The Twilight Saga

This is my first fan fic, so please be nice.
Basically its a bout a vampire (duh) who hasn't meet the cullen's (yet) but is already on the animal diet. I'll write more if you like it. Enjoy!
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. I don't want anything. most of these idea things come from SM and I don't claim any credit for when her characters are introduced.
P.S this is for AFTER breaking dawn. lol.

Chapter 1.
I like it out here, in the woods. It is peaceful, quiet.... and most of all, deserted. I am completely cut off from humanity- from the temptation. I like all the little things, things that a city wouldn’t show you. The extra stars, the wild flowers... beautiful. I have a little wooden cottage that I had made myself. It wasn’t a hard thing to do- it only took me and hour or so. There were 3 rooms in my little cottage. A lounge/library area, a bedroom and a bathroom. My bathroom was tiny; just a home-made shower and a mirror. I have a large tank around the back of my cottage which caught the water when it rained, so nobody knew I am out here. My bedroom is almost empty. Sure I have a bed but it was just encase I was ever struck with the desire to lie on a comfortable place while reading. There was something undignified about laying on the ground. Surrounding my little home was a beautiful garden. I took my time making it perfect. What else was I going to do? I had nothing BUT time. I was never interrupted. It had been many, many months, perhaps years, since I last spoke to anyone other than my reflection in the mirror, or the animals I hunt. I am a vampire, humans were my food, my pray. But, out here, away from... life I had no pray. And that was greatly annoying, and burningly painful. Lucky for all the wildlife... not. Sure it tasted disgusting, but after 150 years you get used to it. It’s not so bad. I didn’t remember my change. No, scrap that. I remember pain. Searing, burning, unbelievable pain. Then... nothing. I was here, in the woods, completely alone. Flickers of my past had shot through my mind, just little things that I now had trouble recalling. Things like my name and age flash past. But otherwise it was a blur. The pain had ended in my body, but my throat still burned. I remember running, faster than anything I had ever seen, and then stopping in the very clearing I now call home. I could see everything. Hear everything. Smell everything. That was when I first devoured my now normal pray. An old bear had wondered into the clearing, and was sniffing the air with its greying muzzle. I didn’t think twice. It was dead within minutes and I was semi satisfied. I had continued to hunt, until my thirst was completely controlled. Deer was worse than the bear, so I tried to avoid that. Now, 153 years later, nothing had changed. I was still Aurora Caelestis, which ironically means “Heavenly Dawn” in Latin. I was still the beautiful 16 year old girl I had been when I was changed. I had long black hair that waved down to the middle of my back. All of my features were exact, defined. My once beautiful hazel eyes were now a golden colour, a colour that changed to black as my thirst grew. I was stunningly perfect. It annoyed me that I was so perfect. It gave me nothing to work towards, nothing to improve. So I just concentrated on making my only little world reflect my beauty. Almost everything I had I made myself. Once, when I was around 20 years into my immortal life, I had run from my clearing until I found a town. I had felt sorry for many of the store owners who had woken to find their shops ransacked and the car owner who found their vehicle missing, but I took some simple essentials that I needed. That’s how I had furnished my home. I made my own clothes- the fabric shop in town had become a regular target of mine. After around 1 and half years of trying to stop the robberies, they gave up. Instead they laid out a range of fabrics, and left a note addressed to “the robber” to only take this, because they no longer needed it, it was cheap and they could afford to lose it. In return I left my own note saying that if they continued this kindness, I would return the favour by keeping the town out of danger. There were several confused months worth of notes after this statement, but they no longer questioned me when the town fire suddenly disappeared BEFORE the fire fighters came. They gave me real silk the month after that. That is my life- so far- in a not so small nutshell. Every night I ran the perimeter of the town, and ran through it, making sure nothing was out of the ordinary. Nothing ever was. Sure from time to time I had to stop some little thing, or leave warning of an incoming storm, but other than that the town had stayed completely safe for 132 years. There hasn’t been any issue raised about the fact I’m still helping them.... surly they are wondering about the age factor- but I guessed they had guessed I wasn’t human. It is always sunny here. I loved to lie in my garden, in the sun, and watch my skin glitter, watch the rainbows I cast dance on the grass and flowers as I tended to them. But today I was pouting. It was pouring down. I stood by my one and only window staring out at the sheeting rain. I took in a huge breath, praying silently for the rain to stop so that my plants wouldn’t drown. I froze mid breath. I couldn’t believe the scent that had trailed lazily into my house. Human.

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That was good :D Please continue :}
ahh not enuff lol very good but we need more hehe :)
keep up the great writtting
good chap!
Arg, that was so small! It barely satiated my thirst. :(
we need more! ps get up the great work
very short but still very good.

jane said she loves seth... how cute

please keep writing
Short but good...
Keep up the good work
And i am happy for seth that jane finally said
'I love you' to him.. that is so romantic!!
heyy sorry about the wait, but its test and assignment time again so... it had to wait sadly.
but i have the next chapter now.
of course im hell tired, but thats cuz i only got 3 hours sleep.... damn due dates.
and its too short.... but im working on a nice long one for you ^.^

Chapter 27


I ran full speed. I knew in under 1 hour I would be with my Jane; if I kept running. The girl on my back was practically insignificant. She was silent, amazed at the speed of my run. And, of course, at the fact that I was a wolf that was bigger than her last room of residence. She had been, for the hours of our run. Alec didn’t carry anybody at first. At first he had left; he was desperate to hunt. I shuttered at the thought of his prey. It was strange to think, he could have the compassion to save a group of young girls with plans to avenge their unfortunate situation, only to go and kill some other innocent person for food. I was stunned to learn he hadn’t.
“I ate the freaking bear ok? It was disgusting and degrading and totally horrible, but I did It.” he exclaimed after many shocked looks from Edward and Ethan, and many questions about those looks from those of us who could talk. We laughed at the extremely disgusted look plastered to his face. He had relieved Jacob of his load; the young girl looked around 14, but I had found out she was nearly 16. She was tiny in every way. At nearly 16 she was the oldest of the group, and she had been captive the longest. When Alec took hold of her she practically fell onto him; she couldn’t even handle anything. Over stimulation. He was so careful with her, murmuring to her softly and he picked her up, holding her in his arms as opposed to on his back. It was even weirder to see a vampire who I had considered the upper most evil under a month ago cradling a human so carefully so... precisely. But I couldn’t really judge him... considering the fact his sister was living with me...
The rest of the run was spent with my thoughts totally situated on seeing Jane again. And, one excruciating hour later, we were nearing at the house. I could smell the other vampires and, thank god, my human. We turned the corner into the drive, and I watched everybody come running forward to help. Alec held his girl very close to his chest, her only slightly conscious body clinging to him tightly. Once my passenger had been carefully taken off me, I bolted to the bushes to phase, walking out quickly in my classic jeans. Jane ran over to me, throwing her arms around my neck. I laughed. She must have been worried.
“You have no idea.” Edward muttered to me as he walked past, carrying his dazed passenger lightly. This made me laugh more.
“Where is he?” Jane asked, a sudden excitement filling her voice. She wrapped her arm tightly around my waist. I don’t know what happened while I was gone, but I don’t care. My arm naturally curved around her shoulders as I turned her to face Alec’s direction. Alec was staring at us, Carlisle only just stepping away from him with the girl. Jane shrunk slightly into my side as Alec glared.
“Well don’t stand there all shy. Go say hi.” I said encouragingly. She needed this.
“Alec?” she called lightly, stepping away from me slightly. His mask slipped. His face was torn between extreme excitement and crushing depression. He rushed forward, while Jane mimicked his movements in a slower pattern, until they embraced. Both were sobbing, but only Jane cried real tears. They didn’t speak, just stood and hugged. I waited patiently. They let go after a few minutes, but stayed very close. Jane turned to me and waved for me to join them. I walked forward hesitantly; this was their moment. I didn’t want to wreck it.
“So are you going to explain why you love the dog?” Alec asked, his tone vaguely teasing.
“I don’t have a choice,” she said with a mock sigh, “he imprinted on me.” With that she turned and grabbed my hand.
“Im- what?” Alec asked, his eyes widening.
“Explain later.” Edward said sharply from the porch. “Carlisle has all the girls hooked up. Come inside.” We came inside quickly, only just realizing everyone else had gone in to give us privacy. Edward must have briefed them or something. We walked, my arm around her waist, her hand extended to Alec’s. It was an odd combination. As we walked in, Alec dropped Jane’s hand lightly, so that he could glide into the lounge where the girls were set up. They were all wide awake, or at least had their eyes open. They looked scared, but they relaxed when they saw Alec stride confidently into the room. He had become a sort of safe guard; they wouldn’t be hurt while he was there. They were spread out on the many couches, IV drips hanging out of all of them. Carlisle would have to perform a full and proper check up on them later, but for now we just wanted to stabilize them. Alec sat himself in the only spare seat, which was between the edge of the couch and the girl he had carried in, looking around the room.
“Later. When their asleep maybe.” Edward said, answering Alec’s thoughts. I wondered about his question... but the glint in his eye told me it was most likely the men. Carlisle cleared his throat.
“So, where do we start?”

Great job!
that was goood.... i cant wait to read more.. but yeah dont forget to study hard and get back to writing! lol great job
that was awsome! I cant wait to see what happens next, brilliant job by the way, keep it up :D
This story is very good so far. Very entertaining. I hope Alec and Seth rip these guys to shreds!!


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