” I read his mind. He was thinking about when he left Bella.
“Has she asked-“
“No, and even if she did, I couldn’t turn her. The part that I love about her is her heart. I don’t want to stop that”
“What if it’s something she really wants?”
“I can’t do that to her. I may be in the same situation as you were. But the ending is going to be different.”
“Will you eventually change her?”
“I want her to enjoy some things, as a human. Like college, I wish I could have gone to college.”
“That is how I was. I wanted Bella to enjoy human things. I guess I never realized how made up her mind actually was”
We both laughed.
“Alice said that you can go talk to Heaven”
“What should I say to her?”
“Just let her talk”

We both walked out of my room. She was staying in Nessie and Jake’s old room. Esme, Rosalie, and Alice just finished their cottage. Edward hates that they have a house to themselves. I knocked on the door.

“Heaven, it’s me David”
“Come in”
She sounded sad, kind of. I walked in. She wasn’t facing me.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine”
She definitely just got done crying. I walked up behind her and hugged her.
“What’s wrong? You can tell me anything.”
“I-I can’t”
“Yes you can”
“You’ll hate me”
“That’s the last thing that I’ll ever do”
I turned her so that she was facing me.
“I-I want to go home”
“I don’t deserve you! I looked at Alice and Bella and all of them and just feel so damn jealous! I can’t help but to ask myself. Am I just here for your amusement? When you find your next beautiful human, will I be tossed aside? I want to go home before that happens!”
“There is no need for you to go home!”
“Exactly because I WANT to go home.”
“What I mean is I will never toss you aside. And you are not here for my amusement.”
“Then why am I here?!”
“BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! I’m in love with you. I have loved you since I first saw you. I fell in love with you when I first snuck into your room to watch you sleep. Any other excuses?”
“Well then, I guess that’s settled”
“Its not-“
“I want to be changed”

Here we go again thought Emmett.
He responded by laughing.

“I can’t do that, Heaven”
“Why not?”
“Because you have a life ahead of you, don’t throw it away”
“I’m not throwing it away”
“Yes you are!”
“No I’m not. I see it in your mind how careful Edward had to be with Bella. I don’t want that”
“No, Heaven. I can’t-“
“Yes you can.”
“Heaven, what do you mean ‘in my mind’?”
“Exactly what I said. I can hear your mind.”
“Anyone else’s?”
“No, just yours.
“I like that”
“Do you?”
“Very much”
“But see here’s the thing, you never officially asked and-“
“You never officially said yes. I know. Jake reminded me of that earlier”
“Go get dressed”
“Get dressed”
“Well then get out”
“This is my room. Get out so I can get dressed.”
She pushed me towards the door.
“You’re feisty. I like it”
“Oh shut up!”
She slammed the door.
“I’d say you handled that perfectly” said Rose
“What do you want?”
“Why don’t you just read my mind?”
She never liked me. But I couldn’t care less. “I don’t like too. Now what do you want?”
“If you don’t want her to change, let me talk to her”
“I want her to change her mind, not be scared to death”
“I’ll be nice”
“Drop it, Rose!”
“I won’t. You know what I’d give up to be human?”
“We all know who you’d give up”
“What are you implying?”
“You know exactly what I’m implying.”
“I am so tired of you, David”
“Great so leave”
“What’s going on, David” asked Heaven.
“Nothing” I told her, “You ready to go”
“Can I talk to you for a minute, Heaven” asked Rose.
“I said no, Rose” she was frustrating me.
“I think we should let Heaven decide”
Rose looked at Heaven.
“You mind excusing us, David. Girl talk”
“Sure, Rose”
but I’ll be listening. You say one thing-
Oh please! David

--------------------------------------------------Heaven POV -----------------------------------------------------------------
I just go done getting dressed. I heard Rose and David arguing.
“What’s going on, David” I asked.
“Nothing” he said, “You ready to go”
“Can I talk to you for a minute, Heaven” asked Rose.
“I said no, Rose” David sounded frustrated.
“I think we should let Heaven decide”
Rose looked at me.
“You mind excusing us, David. Girl talk”
“Sure, Rose”
but I’ll be listening. You say one thing-
What was that about? Rose followed me into my room and motioned for me to sit. She sat down next to me.
“I’m just going to be upfront with you. You are making a big mistake”
“Just let me finish. I couldn’t convince Bella but I will convince you. You don’t want to be changed. It’s not what it’s cracked up to be. We are going to live forever”
“What’s so bad about that?”
I stood up. “What the hell do you mean by everything? You have a wonderful family; Emmett loves the stuffing out of you. How could you!?”
“I know”
“Obviously you don’t know what you have or you wouldn’t be complaining. You get to spend forever with the love of your life. Do you get that? That’s if he is the love of your life”
“Of course he is”
“Then you don’t mind living forever. You get to be with him forever. You don’t have to watch him grow old and catch some disease and writher away. No!”
“But I can never have kids!”
“Why not?”
“A female’s body needs to change to have kids and I’m stuck like this forever”
“I’m sorry, but you can do what Esme and Carlisle did adopt”
“You can’t adopt an adult! We were all changed either 17 or up. And plus we were all damn near dead. I want to grow old. I’m sick of the same old stuff”
“You are throwing away your life!”
“No, I’m not.”
“Once you’re changed you can’t do anything. At least graduate from high school”
“I was planning on doing that anyway”
“You don’t know what it’s like. I’m tired of it”
“Then kill yourself or find someone to do it for you”
“Then sit back and shut the hell up because getting killed is the only way out for you”
I walked out of my room and down the steps.
Chapter 7

-------------------------------------------David POV------------------------------------------------
Heaven just told Rose what everyone has wanted to say for the longest. Emmett had a sad look on his face. He knew what Rose would give up to be human but he couldn’t help but love her. Heaven came downstairs.
“You ready to go?”
She sounded out of breath.
“I am! I don’t know how anyone puts up with her.”
“We just ignore her when she gets like that” said Alice.
“She should have been kicked out. Or how about you give her what she wants, death”
Rose came rushing down the steps and picked Heaven up by her neck. Heaven put her hands on Rose’s head to squeeze.
“Put me down!”
Rose dropped her.
“Emmett, rip her to pieces and Rose you just stand there”
Emmett ran over to Rose and grabbed her arm. Rose made no objections. She didn’t struggle.
“Bella, your shield!” said Edward.
Emmett let go of Rose.
“What the hell happened?” said Emmett.
“That human” Rose snarled, “you are dead. David can’t protect you forever”
“I don’t need his protection. Rip your arm off”
“Bella!” I yelled.
Just as Rose was getting ready to tear her arm off she let go.
“Quit interfering!” Heaven yelled.
I grabbed Heaven and ran outside.
“Let go of me! It’s about time someone stood up to her”
“You can’t use powers like that”
“I don’t care. She was going to kill me!”
“I wouldn’t have let her”
“Yea you were sure doing that. She had me by the neck and all you did was stand there! Johnny would have never let that happen!”
“What the vampire who I saved you from?”
“Saved me?! He was going to give me exactly what I want!”
“You were scared then.”
“But I’m fine now. You’re not going to give me what I want so I’ll go find someone who will”
She turned. I grabbed her arm.
“Ow! You’re hurting me. Let go!”
I let her go but I couldn’t watch her walk away.
“You’re going to, watch me!”
She began walking.
“Heaven, wait!” said Esme.
“I can’t stay here. She threatens to kill me, she attempted to and everyone just sat there”
“I promise you it won’t happen again. Just sleep on it and we’ll see how you feel in the morning.”
“Fine but I don’t want her nowhere near me”
She walked back in the house with Esme. I was behind them.
“I told you, you were making a big mistake”
“Oh, go kill yourself!”
She stood up and grabbed herself by the neck.
“Stop!” exclaimed Heaven.
“Heaven, let’s go upstairs” said Esme.
I followed them.
“Can you just stay down there?” asked Heaven.
I stopped in my tracks. “Anything”
Her and Esme continued up the stairs. I went to go sit on the couch. Emmett came up to me and patted me on the shoulder.
“It’s okay, bro. You still got me”
I shrugged his hand off. “Emmett, this is not funny”
“But one day you’re going to laugh at it” He start chuckling.
I got up and left. “I’m going for a walk”
I was walking for about five minutes when I heard Edward come up beside me.
“You want to talk about it?”
“There’s nothing to talk about. She wants to leave, I’ll let her leave”
“So you’re giving up”
“Yea, what’s the big deal?”
“I thought you loved her.”
What was he getting at? “Of course, I do. You ever hear of that saying-“
“If you love someone you’ll let them go. Yes I heard of it and let me tell you whoever said must have gotten his or her heart broken into millions of pieces”
“Why would you say that?”
“Because that’s the easy way out. If you love someone you’ll fight to keep them”
“What if they’re unhappy?”
“What if they’re happy?”
“Don’t answer the question with one, Edward.”
“I was answering it the best way I knew how. Heaven may be unhappy now but she was happy before this and she’s going to be happy after this. You shouldn’t give up just because of this”
“I failed her.”
“You have to admit. Rose is unpredictable.”
“I’m tired of her ruining everything”
“She’s just an unhappy person. Has Heaven checked in with her parents?”
“Yea, she said she was staying over a friend’s house.”
“Did her parents ask why?”
“They trust her, so no”
“Are you going to let her leave?”
“I don’t know. I can’t force her to stay here”
“No, but you can use some very useful methods of persuasion.”
“What are you getting at?”
“I read her mind. Give her what she wants”
“I wasn’t talking about changing her.”
“That what she wants, isn’t it?”
“Yes but that’s not it. Maybe instead of running and hiding, talk to her. That’s all she wants”
With that said Edward took off towards his and Bella’s cottage.
I walked back towards the house, debating how I was going to talk to her. That’s when I overheard her and Bella talking.

------------------------------------Heaven POV----------------------------------------------------

I was just about to lay down when someone knocked on my door.
“Who is it?”
“Bella, can I come in?”
“Sure, why not?”
She walked in and sat down next to me on the bed.
“How are you?”
“Besides being choked nearly to death, I’m doing perfectly fine.”
“Sorry about that. Rose can be a bit of handful.”
“That doesn’t excuse what she did. Just because she doesn’t want to be a vampire doesn’t mean that she has to ruin it for humans who do”
“I went through the same thing except she wasn’t as physical with me”
I chuckled. “Lucky you”
“It was a surprise. Usually she keeps her temper in check.”
“You don’t have to apologize for her.”
“I’m not doing it for her. I just don’t want you leave her with a tainted view on us. We are nice people –er vampires once you get used to us. Everyone’s use to Rose’s pouting. Hopefully if you stay long enough you will to”
“I’m not too sure about that”
“How couldn’t you be?”
“I don’t like dealing with other people’s problems, I have enough of mine. Look it’s about time I get home”
“I’ll drive you home.”
“If you don’t mind, could I” asked David.
Bella looked at me.
“Sure” I said.
I walked out the room and down the steps.
“Bye everyone”
“Bye” they said.
“Please come visit again” said Esme.
I walked out the door.
“Apologize” said Esme.
“I will” said David.
I got into the car Alice and I used to go shopping. Great! I forgot all my clothes or maybe they were hoping I’d come back. Which isn’t definite.
“Just take me home David”

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